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12:00 PM
Intervened to help you delete them?
To delete them for me.
I suspect it's a complicated and horrid business, because SE really isn't set up to allow this.
All this explains why I actually had an accepted answer the other day. I suspect many of the best answerers have essentially gone on strike.
@Rhodri Have you thought about the implications of deleting things that you have already licensed through the CC licence used at SE? You can have your attribution removed but technically the data is still out there and free to be used. Somebody could come along and re-post everything you deleted. Is it really worth it?
@Caleb As far as I'm concerned, yes. Someone could come along and repost my stuff, but that in itself would be a statement.
"Delete" seems to be a relative term anyway; "hide" might be better.
Deleting comments appears to be more serious, particularly when answers haven't been updated to incorporate the information.
@Rhodri When people make a comment on an answer, is it generally good manners to use that information in one's answer? I thought that would be like stealing information without crediting someone.
12:15 PM
@Alain Ping! Why do you have a phi? Have you joined one of the SE chaos squads?
@SpareOom It depends on the nature of the info but it should be incorporated if it improves the answer! Sometimes I acknowledge the commenter with an @.
@z7sg Likewise
I hope I hadn't offended anyone by not updating and @ acknowledging them.
@z7sg alain has a phi? That's Φ. since when?
G2g to work, folks. Bye.
@SpareOom It's by no means necessary!
@JSBangs Just noticed it today.
Any other Φ users about?
12:28 PM
I do not think it affiliates him with a group, like psi does for CHAOS. I'm guessing it's just a joke
@JSBangs Must have been recent. He didn't have it last night.
Maybe it's for his last initial.
@MattEllen we should all embellish ourselves with extra greek letters
Trying to be one of the cool kids, like Arda.
@JSBangs Extra geek letters?
So Greek is the new unicorn.
I'm down with that.
@Kit it'll be like our ELU gang sign. Everybody adds a theta to the end of their name
@JSBangs Hmmm, I would have picked psi, since I studied psychology. I'll have to think of something else...
@JSBangs :D sounds like a plan!
12:30 PM
@JSBangs Geek letters. It's a joke.
But... but...
I smirked
I've added a λ. My fave Greek λetter.
ideally we would all add the same one
I had a Greek letter before it was mainstream!
12:31 PM
λ makes me think of half-life (not a bad thing)
@JSBangs We could form different factions.
@ArdaΞ you're such a hipster ;)
@MattEllen I was also a hipster before it was mainstream.
I was mainstream before it was mainstream
I like this letter too Ѭ
12:33 PM
@z7sg the octopus turning switching a light character.
@MattEllen Yes that is the one.
@z7sg Big Yus.
@ArdaΞ So hip you can barely see over your pelvis (© Douglas Adams)
@z7sg i've always liked Slavonic
can anyone see my new name?
do i have to leave and reenter?
You know, I didn't actually change my name.
12:36 PM
@ArdaΞ Seems that is the iotified Big Yus. Can also have a plain Big Yus: Ѫ
@z7sg That looks like a diamond ring that's very uncomfortable to wear.
@JSBangs Your new name is in your SO profile, but not your chat profile. Hmm.
I think it needs to catch up. Refresh, refresh, refresh.
lemme try leaving
@JSBangs Now I just read your name as JSBongs
which is actually kind of hilarious so I think that's your new nickname
12:38 PM
how about this?
@JSBᾶngs I will wear my theta with a difference.
Did I just start a fad in a community I'm not even a part of?
still no good
@ArdaΞ You are that cool.
@JSBᾶngs Hey! Wait!
My @'s to you have a tilded a.
@Kit weird. you got it in the pings, but it's not showing up next to my actual name
@Mana i changed to alpha-circumflex specifically to avoid that :)
12:39 PM
Refreshing fixed it here.
@JSBᾶngs Where's your theta?
Well, that's still your stoner name.
@Kit i decided that i like the alpha better
i could also add a theta, but that would be too much
@JSBᾶngs Well, damn it, you were the one who said we should all theta.
12:40 PM
that seems wrong
capital theta?
@Kit well if we're all going to theta, then I'll theta
but it seemed like people were going with their own individual thing
Or we could go with a russian character, in honour of Reg
@MattEllen What's happened to him?
we'd all look like we have broken noses at the ends of our names
@z7sg nothing, i hope
12:42 PM
@z7sg nothing, that I'm aware of
@z7sg He's been about, just not nearly so much as usual.
@Matt jinx
@MattEllen Right it's just he's not here (he's always here) and to me it read like you were honouring a fallen hero or somehting.
No, just honoring our fearless leader.
@z7sg Oh no, a continuing hero :D
12:44 PM
@z7sg In Soviet Russia you honor heroes before they fall.
So who the hell is this @Arda guy, anyways?
@Caleb In Soviet Russia, heroes honour you. :)
What the heck is he doing in my community all of a sudden?
@z7sg your yu pleases me
@Mana You came into mine.
Fair's fair.
12:45 PM
Q: How to express this in English?

