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12:10 AM
@aedia Oh, yes, I remember that setting! It won't help me reach my current goal, but it would be a good idea to let the interns know...
Oh, and, wow, this is the first time I have actually found this room incomprehensible!
3 hours later…
3:10 AM
@Cerberus That's brilliant. I have found it incomprehensible many, many times!
@JasperLoy It was probably because I was part of the cause of the incomprehension...
@Cerberus Yes, I remember you tried to confuse me before!
2 hours later…
5:36 AM
If anyone feels inclined to argue against my statement that subject and verb do not agree in there is more than one man, let him do so here:
A: "There is/are more than one". What's the difference?

CerberusThis question is more complex than it may appear. There seems to be consensus that a singular verb should be used in formal writing whenever the subject of a sentence is more than one [noun], or at least that this is (much) better than ?there are more than one. I subscribe to this. It does not m...

I disagree with this question being open:
Q: Difference of statements in time frame

Ian Jasper BardoquilloHi I wanted to know the difference between the 3 statements. Please help me correct my statement if it is grammatically incorrect. Thanks! I just heard somebody say "double double confirm". It ... It reminded me of a special event that happened in my life. It reminds me of a special...

2 hours later…
8:05 AM
morning all
2 hours later…
9:40 AM
@Jez Wow, French is at 75 per cent now. It should be in public beta by your birthday at this rate.
;-) yup hopefully
here's hoping we can average a bit more than GL&U's 151/day
Random thought of the day: It's troubling that many people seem to be having affairs. Hope married people can stay committed to their spouses.
they have the opposite problem to me
Which is?
not enough opportunity
9:48 AM
I see. It's OK, be patient. One day the right one will come along, or maybe it won't matter anymore.
one of those is guaranteed
That's deep. Strictly speaking, not true though...
i suppose not, if the laws of physics change and time stands still
damn I need to get an Android phone
To get internet on the go? Don't spoil your eyesight.
for various features. i want to be able to utilize the bluetooth phone functionality of my car so i can take calls whilst driving
9:52 AM
Even if time does not stand still, that is still not strictly true. It could always matter and yet nobody comes, but that's just too bad.
when you're dead it doesnt matter, so it can't always matter ;-)
And yes oct 7 is the magic date.
Oh sorry to add within your lifetime, unless biology changes as well.
10:13 AM
@Jasper, Oct 7 as I remember is Putin's d.o.birth.... Also it was Day of Constituion of the USSR (don't confuse it with Nov 7)
Also on this day Edgar Allan Poe died
What the heck is going on here:
Q: What does it mean to say that "speed is bias towards utilitarian"

PacerierWhat does it mean to say that "speed is bias towards utilitarian" ? source: http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/03/mf_larrypage/all/1

"Powerful analysis".
I am growing tired of this.
@RegDwight that's being a mod for you
Haha. Yes.
May 4 at 14:36, by RegDwight
@MrHen Yeah, and as a mod, you have to read all that stuff so that other people don't have to. Grrrr.
10:17 AM
i don't understand the people on youtube who can point out fox news bias
watching fox news all the time? eugh.
It's like a train wreck.
You don't want to.
You must.
no, i don't
(have to)
haha : @RegDwight Хорошо, я играю в нефте и спичкам где-то в другом месте... спокойной ночи Can I correct you. Wait
That's a nice caleidoscope of everything.
@RegDwight Хорошо, но я играю с нефтью и спичками где-то в другом месте... спокойной ночи But actually you write Russian very well
10:19 AM
I have not written that. That was @z7sg.
Please read before you write.
Besides, your correction is wrong.
It should be маслом, not нефтью.
And the но is out of place.
@RegDwight Kaleidoscope is the correct spelling.
@JasperLoy Ha! That's what I typed at first, but then got anxious and changed it.
haha why ? масло? хихи
@trg787 Because you must look at the context and understand what the author is actually trying to say.
He translated it word-for-word, so it's funny and wrong. However, fixing it word-for-word will only make it more funny and wrong.
You must rewrite it from scratch.
But why "масло"? It's non-sense
10:23 AM
Хорошо, я буду играть с маслом и спичками где-нибудь в другом месте.
@trg787 It's not nonsense. Подливать масло в огонь. It's a millenium-old idiom.
I said he should not add oil to the fire. He responded to that.
Except that he translated oil wrong.
Funny. It's different things the 1st and the 2nd
And @reg I am glad you are committed to your spouse as you mentioned. I am proud of you.
Q: Is "a lot of" used generally in English, or is it colloquial?

jennie benedictI find a lot of people in Holland think 'a lot of' is too colloquial for use in academic work. Is that the case?

