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Q: A faster way to return the sum of the squares that is equal to n²

RMEPI´m struggling to solve this Kata. My code works but I can´t pass because it´s timing out. I have googled it and even tried other people´s code but still doesn´t pass. Any suggestion on how can I make a faster solution? The Kata: https://www.codewars.com/kata/54eb33e5bc1a25440d000891/train/python...

12:42 AM
Q: Updated version of my first neural network in c++

George AzmaipharashviliI got lot of suggestions for optimizing my neural network last post I made, now I wanted to post updated version of it were I got rid of most of performance eaters, now I would really appriciate neural network side help, because last post I only got c++ side stuff, program is working as excpected...

1:38 AM
Q: Wide-stripes function in Racket

Wondering MindsThe exercise is asking to make wider stripes similar to the previous exercise. I've included the exercise and code from it along with code that I've been messing with to get the desired result. I would like some feedback on the first exercise if there was a way to improve it and some critiquing o...

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Q: Show/hide for multiple IDs

Liv StrawbridgeI'm don't know much about javascript, but and slowly learning through using other people's code. The below code I'm using is quite repetitive, with the only variance being the ID names. I feel like someone will know (and hopefully show) me how to do this show/hide function better. $('#C7-Drawer-S...

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Have you tried putting this on code review? This is more along their stride. StackOverflow is great for when you start getting errors. — David Culbreth 31 secs ago
Looks neat! Looks like you are on the right track. Your organization of the rooms and managing of the status look reasonable to me. I agree with @DavidCulbreth, the question is a little vague at the present. Can you narrow down a specific question or problem with your code? Otherwise the code review approach might be the way to go. — William 34 secs ago
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This is probably a better question for <codereview.stackexchange.com> — Green Cloak Guy 1 min ago
Using getResourceAsStream(...) is ok, and at a glance the rest looks fine. Have you run the code to see what happens? This is a Q & A site for specific coding problems, for any more help you need to edit your question to include more information about what is NOT working, and any associated errors. If you just want code review then instead see: codereview.stackexchange.comsorifiend 50 secs ago
@GreenCloakGuy , i didnt know stackexchange codereview exist. but thank you , moving forward i will ask on codereview instead . — FAves 35 secs ago
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Your question is better suited for asking on Code Review under their API tag. — Kirk Beard 50 secs ago
6:57 AM
@kirk, it's nowhere near suitable for Code Review yet, as there is no code to review. It's far to hypothetical as it stands. — Toby Speight 1 min ago
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Q: Python script to replace GitHub password with tokens

Monty_emmaI manage a fleet of IoT devices. As for now, GitHub announced that the username-password authentication would be deprecative soon, so I have to change the password on each device to the GitHub access token. I store the new token at AWS secrets manager. And those are the scripts to extract the new...

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possible answer invalidation by adsu on question by adsu: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/263089/revisions
8:45 AM
I’m voting to close this question because it's a code review request and should be posted on: codereview.stackexchange.comStultuske just now
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Better to ask this question in https://codereview.stackexchange.com/Jofbr 54 secs ago
I don't need code review. I need an opinion and suggestion from experienced Angular developers. — Nenad Milosavljevic 11 secs ago
10:12 AM
Q: Community Ads for 2021

JNatWe're almost halfway through 2021, and in case you missed it, Community Promotion Ads are gonna be a bit different this time! TL;DR: submit and vote for ad proposals before August 2nd! What are Community Ads? Community Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, or...

possible answer invalidation by Toby Speight on question by RMEP: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/263125/revisions
@Duga Fine
10:48 AM
Q: Extremely slow SQL query

AetherMy problem is with an SQL query that is running extremely slow. Since I'm not that experienced with SQL I can't seem to find the best places to create indices for the query. The SQL query consists of multiple inner joints. Here is the snippet: SELECT cf.id as coverageFamilyId, df.prior_au...

Does it work? If yes, post it here: codereview.stackexchange.com ; if no, please specify what exactly doesn't work. — anatolyg 22 secs ago
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Q: C++ vector bubble sort

JeniaI made a small adaptive function that sorts vector: template<class T> vector<T> BubbleSort(vector<T> arr, bool (*compare)(T, T)) { const int arraySize = arr.size(); //Size of vector. Is it ok to leave it const? //int i = 1 - to be able to swap with previous(i-1) element for (int i = 1...

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Q: i kindly want to get my code reviewed

codingwolf that's my code for the above problem and I would like to get it reviewed to check if it is correctly implemented We aim to implement a quality of service system in a network router so that it can differentiate the type  of traffic traversing it, and it can give privilege to data belonging to a g...


srav_ini.hThe question is that I have to create a speed typing test as shown in the link below goal I have to meet all these points: Add HTML container element with id speedTypingTest Add HTML paragraph elements with id timer, quoteDisplay and result Add HTML textarea element with id quoteInput Add HTM...

