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6:16 PM
@reg I am curious what present you have for Kit, and I just learnt that you are Justin Bieber.
@matt Checked out your website. The avatar is pretty accurate, except for the two locks of hair below.
@JasperLoy Thanks! yeah the photo on my website is quite old. 2005 I think. I've had a few different beards since then. Also my hair is longer now, about the same length as my avatar.
OK I took the vocab test above, and my score is very low, compared to Cerberus. 14,400.
And to be accurate, the test takes about 5 min, or maybe I'm just taking too long to think about whether I should check the box.
6:37 PM
To recap: z7sg 32,900, Cerberus 34,400 and me 14,400 at testyourvocab.com. Do post your scores here!
@JasperLoy @Kit's got my present already, and it's up to her to show or not show it around.
in War Metal Tyrant, 53 mins ago, by RegDwight
So we have Vitaly at 25k+, myself at 30k+, z7sg at 33k, Cerberus at 34k+ and Rob at 42k+.
@RegDwight 33,300
Wow you beat @z7sg
but I'm amazed at the number of words which come from Latin roots (which helps a lot, of course, as I tend to memorize those much more easily)
6:41 PM
Surprise, surprise.
in War Metal Tyrant, 2 hours ago, by Cerberus
The Greek and Latin words just aren't that hard for me, while I must shamefully admit to finding certain short, Germanic words very hard to define out of context, like nib.
@RegDwight what I mean is, it's probably easier for me to dissert on the striation of felids’ vibrissae than to describe snowfall
48 mins ago, by Jasper Loy
One syllable words are the hardest.
@Fx Fair enough.
This, however:
54 mins ago, by Cerberus
If only they had included a few common vegetables, I'd have gotten a much lower score...
is probably true of native speakers, too.
I scored a mere 30600
At least I know that I can't tell fish and vegetables and mushrooms apart in any language.
I mean.
Well, you know what I mean.
They all look quite different
6:46 PM
Maybe my low score is because I'm being honest with myself. If there is any shadow of uncertainty, I would not check the box.
I know how to fix that. Go check all boxes!
Yeah! skew their results!
Make sure to mark yourself as under 15 years old, too
Exactly. They should probably publish the exact number you would get for checking everything, because otherwise people are just curious and won't stop wanting to see.
On the other side of the spectrum, I wonder what happens if I check just the first five words.
I missed almost the entire last column of the second page, though
I retook the test, and got 14, 800. So I hereby declare that my score, taking the average, is 14, 600!
6:55 PM
And I would not want to check all the boxes and mess up their research big time. Please people!
@JasperLoy I think the back end of it notes that if you don't fill in the very last section, it will not count the survey (and suggests that you skip it, if you lied in the previous sections)
The first time I did it by column and the second time by row. Maybe that makes a difference too. But, as I always say, the real experts have limited vocab as they can express themselves clearly using few words!
@RegDwight This puts you at a distinct disadvantage at certain testing procedures.
Oh, good, mine was less than @Cerberus.
@GraceNote Mine is embarrassingly low.
@JasperLoy How long have you known the language?
7:01 PM
@GraceNote My whole life. But I was never really into expanding vocab.
@JasperLoy Well, that'd do it.
Comparatively, I play a wide range of video games and listen to lots of foreign music (which is where I personally learned "pabulum". When you play games like those titled Subterranean Animism, you start to pick up a lot of unusual and random words in your travels.
@GraceNote Which is why I did not know what is swag and sharpie, when Jeff announced the T-shirts, if you remember!
@JasperLoy I cannot recall that which I had not perceived.
@GraceNote Noob.
@RegDwight I hope no-one ever translates them.
7:16 PM
Don't get me wrong. I've just finished Puzzle Agent, and Ben there Dan that, and enjoyed them well enough, and I enjoy a good round on DoW II Retribution's Last Stand game mode.
But do you know what game I keep going back to?
