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@Cerberus That's to include things that are 'state'-like. No, I'm having trouble thinking specifically of something state-like that is not a state. The Catholic Church? uh... Interpol? (all these things I learn from James Bond movies)
2:06 AM
@Cerberus Might you know how this came to pass?
Q: Preterit of ser and ir

kodkodEspañol Pretérito de ser: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron Pretérito de ir: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron ¿Cómo han evolucionado los verbos "ser" e "ir" para tener la misma conjugación en el pretérito (y también en el imperfecto y el futuro de subjuntivo)? ¿Y p...

Q: Por que foi que «ir» e «ser» ficaram iguais no Pretérito Perfeito?

Dan GetzUma curiosidade que o português tem em comum com o castelhano é que o Pretérito Perfeito dos verbos ser e ir são iguais, quanto na escritura e na pronúncia: fui, foste, foi, fomos, fostes, foram (no português). Mas foi de ir e foi de ser não têm o mesmo significado, não é? Como é que isto aconte...

The first has an English translation.
The answer on es.se doesn’t really do much to answer the question, just restating it.
I'm thinking that there's no way in Iberian languages to confuse the permanent be with go.
When I was a kid I tried to come up with a sentence where you could swap in was for went or vice versa, and it screw up the meaning but still be valid.
I never could find one in Spanish, because the collisions would seem to need to other form of be, namely estar.
I went there: Fui allí.
And yes, fui means I was, but that doesn’t take that kind of complement. You would use for a permanent thing. So you cannot say fui allí and it ever not mean I went there. For I was there, you have to say estuve allí.
The same is true in Portuguese.
muses about passé simple en français.
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8:31 AM
@Cerberus You are right ... thank you
1 hour later…
9:38 AM
"Typo problem is what I faced with it all the time" is a correct sentence?
10:08 AM
Hello, world. I have a question. I stumbled upon this sentences=> ' We went to an awful party last night. Ugh, the music was bad, the people were boring, and the food was terrible' and ' Carrie works for an amazing organization; the organization provides food and supplies for children in the developing world'. In the first sentence we have 'the food', because it's about the food from the awful party
and in the second sentence there is just 'food' in general, no article because 'food' is uncountable noun, right? Before, I thought uncountable nouns like water, ice, oxygen etc just don't need any article definite or indefinite.
10:24 AM
@Shafizadeh I'm afraid not.
> I make typos all the time.
@GofunDake That's not right: uncountable nouns take "the" just like countable nouns, but they never take "a/an".
And they are never pluralised.
Ok, thank you
Your explanation of the first example is correct.
@Cerberus tnx
@Cerberus just one thing, what is the meaning of "afraid not"? It means something like "I hardly think so" ?
@GofunDake In the second example, "the food and supplies for children in the developing world" is possible, but that implies that there is a special kind of food for children in the developing world. However, it makes more sense to say all people eat food, and we're not thinking of any specific kind of food here.
@Shafizadeh It means, "my answer is no, but I wish my answer were yes".
I'm afraid [that]... more or less means "I'm not happy about the fact that I have to say no to you, because it is nicer to say yes, or because yes would make you happier than no".
Yeah, thank you, it's just like I thought, although in my native language we just rely on the context and don't use articles with uncountable nouns, so I automatically thought it would be the same in English. Thank you for clarifying it for me.
10:33 AM
Ah, I'm afraid articles work somewhat differently in English.
They're notoriously difficult (as in many other languages...).
@Cerberus ow, good explanation for "afraid not", tnx
@Mitch If you call those things "state actors", then it is even worse than I thought. Not only ugly, but horribly imprecise, to the point of being utterly useless.
Was Bob Hope a state actor? He did all that work for the troops...
@tchrist Weird. I had no idea! Most frivolous of them.
@MattE.Эллен Yeah it makes me think of state television.
Verbally parsimonious.
10:39 AM
@Cerberus ah! the good old BBC ;)
The weather forecast is the same for tonight and tonight. I wonder whether that means they got lazy, or if it will really happen twice.
Has there been any snow to speak of in England this winter?
I just watched The 5th Wave, great new movie.
@tchrist yes. up north there was a fair amount. The midlands had a bit, in the middle of Jan. Down south I don't think there was any
There is no snow here, only sun.
@Jasper is it different to any of the other post-apocalyptic, young adult films that have been made in the last decade?
10:48 AM
So many teenager films.
