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9:04 PM
17 messages deleted
Have you suspended this guy?
Not that I can tell.
Some of his phrases sounds Singlish to me though.
Ah, really?
9:06 PM
Ya, the 'not telling can?'
...He followed me into Gaming.
Grace to the rescue.
But is he Thursagen? A mod should know.
He's leaving it seems
First rule of Fight Club.
9:08 PM
@GraceNote Not really.
Hey what are you talking about sneaks
@JasperLoy No, quite really.
just when i leave you come to gossip
@Thursagan About you cute bear!
9:09 PM
@JasperLoy what about me
Where do you live, Thur?
I wanna know (sobs)
@Cerberus you know
hahahaha what the heck is going on
@Thursagan How am I supposed to know? I don't.
@Mana hi nothing really
9:10 PM
I come from a land down under...
@Cerberusjust click on my picture
@Mana Recall what room you are in
I know but this is even more insane than normal
@BogdanLataianu me too you hit the nail on the head
@Mana because i am here
@GraceNote do not tell him
@BogdanLataianu The land of werewolves.
9:11 PM
Yes. Sorry, I guess that was a rude thing to say.
Too late
@JasperLoy No from Australia.
@Mana You know our bear friend?
@GraceNote wrong
So the location on your profile is your real location?
9:12 PM
@GraceNote not too late i forgive him
@Cerberus did i ever say that
You're misparsing that ♪
@Thursagan It is not?
@GraceNote ahem uh
@Cerberus why should I tell you/
@Thursagan If you don't use the right arrow, nobody knows what you are referring to. So you must be Thursagen's younger brother since he is also from Aus.
9:13 PM
But it is a location that you like?
@JasperLoy oh wow good try (giggle)
@Cerberus yes
Funny. Because there is no location on your profile.
@Thursagan Or maybe his younger sister, or his son or daughter.
That is proof enough that you are Thursagen. You confused your profiles.
@JasperLoy ooh really getting closer
@Cerberus I am not Thursagen.Final word
9:14 PM
You were accidentally thinking of the location on Thursagen.
Well, it seems clear enough.
@Cerberus we purposely chose the same location
@Thursagan Actually I know who you are. I'm just playing with you here.
Then how come yours is empty? You entered a location, but not on this profile.
@JasperLoy sssshhhh do not tell then
Well, I am done with this.
9:16 PM
I think I must have mucked it up I'll go enter it
you are not the only one with three heads @Cerberus
@Thursagan Bye!
@JasperLoy bye
@BogdanLataianu um what was that meant to mean
@BogdanLataianu But at least sometimes one makes sense.
Sometimes yes
9:29 PM
I'm leaving
hi all...looks like I missed some interesting remarks
Well, that was certainly a thing.
How did 17 messages get deleted?
@simchona Dwig
What'd they say?
9:36 PM
Just a lot of fairly random stuff spouted from Thursagan, mostly about how we weren't talking.
Thursagen claims Thursagan is his brother in a comment somewhere
@Cerberus So is there a way to...take care of this?
@simchona Yes I saw that one. I suspected as well. Probably a young child.
@GraceNote It sounds like Chaos, but more annoying to more users
@JasperLoy I'm not sure he should be allowed in this chat, though, if so many of his messages tend get deleted
@simchona Eh?
@GraceNote Chaos often talks about how nobody is talking, but he can also write cohesively. He just doesn't capitalize. Or spell.
9:42 PM
@simchona Oh, ChaosGamer
And given the nature of Thursagen and Thursagan's English, I might even suspect that they are Singaporeans who have moved to Australia.
I got confused since we have ChaosGamer, the CHAOS team, and of course actual chaos.
@JasperLoy That's interesting. Do Singaporeans use the phrase "mucked up"?
@simchona Well, no. :)
Also I'm busy educating myself that if you want to catch Boiled Octopus instead of a normal Octopus, you need to fish in a volcano
9:44 PM
Perhaps this explains the voting irregularities as well. Maybe his kiddy brother is always upvoting him.
@GraceNote Is that from one of your games?
@JasperLoy Possibly
@Jasper There are protective measures against that, though, and I don't think that can account for 10k rep
@JasperLoy Maybe. Is there a way to keep him out of chat if he's going to muck up the conversation and annoy @Cerberus though?
@simchona I think if we ignore him he won't return too often.
9:46 PM
@JasperLoy Got it. Ignore user initiative...START
It's a bit like your inner demons. Some fade when you ignore them, though others must be dealt with.
Watch 'A Beautiful Mind' and see how Nash ignores his delusions.
Wait, "given the nature of Thursagen's...English"
