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3:00 PM
@MrHen Mmmmmm! Sweet coal!
Mymoona's previous question was this:
Q: Is this sentence grammatically correct?

Mymoona The medium of instruction was English for all the subjects except for Arabic language, French and Islamic studies. Is this sentence correct?

Writing.SE, if you ask me.
@RegDwight Agreed.
@MrHen — I'm wondering how you know about that practice. Good children get presents in their stockings.
@Robusto Some people have bad siblings.
@MrHen We don't use Christmas stockings, but thank you for the thought.
Actually, the first time I saw one I was in USA.
3:02 PM
@kiamlaluno Yeah, after I made the reference I realized it may not be too common elsewhere
MrHen It's not your fault; it's our fault. :-)
We have Santa Lucia, the Befana, Bambin Gesù to take us gifts, though. :-)
@kiamlaluno — It's @kiam's fault. None of the rest of us had anything to do with it.
We don't know this kiam.
Is it @kiam? I thought it was @kia.
Let's say it's @k.
3:05 PM
Now I guess I alerted all users with a nick starting with k.
@kiamlaluno I wonder how that works.
About Mymoona's first question: Once I realized she was probably translating from Arabic, I was able to figure out what she meant to ask and edit it. I leave it to someone else to answer with their preferred variation of "No, no a thousand times NO!!"
Let's try with @R; this should reference three users.
Sorry, not the first, the latest
3:09 PM
@kiamlaluno: Single-letter at-mentions don't work. You should know that, as a mod.
How about uno@?
Am I?
@MrHen — KIA is a car and also an acronym for "Killed In Action"
@kiamlaluno Nobody told you?
Your name is in blue.
@Single-letter surely works, if somebody has such nick.
Oh, that is true. I thought it meant I was sick.
3:11 PM
@kiamlaluno No, because no.
@R you listening?
Now Robusto at-rs himself.
Or should I say "that is blue?"
Nope, you can't @ yourself.
@kiamlaluno Deto isu buru.
@Robusto That is true, I can't. But I was talking about you.
3:12 PM
@RegDwight: Prosit!
(What does that mean?)
@RegDwight — And you were wrong. Deal with it.
@kiamlaluno Cheers.
@Robusto I was not wrong.
I knew it all along.
@RegDwight Cheers!
No, I was right. You were wrong.
I was rather asking what "Deto isu buru" means.
3:13 PM
@Robusto Ah, now I understand. Yes.
You most definitely were.
(I am searching some Tylenol.)
@kiamlaluno: stop wasting precious parentheses already. Seriously.
Chat ≠ LISP.
))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))­)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) is the last half of the most important Lisp algorithm ever written.
@RegDwight Imagine the closing line for chat...
3:16 PM
Whoops... Do you mean I was not writing any Lisp code, so far?
@RegDwight What? I see no Jinx
That explains all.
@MrHen It's a sprinx. A jinx in spirit.
I was wondering why I always get a different result than the expected one.
@RegDwight That sounds like a crappy shoe brand.
3:17 PM
@MrHen Yes, wooden shoes. Them's sold in Holland.
@RegDwight With spoilers?
((search 'Tylenol) (take 'Tylenol) (wait) (wait))
Where's our three-headed puppy, btw?
@Three-headed-puppy: Here, boy!
@MrHen No, you have to start talking in Latin.
3:18 PM
@RegDwight Dammit. The dog is smarter and speaks more languages than I.
@Cerberus mucho Latinum est.
Or something.
Cogito ergo sum.
@kiamlaluno You misspelled coito.
So did Descartes.
That's why he's dead.
Not my definition of sum, you know.
3:20 PM
Domino et domo.
Doremi, solati, solati, famisol.
Is that an ex sum?
It's an ex sum laude.
I prefer a magna cum laude. I still have to understand what I should eat, though.
Dominos ergo Yahtzee.
3:22 PM
I hope there isn't a comma after each word.
Not, in, English,
I just found "don't not hear it it" in an answer:
A: "I hate when..." vs "I hate it when..."

MitchI think this is more a matter of mumbling than leaving 'it' out explicitly. I (AmE) don't not hear it it feels like it should be there, and if an AmE speaker said clearly and distinctly 'I hate when...' it would sound really wrong ('hate' doesn't feel intransitive at all).

What does "I don't hear it" mean? If he feels it, then he cannot hear it.
It's the first time I note my nick is blue. I have not seen it blue, on Safari.
@kiamlaluno: I'm not really sure what you're asking here:
Q: Are the smart quotes used in question titles seen using all the browsers?

kiamlalunoIn english.SE, the quotation mark (") used in the title is replaced by a smart quote. Are they visible in all the browsers, in any platform?

