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Q: Why does this code returns the error:

ssjdo you guys know what´s wrong with this code? it returns: cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object and if i erase the bottom line, the code runs but if i print e_lib or e_tot it returns me: is not defined or a matrix of zeros(in the case of B) any ideas?(@jit it´s because i have a lot of itera...

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To answer on Code Review visit this question over there. — traktor 54 secs ago
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I assume CR = Code Review. Code Reviews are not a feature of git. It depends on which git repo hosting service/platform you are using (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, etc.). I think you will need to clarify which service/platform you are using. — Gino Mempin 19 secs ago
Q: C# Getting address with MemorySharp

SharkiI'm using MemorySharp to calculate the memory address from a pointer address and then inject values in memory. The code works perfectly, but I was wondering if this would be the right way. I found a little dirty the way I'm calculating the memory address. Maybe there's a easier way that I'm not a...

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Yes Here CR is code Review. Consider there is a branch1 where I added my change and performed these in my terminal 1)git add 2) git commit -m"message" 3)cr the code review command generates cr link and I published that CR for review . But accidentally my branch1 got deleted my committed changes are in branch1. Now I need to send 2nd revision of my CR — Vasantham S 31 secs ago
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possible answer invalidation by Gordon Casper on question by John Doe: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/262864/revisions
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@Duga Rollbacked
This question is "Too Broad" for StackOverflow. However, if the code works, then you should ask this question on the codereview site. — Stephen C 10 secs ago
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for reviews of working code there is codereview.stackexchange.com463035818_is_not_a_number 15 secs ago
Q: Print all combinations from dictionary which will result in number N

DntFrgtDSemiClnPrint all combinations from dictionary which will result in the number N Input: Dictionary { “flag”:4.5, “temp”:2 ,”foo”:9} and N = 11 Output: temp*1+flag*2 flag*2+temp*1 foo*1+temp*1 temp*1+foo*1 code:...

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Q: Very simple scripting language (interpreter) in C

ArianKGI made very simple scripting language (interpreter) in C and now, I want to make my code better. Here is my code: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #define TRUE (1 == 1) #define FALSE (1 == 0) #define FUNCTION_COUNT 2 #define MAX_FUNCTION_NAME_LENGTH 247 #define MAX_FUN...

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To be honest @VenkateshDharavath there is nothing stopping two or more users who exclusively use pip to mess up the dependencies file the same way. User A uses venv. User B uses venv. User B added a bunch of lines that are not really dependencies to the project. User A remove them manually. So this isn't something that would be solved by removing conda from the workflow. It's also why code reviews and pull requests are essential — onlyphantom just now
11:19 AM
Your question could be more suitable for codereview.stackexchange.comVadim Kotov just now
Q: Task List in SharePoint 2013

LizI want to export the task list which has enabled Send e-mail when ownership is assigned in the list using Powershell Connect-PnPOnline -Url $site -UseWebLogin $ctx=Get-PnPContext $Lists = Get-PnPList $ctx.Load($Liss) $ctx.ExecuteQuery() foreach($List in $Lists){ $Email = $List.EnableAssignToE...

Q: C++11 ThreadPool implementation

David TóthI made a simple ThreadPool implementation in C++ using only atomics ( neither std::mutex nor std::condition_variable were used). The idea is to have a threads_ready increasing to threads.size() until all threads are finished, and then back to 0 when all threads are ready to execute again. This wa...

possible answer invalidation by Federico Ponzi on question by Federico Ponzi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/114376/revisions
possible answer invalidation by Federico Ponzi on question by Federico Ponzi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/114376/revisions
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You would probably best be served by asking this on codereview.stackexchange.comWJS 44 secs ago
@Duga This question may need to be temporarily locked.
Q: Two dimensional gaussian image generator in C

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for Image Processing Median Filter in C. I am attempting to create a two dimensional gaussian image like below in C. The formula is as follows. The experimental implementation base.h: Contains the basic type implementation /* Develop by Jimmy Hu */ #ifndef BASE_H ...

