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2:28 AM
4 hours later…
6:43 AM
Trump debates much more adroitly. Biden can't even keep up, let alone show some initiative. For those dim-witted viewers who look at debates only as spontaneous performative duels, Trump is the absolute winner.
"Will you shut up man!" -- sigh
7:36 AM
@Færd Meh, Trump didn't score anything either.
No one's going to change sides because of the debate
Probably the determining factor is whether some people will be convinced to stay home
8:18 AM
@M.A.R. Nevertheless, it would have served the Democrats better if they'd nominated somebody who wouldn't be outdebated by a dotard like Trump.
8:59 AM
1 hour later…
10:13 AM
After a 29-km run 4 days ago, an 11-km run feels like a small effort. I should regularly run 30-km runs, this apparently raises the limit.
11:12 AM
@Færd you can say that again
reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/j32bhn/… -- Wow OK, good to know, fixes some perceptions about Canada
11:35 AM
@Robusto well that's what you'd call it. And also what the video calls it right in the title. But the question is what I would call it.
Also, dude, Cajun is not the correct nomenclature. Rice with crawfish, please.
Cajun cuisine (French: Cuisine cadienne, [kɥizin kadʒæ̃n]), (Spanish: Cocina acadia) is a style of cooking named for the French-speaking Acadian people deported by the British from Acadia in Canada, incorporating West African, French and Spanish cooking techniques, in region of Louisiana. Cajun cuisine is sometimes referred to as a 'rustic cuisine', meaning that it is based on locally available ingredients and preparation is relatively simple. An authentic Cajun meal is usually a three-pot affair, with one pot dedicated to the main dish, one dedicated to steamed rice, special made sausages, or...
@Robusto when the speed goes towards infinity, the time goes towards 0. QED.
11:52 AM
> Psychotherapist
Psycho The Rapist
12:19 PM
> One voter, Ruthie from Pennsylvania, a vital swing state, became an instant internet star. She had been undecided, she said, but would now vote for Biden – who she had watched trying to “win an argument with a crackhead”.
12:36 PM
@tchrist good to know that Ruthie, a vital swing state, will not vote Trump
After the shock of 2016's election results, analysts pored over the data to try to figure out what the hell just happened. Their excuse for their 2016 blindness? "Hindsight is 2020." Well ok then, it's 2020 so what's your excuse going to be this year?
@Færd you're only noticing that now? It's been an Internet meme for 25 years now.
Those are on every "top 100 stupid domain names" list ever.
Yeah I think that one was like North Ossetian Jewish Singles or something.
Or whatever state or county you have starting with an O.
I can't think of any actually.
12:48 PM
Oregonian Lesbian Syngles Clubbe
Also, what does the B even stand for, then.
Lemme look it up.
@RegDwigнt The video calls it cajun music. No mention of a cajun accordion. And, as I said, I should have thought to search for cajun accordion.
Ah yes, "North Of Boston Jewish Singles".
Newly Objective Jabba's Crypt
@M.A.R. of course the sad part is that that's not how that image came about. The face was properly modeled, but then some wanker scraped it and added the cartoon features instead. (And you don't even need to know anything about sculpting to realize that, simply looking at the picture a bit closer gives it away.)
@Robusto well yeah, no mention of garmoshka, either, and yet that's exactly what it's called in Russian.
12:52 PM
But we weren't speaking Russian. We were speaking Cajun. Or English. I forget which.
AQI at 202 up near the northern Colorado fires this morning. Smoke kinda lay down overnight and the dawn seems like it will be clear-ish, though I expect the smoke and red-orange sun to return as the day warms.
@Robusto yeah no I'm afraid I'm not speaking any of that. (I guess you could verify simply by reading my shit, but I'm too busy to do that.)
@tchrist 48 here.
They're claiming 17 here; dunno that I believe that.
We have fallen between plumes, as luck would have it.
12:55 PM
I can't even see Boulder through all the overlays.
Blue dot is me.
Looks like a funeral veil.
Dragon's breath.
Or dragon farts.