@Alenanno Translates what to what?
Q: Why nobody tries to replace Italian music terminology with English terms?

Saeed NeamatiIn music we have many terms like Andantino, Allegro, and similar terms which are mentioned here. These terms are really misleading and far from intuitive and cause learners to concentrate on terminology instead of concentrating on music itself. Why nobody has translated these terms in era of Engl...

Every evening, I start thinking "I know, I'll do something productive" whether that's a blog thing, or a programming thing, or a reading thing. but in the end I just put some music on and play freecell.
@Alenanno I would actually close it as off-topic.
Well it was about English usage after all, but not put in a good way
7:19 PM
@JasperLoy I would have migrated it to Musical Practice and Performance, but it's not constructive in its current form.
Musical Practice and Performancemusic.stackexchange.com

Beta Q&A site for musicians, students, and enthusiasts. Topics include practice & performance, composition, technique, theory, and history.

Currently in public beta.

@MattEllen Since I don't play computer games, I even had to look up freecell.
Haha, the OP has asked another question already. @Alenanno
He's on a roll.
@JasperLoy If you like logical puzzles that are not language based, you'll like freecell
Wait... is it the same guy who answered that water cooler question?
For sure he is!
@MattEllen If you really want to do something, just try to be disciplined and put your heart into it. Motivational psychology!
7:23 PM
@RegDwight lol anyway he replied on the comments
@JasperLoy This is true. I guess I have a hard time deciding! there are so many things to pick from.
@MattEllen But really, just do whatever makes you happy. Don't feel obliged to conform to anything, but your own interests, passions, values etc.
@JasperLoy Today i was trying to get myself to read The Pragmatic Programmer, because I want ot give it back to my boss, and I want to learn from it. But I really wanted to read Gödel, Escher, Bach, because I've started on the first chapter and it's really caught my interest.
So I was trying to get myself to do the "right" thing (right to my mind) and, during the struggle, by some sort of reflex, I ended up playing Freecell.
It's not even a conscious decision :D
@Alenanno I replied back, and now I gotta run. Laterz.
7:39 PM
@RegDwight I saw it, I agree and replied. See you :)
@MattEllen One way to resolve this is to order your list of activities first by urgency, and then by importance. At least that's what the gurus say.
@JasperLoy If I knew what wanted from life I could tell you which was more important ;-)
7:57 PM
@MattEllen It sounds like what you may need is some meditation or stilling of the mind or quietness to achieve some clarity of perspective then.
@JasperLoy It certainly couldn't hurt
@MattEllen How did you create the free backgrounds on your website?
8:14 PM
@JasperLoy Well, a couple are screen grabs from Google maps that i made into tileable images
Some are pictures that I drew and then edited with GIMP
And the others are just images I creates with GIMP and my mouse
Oh, and there is one computer generated tile, too
I wrote a small programme to make that one
@MattEllen Well, you can create lots of diagrams with LaTeX, if you ever learn that. Not only can you do text, you can also do mathematical diagrams, projector presentations, general graphics and function plots using different packages. LaTeX currently comes in over 2000 packages. Of course any one person would only use a few for his particular needs.
8:37 PM
sounds like a complex language!
@roland I see you have changed your picture again.
@RolandTaylor Do you have any idea why 13.04 is marked as LTS in the schedule? I was ignored in the other room.
@JasperLoy not quite sure about that one; 14.04 should be the next LTS to my knowledge.
@RolandTaylor Which is why I was surprised. I thought Ubuntu decided to change its cycle. Personally I would prefer a yearly but more polished release.
8:47 PM
@psmears Do take the test at testyourvocab.com and post your score here!
@JasperLoy there probably is a very simple reason for the change, such as needing a stable version with Unity.
@RolandTaylor Ya to be honest, I'm thinking of switching to Debian with Unity and all, but of course, 11.10 will come with gnome shell already.
