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RELOAD! There are 6312 unanswered questions (90.0639% answered)
12:47 AM
Only hat I have is a secret hat lmao
It seems that your code currently works, and you are looking to improve it. Generally these questions are too opinionated for this site, but you might find better luck at CodeReview.SE. Remember to read their requirements as they are a bit more strict than this site. — AChampion 22 secs ago
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Q: Beginner's level hovering effect on anchors

santimirandarpAfter a few trials I've written this code where the border of a link expands: a { position: relative; text-decoration: none; margin:0; } a::after{ content: ""; position: absolute; //relative to a bottom:0; left:0; width:0%; transition: 0.3s width ease-out; } a:hover::after...

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11:13 AM
yesterday, by Heslacher
I don't know if I have left something for another answer of this C# question: https://codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/232510/generating-infinite-procedural-terrain-using-command-line-graphics I have put a 50rep bounty on it (spend some rep because of winterbash) so another answer would receive it.
Q: "Sack" data structure in C#

Al2110The idea is to have a data structure that holds any number of objects of any type. Objects can be retrieved, or removed permanently, at random. Also, it can be cleared (or emptied). public class Sack { private List<object> objects; public Sack() { obj...

11:28 AM
@Duga you really should wear your hat. You would look soooo cute with it!
11:40 AM
@Heslacher Don't I always look cute?
I have had a lot of pings this year:
@Duga When did you become an AI?
@Duga sure you do, but showing off your hat would make you so much cuter!
@pacmaninbw Haven't I always been?
Very nice!
@Duga I've never seen this side of you before.
11:45 AM
@pacmaninbw Happens once every year or so that she starts to have a life of her own.
But I think she just went to sleep again since her alter-ego is here now.
@pacmaninbw She's my alter-ego, not the other way around.
@SimonForsberg I feel a "Yes But..." coming on, but I'm still not sure how to express it.
@SimonForsberg So did Mat get his feature request?
12:13 PM
I only remember the one by Heslacher.
2 days ago, by Simon Forsberg
@Heslacher That would involve another API call I think. Nothing I will implement at the moment.
12:36 PM
Yeah, I screwed up.
1:03 PM
Q: Creating a thumbnail of a PDF using Cairo, Poppler and Rust

alexwlchanI want to create thumbnails from PDF files – specifically, a thumbnail of the first page. Currently I use pdftocairo on the command line: $ pdftocairo myfile.pdf -png -singlefile -scale-to-x 400 -scale-to-y -1 but I wanted to see if I could implement this without shelling out to an external to...

1:50 PM
possible answer invalidation by Ben on question by Ben: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/233994/revisions
@Duga Is that a best practices in general question?
2:11 PM
yes it is
it's also a weaponization of CR for an opinionated discussion
it's easy to chime in, because arguing around conventions is cathartic (explaining the number of votes and the two answers), but it's not asking for a review.
@pacmaninbw What feature-request?
@pacmaninbw Ok, Heslacher's feature request. No that's not happening.
Some refactoring of @Duga might happen though.
2:35 PM
@Vogel612 Yeah your reasoning aligned with mine. Thanks for closing it :)
3:06 PM
Q: Algorithms: Total number of non overlapping subsets

nz_21I am trying to solve this question: https://www.spoj.com/problems/ACTIV/1 The essence of the problem is this: given a list of school classes with start and end times, find the total number of non-overlapping subsets. I’ve written up a DP solution that I think is optimal in terms of time complex...

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4:10 PM
possible answer invalidation by Stephen Rauch on question by Jency: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/233984/revisions
4:50 PM
Q: Stochastic Simulation

RodrigoI implemented this simulation for a class, but it seems to be very slow. I'm not sure if that's normal or not. If anyone could take a look at my code and help me out, I'd really appreciate it. I think it stems from having so many events ($\approx \mathrm{dim}^2\times n$) created in the followi...

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6:26 PM
Welcome to SO! If this code is working, please move it to codereview.stackexchange.com. If it isn't working, please describe in detail what isn't working. Thanks. — ggorlen 35 secs ago
Q: Need feedback for profle website

sm12I am building a simple ( intended to make it minimal ) portfolio website . Can anyone please give feedback for this. Is this going to be a effective portfolio site? Also I am facing an issue when I try to change the border-radius of the outermost div on hover. On hovering the rest of the borde...

Q: Managing access to protected sections of React app

SamI'm exploring different and hopefully more reliable and efficient ways to protect sections of my React app that require authentication. My React app uses React-Router to manage routes. There's this example here but I felt maybe there's a more efficient way. How about this approach in App.js? c...

6:57 PM
The code seems to work for you and the set-up is clean :) Code can always be more semantic or shorter but if that is your goal try to post it on codereview. — A1rPun 30 secs ago
Right, codereview is better option StackOverflow is for solving problems. — Zydnar 36 secs ago
7:14 PM
Q: Bi Directional Dictionary

Tobi AlafinI wrote a class that extends the dict class to provide indexing like functionality, so I can find which key(s) map to a given value in the dict. It's pretty bare bones and there are a lot of things I haven't fleshed out like docstrings (will add these later when I have a final version), how to ha...

7:30 PM
possible answer invalidation by Tobi Alafin on question by Tobi Alafin: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/234040/revisions
@CaptainObvious Broken
Q: Need feedback on Html/CSS code (Beginner)

NeikoI'm fairly new to Html/CSS and I've put together a navigation bar. I would appreciate some feedback on what I could do better within the code as I don't know what's best just yet. const navSlide = () => { const burger = document.querySelector('.burger'); const nav = document.querySelect...

@Duga not an invalidation
at least as far as I can tell
7:50 PM
possible answer invalidation by Tobi Alafin on question by Tobi Alafin: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/234040/revisions
@Duga Handled.
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9:18 PM
Q: It's Teetime; adding tee like functionality to Popen

PeilonrayzI recently needed to run some command line applications from Python. Whilst this is fairly simple with subprocess.Popen. I wanted to be able to properly pipe the output. When running the programs from Python I want three things: The option to have a low memory footprint. This is possible wit...

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10:20 PM
Q: Vector rearranging using iterators C++

somenewuserI'm currently solving a problem where I should put all even numbers on first positions in vector, and odd numbers last. So, for an input of vector=[1, 23, 44, 12, 8, 55] result should be new=[23, 44, 12, 8, 1, 55] or some variations, order of numbers is irrelevant. So far I managed to create...

11:01 PM
Q: How can I optimise the algorithm of adding n and m bit binary numbers?

Suraj SharmaRecently I was studying bitwise operators and bit-manipulation algorithms and I found out an algorithm to add two binary numbers. Pseudocode is as follows: function add(A, B): while B is greater than 0: U = A XOR B, where XOR = Bitwise XOR of A and B. V = A AND B, where AND...

11:42 PM
Q: Calculating every possible answer given a set of formulas

dustytrashProblem Given a set of formulas (AKA "Rules"), get a list containing every possible answer that does not break any formula. Formula variables can have a maximum equal to the number of characters. For example "ABC" can have values from 0-3 while "E" 0-1. Example, given this set of Rules: {AB...


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