@MattE.Эллен Well, I did not watch any other such movie, so I don't know. But the actress is pretty and the actor is handsome, so it is worth watching...
@Jasper :D fair enough
@MattE.Эллен Actually, the story is pretty good.
I also just watched Solace, great new movie.
I also just watched Exposed, great new movie.
10:50 AM
So I recommend you watch these three.
Not possible.
Strikes not lightning in the same place thrice.
Each of these three movies had several plot twists.
I'm glad you were entertained.
10:54 AM
seems like 5th Wave is V without the diplomacy, and made to look like a zombie film.
could be interesting
@MattE.Эллен What is V without diplomacy???
@Jasper V was a TV show where aliens appear over the skies of the world and pretend to be friendly, while prepping humanity to become their next food source (I think, something bad, anyway) and they infiltrate humanity by stealing identities
in 5th wave they seem to have foregone the diplomacy
Ah, not V for Vendetta, LOL.
at least that's what the trailer suggests
@Jasper :D no
11:06 AM
The actress also starred in If I Stay, a very good movie a few years back.
I think I am in love with her, LOL.
ah! she's the one from Kick-ass
Oh dear, I should not fall in love with people who are so young, LOL, since I am so old...
I think I should forget about finding Maria. I think there never will be a Maria for me.
Next Mon is Chinese New Year.
11:18 AM
Amazon prices seem to be increasing. Maybe there is a change of leadership...
12:36 PM
Good morning.
@MετάEd I know, right? You should let balpha know you like it.
1:30 PM
@KitZ.Fox Hello!
I see Ricky has been suspended for a year. He must have done something serious this time.
Oh I see what he has done now, LOL.
One year is pretty long. On math, someone got a one year suspension for voting irregularities.
Suspensions are progressively longer.
Also, hello.
Initially I thought Ricky is Rathony, but seems they are different.
1:45 PM
It's so hot here that I am sweating at night at home with the air-conditioner.
It must be my presence, LOL.
I think Ricky must have been drunk when he typed the meta question.
@MattE.Эллен Hi!
I like how you added 'focused question', LOL.
1:52 PM
@KitZ.Fox hi!
@Jasper best not to speculate on other's states of minds when they're not here to explain themselves
I'm doing training right now.
I think you must be the trainee and not the trainer.
It's discussing how to decide and plan how to make an Agile effort.
What is an Agile effort?
an Agile effort :D
1:54 PM
an = and ? LOL
@Jasper it's where you try to adapt to situations as they arise, and get given a gold star
It's a software development methodology.
@Jasper yes
And of all the stuff I've read, every single thing has said "make sure your team has training and a plan to switch to agile".
Ah. I hate all these 'training programs' that teach you nothing but pass off rubbish as some deep stuff.
1:55 PM
"Because it's a really bad idea to just do it."
@Jasper the conjunction has taken on a role as an indefinite pronoun. Don't limit me with your prescriptivist dogma!
Today on the train I saw someone who looked like someone I knew long ago. She was very pretty.
I sat opposite her and took several peeks without her noticing. End of story.
cool story, bro.
1:58 PM
Thanks, sis.
Actually, Ricky's question on opinion vs fact, though migrated to meta, also belongs on main.
But it might be better asked on Philosophy SE.
Just like Causation vs Correlation.
On the train here, nine out of ten people will be looking at their cell phones. I will be looking at them.
do only nine people get to use the train?
2:03 PM
I get a strange feeling whenever I see German words. Maybe I was German in my previous life.
@Cerberus Those are estate actors, like the groundskeepers on Downton Abbey.
Is "incentiving" a real word?
@Jasper maybe your air conditioner is the problem.
I blame the Brits
@KitZ.Fox no.
I frigging hate buzzword training.
2:05 PM
"incentivising" has been known to be used
or tuberculosis
@Mitch It is set to a high temp to save power, but still it should not be so hot.
@KitZ.Fox how else will you know how to use the buzzwords properly?
<-- trying to drink the kool aid.
@Mitch I set it to 25 C.
2:06 PM
@KitZ.Fox funny almond aftertaste
These graphs are ridiculous and his description of waterfall is really slanted.
I can pronounce almond and salmon correctly.
This is such obvious propaganda.
@Jasper belonged on his personal blog which we could all ignore. it was a half coherent fever rant... or late night bull session on what a cool concept reality is.
"they disappear, often for a year or more, to build infrastructure or whatever"
And then he's bagging on daily status reports. What's a daily standup then? Geez.
