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1:17 AM
Q: What a Latin word that means "popular choice"?

John WrightI am sure there is a Latin word synonymous with popular choice. Exemplī grātiā: GIS is considered the ______ tool for researchers in geography. where X is that Latin word synonymous with popular; go to; common; et cētera.

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2:30 AM
A comment suggests vox populi. I don't know what he's really after.
Maybe that should have vox in something other than the nominative. :)
Oh I bet he just wants vulgar. :)
2:46 AM
Q: Is there a proper term for the 'arms' of a star?

MeshaalI have the need to describe, in a technical document, the particular portion of a star here highlighted red (or any of the other like areas): For example: The width of each …? shall be eight units at the point where they meet. While in the title of this question I describe it as an arm, ...

3:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: Is it "convince someone to" or "convince someone of"? by mercy02q on english.SE
4:10 AM
Q: I'm looking for an adverb that means "hopefully, but not really"

Robert BI'm looking for an adverb that means an action is done with some hope, but with not much expectation of success. Gamely is the closest I've come. Example: She dug ___ly into the ground, hoping the pipe was there, even though it really could have been anywhere. Example: I installed the dubiously...

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8:10 AM
Q: Need a word like Renaissance Man

FrostyNeed a word like Renaissance Man. For example, consider there are two persons, Amber and Ed. Amber: Amber is enlightened in all subject matter including arts, math, athletics, philosophy, music, history, and any other cultural aspect of society. She is a woman who does everything and does it ...

8:42 AM
Q: Usage of the word "untrusted" and possible synonyms

Maarten BodewesTo my surprise my spelling checker flagged the word "untrusted". I tried looking the adjective up in Meriam-Webster. Meriam-Webster however doesn't show any results. Are there any synonyms of "untrusted" that I should use? "Uncertain" is one, or "doubtful" possibly; but I would hate to perform a...

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10:14 AM
@tchrist Sounds like he's after de facto
3 hours later…
12:47 PM
Q: Meaning and origins of the American slang expression "ad' a boy, shooter!"

Neil ZaneilWhat does the American slang expression "ad' a boy, shooter!" mean. In high school I had an American teacher who would always say this, can't remember which state he was from, I think it's an abbreviation of "what a boy, shooter!". He would say this whenever someone would give a correct answer o...

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2:36 PM
Q: A word to describe to which degree something is exceptional

Chris WohlertSomething can be quite exceptional, or it can be exceptionally exceptional, but is there a word to describe to which degree this is? Similar to Depending on how exceptional it is, ... Depending on its ___, ... Depending on the ___ of it, ... exceptionality and exceptionalness doe...

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6:14 PM
Q: Is there a word for a job title that are based on doing busy work

AMNIs there a word for a job title that doesn't actually contribute to increasing productivity in an organization and is redundant, wouldn't matter if this positions were vacant and even if you make them disappear. A loose example would be document controller working for a very small valued and mag...

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7:18 PM
hello, folks
could someone help me please
i would like to paraphrase an answer
@Educ How can we help you?
Thank you i will post it right now
here is the text : The school is an agency formally charged by society with the task of socializing the young in particular skills and values. We usually think of the school as being mainly concerned with teaching skills and knowledge, and this is certainly one of its major functions. But the schools in every society also engage in outright indoctrination in values.
The school socializes not only through its formal academic curriculum but also through the " hidden curriculum" implicit in the content of school activities, ranging from regimented classroom schedules to organized sports. Children learn that they must be neat and punctual. They learn to sit still, keep quiet, wait their turn, and not' be distracted from their work. They learn to respect and obey without question the commands of those who have social authority over them.
so the question is : In what way does the school contribute to the socialization process?
and i found the elements (keys ) of the answer from the text
formally charged
the school ... skills and values... skills and knowledge ... indoctination in values
so i would like to write an answer based of those elements
Thanks in advanced
here is my attempt : the the school does contribute to the socialization process by
skills and values and indoctination in values
7:48 PM
@Educ Is there some part of your answer that you are doubtful about?
i would like to paraphrase my answer which is : the school does contribute to the socialization process by
skills and values and indoctination in values
2 hours later…
9:29 PM
"We don’t even know why the sun revolves around the Earth, or whether we are using cats as intended. "
10:03 PM
please any help
Q: Is there a word for someone who is a genius, or intelligent, but ignorant or blind to obvious things?

SebastianIs there a word for someone who is a genius, or intelligent, but ignorant of obvious things, in a none intention sense? A character flaw. I think of Orwell's "doublethink", according to Wiktionary, the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of...

10:44 PM
please any help

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