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@CaptainObvious off-topic - not implemented as intended
12:31 AM
Q: Logger class (C++)

NovotnyI wrote a simple logger class for my project. Some key points: The interface is heavily inspired by Java's logging libraries (you can tell from the getters/setters that I'm a Java programmer). In particular I'm using printf style functions instead of std::ostream style, which I don't like very ...

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1:31 AM
Q: How can I get the code to read these files correctly?

user7336260After modified and I compiled the code, this error came up java.io.FileNotFoundException: maleFemaleInFamily.text (The system cannot find the file specified) at Family.main(Family.java:28) I wonder how I can resolve this error so that the output displays the values correctly when I try it out ...

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4:42 AM
That's about right, though you you need to think carefully about how you setup the dates for testing (e.g. set both to 00:00:00 on the first of the month, or set the URL date to 00:00:00 on the first of the following month and compare with Date.now(), etc.). I think this is more a code review question though, so perhaps off topic. — RobG 43 secs ago
4:55 AM
Q: group the list element as per dividend number c#

Deependra SharmaI have a list of element. I want to make grouping of list element ,based on the product of the any number. For example i have a list with element List<int> myList = new List<int>() {2,3,4}; Now the product of number 2 is 2,4,6,8... and product of 3 is 3,6,9,12....etc. so i have two group {2,...

@CaptainObvious no code no glory
5:27 AM
@CaptainObvious RBA
5:39 AM
A: HttpClient Wrapper for standardized API communication

Jeffrey ParksAsync/Await In a couple of places, you use Task.Result instead of await Task. This answer explains more verbosely why this is considered bad practice, but the simple explanation is that Task.Result waits synchronously while await Task waits asynchronously. HttpClient You are correct that how t...

nice answer by a new user
6:16 AM
Q: JAVA 8: passing JDBC connection object to a method as parameter

AmoghConsider a below code: try (Connection conn = icrud.getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = conn.prepareStatement("SELECT ID FROM TABLE_NAME"); ResultSet rs = ps.executeQuery();) { conn.setAutoCommit(false); while (rs.next()) { perform_something_method(conn, rs.getLo...

@CaptainObvious example code
6:37 AM
Q: Paper label system in Python / Tkinter

98EdUpdate from Paper label system in Python I have not updated the security on the app, need to have a proper look into it. Have decided to use docx module, instead of using print-screen. I have added few important if statements when handling .docx files in folders depending what the user has c...

6:58 AM
@CaptainObvious RBA
7:50 AM
8:15 AM
I believe this is the question for codereview.stackexchange.comdyukha 26 secs ago
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9:19 AM
Q: Function to prompt and check user input

John SmithI'm trying to make a function that asks for a string input and then validates it. If the answer is not correct, the function asks them again for valid input with a while loop. In order to validate the string input, I'm using a string array with all the possible answers to the question. Because ...

9:59 AM
Q: Java enum-based factory to calculate entry parameters

KhaynI want to create a factory to return all Source instances that match given entry parameters- that is, I want to interate through some Collection of objects and for each entry check boolean method. I thought about enum, as I'm guaranteed to iterate through them all. I came up with something like ...

10:19 AM
Q: Rewrote some code in a PHP class. Looking for another set of eyes

MarkI have been giving some code to look at with the remit it's too hard to read / not succinct from one of the devs here. The dev who wrote this, didn't agree that my changes were useful or made it any better to read. I figured a fresh set of eyes might help. The original code is here: <?php ...

10:39 AM
Q: Simple Tictactoe game in typescript

Matthew HollidayRelatively new here so please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I'm mostly wondering if I can simplify the code, I've been told that it's needlessly complicated. HTML: <div class="board"> <div id="tl" class="tldarkmode" (click)="fill(1)">{{ valtl }}</div> <div id="t" class="tdark...

Q: Django call method directly instead of redirect

creyDWhen I needed some methods more than once, in the past, I redirected the data to the other view like this: def customSite(request, site_ID): site = get_object_or_404(Site, site_ID=site_ID) return render(request, 'shop/site.html', { 'site': site }) def customURL(request, url_string): ...