2:09 PM
@KitZ.Fox people just make stuff up. Everything is cargo cult science.
Right. I gotta drink the kool aid, it will make it easier.
pushes chemicals apparatus away. sobs silently
I know there is a kool aid question on ELU.
notices scent of the perfect gin
rah, rah, the way we do it is stupid and we should change!
2:10 PM
I've discovered (accidentally) the recipe for gin!
Woo hoo!
These pretty graphs with arbitrary lines have convinced. I'm so glad they made waterfall red and agile green, so I could clearly understand which lines were bad and *wrong*/
drinks gin
bites lip, looks @Mitch nervously
Huh. This gin has a funny almond aftertaste.
@ = at @
2:11 PM
But an AT-AT is a terribly inefficient offensive transport weapon
@KitZ.Fox Nope, I just made a gin with almond aftertones, not cyanide. I wonder If this could be rebranded, like most Dupont accidents.
Oooh. Almond Gin.
@Jasper aw-mund, sæ-mun, right?
or do you do a more RP accent?
@KitZ.Fox Does that sound good? I don't know.
@Mitch Ah, not aw.
@Mitch I don't know. I only like gin with tonic and lime.
Almond wouldn't taste good with that, I don't think.
Flour is pronounced as flah by most people here, not flower.
2:15 PM
@Jasper hm... all online dictionaries seem to be not totally what I say.
my tongue is broken.
@Jasper sounds.. RPish
@Mitch Well, the correct version is flower, I think.
Even the Chinese used here is different from China.
@KitZ.Fox ah... memories of playing pool, blurry eyed, slightly nauseous
Even the Hokkien used here is different from Taiwan.
@KitZ.Fox drop the lime. maybe a cinnamon stick?
2:18 PM
almond and cinnamon is good. I dunno about with gin, but shrugs somebody probably would like it.
kids these days will drink anything. tell them this is how they do it in the Eastern Outer New Hebrides.
Has anyone tried green tea with milk? It is very good.
@Jasper Is Hakka different from Hokkien?
@Jasper Very tasty.
@Mitch I think so, but I really don't know much about dialects.
2:19 PM
@Jasper I'm starting to like black tea with milk.
bascially masala tea but without all the spices and prep time.
@Mitch But I know that the various Chinese dialects are mostly mutually unintelligible.
@Jasper You should learn more about your homeland, Antarctica, just so you can answer my random questions that I could otherwise easily look for on wikipedia.
@Jasper I don't know what you mean.
Haha, get it?
unitelligible = don't know what you mean.
look man, it's monday.
I was reading how French and German has many varieties as well.
2:22 PM
They wouldn't like to say so (especially the French because there is one France)
Italian and Spanish too
They're a mess
sort of.
but not really
I like to roll the Italian r.
spanish too
The Germans in a really fancy pronunciation roll their r's in the back of the throat.
but kids on the playground don't do that. that's crazy
Many people here read R not as are but as are-uh. They have difficulty saying are for R.
@KitZ.Fox what kind of buzzword are you learning now? All of them?
All of them.
2:25 PM
@Jasper languages are hard. other ones at least.
@KitZ.Fox have you synergized yet?
Kaizen, kanban, culture of learning, etc.
@Mitch That's tomorrow.
oh... you're learning 'Agile'?
@Mitch Yeah.
Kaizen? The Fire Lord?
These workshops are good for only one thing, the food during breaks.
2:26 PM
Don't say his name three times in a row. It will summon him.
I don't get how deferring decisions until the last possible moment is helpful.
That's a pretty good reason.
@KitZ.Fox there's lots that is good about agile.
Yeah, this presentation highlights everything that is awful about it.
I think that pimples are sexy.
@KitZ.Fox like with all 'methods' there's lots of missing context.
2:27 PM
I was feeling enthusiastic until this training.
It's because I haven't drunk the kool aid.
@Jasper That is not an agile principle; we'll wait until the last moment to decide on how to implement it
@KitZ.Fox it's not a religion
there's reasons for things.
This guy is a preacher.
if those things don't work, then they don't work (but you should probably give it a chance)
It's turning me off.
Twenty years ago, they used to show Japanese dramas on local TV. Now, it is Korean dramas instead. I wonder why. Maybe they are cheaper to buy.
2:30 PM
@Jasper The korean melodrama technology obey's moore's law. But Japan's only follows Amdahl's law, and they have different coefficients.
I am going to sleep, bye.
