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12:01 PM
You have rainbows?
At all times.
(Also, hey @Matt!)
@GraceNote High-range rifle murder?
@RegDwight While that is my style, no.
How very disappointing.
12:05 PM
Rs are a negative sound, while Ms are a neutral sound. If I think about it, there's no positive sound accompaniment.
@GraceNote hi :)
That really only applies to insertions in a "Hm" or a "Mm", but that is how it is.
Hm and Mm look like chemical elements to me.
I used to use the periodic table as a way to come up with names.
Hypermorphium and Mezzomultium.
12:06 PM
@GraceNote Positive is usually a high-falling intonation pattern, isn't it?
@RegDwight Whereas Hg looks like when you go to hug someone, but they sidestep
@Rhodri Aye, but I'm not sure how one illustrates that in text. Going "Hiiiiim", while elating, just looks weird.
@MattEllen Well, it ain't called *quick*silver for no reason!
(Also I don't usually murmur when in a good mood)
@GraceNote Orthography is so limiting.
12:08 PM
Пользуйтесь кириллицей!
I recognize that letter (are they called letters?) at the end of the first word (same question different term!)
The myagki znak, above all? No way in hell.
I recognize the one you taught me in trying to learn how to pronounce Chernobyl
Unless I'm mistaking it for something that looks very close to it and I'm just being an idiot.
Wasn't that all about ы?
12:10 PM
ь ы ъ
Different letters are different.
Crepes, I don't have any issue with all the kana that look nigh identical and trip up everyone else, but I can't even get one letter right in Russian.
Though there is a ь in Chernobyl as well, hence my confusion.
Also, myagki znak is the best sounding name for a letter ever
@GraceNote I have no problems whatsoever with Hiragana, but stay away with that Katakana rubbish.
12:13 PM
@RegDwight I never understood people who found Katakana harder than Hiragana, but... I started learning Japanese because of learning "Mythril", so...
I'd rather just write kohi, biru, and kurisumasu in Latin.
What about arbeit?
ъ tvordi znak i still do not get
@GraceNote arubaito?
tvordi znak? Oi, Russia has the best letters.
@RegDwight Aye. Used to refer to part-time work, basically.
12:13 PM
Tvyordy znak.
(Yes I know the origin)
@GraceNote I know, them Japanese are crazy about everything German sounding.
English letters are so boring that the whole lot of them are spelled in only one letter each.
@RegDwight You ain't Japanese until you speak entire spell incantations, in German, in Japanese.
May 17 at 14:52, by RegDwight
Doesn't stop them from going Ehrgeiz this and Ehrgeiz that.
(That's why I tried to switch to Finnish for my spells, but that didn't work too hot)
@RegDwight Have you played Rosenkreuzstilette? ♪
12:15 PM
As chance would have it,.. no.
Worth it?
It's like Megaman, but with a bunch of German witches instead of robots.
Sounds compelling.
There is a demo, I don't know where it is, but there is one, so obviously give that a shot before making a purchase attempt.
May 17 at 14:55, by Robusto
F*ck katakana. Seriously. And I mean that in the harshest possible terms. Whenever I see it I know I am going to have to read like a first-grader again, sounding it out, wondering what the hell kind of foreign word they are trying to say.
that's why I like katakana
12:19 PM
Note to incognoscenti: Robusto studied Japanese and lived in Japan.
@RegDwight I figured, what with the avatar and all, that he understands Japanese well.
Feb 3 at 20:28, by Robusto
My wife is Japanese-American, but speaks little or no Japanese. I studied Japanese and speak it fairly well. When we would go into sushi restaurants, they would speak to her in Japanese, she would look at me, I would translate, then she would respond in English and I would tell the waiter what she said in Japanese.
Feb 3 at 20:28, by Robusto
Then the waiter would laugh and tell my wife in Japanese that I spoke very good Japanese, and how remarkable was that, yeah?
I like using katakana as a basis for figuring out how to pronounce English words I've not encountered before.
It has a surprisingly high success rate
@RegDwight I figured as much, considering earlier discussion with him as well as the yume being specifically yume and not otherwise.
@MattEllen I wish I had known katakana when I was teaching my grandmother English.
12:22 PM
@GraceNote is she Japanese?
I'm in the market for an Android phone. Anyone have any experience with the HTC Desire S?
@MattEllen Taiwanese.
sorry, dumb question is dumb
But, she's of the generation where nigh everyone knows Japanese (and was herself very fluent). Hence it'd be a lot easier to use Katakana, since that works a whole lot better than anything I could attempt in Chinese.
@Jez I have the earlier HTC Desire. it is good. I'm guessing, if the S is a lot similar, but faster, then it will also be good.
12:32 PM
yeah. the only bad stuff i've read is battery life being bad, but presumably Gingerbread combined with some monitoring app from the Store should help to minimize unnecessary use