ShinyaSakaiWhen I want to express my thankfulness to someone who takes time to help me, I would say: 您辛苦了 in Chinese, or お疲れ様でした in Japanese. Imprecisely, this means: You have take a lot of time and might even have suffer some pain in fulfilling a certain thing (which is related to me, or e...

off-topic? translation requests are off-topic in general
@JSBᾶngs It's rather good isn't it? I'm gonna stick with it I think. It's all olde worlde but Slavonic style
You know if this was one of those film noir type deals, that would be the line the dame says right before she tries to shoot the lead in the chest @Arda
@JSBᾶngs It's not strictly a "translate this for me." This sounds on-topic to me.
i really want to see ELU chat rendered in film noir, now
12:46 PM
@Mana That puts a whole different twist on the line before that.
@Arda It's because all my messages have layers upon layers of hidden meanings that only become clear when you look at them in a different light. nods head
@z7sg i also admire your question about pies. mmmm, pie
@Kit Yes, you don't need to read the chinese at all really so it's ok in my book.
I love pies! In fact I'm going to TTFN and possibly seek out a lunchtime pie!
Q: "Difference to" or "difference with" or "difference from"

kamiWhen we use word difference to compare two things, we say for example, 'Difference between Intel and AMD'. However, how can I use word difference with only one thing, for example, what will be correct: Difference with AMD Difference to AMD Difference from AMD

