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6:45 AM
Word of the day: blood flukes
Oh dear. Flukes in thr blood?
@CowperKettle The connection to English literature is that Joan Didion, American writer and great stylist, has written that when writing a book, she reads, or has read, medical books to avoid reading an author that would inadvertently buy necessarily affect her style, and this readinf has included tropical diseases such as Schistosomiasis.
but not buy
reading nit readinf Apologies for sloppiness on my part. Hope you like the cannon.
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8:33 AM
@Xanne I recall reading somewhere that Hemingway's house was a mess of different books, and that he read widely on all topics all time.
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9:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Repeating characters in answer (82): Looking for a classier word to describe a "packet" or "envelope" by Anonymous on english.SE
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11:08 AM
@Tuffy the post has moved, I was talking about thoughtco.com/descriptivism-language-term-1690441
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12:29 PM
The jolly Mitch
Fell into a ditch
And got an itch
Laughing till he had a stitch
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1:32 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, toxic answer detected (158): Debussy as term for bathroom? by bob on english.SE
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3:49 PM
@RegDwigнt You do realize that this will only encourage them, right? You're probably contributing to some Grammarly marketing executive's raise. =P
4:43 PM
@Tonepoet no. That is not how it works.
They pay money to SE for my clicking on it.
SE gets the money, Grammarly loses the money. And gets nothing in return from me.
It's a win-win-lose.
@CowperKettle а эт шо за гопники
@CowperKettle How often do you use earbuds?
I rarely.
I use earbuds all the time.
And I don't shave parts of the hair on my scalp.
They let me control what I hear, and at what volume.
4:50 PM
Because you like how they press against your skin?
That'd be gay.
Not if they're female.
Females don't insert. Females get inserted into.
Not my definition.
I occasionally listen to music on my phone, when I have to wait for a long time or when I'm really bored while walking.
I don't even listen to anything most of the time.
4:52 PM
@RegDwigнt Females may use earbuds and other prosthetics on their mates.
@RegDwigнt How odd.
@Cerberus it is only odd if you don't read what I just said.
It's about as odd as a soprano wearing a scarf in summer.
1. Why would you want to block sound while travelling? 2. How much of the volume can they block anyway?
Enough. More than enough, actually. Have you actually tried?
You don't hear a thing.
When I walk across a street I look both ways like seven times. Because I literally wouldn't hear a semi approaching.
It's not odd, it's the whole point.
It's like I told you I wore shoes to block mud from getting on my feet. And you're like why would you want to block mud while traveling, and how much mud can they block anyway. And I'm like, they block all the mud. And you're like, odd.
That's the conversation we're having right now.
It is not my part of the conversation that's odd.
4:56 PM
It is indeed.
I'll go drink to that.
I suggest you do likewise.
I never though people would wear earbuds for that reason.
I prefer to hear as much as possible while travelling.
@Cerberus so do I. But you can only listen to dumb Merkins on the train for a very limited amount of hours before getting insane.
I don't really care!
Those people in the painting are walking around on the street.
You familiar with OHROPAX®?
It's a multi-million dollar industry. People buy them by the billions.
Some people wear them at construction sites. Some people wear them in the office. Some people wear them to bed if the partner is snoring. Some people wear them to bed, period.
With earbuds you get a much more sophisticated product at half the price.
Because they're ohropax with in-built speakers. So you can funnel through any sound that you want at any volume that you want at any point that you want.
5:08 PM
@RegDwigнt Yes, I use those myself.
In bed.
I do not.
But listening-earbuds don't work half as well as wax balls with respect to blocking sound.
Well yes the ohropax run a whole gamut.
Some are soft and block little. Some are hard and block everything but many people don't like them because their ears hurt after a while.
I only know their wax balls.
They block sound well.
Better than other cheap earplugs made of plastic or rubber that I've tried.
But the earbuds that came with my phone don't block nearly as much.
Well then. That's only one reason less to not wear them.
5:12 PM
You have to decide which side of the debate you're on, my brave little puppy.
I'm not on any sides.
I'm in the avant-garde.
Then I'm not sure what the point of all this is.
None whatsoever, I should think?
That is good. Tis the room for that.
Now excuse me while I go practice for my lesson tomorrow.
5:15 PM
@RegDwigнt The problem is that grammarly isn't perceptive enough to realize what you're trying to do, so they'll think they are getting something from you, even when they're not. XP
@RegDwigнt Exactly.