9:06 PM
@JasperLoy Awww... my message in reply did not go through because of my internet :(
goodnight you funky gibbons!
@JasperLoy Hi jasper, I moved off Natty on all but one of my computers to Mint 11 and I'm quite happy with the move.
The only minus is that when you upgrade the distro (say from Mint 10.4 to Mint 11) it's really recommended to do a fresh install (which is what I already ended up doing with Ubuntu anyway).
Also I think they don't upgrade the Kernel as often as Ubuntu do.
So for instance Mint 10.4 is still using a 2.6.35 whereas 11 is in 2.6.38. If you have a recent hardware, it's better to have a recent linux kernel.
For Virtualbox SMP it's also better to use a recent kernel.
@AlainPannetier Thanks, but I must add that in future Mint will probably use gnome shell too, since gnome panel will be deprecated. I don't like Mint; I find Ubuntu more polished than Mint actually. And is that your baby photo, or a photo of your baby?
A baby photo of me would be Black and White.
@MattEllen Goodnight, you probably have work tmr, unlike me!
9:20 PM
@AlainPannetier I see, I forgot you are that old...
Ubuntu used to be really polished until 11.4 which was a victim of time boxing.
I'm not even sure they had a beta2.
@JasperLoy Possibly with a top hat and a redingote ;-)
@AlainPannetier I had to lookup top hat and redingote. Just to add, Mint Update defaults to not updating kernel, x, firmware; running apt-get update and then dist-upgrade on Mint actually updates more stuff as I discovered.
@RegDwight — I almost screwed that test up. I didn't read the directions (who does?) and I thought you were supposed to check the ones you didn't know. So I checked "cantle" on the first page, clicked next, and found the next page to have only about 30 words on it and they were all easier than the first page. So I had to go back and RTFM.
The hazards of TL;DR ...
@Robusto No wonder your score was so high, or maybe it will be even higher now?
@Robusto It is a miracle you are even able to walk!
9:31 PM
@JasperLoy — Nah, second time I did it right.
@Robusto So what you posted is the correct score?
But they should have had a "select all" button so you could go through and uncheck the ones you don't know.
@JasperLoy — Yes.
I do not doubt it.
I missed, in addition to cantle, words like vibrissae, cenacle, fuliginous ... and like 3 or 4 others.
I mean fuliginous ... now, really ...
@Robusto, what was your score then?
9:35 PM
If anyone ever says fuliginous when they mean "dark" or "sooty" you have my permission to smack them a good one upside the head.
I scored 28.5 k :-(
It seems that the words change each time I take it.
@AlainPannetier — 42,300 or something like that. I don't remember exactly now.
Reg posted it somewhere.
@Robusto, and I cheated when I knew a French definition :-((*
@Cerberus — WTF, you didn't know legerdemain? Or embonpoint? And you're like, what, a middling bike ride from France?
9:41 PM
That's for jasper
No top hat
No redingote
@AlainPannetier That's not cheating, I did that wherever I could.
@Rob: Legerdemain I would certainly have known in context. But I wasn't quite sure. And Embonpoint I had never ever heard of, and its meaning isn't obvious in French, not to me...
Oh, leger comes from "light"! Now that I think of it, I should have remembered. Slight of hand.
Seems like legerdemain is actually "Le jeu de main"
But I like that I learned a few new words from that test. Doesn't happen every day. Especially opismath. I love that word. Cenacle isn't bad, either.
@AlainPannetier Really! Then I feel much better.
Pronounced in English and then rewritten in Frenglish
9:44 PM
@AlainPannetier — Yeah, but you pronounce it like legerdemain ...
I should have known that one, but I thought of opsis rather than, eh, the Greek word for late, which I know but now escapes me.
cenacle is easy for a French person
I know cena, but it could have come from koinos instead, and the -cle part I wasn't sure about, so I didn't know.
@Cerb: And you didn't know raiment? Or nib? Sheesh.
