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RELOAD! There are 7142 unanswered questions (89.7231% answered)
I understand it's the holiday season and things are slow, but I figured it was worth a shot anyway: My question has been sitting at +6 and unanswered for a month. I'd appreciate any review, or feedback on the question itself so I can put a good bounty on it.
@naiveai While it may not be the most helpful, have you read the help center page What should I do if no one answers my question?
We know there are many unreviewed posts - if you can take out any of those Zombies it would be great
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best practice questions belong on Code Review as they are opinion question which means they are off-topic for SO — The Grand J 10 secs ago
1:39 AM
@TheGrandJ The description makes it sound like the code is not working correctly (i.e. "I couldn't succeed even in this simples problem"), which would make the post off-topic on Code Review. When directing users there please ask them to first read the help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?_". — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 13 secs ago
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@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I do see what you are saying but they quite literally say "Can someone please help me? I don't know if I'm using the best activation and loss functions for this problem, but I just wish to make the model to learn." so that would be a code review question. And that seems to be the most important aspect based on the help me statement. — The Grand J 57 secs ago
Q: A non-nested test_vectors_generator Function for arithmetic_mean Function Testing in C++

JimmyHuThis is a follow-up question for An arithmetic_mean Function For Various Type Arbitrary Nested Iterable Implementation in C++. As Toby Speight's answer mentioned, some self-checking unit tests are needed to verify the correctness of arithmetic_mean function. There are numerous possible ways to co...

2:40 AM
Q: Why am i unable to confirm captcha and go to the next page

JakeIn order to avoid people pressing Confirm without bypassing the captcha and actually managing to login without completing the captcha I used this last solution in this link which is right at the bottom by @halfbit https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28674946/how-to-check-in-js-that-user-has-check...

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Reviewing code to make improvements is the purpose of the CodeReview site. To make this "question" on-topic for StackOVerflow, you would need a specific error to address. — JaMiT 26 secs ago
5:07 AM
Q: Implementing Convolutional Neural Network

NITIN AGARWALContext I was making a Convolutional Neural Network from scratch in Python. I completed making it .... It works fine ... The only thing is that it takes a lot of time as the size of the input grows. Code import numpy as np import math class ConvolutionalNeuralNetwork(): def __init__(self, nu...

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I’m voting to close this question because this question (probably) belongs on codereview. — baduker 37 secs ago
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How can this design know that there won't be new producers coming in the future? Like at the beginning there are no producers at all, the system is ready to shut down. You may want to start putting together a [mve], which could be discussed here (if it doesn't work) or on codereview.stackexchange.com (if it works, but you are uncertain about it). Right now there are too many questions for a single post, and they are not necessarily the ones which you would ask in the course of actual development. — tevemadar 1 min ago
10:30 AM
Q: C++/CLI Library for a C#.NET application: unmanaged environment safe from leaks?

LucasThe goal of this project is to create a library in C++/CLI for a .NET Application. A part of this C++ program is outside of the managed environment for sake of performance. This means that the object ''Item'' here has managed and unmanaged properties. To prevent memory leaks, I decided to store a...

10:55 AM
This is off-topic for Stackoverflow as it's too broad a question, you might want to delete this and ask again on codereview.stackexchange.com they are the experts! — JeffUK 32 secs ago
11:20 AM
Q: argparse error with checkpoint_path

byeongsu KIMdef main(params): # load the checkpoint checkpoint_path = params['checkpoint_path'] max_images = params['max_images'] print ('loading checkpoint %s' % (checkpoint_path, )) checkpoint = pickle.load(open(checkpoint_path, 'rb')) checkpoint_params = checkpoint['params'] d...

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Q: HaveIBeenPwned API

EMLPlease find my code for securely checking Haveibeenpwned for breached passwords This code will only send a partial HASH over the internet (using HTTPS) and the second part of the HASH will be checked on the users side. Therefore, the full password will never be seen by anyone including haveibeenp...

A code review comment: you could simplify the printboard() function significantly with a for loop. Would be a good exercise for a new programmer :) — annhak 40 secs ago
12:09 PM
Q: Quiz game in JS

fluffyI created a simple quiz about HTML,CSS,JS it works fine but as always there is a lot of space for improvement in my code that's why I would love some feedback from you guys. 'use strict'; // ######################################################## // #############################################...

1:24 PM
Q: Building a list from the Catresian square of an array

m. vokhmI'd like to know if the provided code conforms to the best practices regarding style (naming conventions, formatting etc); Is there a smarter, neater solution for the task; Are the comments intelligible enough (among others, my English is a concern); What is the "right" way to check if a double ...