also, does Gingerbread make sure 3G is turned off when not needed?
ffs. they're calling 4.0 "ice cream sandwich"
"what are you running?" "I'm running ice cream sandwich"
I'm afraid I've not had the gingerbread upgrade yet, still on 2.2
@Jez Aren't all of them named after foodstuffs?
@GraceNote yeah, but the previous ones were more catchy than that
I do want an ice cream sandwich now.
@Jez True, froyo was fun
12:35 PM
what next? "Sundae with chocolate chips and banana-flavoured sauce"?
And who can go wrong with eclair?
(Though I'm biased out of favor with lightning)
i'm looking at about £25/mo for 24 months.
That reminds me. Gonna go visit France, buy some eclairs.
it's only a matter of time until phone companies make you include them in your will to sign up for a plan
Nice work last night.
12:36 PM
@Jez Why not, they can have all my debts.
@Jez that's what I'm on with T-Mobile, but I can't voucher for their QoS in terms of consistency of coverage
@Grace Oh...thanks, I suppose.
@MattEllen is the Orange-sharing thing very useful?
I will go on a spending tour-de-force before I die.
@Jez it seems to me that that's when the coverage issues started
12:37 PM
@GraceNote No flirting in this chat.
@MattEllen lol
@RegDwight There's always ripping off his arms. I still owe him that.
@MattEllen I thought T-Mobile ended up saying "screw you" to the States after all?
@MattEllen maybe you're not set up to utilize the Orange signal?
12:39 PM
@Jez Part of my coverage problem is working with high magnetic fields, but when I'm at home signal fluctuates unfathomably
@Jez I am, my phone says T-Mobile - Orange
Well, "unfathomably" is almost an anagram of "T-Mobile".
@MattEllen Ooh, what kind of work?
@GraceNote I develop software for NMR spectography machines
@RegDwight no it's not
@RegDwight could be (I am in the UK)
12:40 PM
@MattEllen Secondary inquiry for acronym expansion.
@Jez Of course it is.
@GraceNote Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Look up "almost" in a dictionary of your choice. I'll wait.
Heh. it's interesting to see all these ppl complaining about Desire S battery life. Not so many complaints about iPhone battery life... maybe that's because the kind of people who buy iPhones don't say a bad word about anything Apple-related?
you can't even remove the iPhone battery.
12:41 PM
Like what Kit used to do, but we're not allowed to do human medical stuff
except maybe with a sledgehammer
or steam
My old chemistry teacher did work in a high magnetic field environment. He now has a permanent pinging sound in his left ear.
@GraceNote is he sure he didn't leave a geiger counter in there?
@GraceNote !! I think any tinnitus I get will be from my musical tastes :D
12:43 PM
@Jez Geiger counters make more of a clitikying sound
@MattEllen As it were, this sound is exactly a specific note, so he now has a very easy guide when he plays his guitar.
@GraceNote useful!
oh well, i'll be keeping my Nokia 6300 as a backup phone. This thing has served me like a Trojan
@GraceNote Then it must be an echosounder.
(I forget which note it was, but he found that to be a significant advantage all the same)
@GraceNote Grace note.
12:45 PM
@Jez I don't recall Trojans as being famous for being either particularly disobedient or obedient.
nope, but it keeps going
They are famous for not being famous.
doing what it does well enough
12:48 PM
@Reg :) Near to it
You had to be pretty rich to be able to go there.
@trg787 Lastochkino gnezdo. Whatever.
@Reg, seems you know everything :) Exactly: Lastochkino gnezdo.
The Swallow's Nest (, ) is a decorative castle near Yalta on the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine. It was built between 1911 and 1912 near Gaspra, on top of 40-metre (130 ft) high Aurora Cliff, to a Neo-Gothic design by the Russian architect Leonid Sherwood. The castle overlooks the Cape of Ai-Todor of the Black Sea and is located near the remnants of the Roman castrum of Charax. Swallow's Nest is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Crimea, becoming the symbol of Crimea's southern coastline. The building is compact in size, measuring only long by wide. Its original des...
I get the feeling that @Reg is very well-read.
12:51 PM
May 27 at 11:54, by RegDwight
I am write-only.
@RegDwight read once, write everywhere
You'd need lots of background explanation to fully appreciate that reference, though.
We had that vgv8 user once.
A Russian.
Who then got banned for 1000 days.
One of his questions was "can I say that I'm write-only?"
And by that he didn't mean that you could write to his memory but never read anything out of it.
He meant the opposite thing.
As in, "I only write, I never read".
His questions were completely incomrehensible even to regulars of the Incomprehensible Room.
12:54 PM
Oooh, vgv8
Which reminds me, has PRASHANT P shown up again?
Q: Is "I'm write-only" comprehensible?