12:56 PM
This is why you need to doff your speedos.
Hilary Doff?
Hi Larry Kin go fetch a sketch fame.
Or frame.
1:18 PM
@Robusto I opened the north door: the air no longer stinks of woodsmoke. But the south door's air suggests that Little Lady Stinkbottom still lurks nearby, probably under my deck.
I had a great-horned owl hooting in the right-next-to-me tree last night. Maybe he got her.
> The Falcon 9 countdown has aborted at T-minus 18 seconds “due to an out-of-family ground sensor reading
I wonder what that is. "Out-of-family" reading.
@ RegDwigнt Meanie. — Edwin Ashworth 6 mins ago
Haha. I am contemplating answering
Sep 10 at 12:42, by RegDwigнt
@Edwin Ashworth Thanks babe — neverturnedback 30 mins ago
@tchrist How do you know it's a lady?
Come on now. We learned that in school in fifth grade.
1:34 PM
@RegDwigнt It's a subtler question than you suppose.
All questions always are.
I'm used to that.
That said, in my capacity as a Reginald, certainly anything I have to say on stinkbottoms must be the final word.
> It's a common misunderstanding that only white people are racist. All kinds of enthnicities can be racist. It's only that white people are superb at that, just like at everything else.
@Robusto Well of course the study suggests that. If it didn't, nobody would care about it.
1:39 PM
@CowperKettle Not only that, but I've had arguments with Black people who insist that Black people can't be racist.
@Robusto which in itself is racist.
The moment anyone uses the word "black" at all, they are being racist by definition.
That's not my definition. That's the dictionary's.
Which dictionary says this?
Every dictionary.
Name one that does not.
1:44 PM
Name one that does.
Web sirs?
Yes, expertsexchange.com and dicksonweb.com.
True, you can find anything you want to believe on the web.
Nah, too much work.
Just write anything you want to believe on the web yourself.
1:48 PM
Aug 12 at 22:04, by RegDwigнt
On the Internet, you never read. You only write.
The lost art of reading
It's not even an art. It's just a skill every four-year-old can master.
But yeah. These days if you can read at all, it's like playing the violin. Everyone shouts "OMG you're so talented".
Dec 4 '18 at 12:31, by RegDwigнt
"Talent" is a commonly accepted shorthand for "I could do that, too, but I am lazy".
@RegDwigнt "Black lives matter" is positive towards black people, not negative towards anyone else. Any dictionary will tell you that "racist" is "antagonistic towards a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group" (lexico), which "black lives matter" is not.
@MattE.Эллен yeah yeah and feminism is positive towards men.
I'm not talking about an ideal not worth the pixels it's printed on. I am talking actual implementation as of right now.
1:52 PM
I can't think of what implementation you mean
Any "ist" is ist-ist
or tsk tsk
@MattE.Эллен everything in the streets right now.
People burning down their own neighborhoods.
@RegDwigнt that was done by a gender reveal party, no?
And bunches of people kneeling before bunches of other people simply because of skin color.
but seriously, BLM protests don't start fires
1:56 PM
@MattE.Эллен yeah on TV it does look a lot like a stagdew gone wild.
@MattE.Эллен yeah nobody ever does. It's just spontaneous combustion all the time.
I don't blame anyone. People have been locked in for so many months, they need to vent. They're tired of kicking their family and long for kicking some street furniture.
@Robusto I saw that. As you well know, because it was on Last Week Tonight.
They're tired of being kicked, more to the point
was life expectancy at the time, or now?
I wonder if life expectancy has gone up or down in those areas since Trump took office
2:03 PM
@MattE.Эллен Mine has certainly gone down.
everyday :D
one less day to live.
Sometimes that feels like a comfort.
::pink floyd::
@Robusto )))
@Robusto So you are relentlesly pushed by the Universe towards being a Trump supporter every second of your life.
As your life expectancy decreases.
That's the secret of Trump.
2:07 PM
@CowperKettle Never.
@MattE.Эллен it says in the chart, Life Expectancy at 2018
> To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.