What problem are you solving by enforcing such a rule? Easier codereview? Something else? — Sinatr 41 secs ago
To any moderators I think the author of this post needs some serious help, it may be a language problem. This question has 4 votes to close, 3 of the authors other 4 questions are closed.
@Vogel612 ^^^
hmm ... the python code itself actually seems reasonable at first glance
1:43 PM
@Vogel612 I agree, but the wording in the questions outside the code seems to indicate the code hasn't been tested in almost every case.
does it need to be?
Isn't the rule that the user must know the code works?
for certain values of "works"
"I've been running this in prod without issues" is works, even if there's an obbvious deadlock in there, so long as it has never been triggered
:) I think we rarely get code that is in production.
Q: Generator and Encoder network model

Alexhttps://arxiv.org/pdf/2009.07047v1.pdf I don't have a lot of experience in building a network model. I would like to build the Encoder and Generator network model from the above article. Here is my attempt : import torch.nn as nn class ResnetBlock(nn.Module): def __init__(self, dim, norm_lay...

2:14 PM
Q: C++ Event System - Game Engine

kainevIntroduction I have just started learning templates and experimenting with function pointers. I wanted to create an event system that met a couple of goals: Event types are PODs, and do not inherit from a base 'Event' class External API is simple, no binding or passing in lambdas etc. No explic...

3:06 PM
StackOverflow isn't the right place for Code Reviews there is a specific stack exchange solely for that purpose. codereview.stackexchange.comMathewHD 27 secs ago
3:28 PM
Q: Logging conditionally repetitively in code

notescrewIn my code I am using Log4j2 for logging. And multiple operations return success code. If status 0 is received means operation is successful, else failed. If operation is successfully, I log "*** is successfully." and if it fails I logs "*** failed with status : " + status. This is kind of repeti...

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posted on December 01, 2020 by CommitStrip

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Monking. Are you getting enough sleep?
somewhat... paternity leave is spent so I'm back to FT but could take vacation or unpaid time off.... I had to take a brief snooze yesterday afternoon
@baduker The code above appears to be stripped of context. In the future, please don't use the existence of the CR site as a reason to close a question. Use a reason like needs more focus, primarily opinion-based, etc. Then you can mention to the OP that it can be posted on Code Review if it is on-topic. Also see Does being on-topic at another Stack Exchange site automatically make a question off-topic for Stack Overflow?Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 6 secs ago
Q: Unity animations code

KemuraI currently working on a live keyboard demo on unity. I've animated every key but my script spans over 2000 lines. I'm fairly happy with my script but I know theres better ways to do it. I have defined functions and if statements for each and every key. I'll post my code below //ESC BTN AND F1 - ...

4:25 PM
@pacmaninbw I'd contemplated that question... thanks for bringing it up here
I noted that there is an answer, though it has a score of 0...
the OP has been active within the last 5 hours... I wish they would respond to your comment...
I wish they would read the help section and perhaps learn more english.
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ I added another comment. It might be helpful.
Nice; The existing answer does speak to that question, whether it is good advice I am not sure yet... still processing it
tangent based off OPs username: What's the Plural of 'Maitre d''? including history of incorporation of it into the language
4:41 PM
5:07 PM
Q: Phyton Project to Guess a Number Game

fvanessaganI am trying to create a simple Python project. It's a minigame about guessing a number. It's a game where the computer will pick a random number from 1 to 10. The player needs to guess it correctly. Every wrong attempt will give you a clue. 3 clues and the player will lose. I've built the code ...

6:00 PM
This also seems like it should go on Code Review. — SuperStormer 20 secs ago
6:12 PM
@SuperStormer when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form the code above would likely be closed as off-topic because it appears to have a syntax error. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 47 secs ago
It would be useful to specify the LCD device you are using. And simply stating "it doesn't work" makes the question far too broad and little more than a code review. What debugging have you done, what debug support do you have (debugger, test equipment such as a n oscilloscope for example). I would suggest that the software is in error is more likely that "pins don't work" but if it is a hardware issue it is no an SO question. — Clifford 27 secs ago
Q: UNITY code for keyboard animation

KemuraI currently working on a live keyboard demo on unity. I've animated every key but my script spans over 2000 lines. I'm fairly happy with my script but I know theres better ways to do it. I have defined functions and if statements for each and every key. I'll post my code below //ESC BTN AND F1 -...

Q: Boost speed optimizations,C++ operator overloading

Hrant NurijanyanI am writing a part of the program where speed matters the most. In that part I am creating color spaces like RGB and other. In-fact I wrote these 2 structs. struct RGB { unsigned char r; unsigned char g; unsigned char b; } struct ARGB { unsigned char a; unsigned char r; ...