10:57 AM
Maybe this question would be a better fit for Code Review (another site in this group which is there for people who want people to have a look at their code) — hat just now
Q: Generating all possible value combinations with constraint

FredexFor a project, I'm running a solver which evaluates a number of cases and outputs the optimum. Now, let's consider the following: var ambition = 14; var yearRampUp = [14, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]; // 12 months I need to build a recursive (?) loop that gives me all possible combinations...

@CaptainObvious This is Code Review, not Idea Review.
11:56 AM
Did this question hit the hot network questions list at any point? codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/231191/…
@pacmaninbw Yeah, check the edit history.
@410_Gone That is a very fast way to check, thanks!
Q: Insert 271 million records from text file to mongodb

DiandroI have 271 million records, line by line in a text file that I need to add to MongoDB, and I'm using Python and Pymongo in order to do this. I first split the single file containing the 271 million records into multiple files containing each 1 million lines, and have written the current code to ...

@pacmaninbw It'll also show you if the SE account tweeted it.
12:16 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because Review of existing code belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comNineBerry 35 secs ago
@pacmaninbw Fairly recent addition too. In the past, it wasn't visible there.
@Mast How do I enter @'Greek letter pi' on a qwerty keyboard?
or at least address that particular user?
12:31 PM
@pacmaninbw copy paste?
@JAD Well that is one way.
And you get the autocompletion thingies like with "normal" names, IIRC just @ it will offer to autocomplete any names starting with non-alphanumeric starting characters
like so
Yea, special character-users are in the dropdown whenever you start with @.
Of-course, that only works reliably on desktop. My mobile isn't doing it.
12:48 PM
If it works, maybe move this question to Code Review. (And put the code in the question, not in an answer.) — Johnny Mopp 53 secs ago
@pacmaninbw You could use an Alt code if you really want to.
Darn it, what's Pi's code again. It's not the 227 I have listed.
÷¸°¨¨·¹³²■ ☺☻♥
When in doubt, just copy it from a Unicode site. Or open a Python instance.
I'm no good with Unicode.
The only one I know is ß
I moved the code to the question. I will post it on Code Review next time. I didn't know about that other site. And I don't have the move option yet. — Jordan 57 secs ago
@Mast @JAD I'll go with the @=> list and copy and paste for the time being. Thanks for the assistance.
You don't need to copy it. Can scroll through them with tab I think.
1:01 PM
Q: Running some code every day at certain times

ChrisI am currently developing a windows service in C# which is supposed to run a data import every day at configurable times. For this purpose I have created a class "ExecutionTime" which contains the attributes "Hour" and "Minute" to specify a time when the data import should be executed. When the s...

@Mast or click
@Mast Can't believe a software developer with that much experience doesn't know what the N Body problem is.
He can be a bit of a case at times.
I suggest closing/deleting this question and asking again on Code Review (but read their help first for posting guidelines. — Martin Bonner 22 secs ago
1:03 PM
@Mast "they" rather than "he" just get used to it.
"He" is actually correct in this case, soo....
Calling someone a they when they have stated they prefer "he" is misgendering
tiny tidbit of information 🌠
I don't disagree that a simple link to wikipedia would be a common courtesy
@Mast @Vogel612 I am not trying to offend anyone in this room. I am a straight white male. I do my best to avoid any pronouns.
It's just safer.
I do belong to one marginalized minority.
That there have been attempts to eradicate.
@Mast If I offended you or anyone else in the room I'm sorry.
2:02 PM
Q: Testable network calls Swift

stevenpcurtisI want to make testable network calls using Swift. For example, I want to download the latest from AWS if and only if it's version is newer than the downloaded file. In order to do this I've created a function: func requestDownloadLinkForAWS() { DispatchQueue.global(qos: .background).async...

Q: Trying to optimize/bug check a peak valley finding algorithm

learningthemachineI'm trying to improve my algorithm to make it faster. Also might help to have a few sets of eyes for any bugs or gaps in logic i didn't catch. One thing to note, because of the nature of the algo, there will be periods at the beginning and end of the data that are dead zones, where a peak/valley ...