9:46 PM
Raiment is a word that sounds very familiar, and I would know it in context, but...
Nib was just blank.
@Cerberus — I picture you as someone who wears fine raiment. Silks and linen and whatnot.
As for embompoint, that points at a French etymology i did not know: "En bon point" => in good shape => plumpy (look at the women in Rubens paintings : not exactly today's beauty canon).
@Robusto Linen, occasionally. Silk? Only in ties, which I wear hardly ever.
@AlainPannetier Ah, that's what I thought when I looked it up.
And you'd know Rubens!!!
@Rob: Did you know oneiromancy and uxoricide?
9:48 PM
@AlainPannetier — It's more about having a notable bust. For a woman.
oneiromancy is easy
@AlainPannetier Yeah, he is the opposite of modern Vogue: depicted a twisted exaggeration of what people liked, or such is my hypothesis.
because oneiric is related to... dream
@AlainPannetier It is easy if you know Greek, I should think? I knew it from Greek, but I've never seen it in English, not that I remember.
@AlainPannetier Oneiric Ocelot in Ubuntu 11.04. Nice photo.
9:50 PM
Yes. The first I knew from dreams (how I also knew hypnopompic) and the second one I knew had to be wife-killing, because uxorious refers to excessive submission to one's wife, plus -cide means to kill. so uxoricide had to be only one thing.
Oneiros = dream.
夢 in chinese (@Robusto should know)
@Robusto Exactly.
Uxor = wife
@JasperLoy indeed
@AlainPannetier — I have a fondness for dreaming, whether awake or asleep.
9:51 PM
Caedo = kill (-cido if attached)
@Robusto I usuall get nightmares.
I know a fun game: finding a word that Robusto doesn't know. I doubt I could think of any.
Regicide, parricide, homicide, insecticide ... all those -cides mean to kill. But, curiously, cider is good for you. Go figure.
@Robusto Judging by your attendance to EL&U it's probably more awake than asleep!
@AlainPannetier — Hey, I'm retired.
I answered 2 questions in the last 24 hours.
9:52 PM
My God.
Saw one answers of yours just today!
This site is going to Tartarus.
After a while, all the questions seem to be the same.
That's half my output for today.
@Cerberus going "Tartarus"?
Any link with the sauce?
9:53 PM
Old habits die hard, but I'm mainly going to hang back and be supportive from now on. I'll answer a few questions, but I'll be able to back way off.
What does hollandaise taste like, only tried mayonaisse.
I think not: Tartarus = the bad part of Greek Hell; tartare comes from the Asian people, I think.
@JasperLoy — Keerist. Hollandaise is the crown prince of sauces. Mayonnaise is shit.
Dammit, Gmail is down for me.
@Cerberus, I see. Cerberus should know about the "good" and "bad" parts of Greek hell.
I'm still aiming at paradise, but if I don't make it, I'll make sure to ask you for a "not Tartarus" spot.
9:56 PM
Hollandaise is one of the sauces I knew I had to learn to make, and I make it great. The other two are bearnaise and bordelaise. Of the three, I have to say bordelaise is my fave, but it is so much work to make. More even than hollandaise.
Bearnaise is the best!!!
But hollandaise is tricky. Too much heat for even a few seconds and you're screwed.
@AlainPannetier — Heathen!
Oh man you guys are experts in cooking. I only know how to fry an egg.
@Vitaly's not around!
9:58 PM
Oh, and let's not forget the Grand Marnier sauce I make for crêpe suzette.
Do the Americans and Europeans eat soft-boiled eggs?
That's very good. True.
Speaking of cooking, I bought some tenderloin, and I should probably go start getting it ready. My wife is giving me hungry looks. Our deal is this: I cook, she cleans. We both agree this is the way things get done right.
So adios amigos.
Buon provecho
@AlainPannetier Do you know what soft-boiled eggs are?
