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Q: Rotate the matrix by 90degress - CTCI 1.7

Rishabh TyagiThe question is: You are an given an NxN matrix as input. Write a function that rotates the matrix by 90 degrees clockwise. Later on it has ask me to do this in-place. My code works till 4x4 matrix but fails for 5x5 and above. I wanted to get a seasoned eye take a look at it and let me know what ...

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3:38 AM
I am wondering can someone please help with this question: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/268102/…
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6:05 AM
Q: C++20 python-like "range" class

spitconsumerThis is a range class, similar in functionality to the range function in python. It was originally made to work with just range-based for loops, like so: for(auto i : range(256)) // do some code but was workshopped by some people better at C++20 than me into being able to be used with C++20 ...

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8:09 AM
Q: Tic Tac Toe game with an adjustable grid size in Tkinter

Jaden figgerI've created a full Tic tac toe game in Tkinter that has single and multiplayer modes. The single player mode then has a hard and easy difficulty. The easy difficulty is just choosing a random open spot and the hard difficulty uses the minimax algorithm. On top of all that, the grid size for the ...

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Q: Generate possible combinations by range and length

VladI am learning Haskell and I implemented a recursive function, that generates possible strings by length and array (e.g. ['a'..'z']): comb :: Int -> [a] -> [[a]] comb 0 _ = [] comb 1 r = map (:[]) r -- convert "abc.." to ["a","b"...] comb n r = [i:s | i <- r, s <- comb (n-1) r] For example, comb...

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Since your code is working, your question is something of a better fit for Code Review. — Llama 36 secs ago
11:17 AM
@Peilonrayz Ah thought you meant literally console commands lol
11:31 AM
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1:14 PM
Ryan Donovan on September 18, 2021
In this one-off Level Up session, we’re exploring TypeScript, a popular programming language used for web development. Josh Goldberg, a Staff Frontend Developer at Codecademy, walks us through the basics of TypeScript. We discuss its relationship to JavaScript, how TypeScript is used in real production environments (like Codecademy itself!), how to get involved in theā€¦
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Please take the tour to learn how Stack Overflow works and read How to Ask on how to improve the quality of your question. Then check the help center to see what questions you can ask. You might want to delete this question and ask it on codereview.stackexchange.com instead, but check the help pages there first. — Progman 5 secs ago
If it's working and you're looking to improve it, you may want to try [Code Review](codereview.stackexchange.com). — sj95126 9 secs ago
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Q: Must refactor some old code, how would you aproach this?

nunong21I'm trying to refactor some 15 years old code and I'm trying to think on which would be the best way to refator and write it in the best way. Right now these files are really huge and they cannot be mantained in the long run. We are sill stuck for now in php5.6. This code makes use of decorators ...

Q: Library Program in Ruby with Class

codescaptainI have been learning Ruby for 2 weeks. Today my bootcamp teacher taught Ruby Class and gave me homework. I coded simple library program. But I think the code is smelling bad. How can do better the code? class Book attr_reader :book_name, :author_name, :page_count, :more, :book_array def init...

4:00 PM
Q: TypeScript + React Native: Button Stepper Component

jefelewisI built a ButtonStepper component and it's sharing quite a bit of the same logic, so I was wondering if it could be refactored better. It's sharing quite a bit of code with incrementDisabled and decrementDisabled because I have to account for the button color changing from black to grey and disab...

4:24 PM
Q: what's wrong with this mergesort Inversion count implement?

user13966865I am trying to implement an inversion count algorithm using python but I am not able to figure out why this not working for descending order arrays.[7 ,5 ,3 ,1] for this array it results 4 instead of 6. Any suggestion/hint would be useful. def sort(l_array,r_array): inversion=0 i,j=0,0 ...

4:45 PM
@L3n I think that in order to help you further I need to know more about what your dependencies are, how many different commands you have, etc.
Also, I'm going on vacation for a week so I'll not be replying for a while
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8:07 PM
Q: Finding the difference in one column in a Pandas GroupBy

PfrancesI am trying to calculate the time difference between samples that a satellite takes at the same location. I have data currently in a Pandas DataFrame that has latitude, longitude, and time of the sample. Here is a snapshot of the data (it has some extra columns that can be ignored): Julian...

8:27 PM
Excel gurus.. I have a file with many columns, is there a way to fit double the amount of columns onto the screen? (Which will obviously halve the number of visible rows)
Q: Nested for-loop performing slowly in R

MarcBPI have a nested tibble with 106 tibbles in data_sensor. Every tibble has a column with temperature and another with dates. On the other hand I have a list of 106 dates in date_admin. By creating a vector called idxend I get the index where the date in every tibble of the data_sensor equals to dat...

8:51 PM
I'd expect unique_ptr to use delete, while it should use delete[]. Why aren't you using one of the standard containers instead of trying to encapsulate a raw array? That as introduction, make sure you submit your code for review on codereview.stackexchange.com! — Ulrich Eckhardt 14 secs ago
Q: Python and Tkinter GUI - How to Add Id Automatically and Increment by 1 After Each Submission?

blackcripton0 I want to make a GUI that user inputs customer information, but I want to add an id to each customer so that when I search for that ID I can find the customer. After each submission the id should increase one by one. For example, the first customer should have an id of CUS1001 and when I submit...

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10:24 PM
Does your code compile and run correctly? If so, and if you're looking for suggestions on improving your code, you should consider asking instead on codereview.stackexchange.comalter igel 7 secs ago
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11:25 PM
Q: Clickpocalypse 2 automation script

outoftimeClickpocalypse 2 is kind of dungeon crawler game but with minor controls. Script's purpose to automate what is left. To try it out: Open "Clickpocalypse 2" as separate browser window (not a tab, game have to be in active tab to work without delays) Select your party members and let them start pa...

11:57 PM
If your code works but you just want comments for potential improvement, you should post it to Code Review. That said, the only suggestions I would make are to use @echo off once you're happy with how the code runs, and to put the first " on each of the set commands on the left side of the variable name (like set "sourcedir=C:\Users\Murray\Documents\MainFolder", etc.) so that the variable value itself doesn't include quotes. — SomethingDark 14 secs ago

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