@pacmaninbw locks prevent votes and comments IIRC. Also we'd probably need a permanent edit only lock, given the time deltas. As such I don't think a lock is a good idea here
Now if the OP starts an active rollback war...
1:35 PM
You should complain to whoever is responsible for creating the code producing these files. That should never have passed code review. — Roland 1 min ago
1:49 PM
Q: A file system watcher class for on-fly file reloading when it has been modified

eanmosI wrote a file sytem watcher class that is used to monitor file modification and then execute user-defined handler. Other file system events like moving or deleting don't need to be monitored. The usage is pretty straightforward: const auto watcher = fswatcher.on_modify("file.txt", [] () { ...

2:22 PM
Ryan Donovan on June 14, 2021
Across alien epics and procedural crime dramas, detectives and truth seekers have repeated the mantra: zoom and enhance. It’s passed into popular culture as a much-beloved meme, but in recent years, machine learning has increasingly made this fiction trope into an accessible reality. And we’ve got the demo to prove it.
possible answer invalidation by David Tóth on question by David Tóth: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/263022/revisions
2:38 PM
@Duga Rollbacked
Q: Show react component given a condition

NestorI want to show the battery icon given the status provided in props. I am trying to keep it simple but without writing too much code, i.e.: . if ... else, switchs statements... Below code snippet works but it kinda looks forced, not sure. import { TiBatteryLow, TiBatteryMid, TiBatteryH...

@Peilonrayz IINM there is a "comment only" lock, but yes: Locking prevents all interactions
@Vogel612 yes there is such an option
@Vogel612 Whilst a comment only lock exists, the issue is the edits. "edit only lock"
Confusing terminology here: does "comment-only" lock (a) only prevent comments, or (b) lock question so users can only comment? I think it's (a), but wanted to check.
2:53 PM
A - "Comments only" - "Lock the comments on this post if the discussion is no longer contributing to its improvement. Users will still be able to interact with this post in all other ways."
Yeah, what I thought (and the one that's most usually useful)
other sites much more often have the problem of comments going in circles / devolving into a mess. It's a useful feature on the wider network, but feels relatively rare on CR
edit wars are much more interesting on CR, but the problem that edit wars create on CR is pretty much unique
Yeah, we're no TWP
Q: a prototype of finding the (almost) best learning rate and initial weights so that a perceptron converges with the minimal iteration

AlbertJFirst of all, I chose the nearest data points/training examples import numpy as np import copy nearest_setosa = np.array([[1.9, 0.4],[1.7, 0.5]]) nearest_versicolour = np.array([[3. , 1.1]]) and then I labeled negative examples as -1, and kept the label for the positive example. x_train = np.co...

3:09 PM
@pacmaninbw Thank you.
@Peilonrayz If they make a third edit, I'll suspend them for 3 days with a lengthy moderator message explaining what's going on. I think that drives home the point better than a temporary lock.
For now, it seems to be a minor nuisance that could be based on miscommunication.
It's hardly malicious yet.
3:44 PM
@Peilonrayz Just wondering, did you look at the age of the question?
@pacmaninbw Yes, suggested a perminent, rather than temporary, lock because of the age
I noticed the age when I saw the vote counts...
Q: Logistic regression using Sklearn in Python

sangstarI'm trying to learn how to use logistic regression with Sklearn. After learning the theory, I tried implementing it using the Heart Attack Analysis datasheet from Kaggle. Here's a snippet of the data: I tried using just plain logistic regression after one-hot encoding two columns, and I got a sc...

Q: Temperature Converter: °C to K

NickotineWhat it does Converts melting point and boiling point from degrees celsius to kelvin These are in a dict which is in a tuple as no changes should be made to it No user input Purpose Learning exercise to understand classes and OOP What I need help with Is this how you do classes? Is this correc...

