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12:52 AM
@GraceNote I am so relieved to hear you say that.
@JasperLoy Re: Stan
He got ticked off.
See his last comment: http://english.stackexchange.com/questions/35837/why-is-the-word-bologna-pronounced-like-baloney/35846#comment-65544
1:09 AM
Oh, dear.
1:59 AM
@Kit Since the answerers got ticked off, I gave them each a little something to pacify them. I'm the nice guy here you see.
That's naughty. Pity upvotes are bad for the site!
Well, I could read the answers in detail and think whether I agree or not. But that's too tiring! And Malvolio and Stan seem to be quite nice people, so...
I am surprised Cerberus is not asleep yet, but maybe he is.
As far as I can tell, @Cerberus and @Vitaly are real night owls.
Even so, it's the wee hours of the morning where they are.
Now you have woken up Cerberus! And 'bye' is an interesting display of angst.
2:07 AM
Malvolio - is a personage from a play by Ben Jonson?
@trg787 No idea, but sounds Italian.
Boo. I am trying to write a code, but it behaves...shall we say, unexpectedly.
@Cerberus Boo!
@trg787 Shakespeare. Twelfth Night, I believe.
@Cerberus Stupid code!
What kind of code is it?
@JasperLoy You weren't really scared.
2:12 AM
Malvolio - of course its Italian - means "Wicked Will"
@Kit Thank you! Autohotkey, the only code simple enough for a total layman like me.
What is the colour white?
Please tell me it's FFFFFF?
When code becomes stupid, it's time to sleep, and return to it another time. Words from the wise chicken here.
@Cerberus Let me check.
@trg787 it's
2:14 AM
My colour picker says it is FFFFFF.
And yet my cursor jumps to what I think may be black! I mean, come on. Is that just to freak me out?
Yes, it's FFFFFF in hex.
If it were jumping to gray...
@Cerberus My Fedora says so too!
Did you put a # in front?
@Kit Thanks!
I put 0x in front, as Autohotkey wants me to.
2:15 AM
Ya put the hex in front.
Hexes, jinx!
Who of you ever read "Reineke Fox" by Goethe? Very funny
I haven't used Autohotkey in a dog's age (no offense). I forget the notation.
@trg787 Sounds familiar.
@Kit Strictly he's not a dog. He's a cerberus.
@JasperLoy Cerberus is a tricephalic dog.
Therefore, a dog.
2:16 AM
And in real life, he's a hunk.
"Hunk" is not the right word to describe Cerberus.
Dog will do.
Stupid code!
It wasn't the code after all.
User error?
It was my stupidity.
I hate those, especially when the user is me.
2:18 AM
X comes before Y, d'oh!
There, there. It happens to us all.
The stupidity is both the user's and the coder's, who are both the same person.
Another animal has just joined us - looks like a lizard.
I spent two days troubleshooting a problem that turned out to be stupid.
2:20 AM
If Cerberus is Cerberus, Then I am am Hydrus.
And my fault.
or Hedgehog, which ever you perfer.
@ChaosGamer then, not Then.
@JasperLoy typo.
@Kit Two days? Oh, my.
I prefer Hydra.
2:21 AM
2Kit was it about? Computers?
@Cerberus The worst part was—do you want to hear the worst part?
@Cerberus Hydra is a female water snake.
@Kit Isn't it always our fault?
@Kit Yes!!
I mean, yes.
I prefer Medusa.
Hydrus is male.
2:21 AM
@ChaosGamer A huge monster, rather!
@Cerberus does size really mater?
Well, fine, I hereby give you permission to create a male Hydra and name it Hydrus.
@ChaosGamer If you knew my sister, then, yes.
I originally learned VB 6. I scoped a global variable. Global variables don't scope the same in VB .Net. I just needed to use the viewstate. Stupid. Really stupid.
@Jasper and arnt you a chicken?
@ChaosGamer Girth matters more than length.