Doesn't anyone think that's dodgy? Talk about broad.
Search a corpus, present the results. Next.
you might as well ask, "Is 'really big' approproate in English?"
10:28 AM
Damn, is it Friday again?
Stupid meetings.
Wait, what, not me? Sniff.
Feb 16 at 10:56, by RegDwight
user image
I even combed my hair!
jesus, it smells like manure again
Anyhoo. Meeting. Laters.
protip: do NOT ever accept a job where the office is a converted barnhouse
Converted to baptism?
supposedly to an 'office'
10:37 AM
@RegDwight how should we close this?
Q: What are those abbreviation meaning in walmart order?

user110571,Fineline there are some data under it like this : 1801 1805 2,MU % there are some data under it like this : 4.0724% 3,VNPK Qty there are some data under it like this: 16 6 1 4, Vendor Stk Nbr What are those abbreviation meaning Fineline MU % VNPK Qty?

It can be closed almost with any reason, apart from Dupe
@Alenanno Not a real question? Buongiorno!
@JasperLoy I was thinking that too... Giorno!
Are there married men? Giorno, rogazzi!
> Other research corroborates these findings, finding that women tend to use emoticons, abbreviations, repeated letters and expressions of affection more than men and linguists have also developed a list of gender-skewed words used more often by women including love, ha-ha, cute, omg, yay, hahaha, happy, girl, hair, lol, hubby, and chocolate.
i think they forgot giggle
that's, like, 99% certainty female
@Jez I think that article sounds crap. I use smileys and exclamations all the time! :)
10:42 AM
unless you're a girl
maybe you don't even know
I logged in just to star that message
@trg787 ragazzi*
Btw in WWII as my mom tells (she b.1926) better all were Italians soldiers. They were abs ballast for Germans - they did not want to fight, they were very kind and compassion. She remember Mario from Sicilia with huge eye-brows :)
@MattEllen Yay! Another starred message. Hmm, but I really don't think I'm a girl, or gay, at least not now. Enjoy your lunch! I'll go for dinner soon...
11:20 AM
@RegDwight Ah, you were wrong in the beginning, it should be "add fat to the fire". Fat I would translate as масло, naturally. Although I am a bit sad the rest of my sentence was so bad, at least I can understand the corrections. :)
Подливать масло в огонь It's a Russian idiom/proverb
Actually I don't know what "масло" is supposed here. No Russian know it, I can bet
Google suggests "Add fuel to the fire"
11:36 AM
@Matt, it's clear what the idiom means. But I don't know its origin of "maslo".
разжигать - разжигать; - разжечь 1) kindle , enkindle; heat; light 2) rouse, stir up; inflame 3) unleash ( войну )
there "maslo" made from milk... but what "maslo" supposed 200 years ago I don't know... Maybe "maslo" for church lampads
@Jez "hahaha" and "lol" and "chocolate" and "girl" are words used more often by women?
@GraceNote yes. Science is infallible.
you have just identified yourself as the most feminine person here
11:51 AM
"Girl" is a bit of a surprise.
Think of all the "She's mah gurl" pop songs out there.
throwing fat on the fire. it's not as common as i thought but perhaps that's because of the variations pour fat on the fire etc.
If I were to use logical analysis rather than stick to my overt rage at the concept, it probably has to do with the fact that quite a lot of girls may just call their friends "girl" (a la "You go, girl")
Noting that the story is specifically about tweets, that also lends a bit more sensibility. A bit.
@z7sg , but WHAT is the fat? Made from what?
11:54 AM
Ah. That would cut out 90% of male usage then.