What does that mean?
@Mana It just sounds a bit weird to me and somewhat similar to how some people would speak.
9:49 PM
Here I mean.
@JasperLoy @Mana (Where "here" = "Singapore")
Oh, no, I meant the one with 10k rep
@Mana If you look at Thursagen's answers, they are pretty weird too.
@JasperLoy But he does seem to have a better command of the English language than what we just saw in chat.
@Martha Martha always enters the room without any sound.
9:52 PM
@Martha Since that was his little brother as we guessed.
@JasperLoy (Shhh... the trick is, I was here already, but don't tell anyone)
Big brother said so himself that that is his brother.
@JasperLoy But why would the little brother speak so much worse English?
@Martha He might just be 5 years old?
I believe SE has a minimum age requirement of 13.
9:53 PM
@Martha Why do young teenagers in the US whose first language is English tYpE leik this sumtimez
@Martha Jasper said to ignore him in chat so he goes away
@FallenAngelEyes I checked the Bridge. You said he followed you in, but I don't think he stayed long
@Martha It does
@Martha True, but 13 is quite young too, and age can be faked.
@simchona He didn't stay long, nay. 'Twas weird.
@simchona Oh, I ignored him shortly after I posted
57 mins ago, by Martha
@JasperLoy I dunno, but I'm gonna have to start ignoring our 3i clone if he can't learn to type better.
9:54 PM
@Martha That's probably a good idea. Too many "HEY WHY AM I TYPING SO MUCH FASTERRRRRRR"
I thought y'all were just good at selective attention
From his profile: location 54 Horizon Blvd.
@simchona That's what I usually use. I don't like actually using "ignore" features in chats because it's weird to me to miss information.
There are many young girls here who like to alternate between small and big letters. It really disgusts me (the style, not the people). But I've grown used to it. They think it is cute but it is the opposite.
What is cute? Justin Bieber is cute!
@JasperLoy BuT wHy WoUlD yOu ThInK iTs NoT cUtE? ^^ ^^ ^^
@simchona ...Thanks, you were just responsible for the suicide of several of my brain cells.
9:57 PM
@simchona Do your Sing friends do that regularly?
@FallenAngelEyes It took me way too long to type that
@FallenAngelEyes However I do like the >_>!
@JasperLoy Nope. My Sing friend is male.
@simchona s/to/too
@simchona It would be worse if a guy wrote like that.
9:59 PM
@simchona Haha, I know how that goes. I have a character that I RP who sometimes types like that, and it's difficult to do it. :P
@Martha Shoot. Thanks.
@JasperLoy You're obsessed with the eyes!
Wow. There's always something going on in here... I nearly missed today's happening!
@FallenAngelEyes Ya, and with JB!
@FallenAngelEyes It's an Asian emoticon thing. It's all in the eyes.
10:00 PM
@simchona Hehe yeah, I love looking at lists of Japanese emoticons. They're so complex and expressive.
@AlainPannetier It's exciting everyday actually.
@AlainPannetier /innocently/ Why, what happened today?
Whoops, gotta go.
Late mee sea if I can taipe in ze darke
@AlainPannetier I see. Actually that was not so exciting!
@FallenAngelEyes There's actually a study that says that Japanese people look at eyes for emotion, so their emoticons reflect that. Americans look at the mouth, so their emoticons reflect that instead.
10:01 PM
No difference with when I type in the day it seems.
I seem to remember reading about that. I use a mix of the two.
@simchona I usually look somewhere around the nose, since it's weird to keep looking at the eyes.
@AlainPannetier I remember you have some eyesight problems.
I think emoticons like (,,#゚Д゚) are just hilariously awesome
What's (,,#゚Д゚) supposed to represent?
10:04 PM
Do girls in the US and Eur like to alternate between big and small letters too?
It says that a part of your face looks Russian.
@AlainPannetier It's an angry face
@JasperLoy Not to my knowledge, because it's oogly
The little circles are the eyes, the mouth is open as if enraged, the # is the cheeks coloring from emotion
10:05 PM
@RegDwight We guessed that Thursagan is Thursagen's younger brother.
,, are sweatdrops from anger
@JasperLoy I read the transcript.
Right, Gromyko had a large nose indeed.
That was unexpected.
By the way "54 Horizon Blvd" does not exist. Anywhere. Google said so.
10:06 PM
@simchona What is this. Thursagan's location?
@JasperLoy I can see we're also in genealogy now then!
@JasperLoy Yes
Thursagan is probably reading the transcript now, with Thursagen.
A: Is "How come" proper usage or slang?

