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Q: 2048 game in Java

smwtI am a beginner learning Java, and I coded a command line version of the game 2048 for practice. Any feedback, especially regarding best practices, object-oriented principles, and tidying up the code logic, is appreciated. import java.util.Scanner; class Cell { int value = 0; boolean has...

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4:05 AM
Q: Text based Game Python

Pink UnicornbratI am trying to create a Text-Based Adventure Game in Python but I am brand new to coding and need some guidance, please! I need to move the rooms dictionary inside the main game function but when I do I get errors no matter what I try. Here is my code so far, any feedback or advice what be greatl...

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5:19 AM
This is a question of opinion, and not something definitively answerable. You'd be better off posting it somewhere like codereview.stackexchange.comSammitch 37 secs ago
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7:35 AM
You should really review the question guidelines and rules as well as understand the general purpose of this site before posting hundreds of lines of code. This is not your personal code review. — possum 22 secs ago
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9:01 AM
Q: PHP Parser and converter - SOLID and DRY

dev-chiccoI am working on a PHP application that transforms data from the input CSV (or JSON, TXT, or XML) into an output CSV (or JSON, or database for example). The output format is obviously different from the input: some columns can be skipped, and some values can be converted (e.g. blue => 1, or 1.85 =>...

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@n.m.couldbeanAI Ill just add this... A comptitive programmer would consistently fail all code reviews in any decent company — Pepijn Kramer 33 secs ago
1:57 PM
Q: Tor Relay Startup Script for New Server

yololanternI created a shell script that I can pull and run to set up a new server to run a tor relay. Everything seems to work fine, but it install an obsolete version of tor (Tor I have tried to install from the existing apt list and have tried adding the tor project website to my sources list w...

2:20 PM
Q: Euler integration of delay differential equation with circular buffer

AbolfazlI am looking for a method to optimize the updating buffer part. The following code solve a coupled differential equation with delay. It is not actually using a circular buffer, just rolling the buffer which is time consuming. import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import numpy as np np.random.seed(2) ...

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possible answer invalidation by BenDev21 on question by BenDev21: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/289651/revisions
@Duga Rev 4 was "edited 18 mins ago". With probably AI... I'll check back in like 30/60
3:05 PM
Q: PYSPARK: Create a column containing the minimum divided by maximum of each row

JongertI am working out some Pyspark exercises and trying to write efficient and best practice code to be ready to work in a production environment. Could use some feedback w.r.t.: Is the code structured well? Is the code efficient? Any other best practices I missed but should make habits of. import f...

Q: how to edit for re-open: text based adventure in python

J_HWhat's the right way to re-open Text based Game Python [closed]? I wish to invite others to also review the existing working code. My understanding is that many people could have edited the Question before or after closing: myself, OP Pink Unicornbrat, moderators. My current understanding is the ...

I’m voting to close this question because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comMark Seemann 12 secs ago
3:28 PM
Q: PYSPARK: Find the penultimate (2nd largest value) row-wise

JongertI am working out some Pyspark exercises and trying to write efficient and best practice code to be ready to work in a production environment. Could use some feedback w.r.t.: Is the code structured well? Is the code efficient? Any other best practices I missed but should make habits of. import fin...

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4:43 PM
@Mast LOL
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Q: NextJS/Typescript async Home page function is not assignable to type 'never'

MichaelI'm still quite new to React, Next.js, and Typescript, so I apologize ahead of time if my terms are not completely correct... I am trying to learn and writing an app that keeps track of songs and when they're performed by a specific group for whom the theoretical app is being developed. On the ho...

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6:26 PM
@PepijnKramer, no worries, it really helps; you made me thinking if this could be generalized somehow. Actually, I have tokenizer and even parser for this purpose. (to be continued since comment's length is limited...) — Damir Tenishev 15 secs ago
@PepijnKramer, (...continue) My problem is slightly different since using large texts (gigabytes) I run expensive operations like [this one] (codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/289260/…) where I need complex predicates to work on indexes (for more sophisticated requests) while text already compiled to lexem ids. For example, if I want this fast search find not sequences, but sentences limited by some delimiters I may use the same code with similar predicate. — Damir Tenishev 10 secs ago
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Additionally, if this is otherwise working code, you may be looking for Code Review instead. Please see A guide to Code Review for Stack Overflow users as these communities have different standards and guidelines and your question may need some changes when posting there. — David 30 secs ago
@David With a line such as "I've been trying to rewrite elements of my code to allow for low coupling and high cohesion, but no matter how hard I try, nothing seems to work.", what gave you the idea this would be on-topic on Code Review? — Mast 11 secs ago
@Duga RBA.
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9:09 PM
Q: Fastify crashing on route registration

MarvixWhy the Fastify app is crashing when I register a route? app.register( import( "./Routes/UserRoutes.js" ), { prefix: '/user' } ) UserRoutes.js export async function userRoutes( fastify ) { fastify.get( '/fast', function ( request, reply ) { reply.code( 200 ).send( { hello: 'world' } ...

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11:53 PM
Opinions and code reviews are not on topic for SO. What topics can I ask about here? For code reviews, delete this and ask on codereview.stackexchange.comRob 34 secs ago

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