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12:02 AM
REFRESH! There are 7887 unanswered questions (89.2742 answered)
If your code is working, and you're looking to improve it, it's best to try the Code Review SE. — sj95126 26 secs ago
12:40 AM
@Chris Ok, I misunderstood. Yes, this would be a good idea to put diagram reviews on code reviews. In some cases however, the specific diagram hides a more general question that help other diagrammers as well. — Christophe 51 secs ago
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2:30 AM
Q: Generating a matrix with each row having normalized weights

AulwmateI just asked this question over Stack Over Flow on how to improve my code and reposting it here as someone on Stack Overflow recommended this platform. I have written two python functions and they are correct, but I believe this is not the efficient way to write them, and I am wondering if some c...

2:49 AM
Since this question has found a new home on Code Review I'm going to vote to close this question as needing more focus for Stack Overflow. — Henry Ecker 1 min ago
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6:40 AM
Q: Printing odd and even number in separate threads C++

elMuonI recently saw a youtube video on printing even and odd numbers from 0 to 100 in Java. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRNTx8k5cmA I tried to write something similar in C++. But C++ does not have synchronized keyword and the important sync variables are global. Is there anyway to eliminate the gl...

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9:07 AM
@kelalaka: CodeReview IMHO requires code that works. This code does not work. — Thomas Weller 38 secs ago
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10:27 AM
Q: Arcade Stacker Game - Core Logic

impoThis is my first post here, so I apologize if anything is incorrect. I have created an endless arcade stacker game (like the stacker games at the arcade, but when you hit the top the grid resets and you continue endlessly). My intention in the code was to separate out the core game logic (i.e. th...

Q: code to print common greatest factor if it is same for both numbers

studentstake input n1 and n2 and check if they have a common greatest factor. If they do, print the common greatest factor. If they don't, print "No". example: input: 6 9 output: 3 input: 15 27 output: No Is my code correct? any better ways to rewrite this? n1=int(input()) n2=int(input()) l1=[] l2=[] fo...

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12:20 PM
I’m voting to close this question because it is not about programming as defined in the help center, and it should be posted at Code Review instead. — desertnaut 21 secs ago
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2:37 PM
Q: Total income program, new to programming

user250888I started my cs50 course this week and I will be trying to make little projects alongside to reaffirm what I've learned thus far. Here I have made a very basic budget and savings calculator, I am hoping to increase the complexity as I improve. Where could I improve this in terms of simplicity & s...

3:27 PM
Q: Making list of errors from file

dimsdewnSo I have a file of errors, there default meanings and also it's hierarchy in terms of indentation BaseException General for all errors of any and every kind. SystemExit Called for when the system wants to exit. KeyboardInterrupt Called when an operator interrupts an action. GeneratorExit Called ...

3:58 PM
Assuming this is a "working piece of code" and you are looking for "open-ended feedback" this may be a better candidate for Code ReviewHenry Ecker 7 secs ago
4:43 PM
Q: Vector Implementation in C

dareesomeI made a somewhat simple vector implementation in C, right now I only have around 5 features (making a vector, adding elements, removing elements, changing elements, deleting the vector). I'm proud of it but I know it needs a lot of work so I came here to see what you think I could improve. There...

5:08 PM
Q: A small python identifier generator for users

BackpainYTMy teacher gave us this problem to solve so basically N is the number of user names in a list T with 1>N<9 Generate another list called TID containing the name of the user but changed a bit. Do the next steps for each user in the list T Take the first two letters from the user's name The inde...

5:33 PM
Q: How can I make these conditionals more elegant?

Patrick2607I have some Python code here that determines the closest contour to an edge of the window. However, I know this can be done in a more elegant way since a lot of code is repeated. I don't know what the name of the method is to do this in Python. Only the conditional changes and the closest_dist va...

5:58 PM
Q: Finding Number of Objects in Image

MPCI wrote a program that, given a 2D array representing pixels in a birds eye view image, it returns the number of Objects in the image. Pixels that are connected in the up, down, left, and right directions are a single object. Example: grid = [ [0, 0, 0, 1, 0], [0, 1, 1, 0, 1], [0, 0,...

6:18 PM
Thank you @jewelsea the comment about the minimal reproducible example that helped me to get the buttons to work. Sorry about the math comment I do know this isn't a code review site. I also know it's the javafx vbox GUI(graphical user interface) it just seemed simpler to say GUI thingy. I'll be more professional from here out. — KnightNight 19 secs ago
6:55 PM
Pig latin in Python has been done before, you may want to look at how others did it and what the reactions were on their entries instead of getting your own code reviewed. — Mast 36 secs ago
7:12 PM
Q: Parsing options without being unconditionally restrained

khinWould like some comments about the following function. I want a friendlier alternative where the utility presents an ordinary configuration as an error state from which the conventionally normal execution can resume. Refusing to proceed at any cost in a hysterical paralysis is not the most usefu...

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8:17 PM
By the way, broadly speaking, SO is for *broken code", codereview.stackexchange is for "working code" — Caius Jard just now
9:14 PM
possible answer invalidation by ggorlen on question by dareesome: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/269299/revisions
If you have code that works and you want to improve it, you might want to see if your question can be made on-topic for the codereview site. — khelwood 52 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because I think it will receive better feedback if it was on codereviewSimon MᶜKenzie 27 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by ggorlen on question by dareesome: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/269299/revisions
9:38 PM
This probably belongs on another SE site, such as codereview.stackexchange.commatch 45 secs ago
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11:33 PM
In code review we're finding other reasons to return a simplified transfer object class rather than an interface, so that's the route I'm going to go. — Denise Skidmore 34 secs ago

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