@Cerberus Any time I go for a jog, like today.
The problem is, the wires get worn out after awhile, so I have a spair pair handy.
I have a plastic bag with airbuds in good condition except that one bud is not working due to a connection lost in one of the wires.
@CowperKettle But those people in the painting aren't jogging.
@Cerberus It's just kind of a satire on modern Russia. Painted in a gloomy style.
Ah, I see.
6:11 PM
@Tonepoet I am not trying to do. I am doing.
And I don't give a damp sock if they're perceptive or not. If they aren't, that only suits me fine.
If I take ten bucks from you and you think that's good, I'll take another ten. I do not see how that is a problem at all. It's not a problem for you, and it is not a problem for me. Everyone wins.
> The classical Greek philosopher Socrates believed the ideal house should be warm in winter and cool in summer. With clarity of thought like that, it's easy to see how the great man got his reputation.
6:27 PM
@RegDwigнt It's more like five cents, and the point is that if they think it's good it's still rewarding, which encourages the continued publication of grammarly ads on the website, (at least until you click so many times that you bankrupt them or trigger some sort of clickthrough fraud detection mechanism). It will inevitably lead to somebody asking "What is the difference between grammarly and grammatical?" and nobody wants that.
7:03 PM
@Tonepoet That's kinda dystopian.
7:22 PM
@Cerberus I prefer the après-garde. Let other people work out the kinks in the beta version.
@JaspervanLooij Dude. I've been thinking that for years and here you just blurted it out.
More importantly...
What does it mean in "Snitches get stitches"? That never made sense to me. Are they thinking giving up someone is like sneezing or like running a hundred yard dash and you get a stitch in your side from exertion?
Doesn't seem likely.
Being a witness doesn't seem like you would breath hard enough to cause such a physical reaction.
All the guilt might give you a headache or an ulcer, sure. But a stitch?
Those guys were just looking around randomly fora word that rhymes.
@Mitch I suppose that preference has merit!
"Arsonists get ..."
I need a rhyme for 'arsonist'
@Tonepoet It's not five cents. It's more like 1/5 of a cent.
What is your point, exactly?
Why are you defending Grammarly?
What are you trying to achieve?
@RegDwigнt If you do it five times you get like almost a dollar.
That's math
I clicked on one Grammarly link exactly once, and now I have to defend myself for three days in a row. Jesus Christ. There's your lesson, children. Never, ever, click on Grammarly links.
7:30 PM
Does anybody here like musicals?
Jul 10 at 9:35, by RegDwigнt
And with that in mind, there are three good musicals. Avenue Q, The Rocky Horror Show, and West Side Story.
Jul 10 at 9:35, by RegDwigнt
Honorary mention for the Scrubs episode "My Musical", which was written by the same folks who wrote Avenue Q.
Me neither. But somehow the song 'Camelot' keeps running through my head and it just dawned on me that that's a song, not from ancient Wessex like Greensleeves was, but from some musical like Lion King or West Side Story.
Nice prepared answer, but you've been tweened and make no sense now.
Hey everyone, look at Mitch! He's making a fool of himself. Again.
@RegDwigнt Check out the chat room subtitle, burrico.
I think it says everything.
"Where English is occasionally spoken if you are a patient."
7:33 PM
@RegDwigнt Avenue Q is not a real musical. It's a metamucil-cle.
It says nothing about making a fool of yourself, chico.
@Mitch your mom is a meta-motorcycle.
@RegDwigнt Nice, you can cut and paste.
That's a handy skill
No, I typed that by hand.
@RegDwigнt That would have been funny if it weren't true.
Wow. Turns out one can buy a pair of cordless Bluetooth headphones for $15. I never thought they were so cheap.
7:34 PM
@Mitch To you maybe. To everyone else it's actually way funnier by being true.
I thought they cost about $150
I'll try them out.
Yeah you go buy from Ali Express.
You go girl.
@CowperKettle The ones with cords are more expensive. They had to change al the blue tooth teech to work with actual wires instead of air.
I'm only afraid of losing them, cause I want to use them while jogging.
It's cheap because 9 times out of 10 your package won't arrive.
7:35 PM
@RegDwigнt It's a lot easier with practice
And I often jog in the park while it's dark
So you do have to pay $150 in the end.
@RegDwigнt I've ordered about 20 different things from AliExpress and all have arrived thus far.