Mind you, it would also cut out 74% of brain usage, so who can tell :-)
I bet if it were analyzing text messages, the skew would probably be in the other direction for that word (I also think the tweeting explains why chocolate ranks so high)
@trg787 Cooking fat?
@trg787 lipids
@trg787 it used to be made from animal products. Either from milk or animal fats. I don't know about the origin of the Russian word of course.
@Rhodri , I don't know
11:56 AM
Fat burns very well!
@z7sg Rather too well, as anyone who has tended a barbecue knows.
@z7sg this is the first time ever that I hear "add fat to the fire".
As far as I am concerned, that's not idiomatic at all.
Is tending a grill similar to tending a barbecue?
Besides, you would have never translated "fat" as "масло".
That is just a lie.
"Fat" translates to "жир".
If you can "podlivat maslo'" then it must be a liquid
11:59 AM
I have heard fuel or petrol used in place of fat. idioms.thefreedictionary.com/fat+is+in+the+fire
"maslo" literally is "butter"
@RegDwight Well, you are still wrong with the oil
Oil kinda makes sense as far as the proverb probably intends
12:01 PM
"There is currently no text in this page"
How do I escape a period?
In the mean time, google.com/…
@GraceNote Somewhat. Barbecuing can be more exciting, because the hot fat drips down more easily than it spurts up.
I'm intended to think it was supposed church oil
323k results for oil, 14k for fat.
@trg787 Hot fat is liquid.
12:03 PM
@trg787 You are intended to think wrong.
@RegDwight You are getting desperate now using google hits.
There are loads of hits for fat in the fire on coca.
Now check oil.
I am not arguing against fat. You are the one who argues against oil.
I can see one or two. But those are probably mistakes.
Way more for fat.
12:08 PM
Fair enough. Now show me a single dictionary that translates "fat" as "масло".
@Rhodri , I simply don't know... Though I'm a Russian (Belorussian actually but it does not matter - it's the same beasts) I read a lot of Russian literature but don't know what "maslo" supposed in here
Also there is a chapter in the Forsyte Saga so it has some pedigree.
Yes, yes fat is zhir, we all know how bad my Russian is now. :(
That the proverb is commonly fat in one language does not entirely imply that it must be fat in other languages.
It probably is oil in that particular incarnation of the proverb, as such
@z7sg That is all I am saying. I am not saying that my English is impeccable. I am just putting it into perspective to your Russian. :P
@trg787 FFS, are you drunk again, buddy?
@GraceNote It doesn't matter anyway... it's essentially the same proverb.
12:10 PM
Подсолнечное масло. Оливковое масло.
You must have heard of those.
@RegDwight Hehehe... oboe...
@Reg , I'm in "zapoi" ("booze") for the 4th month.... And I don't know how to escape from it... :(
@GraceNote Your home assignment is to spell hautbois using Cyrillic letters.
@trg787 Stop drinking.
@RegDwight овое
@RegDwight Make them start up the Russian.SE so I can improve!
12:13 PM
@z7sg I was committed, no wait: I was following a few proposals. They all died.
I must be a curse or something.
@z7sg I would very much like to see Jeff's reaction to your мат questions.
@RegDwight I don't think my questions are particularly odd
@z7sg Single word requests! Kill them all! Ahem. Sorry.
@RegDwight It's ok, the m***k wouldn't understand them.
@Reg , easy to say : stop drinking..... Do you know how shamed I feel myself when I after sleeping get sober? My father was an alcoholic.