vgv8Would it be comprehensible to say I am write-only? Update: The meaning of "write-only" in IT is that something (content of a file) can be written but not read.

Q: Subject versus object in a sentence: how are they determined?

vgv8For example, if I tell “I'm write-only” am I perceived as subject (who is writing) or as an object (who is written)? Related question: How do I determine subject and subject complement in “A side-effect is the spread of commercialese to other domains.”?

Q: "Read-only syndrome" versus "write-only syndrome"

vgv8If I am write-only, i.e. writing but not reading, which sentence would be correctly to say? I have write-only deficiency (syndrome) I have read-only deficiency (syndrome)

These are only three of his questions dealing with write-onliness.
Check out the revision histories, too.
If you want to kill tons of time for nothing other than getting insane.
Haha, I see his "editing the question to respond" was still in full strength.
@GraceNote You mean the "is english.stackexchange.com site used for increase" Prashant P?
@RegDwight The one in the same.
> i am fellow developer :)

i am posting much on stackoverflow.com

and on cooking.stackoverflow.com

i am wanting to increase in my knowlege

of programs and internet english :)

is site for use of learn ?

else.. where am i to belong ?




i am emigrate to india :)
12:59 PM
I know that name.
so beautiful it brings a tear to my eye
@Mana I dunno, seems a popular one. We have like eight Prashants.
No no, but I know the one that you guys are talking about
May 16 at 14:46, by Sankar Ganesh
oh Shit, my dear friends, where i have to go.............., Ohshit this world also throws me out, i belive this world will help me
Indian poetry is the best.
@RegDwight Bahahaha
1:00 PM
That...is poetry?
It's beautiful. It's breaking all the rules. He's thinking outside the box.
What he meant, in case you can't figure it out, was "world" = "chat room".
Q: "Tits", "Boobs", "Breasts" - What is more official and unoffending?

genesisI was wondering what is in slang, what is official (doctor-speaking) and what's difference between those three words?

Oh no.
Jesus Christ on a stick.
@Fx Just close it as a dupe
1:02 PM
I'm beginning to see why Jeff wants these questions destroyed.
@Mana Rly?
Enlighten me.
@MrHen general reference for me
That really seems like we can just close it as a duplicate.
BTW, Genesis is this Genesis:
Q: "This account is temporarily suspended for voting irregularities."

genesisI know that there are several questions for this, but this is user-specific, so please do not consider this question as EXACT duplicate. User Ham and Bacon was suspended, for "voting irregularities". What does it mean. Did he voted up himself with another account or is that because of his questi...

1:03 PM
Q: "Jon Skeet" - why isn't "Jon", "John"?

genesisI'm going to ask opposite of this question: Why doesn't 'Jon Skeet' have 'h' in his first name? Is it pronounced same way? Is it a difference between British English and American English ?

