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@Færd I really don't think that is true.
How do you make a Venetian blind?
You take a bunch of slats and a bunch of string and you... well, it's complicated.
Genetically manipulating an embryo?
Oh, that blind.
Well, it's usually 'venetian blinds' so speaking of one sounds like you have a very small window
it's like if you have a really short border with your neighbor so you put up a fent.
1:57 AM
ha ha
Odd pronunciation.
No. Your ears are odd.
They're so odd I can't tell what you're hearing.
Maybe there's a banana in your ear.
6 hours later…
7:40 AM
@Cerberus I admire your optimism but I also remember the time when you really didn't think a lot of awful stuff would happen, but they happened nevertheless.
Or just some awful stuff.
2 hours later…
9:15 AM
@Færd If nothing happens and everything is calm and good and whatnot, that pessimism will make the country collapse anyway.
6 hours later…
2:57 PM
Some of these (Stravinsky, Messiaen) I knew, but others are a wonderful find.
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4:19 PM
@Færd Well, that's a bit pessimistic. You expected a war to erupt after the assassination, or some time earlier, but it didn't
I'm pretty sure you predicted it, but don't remember what it was about.
It hasn't happened yet.
I believe the number of the infected should be more, but 1) not all that's missing from the reports is malice, some is incompetence, and 2) It's unfair to compare Iran to the likes of South Korea
For no reason more important than that people here are a bit more resistant to the whole medical system, and a bit more superstitious.
4:52 PM
> I can't believe it! I'm about to hit 50 followers (only need 7 more)!
Well, I'm about to hit one million followers. Only need 999k more.
@Robusto What's with the hats?
Well, the first few guys anyway.
@RegDwigнt I don't think that's what 'about' means.
@Færd I think the level way to say it is...
The corona virus isn't going to kill us all.
well, not immediately.
Same for a lot of other things.
Political unrest isn't going to kill everybody. Or even 1/2.
There may be a tic upwards in uncomfortableness.
We're all going to die sometime. I'm not agitating for public panic.
@It'sOver What comparison with SK?
@Gigili The opposite of optimism is not pessimism.
1 hour later…
6:08 PM
@Færd Such as?
You said war was certain.
I think that is a awfully daring assertion.
6:39 PM
> There is a slight possibility that *this* may happen, but it is unlikely.
At any rate, it wouldn't be disaster for Iran.
America is not very important for Iranian oil trade.
Three examples up there. "this" refers to the US revoking the nuclear deal.
@Cerberus I should speak in less certain terms, but really when I say "certainly" I mean "most probably".
And it rests on the analysis that we almost came back from the brink of war a few months back and the first thing that prevented it happening was probably Trump's fear that it might cost him his reelection, and then it was his disinclination to engage in prolonged battles.
6:54 PM
@Færd Well, you can compare fatalities to number of total cases only in the early stages of the epidemic (in Iran and South Korea, rather than China, although China's would still be "early" I guess)
Death/Cases ratio of SK would be 1/10th of Iran.
It is certain that the (unofficial) number of cases would be higher, but how much, we don't know
P.S. do we ever? If you look at the last pandemic, swine flu, the stats seem pretty rough
So . . . What I'm saying is, it's very possible that Rouhani's entourage and a few higher-ups in the ministry of health would deliberately lie, but some of the others are less politicized, and there's always some considerable error in these stats
@Færd Mhm, war is good for trade, but only one with a controllable number of casualties
And controlled damage
@M.A.R. I don't disagree with that. It complements, rather than contradict, my statements.
@M.A.R. I think if it's good enough for war business then it's pros and cons for business at large is less relevant.
@Færd shrug I've had enough of disagreeing with my classmates at the university, I could do with some complementing
@Færd I did mean war business
Q: Is Bernie Sanders the first candidate to win the first three states in a primary?

