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REFRESH! There are 6163 unanswered questions (92.0623 answered)
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Suggest writing a test harness with as many variations of the three parameters as you can imagine. Then, posting the full MRE along with a block demonstrating its correct processing each of those test cases. OR, perhaps you meant to post here as you seem uncertain as to whether this code actually does what it's meant to do. — Fe2O3 51 secs ago
1:48 AM
Q: frida scrip to dmangle c++ function name

lucky1928I have below frida javascript code to demangle c++ function name.It call libc function to demangle function name. var buf = undefined var cxaDemangle = undefined But it need to allocate a buffer and a pointer, I do not want every function all to allocate a new memory, currently I use a global va...

2:31 AM
Q: Android homework assignment fail

dinh trương quangI have an assignment for applycation, and my github is https://github.com/tqdinh/Attractions @HiltAndroidApp class MainApplication : Application() { } Please, some one help me review what is on my project is not good. I hope to here from you. Regards.

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6:14 AM
if this is working code, and you want it "improved", this would better be for a code review page. Try posting it here: codereview.stackexchange.comStultuske 22 secs ago
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7:47 AM
codereview.stackexchange.com - Keep in mind reduced code != better code — DarkBee 42 secs ago
8:42 AM
Q: Generic overloading bitwise functions to manipulate the enum type

JohnThanks to G. Sliepen, he give me a lot very meaningful & usefull advices on my implementaion about overloading bit operators for a special scoped enum. Now I have modified the code snippet to fllow his advice. For creating generic overloading bitwise functions to manipulate the enum type, I thin...

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11:58 AM
Q: Image segmentation -unsupervised learning using python

Ayushi YadavI am running the following code on kaggle img = imread("/kaggle/input/image-segmentation/ladybug.png") x = img.reshape(-1, 3) kmeans = KMeans(n_clusters=8, random_state=42).fit(x) segmented_img = kmeans.cluster_centers_[kmeans.labels_] segmented_img = segmented_img.reshape(img.shape) fig = plt.fi...

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Q: conv2 Template Function Implementation for Image in C++

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for An Updated Multi-dimensional Image Data Structure with Variadic Template Functions in C++. I am trying to implement conv2 template function like Matlab's conv2. The experimental implementation conv2 template function implementation (in file image_operations.h) na...

1:35 PM
@CaptainObvious @TobySpeight thanks for your edit of the addition of the TLE tag. That make me posit that perhaps it is on topic, given it works for small inputs. I will have to verify later
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Huh, not sure why the question was closed.
If you only read "the code did not work" and ignore the rest of the question perhaps.
Time to eat breakfast and go to work -> TTEBAGTW
Q: A game where the player guesses the computer's number

ADAM WELLER-FAHYI am fairly new to programming, and I recently finished part of one of my projects, a guessing game. The part I completed was the game mode where the player guesses the computer's number. I'm quite proud of it, but I have a strong feeling that it is hugely suboptimal, as I only really know the ba...

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3:11 PM
This isn't really a site for code review. You might want to take a look at the codereview site to see if your question could be made on-topic for there. — khelwood 30 secs ago
I can give you my code review already: "I stopped reading at Foo" :-P — no comment 26 secs ago
3:59 PM
Q: Emulating C23's QChar * behavior for basename and strchrnul

HarithTo quote @Lundin from What is C23 and why should I care?: Bug fixes for a lot of library functions (search functions in particular): we can now pass a const-qualified pointer parameter to a library function and assign the result of the function to a similarly const-qualified pointer. These new f...

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A lot of spammy answers to old questions right now. Are mods aware?
@TobySpeight You have 10k, are you able to see deleted?
From a 2sec look I think so.
@Peilonrayz want to make sure we're talking about the same posts
Q: Caching result of generator function

dvonessenI want to cache the return values of a generator function. I did some research and found nothing without extra dependencies, I did come up with my own solution. Maybe that is good or not. Would somebody be so kind to review my work and share some opinions about it. from time import sleep class F...

Yes, I see several deleted answers. The style looks like a single person using multiple accounts to generate these. Wanted to make sure that you're seeing them too.
@TobySpeight The account is known network wide. The network as a whole has checks in place, if you see one falling through the cracks a flag is always welcome. Thanks for the report.
@Peilonrayz One of them deleted by you, but the others by Community.
@Peilonrayz That's what I expected/hoped. Thanks for dealing with that kind of crap!
4:45 PM
@TobySpeight cc @Mast too :)
@TobySpeight Yes.
They are a network-wide problem.
@TobySpeight There are indeed multiple accounts involved.
@Peilonrayz that was the inspiration
5:03 PM
Much of your code is repetitive and could be simplified. Make sure that your code is working (which is not at the moment) and provide more information about the format of those objects. If the code is actually "issue-free" consider asking the question at Code Review. Also, it might be a good time to learn about looping methods such as for-, forEach-, and while-loops. — tacoshy 27 secs ago
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8:45 PM
Q: Most efficient way comparing and merging sets across structs

Attack68I have developed an automatic differentiation module for my software. Usually AD comes in two forms; forward mode or reverse mode and very clever approaches, beyond me, might mix both. Typically the fastest of these rely on the problems being pre-structured and variables organised consistently to...


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