This Nest... They said many workers perished falling down from very steep rocks... PS Guys, don't pay attention to me.... Currently I'm just in terrible need to communicate with human beings....
quite promising!
And for those who haven't noticed yet, Ham and Bacon is now Thursagen
@trg787 No human beings in this room, sorry.
May 27 at 12:29, by RegDwight
I am a Turing-incomplete pineapple.
@trg787 go find actual human beings!
1:04 PM
I am not a robot. I am a programmer
@Fx Jinx.
@RegDwight fuzzy jinx
@trg787 I don't think it's the best idea to try to have people ignore you in this room. You'd be better off trying Omegle.
@MrHen so, Third idiot was suspended for voting irregularities? when did that happen?
@Fx does that mean the prize is different?
1:05 PM
I miss all the fun :(
fizzy drinks!
@Mana Also, after trying Omegle you should totally drop it and use jQuery.
@Fx He was suspended for two weeks.
That dates your absence.
@RegDwight and did his rep drop?
@RegDwight I missed you too
Look at the graph.
@Fx Not noticeably.
1:07 PM
@MrHen weird, then, isn't it?
Suspension doesn't seem to have helped in his case.
@Fx As best as I can tell, he was asking and answering questions to himself and the general populace of EL&U upvoted everything
Since they... upvote anything.
@z7sg Suspension is just a warning.
It is supposed to help in that he doesn't do it again.
I depressed very much cause it was found a counterexample for my algo for isomorphism graph problem... I spent 3-4 months for it :(
1:09 PM
It is not supposed to teach him how to cook tea and eat waffles.
@RegDwight Our new mammary question is on 4 close votes
@trg787 Wow, at least you have an actual reason.
now that I'm back on a regularer basis, where was I?
ah yes, “earned at least 200 reputation on 44 days”
almost there!
I don't think he has heeded the warning. I mean that, even if he doesn't create more sockpuppets, he's still a pita.
@z7sg I don't know "pita."
1:11 PM
@z7sg That problem is still outstanding.
@z7sg don't diss pitas; pitas are good :)
Pain in the arse
Jul 14 at 12:26, by RegDwight
@Jez I must admit he did show signs of improvement. And that's why right now he's "merely" banned for sockpuppeting, not for the quality issues.
@Reg It's terrible... I tested it in 24/7 mode.... Then all broke
@MattEllen Ah
1:12 PM
@MrHen Hey I know something a native speaker doesn't. I am awesome.
@MrHen unless of course he's stabbing your donkey, in which case he's a pain in your ass
@RegDwight Speaking of which... I am not sure I get to notify you whilst inside that one room over there.
Oh right. Ze Raum.
@RegDwight What an awesome little pineapple you are!
I keep getting distracted.
@MrHen Who said anything about "little"?
1:13 PM
It's cool. But I do care about it :)
So do I.
29 secs ago, by MrHen
@RegDwight What an awesome little pineapple you are!
I did. Right there ^
Which, coincidentally, is one of the reasons I keep getting distracted.
Kicking people's asses distracts me from kicking other people's asses.
Priorities, priorities.
@RegDwight So much ass-kicking... so little time...
A: Why is the word 'bologna' pronounced like 'baloney' ?

ThursagenI think you are all wrong in your explanations.

1:15 PM
A: Why is the word 'bologna' pronounced like 'baloney' ?

ThursagenI think you are all wrong in your explanations.