2:12 PM
Medi Gwosdz on October 24, 2019

After learning how Git whiz Sascha Wolf built his career via Stack Overflow, we sat down with him and his former colleague to talk about how Stack Overflow for Teams was introduced at Grandcentrix. The thing developer Sascha Wolf appreciated most when joining Grandcentrix was the passion of his colleagues to do good work. He fondly remembers many conversations with Stephan Hochhaus, Grandcentrix Vice President, HR and Organizational Development. Wolf says they were both “very interested in communication, how to communicate better, and how we can share knowledge better.” Hochhaus sums …

2:22 PM
Q: Searching for a better way to (quickly) generate a 32 bit unique timestamp across processes

ChristopheDHere are some of the characteristics of my problem: I must generate unique 32 bit timestamps across processes on a single machine. Uniqueness is critical, monotonicity across processes is not as important. It is crucial that this code is as fast as possible (ruling out e.g. a timestamp service ...

@pacmaninbw Huh? The only one who cares about my gender is my wife.
I don't care, nobody else should care.
For all you know I'm a fusion generator.
@Vogel612 Good, because I wasn't 100% sure.
I'm not easily offended, if anyone is interested.
If they aren't interested, I'm still not easily offended.
@Simon Friendly reminder: are you aware you never accepted an answer here?
Do you need another answer? If so, can you tell us what's missing?
2:42 PM
Q: My implementation of binary heap

RobotexI maked my custom heap, that allow to change and delete elements. Please review it and tell me about any found bugs: https://bitbucket.org/nshatokhin/priorityqueue/src/master/ Is this implementation optimal? Is any better implementations exist? template<typename ObjectType, typename IdxTyp...

@Mast Let's keep egregious, unfounded hyperbole's out of it, please.
@Mast On main site I tend to not accept an answer until I've actually incorporated the changes. I never actually got back to that code after having posted that question.
Welcome to StackOverflow! Optimization-type questions are probably better suited for the Code Review SE site rather than SO. — Das_Geek 41 secs ago
3:03 PM
Q: I have just made my first program, a simple calculator, comments are welcome

Haliaxclass HesapMakinesi(): def __init__(self): self.islem_turu = input("Ne tarz bir işlem yapmak istersiniz?" "\n(Ör: + - * /" "\nYapmak istediğiniz işlemin simgesini girin: ") if self.islem_turu == "*": ...

@SimonForsberg Ok, just wondering.
Not sure why, but I noticed that the CommitStrip feed had disappeared in this room
Last time anyone changed the feeds was in November 2018: chat.stackexchange.com/…
3:12 PM
possibly got deleted because the oneboxing for feeds is basically broken for anything but XKCD
But last time a CommitStrip was posted was in August 2019: chat.stackexchange.com/…
@Vogel612 But the oneboxing has been broken for longer than August, hasn't it?
yea, definitely
maybe the paper trail is bork
Sometime after August 19th, it appears to just have... disappeared.
chat search is known to be wonky...
@Vogel612 You think anyone made a change to the feeds after August 19th?
3:19 PM
I even tried looking for messages moved to other rooms...nothing.
But, the search was really weird about it
Greetings, Programs.
posted on September 06, 2019 by CommitStrip

posted on September 10, 2019 by CommitStrip

posted on September 13, 2019 by CommitStrip

posted on September 16, 2019 by CommitStrip

posted on September 20, 2019 by CommitStrip

Oh geez
@SimonForsberg what did you do
3:49 PM
@410_Gone Added the feed.
No worries, this is normal.
I was messing with you lol
Luckily, it only happens when the feed is just added.
4:00 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because questions about improving the performance of code belong at codereview.stackexchange.com. — Ahmed Abdelhameed 51 secs ago
@SimonForsberg That was you fixing CaptainObvious after I broke it, I presume?
@Mast CommitStrip
@410_Gone November 2018
Didn't follow the link lmao
4:07 PM
@Mast No idea. Haven't checked the context.
Chat search doing a bork.
Looks like I'm the last one touching the feeds in nov, fairly sure someone else had to fix it.
Nov 5 '18 at 10:32, by Mast
Now how the heck do I change Feeds' name here back to CO...
Yes, but that can be fixed by just changing the user posting the feeds, which only mods can do.
Speaking of which, @Vogel612, could you maybe update the new CommitStrip feed with a unique user?
Q: We need Captain Obvious back

HeslacherAlmost one month ago the new-question-feed of our main chat-room The 2nd Monitor posted by the special user named Captain Obvious stopped working. There had been a short discussion Room owner 1: I was more thinking along the lines of, would it help to remove/add the feed again? Roo...