@GraceNote the instrument would be гобой, but I was aiming at something along the lines of НАИВОIЗ.
@trg787 You see, once you stop drinking you will realize how much money you actually have for food.
12:17 PM
@RegDwight Close enough. I think.
@RegDwight If only it were that easy. Unfortunately addiction and logic mix about as well as oil and water.
@GraceNote It's all greek to me
I'm not posting that image again.
@Rhodri Certainly you mean fat and water.
@RegDwight But it has a wonderfully abstract freehand circle.
@GraceNote It's not abstract. It fell over.
12:19 PM
@Reg , OK, count yourself: 3 bottles of cheapest wines cost 12000, a pack of sausages 15-16000
@GraceNote Seriously, we are going in freehand circles.
@GraceNote I am a bit saddened by the fact that nobody noticed how precisely this particular circle fell over. It fell up, not down.
yesterday, by RegDwight
user image
@RegDwight Mmm. Drinking yoghurt.
@RegDwight I noticed what you were circling was below
The circle is supposed to be around the Latin phrase.
But the image could be upside down.
12:20 PM
@GraceNote It could be, sure. But it is not.
@RegDwight Perhaps I should fix my monitor.
@Rhodri кефир
@GraceNote Turn it 90 degrees.
@RegDwight But then you'd have a doorswing more than a fall'fall
I fail to see a problem with that.
Seriously, I don't see a single one.
@RegDwight I love kefir... it is best among the fermented milk drinks.
12:22 PM
My wife hates it. And ряженка even more so.
Oh, and when I say "turn it 90 degrees", I don't mean your stoopid Fahrenheit. Use Réaumur, pls.
I prefer lassi myself, but my palette was educated by Indian restaurants.
I never liked "riagenka"
It sure tastes better than the crap you are drinking now.
It's also better for your health, to the extent that anything can be good for your health at all.
But I'm not making Grace sad again.
@RegDwight I don't like that either. I think it's useful for cooking or something.
Hm. Interesting. For example?
12:26 PM
@RegDwight Eh?
Oh I don't know what exactly goes on in the kitchens of Russian people just saw food going in and dishes coming out again.
@Reg , I just need to relax..... When sober I don't need nothing, I don't want to listen to music, don't want see anybody, don't want nothing
15 hours ago, by Grace Note
Well this place certainly took a turn for the depressing
@RegDwight The place was depressing but I wasn't saddened.
I could launch into a quasi-philosophical/analytical downpour of how physics equates the futility of existence as long as science remains unchallenged, but that'd be quite unbecoming of me.
@RegDwight s/Grace/this place/, s/sad/depressing/.
12:28 PM
@Rhodri I don't like lassi. I do like rayeb though, the Egyptian one. I've had the Syrian stuff too but they put garlic in it. It was interesting but not pleasantly drinkable. Definitely for me #1 kefir #2 rayeb
@GraceNote You must wait for @Cerberus, @JSBangs and @Vitaly to show up. Then we can start.
@RegDwight Then that'd actually turn into, like, a discussion, rather than a downpour.
Who said they would be discussing rather than downpouring some more?
(And it'd still be unbecoming)
Co-op downpouring or no downpouring at all.
Mar 29 at 14:50, by RegDwight
Wimps and posers, leave the hall!
12:32 PM
@GraceNote Well, now I am intrigued. Please, feel free to expand on that.
@RegDwight There was that whole "not doing it" aspect that I wasn't intending to abandon.
@GraceNote Well that's like saying, "I could tell you how to make an H bomb or a really tasty pie, but I'm not going to".
A: When should I use "each other" vs. "one another"?