Sounds like description of the controls for Witcher 4.
I have the book.
2:09 PM
It's not enough just to have it. You have to read it too.
I prefer that chapter, I dunno maybe nine or seven, where he lists off all the inscriptions on gravestones in a cemetery.
And I suppose your favorite part of the Iliad was the catalogue of ships?
It's like that chapter from Picture of Dorian Gray where Wilde tries to list all the gemstones he can think of, for ten pages, because otherwise the book would've been too short to count as a novel.
Well, I'm off to get ready to ride. Have a good one, folks.
Thank you.
2:11 PM
I shall be leaving myself very soon.
Choir rehearsal.
@Robusto I found the book hard to read. I read several dozen pages, and stopped.
2:29 PM
@Robusto It's not the same definition of 'racist' as yours.
It is the same situation as in 'Dear White People' when the protagonist is talking to her professor. She explains:
> Black people can't be racist.
Prejudice? Yes. But not racist.
Racism describes a system of
disadvantage based on race. Black
people can't be racist since they
don't benefit from such a system.
Logically black (or african americans) -could- be racist (by my definition of racist which is more like 'prejudiced'), but not by that definition of 'racist'.
But I came to say something else:
@RegDwigнt flagged as offensive
@Mitch my first thought was Yahtzee Croshaw and my second was Jeremy Clarkson
as a person who would say that
@MattE.Эллен The author of the 'Strong Language' blog didn't reference it so I can't tell if it is 'public domain' or they just made it up right them.
although I think Clarkson would more likely say "proportions"
2:39 PM
@Mitch I'm assuming the blogger made it up :D
@Mitch So what would be your definition?
@Cerberus racist is prejudice with respect to race?
that doesn't sound exactly right though
All right, but then how would you define prejudice?
maybe too literally, 'assuming things you don't know about a person based on superficial characteristics'
It's a Platonic dialogue, so you don't need to get it right the first time, and you are allowed to revise any earlier statement or opinion!
2:41 PM
but that makes 'racist' a bit too weak'
Pre judge
@Mitch Would you say racism is analogous to sexism and other similar -isms?
racism is spectral. The one ting I agree with Reg about is "Everyone's a little bit racist"
@Cerberus No, I think you're wrong. You have to answer correctly the first time, and if you are in any way wrong, you've lost the game.
@Mitch Oh, dearie!
2:43 PM
@MattE.Эллен I dind't know you were Jamaican
@Cerberus They're obviously related.
@Mitch :þ
ha ha.
ha a ha haha
@Mitch As a wannabe programmer, I'd like those -isms to be functions where the input is different, but the function processed it the same way.
Pre Judge based on appearance
@Cerberus yeah.
2:44 PM
Could judge be defined more precisely?
but words don't work like that
Probably not exactly.
But perhaps we could get pretty close?
@Cerberus it's more than judging or assuming
I would tend to agree.
I think there's malintent ..um... intended.
2:45 PM
Judge jury and executioner
How about this, as a preliminary attempt in a Platonic polylogue:
right. execution in its literal sense of acting on it.
I don't agree. One could be racist without meaning any harm
> An -ism is treating someone unfairly based on being part of a group.
@Cerberus you better be right this time.
2:47 PM
One could treat someone unfairly without realising it.
@MattE.Эллен THat's kinda the point that people are making, there's al sorts of bad explicit racism, but then there's also a lot of unintended racism.
not that the bad kind was 'intended'
Moral relativism?
I'm relatively moral
But I do feel there needs to be something negative in the definition. Racism is not neutral.
2:48 PM
Hence "unfairly".
I also think it is something about groups.
unfairly could be to someone's benefit
I mean not the speaker's benefit
of the one who is racist?
> An -ism is treating an individual person unfairly because he is part of a group.
Yeah the whole "you're Xthnic so you must be good at math"
Like only renting to white people
2:49 PM
@Mitch I do feel it has to be unfair.
I read that as 'renting white people'
their prices are too high
@Cerberus so my statement wasn't racist then?
is it unfair if that person isn't good at maths?
