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2:39 AM
Q: How to add keyframes for multiple objects at once

ajwoodI've got about 200 objects for which I want to insert location/rotation keyframes. Is there a way to add a keyframe for all of the selected objects?

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9:54 AM
Q: Edging alpha texture viewport Blender

AzukI'm having difficulties to understand what happens with textured models using alpha textures in Blender's viewport. As exemple,I have a fence made of a grid (which is an alpha texture), or some trees with leaves, using as well obviously alpha textures. And all the time, I have edging around my m...

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12:31 PM
Q: Fixing a complication mesh from a boolean modifier

ajwoodI'm splitting an object with a plane using a boolean modifier as described here. Duplicate the object Add a plane Apply an intersection boolean modifier to the original object Apply a difference boolean modifier to the duplicated object I did this twice to pull a thin slice out of my object, ...

Q: Blured avi jpegs

LindseyHave done a stop motion animation and loaded it up and have run it through blenders video sequence editor, everything came out fine but when I transferred everything over to sony vegas to format it became blurred. does somebody know why this is. I know this is not purely blender but I was wonderi...

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2:29 PM
Q: Can I confirm knife action with mouse, or other key than Enter?

JamniqueCan I confirm knife actions with mouse, or other key than Enter? Going all the way to Enter breaks the flow in a way that's inconsistent with blender's philosophy.

1 hour later…
3:52 PM
hey @StackBlender should include #b3d and #blender hashtags if it has enough characters left
Certainly the #b3d hashtag
That's the one that's used. I don't really see too much happening on #blender.
Q: Texture scaling to real world measurements?

RosebarbIs there a method to scale a texture in relation to the measurements of the model? For example, an architectural model with a concrete paving. The image texture of it is in "real world" photo measuring 3x3 times which makes it 180cm per 180cm. Is it possible to make Blender scale the texture in ...

What the heck is he asking?
4:26 PM
Q: Texture scaling to real world measurements?

RosebarbIs there a method to scale a texture in relation to the measurements of the model? For example, an architectural model with a concrete paving. The image texture of it is in "real world" photo measuring 3x3 times which makes it 180cm per 180cm. Is it possible to make Blender scale the texture in ...

Q: Ocean modifier collision detection?

CharlesLIs there a way to make the ocean modifier fake collisions? I'm trying to make a boat spray foam. I already displace the water with dynamic paint, but I still am stumped as to how to create the foam. I'm assuming it's a particle system of some sort, but I'm not where to place the emitter or what g...

3 hours later…
7:34 PM
@iKlsR You stole Luke's hat
It's a free hat man!
Well, Luke is a mod
You said it was a free hat
I always take freebies
@CharlesL Only free for those for whom it is free
7:36 PM
Then it's not really free >:(
be specific
If I were to get one though, I'm not sure where on my pic it should go...
on the tip of the wave
Or you could just put it on top of the entire logo
@Gwenn it can go anywhere
Or you could draw a smily face over top then add the hat
or you could just have a hat
7:39 PM
This is getting out of hand
what are people smoking.. ? I want some.
Q: Texture scaling to real world measurements?

RosebarbIs there a method to scale a texture in relation to the measurements of the model? For example, an architectural model with a concrete paving. The image texture of it is in "real world" photo measuring 3x3 times which makes it 180cm per 180cm. Is it possible to make Blender scale the texture in ...