Who voted that up?
1:15 PM
In Soviet Russia, ass kicks you.
@z7sg But yeah, who the hell votes that up?
@RegDwight ornary equiforms
Mkay. I suppose I was too fast with my "shows signs of improvement" statement.
Uhm....hm. 11.5k user posted that?
1:16 PM
First time I've known you to show signs of possibly being a bit wrong.
And it got voted up? That's...interesting.
Oh, btw, if someone flags a 10k user's post, do they get to see it in the tools menu?
@z7sg I never said "wrong". I only said "too fast" :P
@MrHen I dunno. @Grace?
@z7sg I have seen Reg admit someone else was right
@RegDwight Hm?
1:17 PM
@MrHen Pssst. That was in a secret room.
@RegDwight We could test it. Someone flag one of my posts or something.
49 secs ago, by MrHen
Oh, btw, if someone flags a 10k user's post, do they get to see it in the tools menu?
@RegDwight It still happened?
@MrHen You'll have to specify your question more clearly. Who is "they"?
@GraceNote The 10k user
So, 10k User gets a flag. Does that 10k User see the flag in the tools menu?
1:18 PM
@MrHen If it is a flag that can show up in the 10k tools, they will see it, even on their own posts.
@MrHen surely yes
@MrHen flagged something of yours
@MrHen No. There, I only said "I don't want to admit that you're right, because I would remember that forever". I didn't actually admit they were right. Quite the opposite.
@GraceNote Is this by design? That seems abusive.
@MrHen It's barely anything more than a close vote at that point.
1:19 PM
@MrHen you don't see who flagged
They can't see who the flag is from, and it is only a small subset of flags corresponding to the cookie-cutter reasons.
@GraceNote I don't think it will show up in the 10k tools. the flag option says to tell a diamond mod
Any custom flag will only be seen by moderators. Period.
@RegDwight I didn't say "first time you admitted you were wrong", that's something else entirely.
@MattEllen Hm, no I don't see it there. There could be a delay?
1:19 PM
Wow that question is a train wreck. Every answer is below zero, and two even deleted.
@MattEllen If you use a cookie-cutter reason (such as not-an-answer), then it shows up on the 10k tools anonymously.
@Mana That would be why many of us are... not pleased 3I is a 10k user.
@GraceNote Mmk. So what happens if a 10k user disagrees with a flag? Is that how things get "disputed"?
@MrHen That is correct. It merely is another kind of cookie-cutter flag. Other than the "dispute" change, it is identical in behavior to the other cookie-cutter flags.
@GraceNote So if I have a flag that was marked invalid, that must have been a mod?
The reason I ask is because one of my flags on a 10k user was recently marked invalid and I have no idea why
Which is fine, but it made me wonder about the details :)
1:22 PM
@MrHen If it is dismissed invalid, it is by a moderator
If it is merely flagged as invalid, then it is a 10k user or moderator.
@GraceNote It's because available flags for answers are different to flags for questions. misinterpretation of evidence on my part!
@MattEllen The only difference is that answers get "not-an-answer" while questions get close reasons, all the other cookie cutter reasons are identical.
@GraceNote i.e. spam and offensive?
@MattEllen "very low quality", rather. Spam and Offensive are different sort of flag altogether.
1:24 PM
It just says "Invalid"
@MrHen I'm just a normal user
@GraceNote those only go to diamond mods according to the popup
Oh. :P
Your blueness confused me.
@MattEllen Outdated text. The "other" is exclusive to diamonds but the cookie cutters are visible to 10ks anonymously.
@MrHen It's only on Gaming.
I see. Well, I think you've answered my questions. :)
1:26 PM
@GraceNote oh!
@Grace Why have you abandoned the gaming chat ;_;
@Mana I was in there the past two days!
Oh, you were?
scratches back of neck... Whoops?
oh dear @mana, are you feeling neglected?
@MattEllen asdsadfasdfasdf
1:29 PM
I'll take that as a yes?
More like a да.
Yeah, you can.
@RegDwight google gives me too many options
but I think they're mostly the same
1:31 PM
A: Is this the right way to use past perfect?

FumbleFingersOP's example sentence should probably be rephrased as For the last 3 years I have been in contact with somebody. But structurally it's the same is For the last 3 years I have been having sex with my girlfriend. This is perfectly good English.

Check out the comments on that answer
except for
>as to
Specifically, you @RegDwight
@MrHen I thought I'd seen them?
@RegDwight No clue if you had, but I think the Tasos additions were interesting :)
1:33 PM
> By the way FumbleFingers has a nice english name, what does waiwai even mean.
Yeah, those
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex but were Afraid to Ask

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who likes sex and thinks it's a fun and pleasurable thing; anyone wanting to improve his/her sex life.

Currently in commitment.

