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This issue was raise on Mathematics Meta:
Q: User changing terminology

FrederikI have spotted that a user is editing old posts and changing every occurrence of "the Hawaiian earring" with "the infinite earring". As far as i know this is not standard terminology. I am not aware of any way to flag these edits, or if that is even the right approach. How should one approach this?

Q: Should blanket changes in terminology across posts be reverted?

Travis WillseEdit It seems another user posted essentially the same question here while I was writing this one. I'll close this question as a duplicate if/when it becomes possible. I got a notice earlier this evening that another user had edited a 7-year-old answer of mine, replacing the term Hawaiian earring...

I see that the same changes are done also on MathOverflow: mathoverflow.net/search?tab=active&q=earring
I have seen this edit: mathoverflow.net/posts/163850/revisions It's different from the situation on Mathematics, since it was edit of a user on their own post.
It seems that the edits were done after the last update of SE, to they won't be shown there now.
After the next update of SEDE will see more from those queries.
7:48 AM
This originated on Twitter over the weekend. See, for example, here. — user1729 23 hours ago
Related post: hereArctic Char 23 hours ago
Q: Who coined the Hawaiian Earrings?

user12897I hope to know who first used the name "Hawaiian Earrings." Barratt, Milnor(1962) says "This example was suggested by Steenrod" in its Introduction: https://www.ams.org/journals/proc/1962-013-02/S0002-9939-1962-0137110-9/S0002-9939-1962-0137110-9.pdf And this is Steenrod(1949): https://www.jsto...

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in body, potentially bad keyword in body (2): Hamilton top escorts by canadapleasure on mathoverflow.net

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