10:02 PM
@JasperLoy. Yes and I do eat at least one per weak.
My favs are Benedict, scrambled, then half-boiled
In Germany, it's quite common to have one at breakfast.
with a pinch of salt on the yolk and "mouillettes".
@AlainPannetier I thought only Asians take it, but maybe we're talking about different things. Put the egg in boiling water for a while but not so long that it becomes hard boiled, so that it's semi-watery, and add soya sauce.
Of course boiling with the shell on.
@AlainPannetier Paradise is rather hard to attain for the Greeks: don't get your hopes up. But Tartarus isn't difficult to avoid either.
French people don't use soy sauce (I do of course) but yes that's what we call "oeuf a la coque".
We call that soft-boiled in Dutch. A very common way to at an egg at breakfast.
10:06 PM
@Cerberus, what do you mean "not hard to avoid" Do I have to bring two coins (one for Charon, one for you)?
@AlainPannetier That would certainly help. Make mine gold.
@Cerberus, I'll have to trust Charon!
Wow, I'm having weird connection problems.
The stater (Greek: στατήρ, literally "weight") was an ancient coin used in various regions of Greece. History Western Europeans consider the stater to be mostly of Macedonian origin, because Celtic tribes brought it in to Europe after using it as mercenaries in north Greece. It circulated from the 8th century BC to 50 AD. According to Robin Lane Fox, it was borrowed by the Euboeans from the Phoenician shekel, which was of about the same weight and was also a fiftieth part of a mina. Original mintings of this coin such as practiced in Athens valued the stater at a tetradrachm (4 drachms), ...
Neither google.com nor yahoo.com nor a Dutch bank site work, but this site works.
10:08 PM
@Cerberus Maybe an earthquake somewhere disrupting some cables.
It's amazing as how many currency name are weight names (Libra, Pound, pesos, stater...)
@JasperLoy But but... we don't have earthquakes here!
living on your DNS cache?
That is probably it.
So does that mean that a DNS server is down?
@Cerberus The earthquake can be anywhere in the world. It depends on how your internet connection is served.
10:09 PM
you can try ping that's Google's DNS.
If this works, you can manually set it in your Windows lan/Wlan connection.
And there are no earthquakes for me here either!
@JasperLoy I'm near Amsterdam, and yet Dutch sites don't work either.
you need to do
c:>ipconfig -a
pick up the DNS address and ping it.
Just wait a day or so if it still gives problems.
Huh, I did run => ipconfig -a
10:12 PM
ipconfig /all
A window appeared with some ipconfig stuff (I saw some IP addresses), then it closed.
Confused with ifconfig -a
@AlainPannetier Same thing happened. The window closes too quickly to see what it did.
coz you need to open a cmd window first
rather than typing it in the "run command" menu item.
I got the command window with the regular ipconfig stuff, well, from what I could see in half a second.
Right, now the window stays.
10:14 PM
Third to the bottom you should have DNS entries
Yes, I see three entries
you're at the Univ?
I also see "lease expired 11 July".
I am at my parents.
The PC downstairs wouldn't connect either.
You are my last link to the outside world who could save me!
then you're on T-mobile may be. That address is a private lan address (not a regular public DNS)
Yes I think we are on T-mobile.
So should I try and change that DNS server address?
10:17 PM
Does ping work?
How do I do that?
I don't know much about computers...
Same cmd window and
Ah ok.
That seems to work!
No packets lost.
Then try
nslookup www.google.com
Server: dns2.proxad.net

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: www.l.google.com
Aliases: www.google.com
proxad is mine you mileage may vary.
"Request timed out".
When I did that nslookup www.google.com
10:20 PM
So your is an IP node but not necessarily a DNS.
Request to speedtouch.lan timed out.
Should I set a different DNS server?
Or may be a DNS that need to restart its DNS server daemon.