@KitZ.Fox who is the 'leader' of you agile implementation?
Feature driven development seems like the best choice for how we're being told to run the process.
@Mitch The project lead.
I don't object to the change, but it's not well planned or described and I dislike someone telling me how to do my job.
@KitZ.Fox OK. if it were just upper management then that would be a difficult change.
@Mitch It's been a month since he declared we were making the change.
2:32 PM
@KitZ.Fox think of it as a tool to (hopefully) make things better.
We haven't had any training aside from some hand-wavy "put the stuff in the software like this" and "we'll do a sprint plan at some point once i have time to do daily standups".
is it mostly daily standup meetings/sprints/time-boxing?
It's nothing right now.
It's me, trying to figure out how I'm supposed to do requirements when "user stories" are things that I discuss and iterate with the group.
are you using version control? feature tracking SW (like jira or version one)?
And I already know the priorities, so I'm not sure why we can't have done sprint planning three weeks ago. And none of the developers appears to be dedicated to the project right now.
@Mitch Yes, and we use TFS.
2:35 PM
@KitZ.Fox so you do user stories or requirements now and they're trying to get you to do what instead?
@KitZ.Fox That's what I call 'agile' (little 'a' agile in contrast to 'Agile' with a big 'A')
We're switching from waterfall with quarterly releases to "agile-like". I usually do requirements.
Just think of 'agile' as doing something (whatever it is you're doing) and getting feedback quicker than with waterfall.
It would be easy enough for me to keep doing requirements. I completed them in a way that would be conducive to iterative development, but now I've got to do user stories, which are helpful in a different way and I don't know how to put all the information I need to record into them.
@Mitch I talk to business all the time. They see prototypes of the work as it is completed. I don't think we're getting faster feedback.
Especially since it's been a month and we have exactly zero to show business.
With (bad) waterfall, you have a monolthic command driven project with a linear progression from reqs to design to coding to testing to release. 'agile' (small 'a') just allows more non-linear communication (don't force you to make a req decision until you know what it should be in testing)
I know. But our waterfall was not bad waterfall.
2:39 PM
and all the scrum/kanban/standups etc are just techniques to help that along (but are not necessary)
Our waterfall was working, except that someone kept forgetting to communicate timelines to business.
And someone didn't have a plan to cope with a lack of SQA resource.
So someone who doesn't actually do the work decided to use the opportunity to blame the process for those things he was forgetting, and push to implement his pet process.
Which, again, I am OK with, except that the implementation is also being done poorly.
@KitZ.Fox user stories are just another way to get reqs...to make sure that the reqs capture everything desired (reqs tend to be very focussed lists of features, user stories are a good thing to match those to make sure all the reqs are there)
@Mitch I don't do reqs anymore. Reqs = user stories, according to the project lead.
help me guys
@KitZ.Fox haha sounds like a people problem not a process problem
2:41 PM
hello @KitZ.Fox long time no see . Glad to see you back:)
So I have to keep everything in my head instead, to commincate to the developer when we are working a task together.
@Mitch Yes.
@Saladin Hello.
It is with great pleasure that I accept your offer to join ABC as a Engineer working under Head of account
@KitZ.Fox also agile is a lot of new vocab that everybody interprets their own way.
is the above ^^ line grammatically correct.
@Saladin It is with great pleasure that I accept your offer to join ABC as an engineer working under the head of accounting.
2:43 PM
thanks @KitZ.Fox have a lovely day:) Good to see you back. Smile
@Mitch I'm mostly OK with it. I'm doing training today which is rubbing me the wrong way, I guess.
@KitZ.Fox 'Agile' can be abused and is not good for absolutely every project. But can be very helpful, knowing there's a framework for dealing with change or unknowns better than strict waterfall
(but yes 'waterfall' is a usually discussed as a strawman)
Well, we never did strict waterfall anyway. We were so close to something that worked.
@KitZ.Fox find the good things in it. I know what you're feeling, it sounds like ...
to be blunt, it sounds like stupid people who are new to engineering discovering things they've read that sound neat.
This is, I think, our fourth major process change in two years.
2:48 PM
and when management consultants try to sound convincing on ethereal things, it sounds like religious BS
That's what is rubbing me the wrong way -- I don't need to be sold on Agile, and please don't tell me that the projects we've successfully launched were all done poorly and we didn't know what we were doing.
Just tell me what to do differently this time, and I will figure out how to adapt to it.