Thursagen So my question is, is using how come in the example conversational slang? Yes, it is part of spoken speech, but very rarely in written speech. And also, is "How come you are angry?" proper english? No, "how come" is not proper English. It's colloquial, or informal. The actual phrase ...

> "how come" is not proper English. It's colloquial, or informal. The actual phrase is "how came"
Maybe tomorrow Thursagin will come, then Thursagon and Thursagun.
10:10 PM
And then they will start substituting a's with а's.
The whole family will be here.
Then maybe Thurs- to Fri-.
And o's with о's.
It will be fun.
Like googling for bееr and not finding anything.
Wow, 2600 hits, actually.
@reg you vowed to zeus you would sleep three hours earlier. Zeus read the transcript you know!
@JasperLoy And three hours earlier I slept. But the very nature of now prevents it from ever being three hours earlier.
10:15 PM
And Pacerier!
Overflow overflow.
OK gotta go.
Have fun.
There were a bunch of "fix this sentence" questions by the same person this morning
Also...he's backkkkk
Q: What does "fly against" mean?

Pacerierhttp://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2008/11/stop-me-if-you-think-youve-seen-this-word-before.html: I'm not sure this kind of experiment would fly against today's Google, but it worked in 2004. What does 'fly against' mean in this case?

evening all
10:25 PM
Hi @Jez
it is so hot and humid here.
never gonna be able to sleep.
@Reg Why were we upset with Pcr again? I kind of forgot.
You can look it up, though. :P
@Reg Was that why? Low quality posts?
His two posts since the come back are at 6. His two last posts before that were at -14.
10:37 PM
@Reg That's good. Hopefully the uptick will continue
I need something to do. I think I'll edit. Lots.
10:51 PM
@simchona I think the moderators will do something if he keeps annoying people.
@Cerberus We'll see what happens, then
@simchona You are a beast.
@Cerberus Actually, I'm a kitten. You're the three-headed dog.
We're equally beastly then.
Well then. But is a teddy bear worse?
11:05 PM
@simchona I did not realize your avatar was a kitten. It's adorable!
@FallenAngelEyes Thanks! It's from DailySquee. And the hand is male. I am not male. Just clearing that up.
Hehe, gotcha.
11:26 PM
It's a slow day on EL&U
11:40 PM
Hi @Spare
Wake up wake up! clangs dinner bell
Hi @aedia
Not fair, Cerberus. You eat three times as much
11:50 PM
eyes moving wildly about
Almost home for dinner. I can't wait.
By the way:
Fall from Heaven is really divine.
@Cerberus I never played that mod
It took me a bit of time to get the knack of it, but now it is great.
Assuming you're talking about what I think you're talking about
11:51 PM
You should!
It is great.
I have so much other stuff to plaaaay, haha
I know but but...
If you're a Civ freak, I guarantee you will love it.
Ooh. I might have to look into getting it.
I was a bit sceptical, and at first I found all the new things a bit confusing. And I still do—but now they are confusing in a gorgeous way!
I mean, I wasn't looking, and suddenly some Hellish civilization with mightily scary units has popped up in my backyard.
Yeah, I own the Civilization Chronicles as well as the Civ V Collector's Edition, 'tis safe to say I'm a fan :D
11:53 PM
I thought it was just barbarian country, I could take that. Barbarians are much stronger than in Civ, but still manageable at the medium difficulty levels.
@FallenAngelEyes Haha cool! But what about the Civ IV expansions? Are they included?
I haven't even played V yet.
Is it good?
Games don't take up any of the space I don't have...
They weren't, as they weren't out yet, but I have those separately.
@aedia Indeed they don't! And FfH is free!
@FallenAngelEyes Ah, cool.
You sound freakish enough to love FfH!
Unless you are opposed to anything magical on principle.
V is a bit of a departure, but I still enjoy it. One of the biggest differences is that they took away unit stacking.
Hmm, yes, I read that. I may actually like that. And the hexes.
But they did away with religion cries.
11:56 PM
I love the new hex setup
@Cerberus Even better! Does it work on vanilla IV or does one need any other expansion first?
I mean, I am not religious, but you bet I was in Civ!
Well, not quite did away with completely. You can still choose a social track that culture/religionish focused
I was sad too but it doesn't seem much of a loss.
@aedia You need Beyond the Sword, and perhaps also the other one (I had never played either). But the Complete edition is just a few bucks on Ebay.
11:57 PM
If you have Steam, I believe there is a demo for Civ V on there
Hi @simchona. Sorry for the delay in answering.
I really like the new culture thingies. The social whatevers.
@FallenAngelEyes But my missionaries! And my holy cities! I really needed those on Deity.
Must. Convert. Heathens.
Warlords is the other. But you can play BtS without having Warlords if you want.
I have V and IV but no expansions.
11:58 PM
Hi Oomph!
@SpareOom No problem
@FallenAngelEyes Let me check whether you need Warlord for Heaven.
@Cerberus missionary is yesterday's conquering method.

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