Now try
And if this works
nslookup www.google.com
oh! i invented an question! Why does English need those articles? a, an, the...... I can't understand how to use them
@Cerberus, looks like the gates of hell have closed on you. Are you still with us?
@trg787, that's probably going to be nuked. sorry to say.
By the way, you seem to have recovered... ;-)
Haha...... But I really can't understand what is their purpose.... In Russian there are no ariticles....
10:33 PM
@trg787, I think Russian must have lost its articles because many if not the majoity of semitic and indo european languages use articles.
I reset the modem, now it works again.
That's probably wrong. Latin does not have articles.
@Cerberus, good.
Good timing.
I got disconnected all together while reading your helpful advice (thanks for that!).
We need your light on @trg787 interesting question.
10:35 PM
7 mins ago, by trg787
Haha...... But I really can't understand what is their purpose.... In Russian there are no ariticles....
I believe Indo-European articles all originate in old pronouns.
In Russian you say "Girl got apple" in English " A girl got a apple" I cant' understand why this letter "a"
The main reason for articles is probably topic v. focus, known information v. new information:
The is used to refer to nouns that have been mentioned or are implicitly known to be relevant for the listener; a/an, the opposite.
Then why does not Russian need it?
@trg787, then you have some ambiguity. "A girl got an apple" or "This girl got an apple" - or do you have demonstratives ?
10:40 PM
@trg787 Russian probably uses other ways to indicate topic and focus. But alas, I don't speak Russian.
Why in English we must speak "A girl"
How do you differentiate "A girl has got an apple" from "The girl has got an apple".
"A girl" means "some girl" (I can't tell you whether I'm talking about a new one or the one we were already talking about before).
@Alain, I dont understand myself.
"The girl" means, the one we were already talking about.
But I can't imaging how in Russian to say "THE girl"
10:44 PM
I've just read that Slavic languages do not have any article.
oh! I cant understand why they
But the general rule for languages is not to have any article. Chinese does not have articles either.
I studied French for 10 years. And I could not understand why these articles - le une etc
How do you say "Give me the apple"?
You say "Give me apple".
Does that mean any apple on some specific apple?
That's what articles are for. Adding more precision.
In Russian it goes like "Give me apple'
10:51 PM
English does not require articles to be associated with nouns in all circumstances.
On the contrary, there are cases when you should not include any articles.
When you express general ideas.
"Cars are safe nowadays".
That's also because it is plural.
Anyway the articles for me is a enigma
Why in French do you must say "UNE prune"? Just say "prune"...... I can't understand
@trg787, should we change?
why? just a bit amazing....
I tried this in Google translate

Tu veux une prune?
Вы хотите, сливы?
Tu veux la prune?
Вы хотите, чтобы обрезать?
Is that a fair translation?
11:06 PM
Tu la volue , Jordje Dandain
Жорж Данден () — герой пьесы Мольера «Жорж Данден, или Одураченный муж» (George Dandin ou le Mari confondu). Его имя, ставшее нарицательным, употребляется для обозначения человека, страдающего оттого, что его неразумные желания были исполнены. Богатый крестьянин Жорж Данден захотел породниться с аристократами и именоваться «господином де ла Дандиньером». И вот, вместо того чтобы жениться на доброй честной крестьянке, он берет себе в жены красавицу Анжелику, дочь барона де Сотанвиля. Разорившиеся Сотанвили, получив за дочь изрядную сумму денег, таким образом совершили выгодную сделку. На Д...
Long time ago.
I, guys, forgot French at all, 20 years I knew it very well
You meant "Tu l'as vu George Dandin ?"
maybe like this..... but I think it's Tu la voulus
11:11 PM
"Tu l'as voulu" translates in English as "Did you want it".
"Tu l'as vu" as "Did you see it?".
"Tu la voulus" as "You wanted her".
More precise translation is: You got what you deserverd
"Tu l'as voulu"
or better "Tu l'auras voulu!". You asked for it.