2:23 AM
I think we both share only the same father.
@Cerberus thanks.
@Cerberus Speaking of your sister, how's the Sphinx these days?
@ChaosGamer aren't
@Kit Ehh I don't understand it at all, except that I have a faint idea of what a scope is—but it sounds stupid! Thanks, now I feel better.
@Kit Are we related?
However, I perfer Scourge the Hedgehog; a real character in Sonic the Hedgehog comics!
2:24 AM
@Cerberus Yes, I think so. Chimera as well.
@Kit How would you know? Unless you've been checking him out as well...
which is located im my pic. And also he is originaly green, he only goes purple when he goes super.
@Cerberus Um. Translates roughly to spending an afternoon trying to figure out how to plug your network cable into a wireless printer. That stupid.
I believe there are several Sphinges...
@ChaosGamer in, originally
2:26 AM
@Kit Haha I might do that.
@JasperLoy I saw the pic he posted. And even hadn't I, @Cerberus is way too smart to be a hunk.
Who represnets Maticore?
@Kit Ah, that pic didn't show much. And smart people can be hunks too.
@ChaosGamer Manticore?
@JasperLoy Um, no. Hunks are dumb as hunks of meat.
I mean, Cerberus is Cerberus, I am Hydrus, then who is Manticore?
2:28 AM
@ChaosGamer Wait, when did you become Hydrus? I thought you were a hedgehog.
@Kit I have only heard of dumb blondes.
@Kit I;m both. most likely combo. XD
@ChaosGamer represents
There should be a Strunk and White for the chat room as well.
@JasperLoy Apologies. I forget sometimes that your experience is limited.
2:31 AM
@mana maaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Yo mana
Do do do do do. Mana mana mana.
@Kit That's true.
...do ... mana?!
That sound wrong..
2:32 AM
I hope to increase my experience by visiting more pubs soon...
@JasperLoy That's one way to do it.
@Kit The other way is to visit massage parlours.
The nice thing about experience is that it happens to you no matter what you do.
@JasperLoy I wouldn't touch a Singapore massage parlour with a ten foot pole. Not even a well-wrapped one.
I want to cxharaxcterize Russians from inside, so to speak
2:34 AM
@Kit why is that?
@trg787 I see you have not fixed keyboard.
@Jas , aha
@Grace you've been here all this time?
@trg787 I know everything here, I'm a spy.
@ChaosGamer I've been in the room this whole time.
2:35 AM
@ChaosGamer The entirety of Southeast Asia is filthy with blood-borne pathogens. No thanks.
I may, may have wasted an hour and a half at TVTropes, though. May have.
On just one article.
@Kit quite an insult. Does that include Korea? It better not.
@Grace Don't worry, I've done worse.
@Kit I see. But perhaps the same may be said of other places.
@ChaosGamer Korea is East Asia
2:36 AM
@GraceNote Had I known you were listening, I would have tried to entice you to stalk me.
(I'm never sure whether Taiwan is considered East Asia or Southeast Asia, since we're kinda around both)
@ChaosGamer Not the last time I checked. Unless Korea has started slouching.
@Kit That'd be a difficult task to accomplish
@GraceNote The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.
I will possess your heart.
@Kit I can't even believe that I somehow misread that as "just one strip"
2:38 AM
@GraceNote As far as I know, Taiwan is not in SEA.
@JasperLoy That's because it's in OCEAN ♪
Russians are thieves, very lazy, inaccurate..... just stupid animals In fact I 'm myself of this kind
As if the prostitutes of Europe and America were so healthy...
@GraceNote See? It's working already.
@GraceNote Good one!
2:39 AM
@Kit Sounds like Confucius to me, but I think he is a very confused man.
@Cerberus I didn't mean it in an insulting fashion.
Who do you think is more sexier, Russians or Japanese?
Women or men?
@Kit I know, but seriously Cerb is right.
2:40 AM
@Kit OK.