Only once I got a pair of glasses instead of a jogging bag.
When jogging in the dark, I wouldn't be afraid of losing my headphones. I'd be afraid of having them on.
You can't see for shit, and now you can't hear for shit, either. Brilliant.
I complained, and the guy sent the bag to me, so I now have the glasses and the bag. The glasses cost 2X the bag.
7:37 PM
Hiya folks. I see that ELU Chat continues apace.
@CowperKettle ear buds are never lost while they're being used. You know -exactly- when they pop out of your ears and they land right at your feet. The time they get lost is all the time you're -not- wearing them.
@Robusto It's a rare sight indeed.
Medium rare.
@Mitch In the wild grass you will spend some time looking for them.
@Robusto that's a taste not a sight, pineapple.
7:38 PM
And in the fall, you can drop them into a puddle..
That sounds like the start of a dirty limerick
@CowperKettle It sounds like you want the brain implant pods
@RegDwigнt I am the least pine of the apples here.
Only come out with a sneeze
@Robusto one pine apple spoils the whole bunch.
Now you're quoting Michael Jackson
7:39 PM
I cannot quote Michael Jackson, for he is dead.
It makes the lawsuits harder to execute
@Mitch I would love to have audial and visual implants. Due to my keratoconus I usually use only one of my two eyes, the other has a poor eyesight.
@Mitch not in America.
@RegDwigнt Das ist nur Apfelmus.
Good nigh
7:40 PM
@RegDwigнt I guess you can't quote Shakespeare then either.
"In America we have the best lawyers" and he threw the lawyer out the train window.
If anything it makes them easier because who the fuck wants to be attorney for a dead person. You won't get paid.
@Robusto have you ever seen me quote Shakespeare? QED.
@RegDwigнt I'm convinced
@RegDwigнt Walt Disney's lawyers are still getting paid.
I haven't seen a dime
7:42 PM
Yeah but they're defending Ryan Johnston and Kathlyn Kennedy now. And those are very much alive. Sadly.
I've never heard that term before. Perhaps you could ask the person you were talking to what was meant by it. — Robusto 24 mins ago
@Robusto , that may prove difficult. It’s a bot. — nope 23 mins ago
The fuck?
What an unexpected turn of events.
Q: What is “recessional nonlocality”

nopeI was talking to someone who mentioned they prefer recessional nonlocality. What does it mean?

That's the question entire.
A bot is not a "someone" ...
I don't understand. You can talk to the bot, but then you can't. Which one is it, now. — RegDwigнt ♦ 8 secs ago
Make your mind up FFS.
Yeah, and don't bring your imaginary problems to us. We have enough imaginary problems.
7:45 PM
I imagine we do.
I could use a couple more.
Just in case
For example, my imaginary problems are that I am very smart and smell nice.
Good problems to have.
picked them both hand-picked by hand
Hand-picked is better than nose-picked.
7:48 PM
I also have way too many Lamborghinis and Picassos. I guess I could just sell them all, but I simply can't imagine myself doing that.
If you can imagine Lambos and Picassos, you can imagine selling them. QED
How so. I only had to imagine buying them.
Does not compute.
I prefer recessional nonlocality anyway.
Q: What is the name of the grammar structure whereby you place the main verb further along in the sentence?

Daniel JWhat is the grammar structure used here: "Tackle real-world problems, applying classroom learnings to confront modern social and environmental issues." I see that it could be rewritten as, "Tackle real-world problems. Confront modern social and environmetal issues by applying classroom learnings...

What is this structure.
It's German.
Read Mark Twain.
He said it was German.
I think that's unclear what asking is.
The German language. — marcellothearcane 41 secs ago
marcellothearcane beat you to the punch
7:51 PM
Zwei Idioten, ein Gedanke.
Are you going to take that lying down?
Maybe by a second or so. We were just posting in different places.
But his is up on the marquee in lights. Yours is buried in chat.
And that's the way, uhuh, uhuh, I like it.
Oct 27 '18 at 20:15, by RegDwigнt
When I'm at a party, everyone's dancing, and I'm in the kitchen washing the dishes. And it's not my party and not my dishes. But that's what I do.
Now @Mitch wants me to hit him with my hyperbaton.
7:52 PM
That is gay.
Everyone look at Mitch! He's being gay!
You would dishwash too, if it happened to you.