That from someone called Tasos Papanikolaou.)))
I mean, I was going to flag them but they were so darned amazing...
I just wish this proposal would go through; then, EL&U questions wouldn't be seen as such a big problem after all :)
1:35 PM
@Fx At the very least, the super-collider will be busy for a while
@Fx The problem with that proposal is really that it should be called "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex but were Afraid to ask under your well-known StackExchange account, so you don't commit to it at all or only under a 1-rep account, so it takes forever and never takes off".
But that wouldn't be quite as catchy.
But hey, we could do a flash-mob thing and uncommit from Linguistics and commit to Sex.
@RegDwight you read my mind
I am here to.
@RegDwight Would you commit to it if no one here knew you?
but French L&U and Linguistics are near the top of the list of proposals, hopefully they will get launched at some point in 2011!
1:38 PM
@Mana 1. No one here really knows me. 2. I am committed to my wife and am not afraid to ask any questions whatsoever about sex. 3. I have no commitments left, Area 51 or otherwise.
@RegDwight I would, except that I bet my chances of getting laid are better on Linguistics than on Sex
@RegDwight I floated this 3 commitment idea to my wife, but she doesn't seen too keen on it
@Fx Is that true? @Kit.
@RegDwight Well...uhm...geez. I just got shut down, I guess.
damnit. uncommiting isn't instant. I'm going to have to wait to commit to Sex...
@MattEllen :P
1:42 PM
I am a flashmob of 1
We only need 52 more followers to get Castles.SE into Commitment phase!
yay! commited
@RegDwight: In an attempt to make you smile:
Q: What does ")))" mean at the end of a sentence?

MrHenSomeone I know keeps ending their chat messages with ))): Then you can still copy jokes from others.))) I assume that this isn't some newfangled emoticon gone wrong. What is its purpose?

Um, ask them?
@MrHen needs more context! ))):
1:45 PM
Q: What are good synonyms for "proactive"?

Theo BuehlerI'm new to this part of the StackExchange network. I hope that this question suits the format and intentions of english.SE. Let me start by asking my question right away: What are good synonyms for proactive? Edit: The reason why I'm asking is simply: I don't like this word for reasons I li...

i'm thinking this is off-topic by our single-word-request guidelines
@JSBangs Holy crap, so many edits...
BTW, I don't think "off-topic" is the right reason.
@JSBangs I want to to help though... I feel sorry that proactive is such a nasty word! It's deffo tl;dr as well though.
The topic isn't what is causing a problem.
@MrHen i know, and it's rambly and ridiculous. he can say what he doesn't like about the word proactive, but he doesn't give any good indication of what he wants instead
@MrHen are you thinking it's maybe NARQ or possibly NC?
then it's gen ref. since he can just look it up in a thesaurus
1:48 PM
@MattEllen i'd support that
i mean, the rest of you can vote that way
@JSBangs General Reference, honestly.
BTW, i notice that The User Formerly Known As 3I has been pretty well-behaved since his return
"What is a synonym for X?" is something you use a thesaurus for. It isn't our fault you don't like what you found.
@JSBangs We had a funny non-answer in here from earlier :)
@MrHen i was noticing this question, where he cast a right good close vote: english.stackexchange.com/questions/35868/…
@JSBangs Ah, excellent. :)
Oop, gotta go
1:55 PM
@RegDwight please make (2 questions) a synonym of
i'm gonna fix the two questions that have it, but this should really be a standard synonym
Q: What does ")))" mean at the end of a sentence?

MrHenSomeone I know keeps ending their chat messages with ))): A: Except if you're not good at jokes B: Then you can still copy jokes from others.))) I assume that this isn't some newfangled emoticon gone wrong. What is its purpose?

c'mon, @MrHen. aren't you our close-voter? too localized
@JSBangs I added my vote. I am just in a silly mood today :)
wait, you can close-vote yourself?
@JSBangs Yep. I've actually closed my own question before
Q: How do I handle articles with parenthetical statements?

MrHen Possible Duplicate: “a/an” preceding a parenthetical statement If I were to use a (normal) parenthetical statement, the article would not cause problems. If I were to use a (unusual) parenthetical statement, the article seems incorrect. How should I proceed? Is one of thes...


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