@Gwenn whut?
Too many hats
@Gwenn ever heard of winterbash o.o
7:41 PM
Yay xkcd!
@Gwenn why just the hat?
Give me time...I'm working on it
Shoot, now I can't find my old pic
he'll be a hat forever
7:46 PM
au naturale
Hooray for Tin Eye, I found it again!
Day has been saved!
it looks a bit crappier
ignore that req
the power died for a sec
that was weird
@CharlesL that was me cutting the wire
7:51 PM
oh, 6 answers to 100 and 104 rep to 5k ! o.o
There really haven't been too many good questions recently
I'm stuck :P
@CharlesL yeah, they are awful..
7:53 PM
Hey @Dave :D
What am i forgetting here: i.imgur.com/33cCDuj.png can't get my texture showing =/
im sure i have it correct =/
ah god damn just noticed i had it in edit mode xD
never mind :P
Are you sure that you have the correct material assigned to that sphere?
Ah okay
Ha! @iKlsR, cycles :P
7:56 PM
i'm starting to like it once i know the logic
I just learned that apparently my profile image is the municipal coat of arms of a small Japanese town named 隠岐の島町
@Dave Yeah, it makes sense (and you can string together really complex materials fairly easily).
just got to work out how to assign the uv map now
@Gwenn I told you to ignore
is there a difference between vector>normal and vector>normal map =/
8:00 PM
just a sec
which one do i need to use my uv map for my texture i currently have normal map but im get really crazy results
normal map
what are most of the colors on your normal map?
@iKlsR Ignore what?
if they're mostly blue to pink it's good
if you have green, you have a bad map
@Gwenn the invite
8:01 PM
wait - im just trying to assign my texture to the uv map
i assumed i use the vector normals
@iKlsR Okay, your request took about 4-5 minutes to come through, so I had forgotten about your post
use the normal map node, and plug it into the normal slot of your shader
I have a hat, I have a hat!
And mine is cooler >:)
@CharlesL kill yourself..
@CharlesL i have this: i.imgur.com/k6TMOun.png but the texture is not coming out i have not seen which node lets you use the UV map
8:05 PM
is it texture co ordinate?
@Dave, it's the default
you don't have to set anything
if you want to make sure you have it set
@CharlesL where are my manners..
Use the UV hub from texture coordinate
8:06 PM
@Gwenn, what do you think of my hat?
@iKlsR, seems to like it
@CharlesL I love how it turns up as the very first item on google for a search of 'wizard hat'
Hey, I thought of it first
@CharlesL I love the hat
Thank you :)
8:08 PM
@iKlsR lol
@Gwenn @CharlesL..
@iKlsR What happened to your manners
Much better
ok my moon is looking better now
8:10 PM
@Dave, this is all you should have to do: pasteall.org/pic/54880
two images?
first is my diffuse (or color) texture
second is my normal map
(tangent coloring)
i.e. something like this:
ah i aint worked out how to make them yet
what about bump maps?
8:13 PM
You can't really do 'em in blender
Bump maps are greyscale
well its a moon texture it already is grey scale :P
You can just plug it into displacement then
are you on mac?
nah windows
Q: How do I make a normal/displacement map when all I have is a photo?

stackerIn order to make a rendering look more realistic some additional maps are useful. The documentation lists: diffuse,specular displacement-maps . I watched a video tutorial The Secrets of Realistic Texturing which uses a commercial tool. Are there any alternatives to calculate normal and displa...