@ChaosGamer Women
@JasperLoy No, no, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be an ass, but the prevalence of HIV and hepatitis is much higher among sex workers in Southeast Asia than it is in Europe and the US.
...when did massage parlors turn into sex workers?
My mom stole from her fabric so many combs :)
2:42 AM
@Kit You're not a donkey, you're a fox.
@GraceNote They are here. I think. So...
I'm finding it amusing that in spite of all the stereotypes about gamers there seems to be a lot more discussion about sex-related things in here.
@trg787 I don't understand.
@Mana whistles
@Mana We have underage on the Bridge.
2:42 AM
@Mana Didn't they tell you stereotypes are crap?
Also I broke away from discussion of the case details, which helped for today's quotient.
What are the stereotypes about gamers?
Maybe I should start hanging out with some.
@GraceNote The cheaper ones here all are.
whispers to code: if you will not comply, expect a dead letter in the mail tomorrow...
@Kit Most stereotypes involve them being sex-starved home-staying non-productives
2:44 AM
@Jas , She worked at a factory which did combs, plates
@GraceNote Oh I was once saw a documentary about a camp to get gamers off their addiction. It was magnificent.
@GraceNote So why would they talk more about sex? Sounds like they wouldn't know much about it.
@Grace True that.
As well they have all that stereotypical depiction of both sexy women and guy-candy in games.
@Kti thats because they watch sex videos.
2:45 AM
@Kit I wish I could believe that if I didn't know a veritable textbook case who couldn't shut up about it.
I wonder what kinds of questions there will be when the sex site is launched.
The only thing that made that scenario worse is that we were in a free-form RP forum together.
@Jasper I ahve one: How to be a good kisser.
@ChaosGamer Don't drool.
I can... do a good hug!
2:46 AM
@kit But I think I will save my virginity for that special someone.
@GraceNote You're not talking about me, are you?
@ChaosGamer have. I think you need to practise typing.
@JasperLoy That's a good plan.
@Kit You aren't a sex-starved single boy.
No: It is to bite the lower lip of the women.
2:47 AM
@Kit In the mean time, I'll just do myself.
@ChaosGamer I would punch anyone who did that to me.
@Jasper you mean masterbate?
@grace lol.
@ChaosGamer masturbate
@JasperLoy Just remember that there are a whole range of fun, satisfying things you can do with a partner that don't involve penetration.
I knew a guy who was obsessed with bondage and brought that up nearly in every opportunity he could that involved what he deemed a cute girl. I thought that was bad enough before I met this boy and his talk of so many theoretical beddings. Where it is obvious even to a virgin that he knows nigh nothing about courtship or any step past that.
2:49 AM
..Ok we need change of discussion.
@ChaosGamer Sorry, youngling. Is this too weird for you?
I see a lot of nice girls who are devoured by the bad guys. It's sad. I guess they just haven't met me yet.
@ChaosGamer is a young one?
@ChaosGamer OK point noted.
@I'm old enough.
2:50 AM
@ChaosGamer Now you are messing with the @.
That only places you at the minimum 13.
@ChaosGamer oops
Ahhh! Stupid code! This time it was your fault.
He's 19 according to his profile.
@Cerberus It is the coder's fault...
2:51 AM
Hrm. My status as the youngest one in the room being challenged diminishes my ability to mock all the older people for being old.
@Cerberus Blame not the code, but the coder.
@Kit Checking him out, eh?
@JasperLoy It took me a minute to process Gracie's comment about underage earlier.
I did a quick scan of the users I don't know well.
How am I supposed to know that you refuse to accept percentage signs in this parameter when it is an expression? YOU HAD NO PROBLEM WITH THE SIGNS WHEN IT WASN'T AN EXPRESSION, SO SHUT UP!
Including you.
2:52 AM
Hello @Knu. You've stumbled in at an interesting time.
No, this really wasn't my fault. Arg.