@Mast ^^
Thank you @Heslacher @SimonForsberg
5:02 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange — Jim Mischel 51 secs ago
@Feeds I think I recognize Electron and Angular, what's the rest?
Q: Working BmiCalc using all Java I've learnt so far. Looking for opinion from the more experienced

Julie CohenThis is my first program so no doubt I've made mistakes. The code works and meets all requirements as far as I can see. I'm hoping to get a critical review of the code to identify any potential problems with it. I am open to any criticism and any suggestions on how I can improve the code and imp...

@CaptainObvious Somebody is really overusing the LCC VTC lately.
@Simon @Vogel should someone look into that? I don't really have stats on it, but something feels off.
@Mast Not much I can do, at least not until the question is closed.
Then I can just see who VTC'd
LCC has been overused for a long time though
@Mast Vue and React I think? And it starts of as Adobe Flash, right?
@SimonForsberg Very true.
5:11 PM
@SimonForsberg More asking for an opinion than action here, I know you lost your diamond.
Is there someway to bring a month old question in CR Meta back into focus? I asked a question about training our users in self moderating and didn't like any of the answers. @Vogel612 pointed to that question in his answer to another CR Meta question.
Regular questions have bounties.
Q: How do we train our self-moderators?

pacmaninbwOver the past few months I have found myself voting to Leave Open many questions that someone else voted to close as not concrete. A case in point is this question. While this question could have been improved in a number of ways the code was complete and I felt there was almost enough text to ex...

priority queue can't delete and update element. I wrote my own: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/231266/…Robotex 43 secs ago
Q: Minesweeper code made more simple or shorter?

Antsnew to this place so I'm not sure if posting the entire code is allowed. If so I'll edit it to be shorter. Anyways I'm new to python and I was wondering if the code below can be made shorter or simplified. All anwsers are welcomed :). """Minesweeper has to swipe the mines.""" import copy def c...

Q: jquery Moment and countdown - Work time php

Aquiles Maiorin this code below, using jquery + countdown to perform a multiple element countdown at the same time. However, I would like to use a real time on the base of my server and not on the client. For example, get this code using this time here <? Php echo ('YYYY-MM-DD H: mm: ss'); ?> Is there such...

5:52 PM
@Mast Let's just say that I did notice some people using it very often when I was a moderator...
Ugh, I hate the LCC reason
@410_Gone Stargreed.
You can basically use it as "I don't understand this, I'm going to vote to close it"
iT lAcKs CoNcReTe CoNtExT (cue Spongebob meme)
Q: Map collection into key/value pairs

AdamI have a Laravel collection of objects and I try to map them into an array with key/value pairs using the helper methods. In short, I want to transform a collection like this: { $objA, $objB, $objC } Into this: [ $objA->date => $objA->name, $objB->date => $objA->name, $objC->date => $o...