You know if we figure it out here, then we can tell people and they'll use the right definition and then good will and understanding will ensue.
I'm already looking forward to it.
2:50 PM
For example, if you see a gay guy dancing well, and he said "I can dance well because I'm gay", and you basically repeated his statement at some other time, I would not say that is gayism, because it is not unfair. Nobody is affected in a negative way.
@Mitch that's why I'm joining in.
@MattE.Эллен It's incorrect in the Spock-ASD-literal way.
@Mitch I would say, that depends on whether it can be reasonably said to have a negative effect on the object.
@MattE.Эллен That's fair.
2 mins ago, by Mitch
Yeah the whole "you're Xthnic so you must be good at math"
2:52 PM
@Cerberus It may make that person feel bad because they're not as good at math as they'd like to be.
1 hour ago, by RegDwigнt
Anyone who puts "black lives matter" on a poster or a t-shirt is a racist.
@Cerberus doesn't positive stereotyping have a negative affect in the long run? It's creating false expectations
@Mitch I would say it is a somewhat reasonable assumption that at least some people hearing this statement will feel bad about it.
@Cerberus and then there is the usual racist comment 'but there's some grain of truth in it'
@MattE.Эллен Well, perhaps so, but, if we take that to the extreme conclusion, none of those groups can be mentioned at all, ever, because that will always remind someone of being different. In other words: following that thought and definition, I'd say a little bit of very weak -ism is necessary.
2:54 PM
@Mitch True statements can be -isms. But I do feel the benefit of many such true statements is worth the cost.
For example, the police need to keep statistics of victims and criminals and which groups they belong to.
And it needs to be possible to have a discussion about those topics.
> An -ism is treating someone unfairly based on being part of a group, where this is unnecessary.
@Cerberus It's also a problem of -denying- differences. That can be hurtful too.
You can't be blind to differences
Perhaps so; but is it also an -ism, then, or something else?
Is it all about being a jerk about things?
If you pickpocket a gay guy, it's usually not homophobia.
2:58 PM
But saying 'oh aren't al those Xthincs great at Y-ing' is kinda racist.
Even though it is a crime, and even though the gay guy is negatively affected.
@Cerberus I think that statement is questionable. profiling often leads to wrong conclusions, e.g. we should frisk more black people, or that "islamic looking" person is more likely to carry a bomb. It's very hard to come to useful conclusions from profiling based on surface characteristics, e.g. sexuality (all bisexuals are promiscuous)
@Mitch I would say, it is racist if it is reasonable for the objects to be negatively affected by it.
@Cerberus But as a professional pickpocket you avoid LGBT+'s pockets because LGBT+ then you're denying them their place in the economy.
3:01 PM
13 mins ago, by Matt E. Эллен
I'm relatively moral
@MattE.Эллен Perpaps; but are the statistics -ist, or those actions taken based on them? And this is not only about criminals, but also about victims. I think it is important to know e.g. what percentage of abuse at home is perpetrated against women.
@Mitch Exactly!
@Cerberus it's the thought that lead to gathering the statistics like that as well as the conclusions. Also the systems that say what is good and bad (poor people stealing vs corporations not paying taxes)
How about statistics on victims, then?
Would you say all statistics about any minority group are -ist?
I think each case must be judged on its own particulars. It is a balance.
would that make me statisticist?
yeah, there can be uses for such statistics, say tracking a serial killer
or finding an unscrupulous landlord
Each person may have a different opinion about which situations warrant which statistics.
But I think this should not affect the definition too much.
3:07 PM
I personally do not have a problem with "most voting rings we have seen on SO are from India".
Nor with "most brute-force attempts at guessing my site's password are from Ukraine".
(I think both statements are true.)
(You could call those ethnicism, but I think they are warranted here.)
@skullpatrol Sure.
right, but if the outcome of the statistic is that people from India are disproportionately worse off, then I think those statements are not useful. It's not most Indians who are creating the rings, it's not even 1% of 1%
I think, in most cases, those statements have some use, but also cause some injustice.
So we must make a decision based on weighing one against the other.