^^ @Dave, check that out
thank you
8:15 PM
yep :D
i.imgur.com/lfe8RYU.png my first render so far :D
I look so wise in my new hat
will add the maps now see the difference
Dang, ZBrush has some awesome features.
when you say your diffuse texture that means like the moon texture right
8:18 PM
basic colors, etc.
interesting photoshop is not recommended in that question you posted
im shocked
There might be a plug-in for it
but they were mentioning dedicated software
yeh theres a nvidia plugin
GIMP has a plugin for it as well
8:22 PM
how long did that take
abt ~10 mins
just slap a texture on it with some displacement and alpha textures and render.. lulz
you should try making the clouds look higher off the ground
@Dave, there's a tutorial for that: blenderguru.com/videos/create-a-realistic-earth
8:24 PM
moon first :P simpler colours
Yeah :)
@Dave this was abt 3 years ago
do you guys do freelance work
8:35 PM
I do
But I don't have a real job
'cuz I'm 14
do you have deviantart or something with your art on show?
8:46 PM
@Dave, but I do post on a lot of forums
can you show me some of your art because im looking for a 3d modeller to make buildings
^^ basically all the architectural work I've done.
do you think you can do things like fantasy buildings?
think like age of empires
how many?
ill need alot i imagine i aint got a full idea in my head yet
8:51 PM
Sorry. I've got a lot of freelance jobs going on right now.
i like your building though ^_^
If you want to buy 3d models look here:
Thanks :D
turbosquid has hundreds of buildings
@iKlsR, still interested in my chess set?
It's still there!
ok so i added that normal map but it isn't really changing my model =/
it makes it darker how ever if i add more strength to the normal map
Is it a tangent map?
tangent space ye
this is what i made i think it looks good for my texture
8:57 PM
that's fine
Whats your node setup?
I'm sure i missed something trivial
nah it looks fine
doesn't it look blurred to you
yeah, that's a warped UV map
strange i unwrapped via sphere
9:01 PM
sphere projection isn't the best way to do it
even though its a sphere object?
well thats silly :P
what is best ?
to unwrap it manually
fun times
9:03 PM
select the edge down the middle and press ctrl-e (select mark seam)
then press u > unwrap
not the face?
dont u selete faces for unwrapping
You can use a different method to do that
It's best to use edges
ok didnt unwrap for me
9:09 PM
How so?
i selected 1 seam in the middle (vertically) not sure if u meant horizontally. created a line pole to pole. i marked it and uv unwrapped nothing seemed to happen
well except that its now a blue line
do i have to do all the lines?
you selected sharp edges
edge select yeh
because you said edge :P
ctrl-e > mark seam
Select the edge, press ctrl-e > mark seam
you accedentally pressed sharp edges
i.imgur.com/Foi4i0g.png you mean this right?
9:15 PM
Ah, you marked all the seams
so i need to do edge select and select just a vertical line?
not a vertical column of faces
just an edge
oh - 1 single edge
^ tutorial
damn 40 minutes
thats a long tutorial
9:20 PM
@CharlesL I am going to test something..
@CharlesL I love how people always unwrap cubes and cylinders.. are you scared of spheres? lulz
9:37 PM
is this a bug... i cant put one window in edit mode the other window in object mode
9:52 PM
@iKlsR, where's your hat?
@Dave, nope. That's how Blender works. You can only be in one mode at a time
@Dave Yeah, I made it extra long so that I could cover a lot of the techniques. Watching a few minutes should be enough to explain the stuff your having an issue with.
@CharlesL I sold it for a cheeseburger
I guess that's worth it though...
as long as it had bacon
it did have bacon didn't it?
no .. cries..
9:59 PM
They didn't give me any
I'm disappointed in you
I was haaauuuungry
You have failed the only test necessary
Still wasn't worth it
life gives and life takes.. strokes beard
C'est la vie
10:01 PM
T_T ...
2 hours ago, by iKlsR
user image
My hat gives me the power to make bacon-cheeseburgers appear.
hrrm.. some silly trolls starting to popup on the site
..aand I'm out of votes for the day
I don't like downvoting but some crap I see..
got one you need me to kill?
nah, I mean up/down votes
Anything need downvoting?
10:04 PM
to kill you say cv-pls
@CharlesL hrrm.. this has been bothering me for a while..
A: How can I make sharp geometric 3d models look more realistic?

amdbcgcycles is the photon-bouncing realistic renderer that Blender has included. You can add lights to your scene to give it a well defined look. this picture was taken from the blenderwiki you can light your scene. so... use cycles : http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/introduction-to-cycles/ Regardle...

I will probably delete it..
the answer doesnt even relate to the question =/
This does not answer the question and is extremely vague, why the explanation for cycles? — iKlsR Jun 12 at 9:05
Cycles history lesson.. lulz
better to just del
or down vote so he learsn
10:06 PM
@Dave, you can edit chat messages
haven't seen him in weeks, will probably axe it
up arrow
i know just habit
aand it's gone.. like the wind
@CharlesL laters o/
I'm stepping out for a while too ..
10:13 PM
think im taking a break with all this node editor for today
will take a fresh attempt tomorrow :)

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