They're not really saying that. How would they know? Your animal spirit worship is a pagan wallowing in filth in comparison to our beautiful monotheism.
somethings just don't fit in the scrum or kanban model. but many do.
Wow, and now it's "Effective requirements -- they exist!" No shit. That's what I do all the time, you jerk. Don't tell me my requirements aren't good and that I suck at my job.
long term projects don't.
@KitZ.Fox it's not you! it can't be you, they don't even know you. They're talking about some strawman adversary.
They are talking about my job as though it is useless and stupid.
2:54 PM
Are you at your work or at somewhere else for the teaching?
It's relevant to what sort of snacks and lunch you'll get
which is what it's all about.
I'm remote.
I'll get my own lunch and snacks.
Ah... I'd expect better food then.
oh. remote as in not at a place.
It should be pretty good.
from your laptop.
From my home office.
2:55 PM
hm... so only as good as you feel like making or buying.
hm.. that'd be problematic for me.
I have some leftovers.
I'm better at choosing from a menu
And pizza bites and tater tots.
but leftovers are good too.
OK. 1) eat well 2) nothing else matters
You forgot the drinking part.
2:57 PM
3) lots of agile is useful, not all bullshit.
hope that helps.
Also, I have a head cold, so you know.
also the drinking.
head colds: the enemy of religion.
also... meeting. l8r
3:15 PM
So. It seems that "success criteria" is the part of this methodology that hadn't been explained to me yet, and that I was missing and being crotchety over.
3:35 PM
success criteria are important for literally every task anyone does ever.
Well, I have been wondering what to do with all this use case information in my head.
Now I know.
I feel better about it because that's part of the frustration with not working the project yet. I'm going to forget this stuff.
4:01 PM
Dutch police are training eagles to capture drones: http://gizmo.do/CbBvORZ https://t.co/B2lbqxfDFQ
@Cerberus ^^ in Japan the police are using drones to capture drones, and the criminals have started using drones to capture the drones for capturing drones.
@KitZ.Fox a terrifying thought.
> 2016 will be the year where entrepreneurs and investors leverage the ubiquity of smartphone technology and demographic shifts to fuel the next wave of innovation and impact in emerging markets.
I wish I wasn't part of this
I just want to help people. I don't want to spread language like this
it's an attrocity
hahaha. Aww. It's OK, @Matt.
@MattE.Эллен 哈哈!
4:11 PM
@Mitch HOHO
鍬 鍬
4:35 PM
@MattE.Эллен What? That makes no sense.
@Mitch hoe hoe
@MattE.Эллен atrocity
I watched The Cube, stupid movie.
It's a little bit like Saw.
4:42 PM
I've not seen Saw. I really like the cube films
I can imagine why you like it though.
The portal games bear a resemblance to the cube films
Although I said Wrong Turn 1,2,3,4,5,6 were full of sex and violence, looking back, I actually think all six movies were pretty good.
You know what reminded me of The Cube? Two, astronomical. From your astrocity above, lol.
I liked The Cube. I think I saw the sequel too.
4:49 PM
@MattE.Эллен 555555
I never watched The Hunger Games movies. I read the plot and didn't like it.
google translate said 'shovel shovel'. I no understand.
@KitZ.Fox They also made prequel. It was good. Kinda steam punky, IIRC
@Mitch you have to put a space in between
Mr Fumble Fingers seems to have stopped before 100k.
@Jasper he will continue. he's been activer lately
4:52 PM
@Mitch Maybe he wants to prevent himself deleting account at 100k.
@Jasper why would getting to 100K make him want to delete his account?
@Mitch Well, that was just a bad joke. Not everyone is like me.
@MattE.Эллен Biscuitboy probably thinks you are Russian now, from that meta question.
@Jasper noöne know you're not a dog on the internet!
@Jasper Matt is not Russian?
4:56 PM
Am I even an Orc?
Actually, he is Antarctican, like me.
there's no way to tell fact from fiction
from Оксфордшир
@MattE.Эллен mind reels
@Mitch How did you guess! No idea where that could be
@MattE.Эллен Or fact from opinion.
4:57 PM
So Gandalf really is dead? 'Sailing west' was just a metaphor?
@Jasper or sarcasm from opinion
@Mitch he's as dead as Frodo
@MattE.Эллен on the Volga. Three men in a boat, not to mention the dog
I won't, if you won't
@MattE.Эллен Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! fingers in ears
@MattE.Эллен What? I can't hear your words.
You'll have to type louder.
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