So you could either say, they are -ism, but necessary; or they are -ism, and unnecessary; or they are not -ism as long as the cost is outweighed by the benefit.
3:12 PM
Yes. I think that because of how our systems are run we're forced into making the wrong decision because of the need for short term solutions (no more voting rings), rather than long term ones (understanding why voting rings are a problem, convincing people not to use them, understanding how voting is broken...)
It is always good to work on longer-term improvements.
But we cannot always hope to achieve 100% improvement even in the long term.
especially in the long term, as our understanding of what "improvement" is changes
There will always be sexual abuse of adults, and I don't think we will ever achieve a situation in which women are as likely as men to commit it (which would a priori invalidate any focus on male perpetrators).
So what do we do?
Damage control?
Always a good idea.
3:23 PM
Hi guys. I have a question that I am bothered with. Would you mind answering it?
You can always ask.
Just don't @ anyone in particular.
You may or may not get an answer, depending on who's in the mood.
Does it have something to do with sex, or is just a way of
perceiving how one or the ____ 3 will derive the most attention from the other?
Should I fill in with "other"?
Thanks in advance!
There is not enough context to answer your question.
I also suspect there is an error in the sentence.
> or is [ ] just
So do I
it seems like it is written by a non-native
want more context?
3:26 PM
Or it could be just a typo.
So, what is it that makes the sexes think the way they do? Does it have something to do with sex, or is just a way of perceiving how one or the other 3 will derive the most attention from the other? Dr. Sigmond Freud had most of the answers.
here is more context
Maybe that is the intended answer, but the exercise still doesn't sound quite right to me.
I would go with "other"
> So, what is it that makes the sexes think the way they do? Does it have something to do with sex, or is it just about how one sex will derive the most attention from the other? Dr. Sigmond Freud had most of the answers.
This is how I would write it, if I understood the text properly.
Now, it sounds right. at least to me
3:31 PM
@Cerberus sorry, work is taking my attention. I'll have to call it a day for now
@AlexTheBN Yay.
@cerberus thanks!
I do hope you don't really need this exercise for anything...
@MattE.Эллен No worries, it was just idle speculation anyway.
@Cerberus [How] Can I search for online German classes for a complete beginner? (I’m talking about serious classes for someone who wants to learn German not those YouTube Vidoes)
I really have no idea.
3:32 PM
Paid ones will also do, matter is quality and assurance.
I learned German in school and later by reading academic articles written in German, newspaper articles, and novels.
I hear people talk about Duolingo, but I have never tried it.
Okay. I wanted something like those of school classes, thanks for expressing yourself.
@Cerberus I was confused since the exam is called " Proficiency Exam "
@Knight Good luck.
@AlexTheBN I'd just ignore that particular sentence.
@Cerberus In the text, "resist to stare" also appears. I though it was solecism or something along the same lines...
But that cannot take place in a written text, can it?
3:41 PM
Umm it's hard to say without context.
It looks odd.
here is the sentence
There 13 is a glitch in this theory of mine, though, and it is that no matter 4 what the age of a man or how he thinks, a young, voluptuous woman will always draw his attention. And ladies? You know good and well you cannot resist to stare at the buns of a well developed and physically attractive man.
Yeah, that looks off to me.
As well as some other things.
Bad punctuation.
My professor sent me this text a while back. I should probably leave it for now
> no matter what the age of a man is (or possibly, informally, no matter the age of a man)
yeah. I saw that. I also thought the auxiliary was missing....
3:46 PM
So it looks like it may have been written by a native speaker, but in a hurry...
Most probably, yes xD
The kinds of mistakes I see don't really point to non-native, and I see lots of other features that suggest a high level of proficiency.
@Cerberus Word choice suggests that. Sure, I agree
@Cerberus It's cashfilia
@CowperKettle Indeed!
@BLACKLIVESMATTER The thing is, you draw attention to race as an issue. If the aim is so nobody regards race as a thing that people can discriminate about, how is telling everyone it's not going to help?
I.e. the Streisand effect
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