Heh, there's an Amy Winehous "It's my party" also. Should be "It's my party and I'll die if I want to."
Everyone look at Amy! She's being dead! Again.
7:54 PM
That's off-topic on ELU. It's on-topic on EMO.
Fer realz
She only said goodbye with words.
She said it with drugs and alcohol.
and a sore throat
No that's Elton John.
I mean, uh, me.
7:56 PM
But she made the 27 club. I mean, that's something, right?
Groucho Marx.
By way of Woody Allen.
Everyone's in the 27 club now. If she were cool she'd found her own club.
Groucho died age 87.
Wait, Groucho's dead?
I sent him a wire and he sent none back.
Marx is dead, baby. Marx is dead.
Marxism lives!
That blank does not require anything at all that conveys the complete meaning, or any part of the meaning, or any meaning at all. Because the situation is then explained in great detail in the sentence that follows. Why do you want to say the same thing twice over. Do not put any word at all in the blank, and you are done. — RegDwigнt ♦ 1 min ago
What are these questions we're getting.
Gimme a rest.
"I need a single word for this whole sentence except I still want to keep the whole sentence."
Who do you think you are, Mandelbrot?
8:06 PM
@RegDwigнt Eternal Tuesday
@Mitch I thought that was seven years ago?
There's nothing stopping that from being the case.
Also, dude, that dates you big time. There's like three people left on the entire Internet who even know the term anymore.
@RegDwigнt I think what the blank requires is "orange" ... "An orange man ..."
Post that as an answer and I'll upvote it and lock the question.
8:09 PM
tchrist is in eternal 'eternal September'
@RegDwigнt naughty 😛
@RegDwigнt Yeah, right.
September is eternal by definition. It says it's the seventh month, but it's the ninth month now and it's still September.
@Robusto I gotta find me self me own entertainment, mate. If no one else is gonna help out.
@Robusto he'd ban you for frivolity
I am the only person left on the Internet who has never banned Robusto. Not even a little bit.
8:11 PM
@RegDwigнt Don't forget, masturbation is sex with someone you love.
@Robusto I never forget. In fact, I am thinking of that right now.
This is how Russians masturbate in Germany, I guess.
BTW, what is current German slang for jerking off?
Same as always. Wichsen.
And it only took those retards of wix.com two years to get wind of it.
Now they're leaning on it aggressively in their ads, but it's too late.
The masturbation boat has sailed, circumnavigated the globe, and returned to port laden with exotic spice.
Circumnavigated? Or circumcised?
My apologies, but you are not the right person to ask that question.
Asking such questions is reserved to @JaspervanLooij.
8:17 PM
Hope that wasnt intellectual property
Upon which we collectively type tyjqq.
I want to announce that if you buy the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary from amazon.com now, you will get the version with copyright 2020, updated with new words. @Tonepoet
How do they know which words will be new in 2020?
There's a list
However, it will still be the eleventh edition.
8:19 PM
Even Billie Eilish doesn't know that.
She doesn't even know if she'll still be alive by then.
What words are new? Can you just buy them and stick them in the back?
Bet it's only one new one.
You can buy one new words from me for ten easy payments of only $3000.
@RegDwigнt it'a a deal
What about the 1/5 of a cent deal?
@marcellothearcane I know, right? That's how I prosper.
@Mitch I will give you one letter.
For an additional down payment of 1/5 I will even tell you its place in the word.
8:20 PM
Will it be a new one?
There is no such thing as a new word. All words are recycled. Check your etymologies, people.
@JaspervanLooij I thank you for the information. I already have an 11th edition though. It's an older printing, but probably good enough for my purposes, which is generally just to make sure that what I write in an answer is corraborated by an indelible source.
All my letters are new. Hence the name, newletter.
That's an extremely slow hangman
@Robusto don't ruin my business.
8:21 PM
@RegDwigнt It's a start
People don't even know what "etymologies" is. I sell that one for $3000.
What if it's an extremely long one?
Hmmph. Same difference.
@Mitch no it could be the end. Or the middle.
Like pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoniosis or whatever the hell it is
Chambers put that one in, because they have a really good ink salesperson
8:22 PM
@Robusto remember that you get royalties from all the words. Once I decide to pay up. So don't ruin the business.
@marcellothearcane TL;DR.
I sell better words.
@RegDwigнt You still owe me royalties from years ago.
Like "bog".