So far the only answer (guess who) misses the point that the question is fundamentally misconceived.
i dinna like that question
12:50 PM
And if that was fixed, it would be a dupe.
@Rhŵdri but i approve of your new name :)
@z7sgѪ But the @ does not result in a ping if it is part of the answer, I think.
@JasperLoy it doesn't. it's just a politeness in an answer
@SpareOom If they are offended, then I think they are very easily offended, so don't worry about them.
@Rhŵdri so that's actually a W-circumflex rather than an omega-circumflex?
12:51 PM
@JSBᾶngs I see everyone has symbols and diacritics now.
@JSBᾶngs Yes, it's something that theoretically turns up in Welsh.
@Rhŵdri well done
@JasperLoy it's the new thing. all the cool kids are doing it
I don't know what the difference between W-circumflex and a regular W is supposed to be, though.
OK, here's my final defense against lazy middle-tier programmers:
// yes, I know this value is assigned below, but having to dispatch all these
// events from ONE result handler necessitates some compromises
// and shitty code.
@Rhŵdri long v. short if i remember my welsh correctly
12:53 PM
@Robusto Just that kind of morning, hey?
@JSBᾶngs Makes sense. The same with Y-circumflex, I presume?
@Kit Hopping in and out like a kangaroo.
now then, how does this display...
@JasperLoy Trying to get my username to update.
@Kit — Ayup.
12:54 PM
I did get my film noir on, though.
hmmm, I don't see anything
how unfortunate
hey guys, can somebody please use ḫ in their name? that would make me very happy
Someone told me Boogie Nights was the best film ever made in America. So I watched it last night. Verdict: Not Even Close.
@MattEllen how about now?
@Kit Perhaps a refresh will do, or be better. Who is that in the picture?
12:55 PM
@MattEllen not here in chat, but it shows up on your profile, o Alpha and Omega
chat just lags on profile updates
@JSBᾶngs I was hoping it would show up here :(
@MattEllen it probably will in like 10 min
@JasperLoy Ava Gardner, I believe.
@JSBᾶngs I don't know, I updated mine when you did yours, and still nothing.
@MattEllen I saw your alpha and omega, not here though, on the main profile.
12:57 PM
@Kit a classy dame. i like it
@JasperLoy yah, it's taking its time to propagate
I hate you all!
@Kit It seems that the boobs you showed yesterday came from her as well.
@ArdaΞ :p
@JSBᾶngs That's me. Classy.
12:57 PM
@JasperLoy what boobs? when was this? i miss all the fun
@ArdaΞ They all copied your symbol thing!
i don't believe that those come from Ava Gardner
@Kit Oh dear, you still have it!
@Kit It worked for me when I left and re-entered.
12:59 PM
@JSBᾶngs Just a speculation since both are black and white.
@JasperLoy you'd have a hard time getting a classy dame like Ava Gardner to pose for that shot
Damn it! We can only change our display names every 30 days?
@Kit what? says who? i changed mine twice this morning
@JSBᾶngs Mariah Carey is classy but she has such pictures too.
@Kit I just changed mine twice
1:00 PM
@JSBᾶngs That's what it told me when I tried to change it.
@JasperLoy mariah carey is not classy. not in the same way, at least.
although it hasn't come up yet
@Kit Seems so, but maybe there is a time period where you are allowed to change again without disabling change.
@MattEllen has it?
@MattEllen So now you are the first and the last, want to rule the world ah?
1:02 PM
@JasperLoy that was the implication ;)
I think the diacritics and symbols thing is just a phase, it will be over next week and everyone will change back.
@JasperLoy Except we can't.
Until September.
Happy birthday, EL&U!
We changed our usernames for you!
@Kit wooo! celebratory diacritics for everyone!
1:04 PM
@Kit Ahahahahahaha. Revenge.
@rhodri What is the video problem you mentioned yesterday?
@ArdaΞ Don't you intend to change yours too?
@JasperLoy Oh, figuring out why MP4Box doesn't like my hand-crafted MP4. I know the MP4 is duff, I just don't know in what way.
@JasperLoy No? I like this.
I've had it like this before, too.
@MattEllen How come your name doesn't change here?
1:08 PM
grumble grumble grumble
@JasperLoy I don't know. Lag I guess, like JSBangs suggested.
i don't know how much refreshing helps, since the profile information is at least partly stored on the chat server
I can see a lot of χάοτικ names in here...
@JSBᾶngs I've given up trying to figure out these things.
@AlainPannetier is that a pun? does it count if it's in another language?
1:12 PM
Cross language puns are the funniest IMO.
@AlainPannetier Absolutely.
i don't think that really counted as a pun
@JSBᾶngs I don't know, it's quite punny to me!
Q: Comma splices and fragments in novels

Renee LawrenceI have noticed that many authors incorporate the use of fragments and comma splices in their novels. Given that this is acceptable practice in a novel, is it acceptable to use a comma splice or a fragment in a short story written for English class?

