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8:48 AM
Q: List of close reasons has changed?

David RobertsI just wanted to vote to close a question, and it looks like the list of options has changed The options are now: Duplicate of... Off-topic because... Needs details or clarify Needs more focus Opinion-based In particular, the bottom three seem to been altered to sound more conciliatory, an...

@DavidRoberts AFAICT this seems to be related to this: New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow
Q: New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

Yaakov EllisNew Post Notices have been launched network-wide. Please post all new feedback, bugs and feature requests to the new announcement post. As has been previously announced, we have been working for some time on a full refresh for post notices. I am happy to announce that all initial development w...

Notice for example this answer: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/337013/…
A: New Post Notices rollout on Stack Overflow

Andras Deakstatus-completed It seems that the close vote reasons have been rewritten from scratch, which is only mentioned as an aside on this post. Here's what "typo/no repro" is now: "It's caused by a problem that can no longer be reproduced. While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one wa...

The list of feature changes says only this:
> 019-12-07: The automatic comment when voting to close a question as a duplicate has been changed to say "Does this answer your question? [x]" instead of "Possible duplicate of [x]".
I am not sure to which extent this answer your question - so I have posted here instead.
As a side note, I think that might be a suitable tag for your question. And since you created a new tag, maybe filling in the tag-info might be useful. (Then there is smaller chance that the tag will be removed.)
The tags used on only one question are automatically deleted after certain time unless they have tag-wiki.
9:18 AM
The change in close reasons is also mentioned in the announcement (although very briefly):
> This is a far-reaching project and is also touching other related content like the wording used in the close menu giving guidance on off-topic reasons and the instructions being shown at the top of the review queue.
The first link is link to this image:
10:05 AM
This is part of the “new post notices” thing: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/339700/… . — Emil Jeřábek supports Monica 29 mins ago
10:19 AM
Probably I should have linked to the post the Emil Jeřábek mentions: New Post Notices are live network-wide.
Q: New Post Notices are live network-wide

Yaakov EllisA few minutes ago, new Post Notices were launched across the Stack Exchange network. This includes all public sites, all meta sites, and all Basic and Business tier Teams (Enterprise tier will get it in a future release). For our purposes, a 'post notice' includes any status banner shown on ques...

2 hours later…
11:58 AM
Thanks, @Emil I saw also Martin's explanation in the chat. — David Roberts 1 hour ago
Since the conversation in chat have been mentioned in the previous comment, I will also add a link to that conversation. — Martin Sleziak 29 secs ago
12:10 PM
Also, it seems that the "on hold" designation no longer exists. It is called "closed" as in the (remote) past. — Gerald Edgar 5 mins ago
> Where did the "On Hold" label go?
> "On Hold" had been used to label recently closed questions. The idea was that this language would imply less permanence to the current state than "Closed". However, user research showed that this distinction was generally found to be confusing to users at all levels, and did not seem to have an effect on reopen rates.
> So we have removed this label. All Closed posts are now labeled as Closed but only the label has changed. Edits within the first five days will still put the question in the reopen queue.

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