@Cerberus You need to escape it, don't you?
I always placed @Jasper as elder than me.
No, no escaping necessary.
It is just stupid.
Hi, are you some kind of bot @mana? :)
2:53 AM
@GraceNote I think older would be a better word here.
It will not accept this:
bot.respond("No, I am not a bot. What makes you think that?"
MouseMove, %ClickPlaceX%, %ClickPlaceY%+5, 0
But only this:
MouseMove, %ClickPlaceX%, ClickPlaceY+5, 0
oh crap, didn't match up my parentheses
<_< >_>
How stupid and illogical is that?
2:54 AM
@JasperLoy I've a callous disregard for vocabulary that kicks in when I feel like being antagonistic at the language.
@JasperLoy Or "elder to"
@Mana Haha cute.
@Cerberus About as stupid and illogical as using Autohotkey to accomplish anything.
@Kit I am not that old...
@Kit Hey but it is quite good in general! This is really the only thing.
2:55 AM
But Russians are wonderful ppl. We can do everything. Want Gagarin? No problem. Want H-bomb? No problem too.
It is so much more powerful that it seems at first.
@JasperLoy I have two elder brothers. One is practically my Irish twin. Elder's got nothing to do with absolute age.
My elder brother is only by not even two years. for demonstration.
@trg787 I love Russians. Especially White Russians. Especially at midnight.
Dudes... lets talk about astronomy, or we can talk about Michael Jackson. Which ever you guys perfer.
2:56 AM
@Cerberus Just making a joke. :P
@trg787 I like their math and their girls.
@ChaosGamer I thought you wanted to stop talking about sex.
@Kit Exxaccttllyyy.
@ChaosGamer whichever
so lets talk about something else!
2:57 AM
@Kit I know hun.
@ChaosGamer Well, talking about Michael Jackson is out then.
We did, last I checked
@Chaos You missed the joke. It's okay.
@ChaosGamer let's, OK!
2:58 AM
@GraceNote (see MJ joke)
I'm just trying to finally select an image for the English site, which I've put off too long.
@Kit Time compression delay.
@kit I think there are 2 type: the casual gamer (just playing for fun, to relax) and hardcore gamer (tweaking his console, computer, settings / playing for hours / taking part in leagues and clans)
@GraceNote You could always try a unicorn.
Image for the English site?
2:58 AM
@GraceNote You just changed your image right?
@JasperLoy For general and for Gaming.
hm, isn't your gravatar global though?
@Kit Unicorns are ambiguous.
Oh, I didn't know you could do it by site. That's neat.
I use a different one on every site. I haven't selected one for English, which is why my name is an anagram.
2:59 AM
Guys, I seriously rexcommensd you, in spare time, to reasd abt testing H-bomb on 1961/10/30 ..... It's more terrible than any SFixction
@JasperLoy Ambiguous always reminds me of the Ambiguously Gay Duo.
@Kit Doesn't fit the theme I've got so far, even if I partly broke the theme with this new one (in having picked short hair)
@trg787 Truly. "Hey, this might set the atmosphere on fire. Oh well, let's try it anyway!"
Well, not really expecting one.
@ChaosGamer Nvm, it's a long story.
3:01 AM
Not sure what aspect to pick as the thematic link to English. I can thematically link to England, but English is a lot harder.
@Kit ...I need to stop trying to drink when you're in here...
@Kit Oh dear, that was too obvious!
@Grace because you just spit it out, right?
@ChaosGamer Almost
@Lauren Personally, I think he's crazy to even consider dating a red-head. Having had a few in my day, I know you are all insane. <3, Kit
@GraceNote That is ambiguous.
3:03 AM
@JasperLoy I'm not even sure what the secondary meaning would be in this scenario
@GraceNote I make you not want to be alcoholic anymore?
im gonna be gone for a short while guys. ttyl. :)
@Kit Oh. Right. I forgot that.
But i'll be back.