ANUPONGEach other refers to two, one another to more than two. "Jones and Smith quarreled; they struck each other" is correct. "Jones, Smith and Brown quarreled; they struck one another" is also correct. Don't say, "The two boys teach one another" nor "The three girls love each other." Use “each other”...

A: When should I use "each other" vs. "one another"?

ANUPONGI AM CONFUSED. Each other" refers to two whereas "one another" to more than two. Examples: Jones and Smith quarreled; they struck each other. Jones, Smith and Brown quarreled; they struck one another. CAN WE USE THEM INTERCHANGEABLE?

@RegDwight And people have bitten right onto TK7. I got a journal record, New Scientist column and an Astronomy post. Jeeeez.
@aedia Laughed MAO when I read that. Thanks!
@RegDwight Richard Feynman nigh on said so much.
12:36 PM
@RegDwight Now I am confused.
I no rite?
Ultimately he changed his mind, obviously, and was one of, if not the first to see the impact and light cast from an explosion.
BTW, anyone else notice that we have a Thursagan and a Thursagen now?
Yes, everyone.
Got posted a few times yesterday.
It's being investigated behind the scenes.
@Kit I was about to comment on that second "answer" (that he shouldn't leave follow-up questions as answers) when I noticed the first (in which he actually does answer).
Very confusing.
@RegDwight Yes, that's why I am confused.
12:39 PM
@RegDwight That's kinda exactly what's being done here, really. On that note, vanishing a bit.
Maybe somebody stayed logged in on a public computer?
Q: Alternatives for a rare breed?

PacerierI want to say "Programs like these are a rare breed." But I want it to be in a positive sense, so basically: "Programs like these are like diamonds". But it doesn't sound good (i mean i'm sure there are better unique combinations of words to express that meaning than than diamond) I want some...

Is this guy in advertising? I feel like he's always asking us to do his work for him.
Q: Apostrophe vs. Single Quote

Saeed NeamatiWhat is the semantic difference between apostrophe and single quote? I see people use both of them interchangeably, but we people never create two words to denote one concept. There should be a difference.

Didn't we cover this before? I don't see any likely candidates in the list, but ...
It's kinda hard to search for ` and ´.
I don't believe you.
@RegDwight — Word.
I seem to remember an involved discussion of when to use apostrophe and when to use single quote. Maybe I'm dreaming, but that's how I roll.
12:43 PM
@Robusto What does that mean, "What's the semantic difference between [these two things]?"
And I'm pretty sure we people do sometimes create two words to denote one concept. That's what thersauri are for, right?
@Kit I presume he's asking if there is a difference in meaning between the two things.
Isn't this the 'bye 'bye guy?
@Robusto I guess I'm too much of a native speaker to think that this isn't general reference?
I start losing track of who posts what.
Q: How metaphor is different from simile

Saeed NeamatiIf we look abstract to these terms, in deep levels we want to use analogy to convey our meaning better. For example, "he runs like a cheetah", or "he is a cheetah", in both, I could try to make this conversation: We: Are you familiar with cheetahs? Someone else: Yeah, I know them, they ...

@Kit — I don't think it's gen ref, but I do think it's been answered.
12:46 PM
I think we've seen this before as well.
I don't understand how it's not gen ref.
This guy posts so many questions.
Q: Similes and Metaphors - are similes a subset of metaphors?

Scott MitchellI've always been taught that metaphors and similes both draw a parallel between two disparate ideas/thoughts/objects, but that a simile is a more explicit comparison using the word "like" or "is", whereas a metaphor's connection is more implicit. For example, "His injured ankle burned like a hot ...

Cast your votes, please.
Also, @Rob:
Q: Any reference on the usage of a backtick and single quotation mark like `this' ?

ChengWhy do I sometimes see a backtick with a single quote `like this'? What's the name of this usage? What are some good references so I can find more information by myself?

I think that answer deserves an up vote.
@RegDwight — Yes. That is exactly the question I remember. The answer about the difference between a "prime" and an apostrophe especially. Going to vote to close the above as dupe of that.
Although there is a distinction to be drawn when you have opening and closing single quotes in a font, and use them. For example, abbreviating a decade (e.g., the '90s) would require you to use an apostrophe (identical to a single close-quote) instead of a single open-quote (which mistake is often made outside of professional circles.
Q: A depends on B, is A dependant, or is B dependant?

Ray J.StomachIf A is dependant, what does one call B?

Q: If a person depends upon you what are you for him?

user25354Are you his dependancy, dependendee or something else? What is this type of opposite words called, I believe it is not called antonym, as that would be independant.

Is the last a dupe or just related to the first?
12:55 PM
Certainly related, and should be linked.
I have no idea what to do with this one:
Q: Difference of statements in time frame

Ian Jasper BardoquilloI wanted to know the difference between these three sentences. Please help me correct my statement if it is grammatically incorrect. I just heard somebody say "double double confirm." It reminded me of a special event that happened in my life. I just heard somebody say "double double confir...

I am not seeing any close votes, but it does seem like too localized writing advice.
Crap, another Friday meeting.

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