6:09 PM
@SimonForsberg @410_Gone so am I wrong when I say this is LCC? codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/231264/…
I personally don't see any issues.
So the question is ok?
@410_Gone I can remove the comments and retract the VTC.
In my opinion yeah. It's not a great question but certainly not worthy of closure
@pacmaninbw short of making it I don't know, but that doesn't seem to be what you want
How do I make a meta question featured?
6:16 PM
you present your case to a mod why it should be featured and then a mod does (or doesn't) do that
@SimonForsberg I won't add a picture for now, because I don't want to look around for it.
@Vogel612 don't know that I want it featured. I guess I won't be selecting any answers for that question.
@pacmaninbw FTR I don't understand your latest custom flag ...
you're not responsible for people bickering about naming in the comments on your answer
~sigh comment flags are weird to handle.
For The Record? I'm asking if you think I may have slowed down the comments trying to instruct a new user that they are wrong. Just decline it.
I happen to disagree with the domain specialists, but didn't feel that I needed to comment.
@Vogel612 ^^
And now I may have chased another user away from code review
@Vogel612 how much trouble do I get in for declined flags?
on comments: none at all, on posts: if you accrue declined flags at some point the system may ignore your flags IIRC
there used to be something called "Flag Weight", but that has been removed years ago
6:31 PM
@Vogel612 IIRC it'll just block you from flaggin at that point
yeah I think you get a flag ban if you have too many declines
Also the number of flags you get is based partly on your flag history.
On posts I'm at about 10% declined, but I think I've been improving.
10% probably won't hurt you
@pacman if you want a better answer on your meta, please provide details on what it should contain.
I never had any declined "Post" flags, but I do have one "Retracted (Self-Removed)".
@Mast Which meta?
The month old one?
6:39 PM
On mobile, so linking is hard
Bloody phones...
7:14 PM
This would be more appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.com, but could probably use some more cleanup before posting there. — MooseBoys 47 secs ago
@MooseBoys No it would definitely not be appropriate for codereview since since that site is for working code. — klutt 51 secs ago
7:28 PM
@Duga interesting comment by Kaz (not the same Kaz that frequents this room as I initially thought)
But your shuffle code has a for loop at the bottom which does exactly what you're asking for: it dumps the shuffled cards one by one. You didn't write this code at all; it's the given part of your homework. — Kaz 9 mins ago
7:46 PM
Hey Ants. Please undelete your Code Review request. I had written up a rather large review, and would prefer it not go to waste. — Carcigenicate 39 secs ago
Q: DataReader to To IEnumerable<object[]> To 2 Dimensional Array

rickmanalexanderLet me preface this with a few things before I get into my question: I am making the leap from VBA/VB6 to .NET, (boy is it a big one), so I am noob to .NET best practices and so on. I am re-writing en existing excel add-in (written in VBA) that has a library of subs and functions which are use...

Great to hear. If you post something, consider doing it on the sister site CodeReview. Thanks for the update. — coredump 8 secs ago
If your code works and you're looking for feedback, that's a question to ask on Code Review, although you's also want to verify that they consider it on-topic. — Tieson T. 22 secs ago
8:15 PM
If you're after constructive criticism or other feedback, ask on Code ReviewAmy 40 secs ago
8:27 PM
Q: Kattis challenge[Playlist] [feedback]

carvaHas anyone solved this problem? Kattis:https://open.kattis.com/problems/playlist I try to parse the input and populate a playlist of the sons. Then i use recursion to check if the given song in the sequence can be played or not and continues like this until a sequence of 9 is fond or return "fa...

8:47 PM
Q: How to refactor the api or make this code simpler?

UdzzzzI'm learning ajax json, I'm just testing how to pull the data, so the idea when hover the number, it pulls the data and show the content for name and email. Number 1 is to show name and number 2 is to show email. The api is working, but I'm not quite sure how to refactor or make the code simpler...

9:05 PM
There is another site for code review: codereview.stackexchange.commichael.hor257k 17 secs ago
1 hour later…
10:29 PM
Yes there is. You can implement the any class functionality yourself - or something like that - using only C++11 features. This link might come in handy: link. I will edit my answer based on the code from this, for clarification on how it works. — SkyZip 17 secs ago
11:09 PM
Q: std::vector.push_back of std::weak_ptr<Class>

AndrewI'm completely new to smart pointers but find that for current job I have to write code that uses a std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Class>>. I don't know if I'm doing this correctly and therefore would appreciate your help in critiquing this bit of code that I've written. std::vector<std::weak_ptr<Class>

Q: Validating sudoku columns and rows

Vinícius Magalhães HortaI'm writing a sudoku col/row validator, what is does is: Reads user input on how many Sudoku instances to validate. Reads the sudoku matrix grid 9x9 (for me, in my specific case 9x9) into a 2d array. Each line read/row should contain something like: 8 2 1 3 6 4 9 7 5. Validates each row and col...

11:25 PM
possible answer invalidation by John Smith on question by John Smith: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231247/revisions

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