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Skeptics is still boring. It means Trump hasn't begun his spewage yet
Or maybe worse, that people no longer care
That's how democracy dies
7:11 PM
@M.A.R. Does war business bear the brunt of casualties and damage it causes?
@Færd If there are too many, it means it's almost over.
7:33 PM
@Mitch exactly. Thank you.
7:49 PM
I guess I made a mistake to use the base form after rather than up there. It should be "it complements, rather than contradicts, my statement", if I'm not mistaken.
I dunno
But what do I know?
I think these past few months my English has shaken a bit.
I knew being exposed to the university's special form of Persian English would deteriorate it a bit
makes notes to never get exposed to a Persian university
8:04 PM
@M.A.R. Evan posts a question that isn't trolling? I must be missing something
@MattE.Эллен you're missing the trolling.
He's been honing his skills.
@tchrist here's a radical new theory. What if those men are actually not rare at all, we just don't notice them because they keep their mouths shut.
@RegDwigнt ninja troll
(Well, it's not that radical or new. Just the good old vocal-minority principle.)
@MattE.Эллен see, those are also very hard to spot. And so we assume they don't exist.
8:37 PM
@Færd Okay, that is a different assertion.
But it may depend on your definition of war.
A large conflict with an American invasion: that seems unlikely for the intermediate future.
America bombing a few military sites in Iran: possible.
@Færd Okay, in 2016, it seemed unlikely to me that America would revoke the treaty, but it did.
At least it took years for America to withdraw.
As to "disaster": the American sanctions are obviously bad for the economy.
Oof, didn't know it was that bad
But I wouldn't say the effect is catastrophic.
At least not so far.
Well, nowadays people have more things added to their unrest bucket
The last two years of Ahmedinejad sucked as well, although maybe much worse
9:47 PM
@M.A.R. To us, it seems those years were still worse than now?
@Cerberus Pardon?
Q: Difference between 'went home by taxi' and 'went home in a taxi'

Hoover GonzalezWhat is the difference between by and in? For example: I went home by taxi. I went home in a taxi. Is there any difference?

ELU is just ELL with funkier shades. And a damp smell.
10:12 PM
@M.A.R. My impression of the last two years of Ahmedinejad was that they were still worse than the situation is now, but I could be wrong?
@Cerberus The impact is not evenly distributed. It has been disastrous for enough people. There are others who hardly felt any discomfort.
Isn't it always that way?
The rich in Congo are doubtless affected much less.
I'm saying one shouldn't calculate the average to see if something was disastrous.
No, indeed.
@Cerberus considers becoming rich in the Congo
10:26 PM
@Færd Then I bought the wrong dictionary.
@Cerberus That's not true. It's getting worse year by year, those two years were not that bad compared to the current situation.
@Gigili Dictionaries aren't committed to realism.
10:48 PM
@Cerberus Yeah, that's what I said. Thinking about it, maybe because it was the first big blow after almost a generation. The first slap is the most noticeable, and it's what starts nosebleeds
Everything is bleeding now but the start can't be denied.
Rouhani is more deceptive, Ahmadi was taken off guard, and if he and his cabinet were trying to lie, they were too far too late
The past 7 years, though, have been an elaborate spider web of lies, shifting with every wind and self-contradictory, yet weasely enough to get nothing but grunts for the most part
@Færd That sentence is the definition of pessimism.
You can literally make dozens of 30-second videos comparing Rouhani's speeches of 2015 and 2018, each sentence contradicting the last from three years ago
Exactly like that, no deduction skills needed. 2015 he says X, and 2018 says not X.
Heck, even one of the recent farces, about gasoline prices, a week earlier (?) he had thundered with absolute certainty that oil prices will not increase, and some time earlier an entire speech about why it's not the right way.
11:33 PM
One wonders about the Wuhan virus, though.
It is said to kill mostly old people.
@Gigili Sounds like you don't trust dictionary definitions either :)
@Cerberus Such an ageist virus
Come to that, death is also ageist.
And it's the one brand of discrimination that only gets worse in fairer and more prosperous societies.

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