@RegDwight I am asking what I am asking. ;-)
3:30 PM
“ and ” have been standard for as long as I can remember.
I am fairly certain I first used them in 1997.
I am asking if the smart quotes used from SE to replace the quotation marks is visible from all the browsers.
I asked a question about '', and somebody thought my title was not clear.
To me, it was evident the title contained two single quotation marks, not a single double quotation mark; therefore, I was wondering if other users would not see what I was seeing.
Um, wait a second, so you're actually asking about that ditto sign? That's not how the question reads...
I am speaking of the title. I do see a difference between the ditto sign I reported, and the quotation marks around ditto.
Yes. I will go out on a limb and say that that difference is visible to anyone.
Can I stop holding my breath? :-)
3:39 PM
But what is not visible (until you start highlighting the text or something) is the difference between '' and ".
@RegDwight Perfect! That is what I needed to know. :-)
But such is life. I mean, the difference between ... and … is not immediately obvious, either.
How can I make a mental note without parentheses?
@kiamlaluno Is this an actual question?
@MrHen It's a mental note; you should not read it.
3:42 PM
You people have confusing minds. I choose to no longer read them.
Fair enough, at least you still have the choice.
Do we have minds?
Come on, @kiamlaluno, that so invites the answer "you don't".
This is an evil place. Don't push it.
@RegDwight Grrr... You keep to say my secrets.
Anyway, I was pushing for "no, we are minds."
3:45 PM
My mind (what little there was left of it) is leaking out of my ears at an accelerated rate due to this @#$#@% ftp software I'm trying to format.
I can haz mind?
@Martha "@#$#@% ftp software" is an oxymoron.
By the way, is that you plural, or singular?
Where the heck is it getting that 100px left border for the header image, anyway?
All FTP software is awesome.
3:47 PM
Well, it's got awe in it somewhere.
Quite a lot of awe.
@Martha Wait, what? It adds borders to images? Whoa, now how awesome is that!
@RegDwight That is not true, if you have CuteFTP.
One could even say it was full of it.
This FTP software was made by the boss' son-in-law. Nepotism sucks.
@Martha Ouch.
3:48 PM
I just learned what a father-in-law is; what is a son-in-law?
I can't believe the guy sells this stuff to people. There are dialogs in here that are textbook examples of how not to do a dialog: hundreds of controls, no organization to speak of, and half the stuff doesn't work.
@Martha Well, that's what most software looks like. Arguably, it's the definition of software.
That reminds me of an OS. :-)
@kiamlaluno OS/2?
@RegDwight That was better: it cut half of the mistakes. OS/1 was worst.
3:50 PM
Son-in-law = husband of daughter
BRB, gotta post that as a question...
@RegDwight Which one?
Um, there are a number of wordings I am considering. I think I will go with "What does 'husband' in 'husband of daughter' mean?"
I'm still confused. But see above about brain, leaking, and ears.
"What does in What does 'husband of daugther' mean? mean?"
3:52 PM
@Martha Well, just keep this in mind: If everything is awesome, then nothing is.
Arthur, come out from behind that cardboard cut-out of a @RegDwight
@Rhodri Hey! My His name is Attila!
Okay, piplz, now you officially scare the hell out of me. Rhodri's message got starred thrice within two seconds.
In that case, it's easier to see where he passes.
Isn't that amazing?
Should I even pin it?
::is faintly scared too::
Coming out from behind Elton John is disturbing on more than one level.
3:55 PM
We're just trying to get @Rhodri the 'Outspoken' badge.
@Martha Not on my watch! I will just delete all of his stars! Mwuahahahahahaha!
My watch doesn't have stars, just numbers.
See? I removed them.
@kiamlaluno, thwack.
Now, How can I know what time is it?
That hurts.
3:57 PM
@RegDwight It is amazing how you can make that sentence change meanings so quickly by removing words. I count at least three.
Ok, I give up, stupid logo is getting right-aligned. Time to go wrestle with iCalendar instead.
@MrHen That's how I roll.
Speaking of which, gotta head home.
4:12 PM
@RegDwight Do you mean you have to roll home?
4:52 PM
@Reg: Waaahh did you just combine Latin with one of her bastard languages? Abomination!
Not to say, incest.
That would be pretty normal for English, really
We like to keep it in the family.
Why can't your damn island finally open up!
Isolationism is not the way.
We can't even take our dogs with us.
Ok I have to go. Bai!
Bye, have fun!
5:03 PM
I know I am late, but I will say "buh bye!" the same.
5:14 PM
Time for me to roll as well. There's a leaving do for one of my colleagues that I should show my face at.
There will be entirely unavoidable drinking involved :-)
Cheers, folks.
@Rhodri One must do what one must do.
@Rhodri I know I am late, but I will say it the same: Have a good one.
2 hours later…
7:43 PM
Is this off-topic?
Q: FCE use of english part 2 - where to find

oneatWhere can I find some www test with script checking for use of english? omit www.examenglish.com please.

@Martha I think so. And even if it were on-topic, this is a terrible way to ask. I have no idea what is wanted.
As in: What kind of script? What does "use of english" mean?
As the OP says "www test," I guess he is referring to some programming script. The question is not clear at all, though.
Any question about Internet resource should be off-topic, IMO.
3 hours later…
11:11 PM
What exactly is this a duplicate of?
Q: comma question: (one, two, and three) vs. (one, two and three)

ray023When listing items in a sentence, is it more acceptable to omit the comma between the penultimate and last item? (assume there will always be an "and" between these two items). e.g. The first three letters of the alphabet are A, B, and C. vs. The first three letters of the alphabet ar...

11:25 PM
Arg... this question is driving me nuts
Q: Is there a word to describe a highly desirable cursed treasure?

oosterwalIs there a single word to describe an object or idea that is so desirable that everyone wants to attain it but once they have it they are immediately cursed? The idea is often used in literature--some examples: In Lord of the Rings, the 'one ring' is a perfect example of this. In Guy de Maupas...

So many close misses...
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