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2:36 AM
@ArunDebray I should add that Toda brackets are essentially defined to be the answer to questions of this sort. The point is, of course, that we have pretty good tools to compute them.
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1:56 PM
If G is a finite group, then we can form the suspension spectrum of that group, and this is an E_\infty ring spectrum (I believe). Are the modules over this ring spectrum the same as naive G-spectra?
@CWcx Yes, although this might depend by what you mean with "naive" G-spectra :). But $\mathbb{S}[G]$-modules are the same thing as functors $BG\to \mathrm{Spectra}$. The easiest possible proof is likely by applying Schwede-Shipley Morita theory to the latter category
@DenisNardin that is what I meant by naive :). Thanks!
2:17 PM
@JonathanBeardsley I want to join but it looks like that I need some invitation to join. How can I get an invite?
Mar 26 at 14:57, by Rune Haugseng
The link posted here worked for me: https://twitter.com/_julesh_/status/1242141831057616896
(note: I didn't try it, but people seemed satisfied with it)
Thanks @DenisNardin. It worked for me too.
2:49 PM
Dear all,

This is to announce MoVid-20: Motivic video-conference 2020

The self-organized mini-conference will happen on 15th April in Zoom, there will also be virtual rooms for the breaks. The videos of the talks will be
uploaded afterwards to the MoVid-20 YouTube channel.

**To register, please send an email to me (denis.nardin@ur.de) with the subject "MoVid-20".**

The schedule in Central European Summer Time (aka time in Germany) is as follows.

9:45-10:00 Conference opening
10:00-11:15 Tom Bachmann
3:12 PM
@DenisNardin that's cool! should I register to attend?
@S.carmeli Yes, the zoom link will be sent to the people that have registered (it's written in the announcement!)
@DenisNardin sure :-) I jumped right to the schedule
I want to shake my cane in the air and shout "kids these days"...
7 hours later…
10:45 PM
@DexterChua awesome, thanks! this looks very helpful.

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