@RegDwigнt The Ruins is a good movie.
@Robusto precisely. So do you or do you not want me to have the money to pay you.
Bog as in the WC or damp earth with plants in?
8:23 PM
Apr 20 '11 at 14:33, by Robusto
Hey! I discovered the adjectives. Every time you use one you should be paying me royalties.
Or the monty python castle-builing location
@marcellothearcane I can only tell you once my bank has cleared your payment.
Mar 29 '11 at 13:16, by Robusto
I discovered English. Everyone who speaks it should be paying me royalties.
Are refunds available in return for hitting me with a hammer?
Clear short-term memory
The words @RegDwigнt sells aren't genuine! He sold me a bog once, but upon closer examination the b was really a p disguisded as a d. It took me ages to figure out that what he really sold me is a pog with a dog on it.
8:24 PM
You people are all using English. Pay up.
But then I'd forget I bought it anyway
Never mind
I once sent a postcard from Russia with a photo of the Lenin mausoleum, where I took a ballpoint pen and crossed out "Lenin" and wrote "Bon Jovi's bog" instead.
True story.
@Robusto that's more like it. Thank you.
Mar 29 '11 at 13:26, by Robusto
And there should be a philosophy.se as well. Because all philosophical questions have clear and unequivocal answers.
@Tonepoet buy another o and you can have some fun
I also replaced all the red stars on the towers with fylfots.
The Russian mail didn't mind.
Try that in America. You'll be on ten lists first thing in the morning.
8:27 PM
They knew you were sending it anyway
@marcellothearcane Oh, that's good, or is it goop? =P
Ten lists before breakfast is a day well dayed
@RegDwigнt No swastikas in chat, please.
@Robusto so between you and me we invented all of SE.
We should sue.
8:28 PM
He obfuscated it. Swastika is $3000
@Robusto also correct. Which is why I went with fylfots instead.
@Tonepoet goop and pogo sticks
Is that supposed to be a P or a D.
That's what Reg is thinking about now
19 mins ago, by RegDwigнt
@Robusto I never forget. In fact, I am thinking of that right now.
8:32 PM
Actually I am thinking of twelve scantily-clad hairdressers right now.
11 lords a leaping
And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeee
Christmas specials
Reg's words now on seasonal discount
And the wind in the willows, and the piper at the gates of dawn.
Get them while they're hot
The virgins are trimming their wicks.
Wimming their tricks
8:34 PM
No spoonerisms in this chat.
@RegDwigнt A B. Pretend it was written by Walt Disney if that helps you make any more sense out of it. It wasn't, but meh.
Certainly you mean Walt Disnep.
@RegDwigнt Totally gay.
Is it a spoonerism if they aren't both words?
Ask on the main site.
8:35 PM
@RegDwigнt relatable
We don't ask serious questions here.
Also both are words.
Noun: wimmin
  1. Eye dialect spelling of women.
  2. Feminist spelling of women; see womyn....
Was that a serious answer?
> I thank the lord that thare aint menny wimmin in the wurld who want tu know evry thing.
Preach, sis.
@marcellothearcane do you see me laugh?
They've got the tense right
Not unless you're outside my window.
Well go and check.
8:38 PM
Oh, hi there
> Nothin but drinkin and wimmin, and none of the wimmin even worth lookin at, let alone that other thing.
Ah, Stephen King. What a poet.
Drink more, Steve.
Who knows David Crystal?
You mean, like, personally? I imagine quite a few people do. Even some on this site.
I've spoken to him - he was at a conference in town.
Such a legend
Q: Is the sentence I want to get as a tattoo correct? Is it even a sentence? Can I shorten it?

tattoomanIn an effort to save my health, I do not smoke most of the time, I refrain from eating animal products almost always and I work out quite regularily. However, in order to not even slip one more time (I still slip quite regularily, sadly), I want to enshrine those habits onto my body. I want to g...

Smoking is vegan, it's fine.
I'm stealing that.
Not for a tattoo, though.
8:54 PM
@RegDwigнt All factories are "plant-based" ...
Warum soll's überhaupt in Englisch sein. Ich verstehe die Welt nicht mehr. Was ist so toll an Englisch. Englisch ist kaputtgespartes Deutsch. — RegDwigнt ♦ 13 secs ago
@RegDwigнt for your sellable words? Get $6000 for that because it's two
Thanks a bunch but I do know how to run a business.
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