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7:52 PM
A: Big list of feature requests and suggestions for a fantasy MO 3.0

Daniel MoskovichRestore +10 reputation for questions. A good question might actually be more important than a good answer, in mathematics and in life. Having them count for less than answers decreases the relative motivation to write detailed and coherent questions, and I suspect that it lowers the overall qual...

So it seems this is happening.
Sara Chipps on November 13, 2019

In my very first blog post, I wrote about what a personal experience taught me about the Stack Overflow community. I said we were going to step back and re-evaluate how we deliver feedback, how we can improve content quality, and how we can reduce friction between people. I said that our goal is to have the question asking process be painless and beneficial for new people and Stack Overflow veterans alike.    

During this re-evaluation period, we noticed something in our reputation reward system. We give anyone who receives an upvote on an answer ten additional reputation points, but only give five reputation points to people who receive an upvote on a question.  …

1 hour later…
8:53 PM
Q: Rep being recalculated: Qs get +10 now?

David RobertsSo now StackExchange thinks questions are worth +10 rep again. Here is a comment where a StackOverflow user noticed their rep jump by ~6k. Just now I was presented with a banner announcing this change (and on more than one SE site). Do we know when this rep recalculation will hit MathOverflow?

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