@Vogel612 I see you haven't changed your profile in a while. Would you mind getting it up-to-date?
good point
should be fixed (pending possibly caching)
3:58 PM
It is.
Thank you.
Chat-profile has been taken care of by a concerned third party.
I didn't even notice the change when I looked at it. That third party was faster than me in that context.
I hope y'all don't have too much of a mess on your hands with that.
I'm really itching to cancel some stars over there ... it doesn't feel right to leave them there.
ugh... finishing my second coffee, the lecture I'm watching and then I hope to have a clearer head.
I'll take a broom to it, don't worry.
There, a bit of clean-up. I may dump most of it in the Trash later.
I personally wouldn't, but I'm involved (and usually somewhat hands-off), so don't listen to me :)
4:12 PM
If this wouldn't have become such a mess, I probably wouldn't. I don't like erasing history.
But this made waves.
I'm going to kill the wave by removing the momentum.
for future reference: might've been easier to move the messages to the mod-only trash. That keeps the paper trail. I figured this made waves when four different off-site mods showed up
@Vogel612 They're removed and relocated, not redacted.
@Vogel612 What happened?
Someone made an IMO very tasteless comparison, I told them as much. An hour later an off-site mod showed up and things got blown out of proportion
I may have used colorful language to stress my position
in VBA Rubberducking, 1 min ago, by Mast
According to the Theory of Moderation, I should be leaving a comment as to why I stepped in here and did some rough clean-up. Suffice to say, some topics are a bit sensitive. There was a heated argument going on and the argument had to cease, one way or another. We usually tolerate a lot of off-topicness in the chat rooms and I won't get offended by profanity not aimed at other users (attacking others is still a no-no), but this got out of hand.
Nothing to see here.
4:36 PM
damn, this is the first time I miss my mod-powers, but it'd be only to find out whether there is a fight going on in the TL, so I obviously shouldn't have mod powers right now 😃
Q: In place dynamic array sorting without using extra memory

jkoskelaI seek critique on a sorting implementation for a dynamic array data-structure. Design decisions Uses the quicksort algorithm. Uses an optimized XOR swap for swapping the elements. XOR swap doesn't need extra memory and is optimized to do the swapping in up to 512 bit chunks. Takes the compariso...

It's quite boring actually, like it should be.
oh, that's good :)
5:00 PM
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Q: Generating a domain and IP blacklist with Bash

T145This is a project to pull domain & IP blacklists from various sources and compile them into one list. There are some whitelists included that are applied when a blacklist is built. It draws blacklist and whitelist source entries from this JSON document. The "rule" that gets applied is intended to...

6:23 PM
Q: Bash partitioning script

user243725What can I improve in this script? Do I read user's yes/no answers by right way? Should I write bash scripts so that to be compatible with POSIX? #!/usr/bin/env bash set -o errexit set -o pipefail set -o nounset # set -o xtrace if ! command -v zpool &> /dev/null || ! command -v zfs &> /dev/null...

Q: Merging pages together into an append log

PhroggieSituation I'm scraping data from a paginated list on a website to be sent out as notifications. For the most part we'll only need to scape the first page and handle additions, deletions and duplicates. Additions: All additions will be logged to an append only log. I also want notifications to be...

6:54 PM
@chqrlie did that, and also renamed local variables with meaningful names (since I like to complain about bad variable names in code reviews, i should probably follow my own advice when posting code publicly....). Also removed a redundant if clause from merge. — Z4-tier 53 secs ago
2 hours later…
8:52 PM
Q: Java i/o speed less than python i/o while printing an array

the_illuminated2003Motivation: I was solving an array based i/o problem and encountered Time Limit Errors, it was later found that the code for java ran roughly 10x slower than the python implementation. Question: I would like to know which part of my code failed in the latter implementation (in Java) given that th...

9:42 PM
Q: Unsigned 32-bit integer to binary string function

Sean XieI've been trying to solidify my understanding of the binary number system by writing code. So, I tried to write a function with what I currently understand about the binary system that returns a string representation of the binary number representing the input. Any feedback regarding how I may op...

10:33 PM
Because your code works, you should probably post this question on codereview.stackexchange.com — barny 34 secs ago
11:13 PM
codereview.stackexchange.com might be a better place for this question. — Charles Bamford 18 secs ago

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