1:20 PM
@KitΘδς I see your symbols, but you changed back to the fox.
Someone probably needs to get to this before 3i's opinion becomes accepted fact.
@JasperLoy Yay! They finally showed up!
I'm still lagging behind the curve
And I changed back to the fox because the joke was over.
@KitΘδς Instead of changing name, I changed picture to Taylor Lautner. Yay!
1:22 PM
@MattEllen Are you kidding? It took what, a half hour for mine to show up?
@JasperLoy But he's wearing a shirt, that's not right :-)
Or longer, maybe.
@KitΘδς well, then I guess there's hope for me yet!
Who is Taylor Lautner?
1:23 PM
main werewolf in twilight
@MattEllen Thanks.
Maybe Kit knows, she's just pretending...
@JasperLoy Nope.
@KitΘδς You should see him in the movie with his shirt off then.
@JasperLoy Yes. You really should. Really.
1:25 PM
@Rhŵdri Well, maybe. He looks a little young. How does he compare to say, Hugh Jackman?
> But, not in essays, or speeches.
@Rhŵdri Well, that should have been directed to Kit, since I've seen it myself, but I haven't seen him shortless before though I would love to!
How do you put a comma splice in a speech?
@JasperLoy Shortless, eh?
@KitΘδς He is young, and hot.
@KitΘδς Ya, but I doubt that would ever happen.
@Kit ^ What @JasperLoy said.
1:27 PM
I take it Robert is the vampire?
All right, what is it with the random weird characters in people's usernames??
I think he was only 17 when he was filming Twiglet 2
@KitΘδς yes, and he looks pale and sick in the movie.
@Martha Because we can.
@Rhŵdri good name! I don't like twiglets, either :D
1:28 PM
@Martha it is infectious.
@Martha We're celebrating EL&U's birthday!
@Martha we were going to form an EL&U gang, but no one could settle on a single sigil
And none of us agree why we're doing it.
Also, the birthday thing :D
@KitΘδς Wait, isn't that tomorrow?
1:30 PM
@Martha Crap, is it? I thought it was today.
@Martha Also, we're all imitating @Arda
@Martha Er, we're practising?
@Rhŵdri Nah, not my type. Looks like a meathead p*ssy.
it's 14:30 in the UK, which means it is tomorrow somewhere in the world!
I just taught people here a valuable lesson about changing your name on SE.
1:31 PM
@KitΘδς Now you are copying me with your weird asterisks.
@JasperLoy *u***
@Martha depends on time zone, and also birthdays can be celebrated plus minus a day.
@KitΘδς lol
Which is a word I thought would be appropriate to bowdlerize.
Unless I am talking about pussycats, pussywillows, Pussy Galore, etc.
1:35 PM
@MattEllen TMI!
@MattEllen Check it.
@KitΘδς check it?
@MattEllen As in "Keep it in check." We don't want to draw attention to ourselves by using the big words here.
@KitΘδς blush
too late, damnit
@MattEllen Don't worry, at most a suspension, no big deal...
1:37 PM
It's not gonna mess up your life.
@JasperLoy indeed, I need to do work anyway!
@MattEllen peck It's okay, don't worry.
@KitΘδς Grab whose attention?
@badp Them.
@badp You's attention.
And other blues.
Of course.
1:43 PM
You know what grabs my attention? Windows blinking my screen as my laptop apparently changes intermittently from charging to discharging below 7%
@badp Hey, at least your laptop still turns on.
@badp That's no good.
Are you friends with Grace?
Mine turns on and thinks everything is hunky-dory, but it kinda forgets to turn the screen on.
Friends... we've been on friendly terms. Online. Does it count?
1:45 PM
@badp Yes.
Then yes. We've been partecipating in and moderating the same site after all.
Why do you ask?
Just wondering, since you're a Gaming diamond.
If you want to talk with somebody who's actually seen them in face, ask Welbog.
@MattEllen See? See what you did? Now we've got blue diamonds everywhere.
Aww. We don't bite.
1:49 PM
An extra disappointment :-)
@Rhŵdri What's your opinion of Hugh Jackman?
Nice enough, but not really my type.
@JasperLoy: Aha, got it. For some odd reason my MDAT size is wrong.
@KitΘδς Yum. I love a guy who can sing.
@KitΘδς i'm a fan
@JSBᾶngs The Prestige just about killed me.
Wolverine finished the job.
@AlainPannetier It was only a little death, though.
1:53 PM
i'm assuming you mean "killed me" in a good way
(I think that's a cross-lingual joke.)
@JSBᾶngs Yes.
Oh, wait. I might have been flagged for something I temporarily posted this morning.
@badp wait, why did you excise the last bit of our convo?
because I saw it was killing the previous convo. It was moved, not deleted.
1:59 PM
Ouch. That was a bit disconcerting.
well, ok. it just looks weird, now

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