@Alain, where are you from ? If not a secret. By her name you are from France. I admire this country.
@trg787, thx. I'm from France indeed. As for me I visited Russia twice. But was very young.
May be 10.
Reg is nowhere in sight.
11:25 PM
From Finland to Leningrad (that was the name at the time) to Moscow and back through Eastern Europe.
@Alain, I respect you , French, culture and literature very much..... From 7 years I learned your languge. You can't imagine what was a cinemas in the USSR when French movies.... ppl just broke cachiers
@trg787 What do you mean by broke cachiers?
If was a movie with Pierre Richard.... it's
@JasperLoy, assaulted the ticket office I understand.
This was the time when speaking French was fashionable across Europe.
France for Russia is an eternal allay
11:34 PM
@trg787 You mean ally?
aha.... typo
Мост Александра III () — одноарочный мост, перекинутый через Сену в Париже между Домом инвалидов и Елисейскими Полями. Длина моста составляет 160 метров. Чтобы не заслонять панораму Елисейских Полей, высота сооружения не превышает шести метров, что на момент его создания считалось удивительным достижением. Мост был заложен в ознаменование Франко-русского союза императором Николаем II в октябре 1896 года и возведён за четыре года. Назван в честь его отца — императора Александра III. Открылся накануне Всемирной выставки 1900 года (гран-при которой достался проекту моста через Енисей в Красн...
@trg787 Allay is another word by the way. I think Russian is too hard for me.
But the greatest mathematicians are the Germans, French and Russians. :)
@JasperLoy It was incredible crowds to buy tickects to French movie,
11:38 PM
The Pont Alexandre III is an arch bridge that spans the Seine, connecting the Champs-Élysées quarter and the Invalides and Eiffel Tower quarter, widely regarded as the most ornate, extravagant bridge in Paris. History The bridge, with its exuberant Art Nouveau lamps, cherubs, nymphs and winged horses at either end, was built between 1896 and 1900. It is named after Tsar Alexander III, who had concluded the Franco-Russian Alliance in 1892. His son Nicholas II laid the foundation stone in October 1896. The style of the bridge reflects that of the Grand Palais, to which it leads on the ...
@AlainPannetier Thanks. I wasn't expecting a translation. I was just casually mentioning that I don't think I'll ever learn Russian, though I will try to learn German and French.
Guys, I must leave you there. Gotta work tomorrow!!!
@AlainPannetier Good night!
@trg787 You speak Russian and English?
@JasperLoy, German and French are two languages very close to English. Good luck. Bonne chance! Viel Glück!
11:44 PM
@rest Hello. I noticed you often make your posts community wiki. Why?
@trg787 You speak Russian and English?
Russian is my native lang
Though I'm Belorusian
@trg787 I see. Your English is a bit hard for me to understand, but still alright!
@cerberus How is your internet now?
Hi! It is fine now! I reset my modem, and now it works fine again, thank God.
For me Belorusian is very hard to read....... I don't understand it... yet we studuied it in the schooll
11:52 PM
@Cerberus You should thank Alain, haha.
Alain = God
@Cerberus Alain=god
Fine, I am polytheistic too (obviously).
For me very hard to read Beloruasion texts..... I undersdand evr. but hard......
@Cerberus I kind of believe in Buddhist cosmology: different realms of existence:god, demigod, human, animal, hungry ghost, hell being.
11:55 PM
@trg787 At least your English is better than my Russian (which is ... 0)!
@JasperLoy That more or less agrees with Greek mythology, so I have no objections.
Russian is a very complex lang.....
@Cerberus But besides being Cerberus, you don't really subscribe to it I guess? Well, I hope to be reborn in Germany in my next life!
@JasperLoy Nope, I am not very theistic. Are you? And why Germany in particular?
@trg787 Yes, I think the only reason I will want to learn it is to read Russian mathematical texts. But the German and French ones are better I must say.
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