@CaptainObvious duplicate of question by same OP 2 hours ago
6:28 PM
I think it would make sense to respond to keyboard input using Javascript. Two weeks ago I commented on a snake game, which has code and a working demo. See: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/252002/…KIKO Software 42 secs ago
@CaptainObvious I wish I could get +20 just for posting a bunch of random lines of code and then a link to a 3rd party site...
6:47 PM
Q: API for SQL queries with PHP PDO

GingerBadgerAny feedback and criticism is very much welcome! I'm writing a very simple CRUD application, and I'm wondering if the way I'm using static methods throughout the code makes sense. I'd very much like to simplify the code, if possible. <?php class Database { private const DB_DSN = ""...

7:08 PM
Stackoverflow is a Q&A platform to ask specific questions and therefor you need to include a minimal reproducible example of what you have and a specific question related to that code. If that isn’t possible then the question is of topic. In the current form you question is a question for code review how to make your code better in general and not about a specific problem. — t.niese just now
@t.niese when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form the code above would likely be closed as off-topic because the majority of the code is on a 3rd party link. CR has an increased text limit. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 55 secs ago
7:46 PM
@FedericoklezCulloca If you want to do a code review (similar to checkstyle.sourceforge.io) it is absolutely necessary to parse code and perform analysis, like identifier naming conventions, amount of comments, lines of code per method etc. I do not see anything bad here. — Hiran Chaudhuri 26 secs ago
8:25 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Someone should check out the link to see if it is a black site.
Q: Show/Hide - either JS or CSS - Multiple instances on page with no ID or auto incrementing ID

user233976I have a JS with a Show/Hide element on a page which is written so that end users at my organization can add new content without knowing html/js, therefore the ID can't be changed for each instance. If the exiting script can be used with an added var to allow the id number to change (+1) for eac...

8:51 PM
Ah, thanks. Just my opinion that this type of syntax made code review of legacy code very difficult. — user1655072 7 secs ago
9:06 PM
This isn't a review service. If this is working code that you think could be improved, see Code Review. — jonrsharpe 17 secs ago
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Then this was a misleading wording on my side. I didn't want to suggest to post on code review on stack exchange, I just wanted to say that the "question" in the current form is more a request to do a code review then an acutal question. — t.niese 41 secs ago
9:41 PM
Q: Beginner cigarette questioning program

parapufferWhile working through a challenge in the beginning of a book I'm reading. I wanted to make my first program more versatile in its responses while trying to fix any exceptions that it was throwing at me. I'm not really sure how well I've made it and I'm looking for any advice on where I can improv...

9:53 PM
@CaptainObvious wow upvote and accept within 2 minutes of answering - I'm not used to that... maybe I try to take out too many zombies
possible answer invalidation by Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ on question by GingerBadger: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/252892/revisions
10:06 PM
Q: Is there any way to make this python algorithm work faster?

JoshJohnsonProgram description: A program accepts a list (uTable). The list consists of at least 50 different lists (rows) with 7 elements (cells). Check whether the value in [7] is zero and assign a new random variable to it on the basis of what [3] is: 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. A chance is should be used to calcu...

Q: Python - First project user system

Alejandro Trincherothis is my first project, I started Python more or less 3 weeks ago doing a course. This code is supposed to be the "user" system for my app. This will ask you what you want to do... If you want to add a user, remove a user or check the list of saved users. With this I learned how to open and edi...

Q: Decluttering quiz game

KueI've been learning C# for 2 month and in the process of writing a quiz via file i/o. I want to know if there is a better way to getting the questions and answers rather than using switch statement so that it does not look too cluttered. I've tried using fields and properties but I don't know how ...

10:56 PM
Q: Calculating difference between cached period and requested

RB_There is a remote resource containing datasets arranged by time, data is static and doesnt change. Whenever we are going to fetch anything from there we will be saving it in our cache. User might request a data for a particular time period, lets say from 1st Jan 2019 to 1st Jan 2020. If data is n...

11:14 PM
How do we evaluate "better" ? What criteria determine what is good, not good and what is better? Also, I think this question might be better suited for Code Review because there isn't a problem to be solved. — devlin carnate 30 secs ago
@devlincarnate Thank you very much for your guidance. Next time I will consider this type of questions for Code Review. For now, I am thankful to the kind person who actually took interest in my concern and provide a real and solid answer. — Morfinismo just now
Q: Why do i have to press Connect twice to get the alert?

JakeWhen I complete captcha and press Connect, the submit works with one click, but when I dont complete the captcha and press Connect, I have to press Connect another time to get the alert that says complete this field.. index.php : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> </head> <body> <form method="post" ac...

11:30 PM
This might be better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comNick 26 secs ago
@CaptainObvious asking for explanation of use case

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