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Question about working code should go to Code Review Stack ExchangeMikeCAT 39 secs ago
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Requests for feedback on working code are typically best for Code Review. — EJoshuaS - Reinstate Monica 45 secs ago
If you're looking for feedback, then codereview.stackexchange.com might be a better fit — QBrute 44 secs ago
Worth pointing out that if you are going to post on CodeReview you may want to read their rules before posting. — Federico klez Culloca 55 secs ago
@DavidCulbreth & William, Code Review is for already working code. OP doesn't know how to write a working function for what they want, so this question would be inappropriate there. — TylerH 25 secs ago
3:05 PM
Q: What's the better way of centering stacked images

André YuhaiTL;DR Please review my code and help me answer the questions I have. You can find the code at the end of the question. I've been learning HTML/CSS from freeCodeCamp and at the end of their Responsive Web Design course there're a few projects to do. So I've started with the tribute page project. ...

3:34 PM
Q: Finished my first code: Rock, paper and scissors! What could I have done better?

XiniteI started reading a book about python two days ago and today I wrote my first code. It's supposed to be a rock, paper, scissors game and from the tests I've done so far it works quite well. However since I'm new I had to google a lot stuff and I'm 100% sure that there are a lot of things I could ...

possible answer invalidation by Jenia on question by Jenia: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/263140/revisions
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Q: Unix batch job execution from BDD automation framework

Sh87As part of my testing, I have to connect to Unix server using putty and execute few unix jobs. Feature file Steps for test scenario: Scenario Outline: Job execution in Unix Given I logged into unix server When I navigate to job directory "<job_directory_path>" and submit the job "<job>" Then I va...

4:46 PM
Q: Which Design pattern (C#) should I use for binding / mapping unrelated models and data contracts and for service using them? Code sample below

CodeTruthSeekerNew Design: We are porting Legacy code to C#. We have Request and Response Data Contract for each set of Business Data. These are POCO generated using Schema of External vendor. We will be creating 30-40 such Classes. We have no control over the structure. Hence I extended these classes with ToM...

Q: Print data in file in ordered list

CarlmaloneI'm practicing for my upcoming test and I trying to figure out how to print data inside the FILE. accounts.txt carl,1234,17500.0 test102,12334,8640.0 test103,123435,5000.0 where: 'carl' is username '1234' is password '17500.0' is the balance of account I have this code where it only prints all ...

@Duga The 1 answer mentions that the OP didn't add test code, so OP added test code - is that AI?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ IMO critiques of the question are different to critiques of the code. IMO the answerer should have asked for the test code in the comments. My 2c
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Q: C++ lock-free, MPMC Ring buffer in C++20

AshI have some performance critical inter-thread messaging code in C++. Multiple producers, one or more consumers. Profiling dozens of iterations of this messaging code over several years of development, I'm usually fighting mutex contention. If not a direct mutex on a std::queue, then a heap mutex ...

6:21 PM
Q: File naming (two files cannot have equal names)

uberThis is a challenge I completed at CodeSignal. You are given an array of desired filenames in the order of their creation. Since two files cannot have equal names, the one which comes later will have an addition to its name in a form of (k), where k is the smallest positive integer such that the ...

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Q: My runtime is too long when removing elements from my array in JavaScript

LukeI have two arrays, arr_of_frequencies and float_array. Each have the same amount of values in them, around 500-800k depending on the inputs. I have to get that down to somewhere between 200 and 300k values per array. Below is the code I've been using so far. It works but it will take around 15 se...

what da doig doin?
stack overflow isn't generally for "give me a more elegant way to write this working code". you might try codereview.stackexchange.comRufus L 46 secs ago
8:41 PM
Code Review would be more appropriate for this. SO is not the right place. — Mad Physicist 27 secs ago
9:10 PM
Q: Analyzing average movie budgets using Python 3

JeanThis python program analyzes movie data by finding the average budget of films in a data set - it also identifies films that exceed the average budget calculated. I need advice on my code in terms of (architecture, risks, opportunities, design) so that I can learn how I can code better & grow my ...

Q: Api wrapper in python: a best practice

AngeloTrying to build an api wrapper class for a e-commerce website, but I have few questions that I'm not sure about. is it better turn json data into a class for example when getting orders, should I return a list of order classes {"OrderId": 1, "CustomerFirstName": "X", "CustomerLastName": "Y", "Or...

@CaptainObvious GBP?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Right on the money ;)
Thanks for the affirmation
9:40 PM
@CaptainObvious rba
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Q: Writing My First Code Using Objects - Python - Any Suggestions Now Before I continue adding methods?

GeorgeWTrumpSo, To give a short contextual description: It is a poker game. I plan to add "cards" and a "pot"-object later on and then learn event-driven programming so that I can add a GUI. Essentially the player's placement in the game-objects "player" variable determines their seat. My main questions are ...


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