Later, @Chaos ♪
3:04 AM
@ChaosGamer Tschüß!
@GraceNote Thematic link to English. Let's all think.
@Kit , imagine: the cockpit started to melt... They gone to kilometers from the explosion.. but it was almost impossible to be in the plane
Why is this the only SE chat active? :)
@Grace How do you configure it so that your gravatar only changes for one site?
@trg787 kilometers
@Kit Well, for example, for Japanese I picked someone from the Moon, to represent Moonspeak.
3:05 AM
@Knu Damn good question, and damned if I know.
@Mana I use a different email for every site.
@Knu It happens to have all the interesting people you see...
If you use a Google email, it's pretty easy to just add new email accounts to your Gravatar account as "[email protected]", which will send the same as "[email protected]"
Oh well. Temporarily got my nerd face on while I hang out on this chat to try and seem smarter.
3:07 AM
@GraceNote Oh man.
Oh, that's cool.
So while I've had a +english account for a while, I haven't associated an image with it so I haven't assigned it to my English user.
@Mana Like you mana.
Wonder when/why that hr appears.
so, complete tangent time
3:14 AM
Oh my f*ck. I didn't realize how late it is.
I must sleep as quickly as possible.
One of my friends is telling me that the US is going to hit a debt ceiling or something in three days
@Mana Default. We're going to default on our debt = bad juju.
and I never cared for economics so I have no real idea what the effects of this are
oh okay
Catastrophic global economic collapse, and your response is "oh okay"?
Not much we can really do about it, though
3:16 AM
Right, sorry. Tired. Going to bed now.
well...It's not like freaking out's gonna help out much, yeah?
America is still going to be the interest on its out-standing bonds.
It may just not pay certain domestic stuff. Which is pretty bad already, of course.
Day October 30, 1961 was not included in the calendar of the USSR as a day of national pride of the Soviet people, but was proud of what. On that record - the sinister, of course, but in many ways forced - if we have not learned. October 30, 1961 in clear skies over New Earth lit up a second sun! It burned 70 seconds, illuminating the vast snow-covered archipelago piercing blinding light. It was the world's most powerful thermonuclear explosion of an air capacity of over 50 megatons of TNT.

By the explosion of "Tsar Bomb" began to prepare for five years before the set date. However, the la
Is that an automated translation of the Russian Wiki article?
No, probably some other Russian article.
@Cer , it's from an article by a pilot from Brest who dropped this bomb. Of course auto - translation
Nikolai Grechanik, from Brest
3:34 AM
Ah, OK.
I know the Czar Bomb. It was detonated somewhere new Nova Zembla.
Novaya Zemlya = New Land
I know.
hardly smn needs it but just in case source nv-online.info/index.php?c=ar&i=12340 This pilot is still alive
Just now noticed: no any comment to his article on the link.... Generation Pepsi grown up
Well, I have defeated the code. It now lies sprawling on its back.
Or is it sprawled?
Good night.
@Cer, G'nite
3:48 AM
@trg787 Bye!
2 hours later…
6:15 AM
Can you imagine? At distance 40 km your face is burned? I can't
6:27 AM
"polunaruzhny" means "half-outsisding"
2 hours later…
8:12 AM
@Cerberus ta! I totally guessed the spelling :D
@GraceNote Can I recommend a queen? Since we're talking the Queen's English :D
2 hours later…
10:08 AM
To my all Muslims, If i hurt you some where in any moment of life then please forgive me ..

You forgive to you Muslim Sister or Brother . Allah will forgive u at the day of judgement..

Hope People will forgive me if I hurted them some where in life...
Is that sentence right/?
hurted -> hurt
"You forgive to you Muslim Sister or Brother" -> "You forgive your Muslim Sister or Brother" (probably)
also .. -> .
10:39 AM
also- > ?
10:51 AM
you do not need two or more full stops to end a sentence. Just one is enough.
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