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Q: A runtime benchmark for multiple programs using the Python subprocess module

MattI would like feedback on my benchmark script. What's another method for benchmarking that might be better/easier? Overhead I've found that subprocess.run has an overhead of about 0.01 by using this test function. import time import subprocess def overhead(): start = time.time() pro...

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Stack Overflow is not the right platform for optimization questions. Try codereview.stackexchange.comScott Marcus 44 secs ago
Q: How well made is this code and what can I do to make it more effiecient?

Chris BitneyI wrote this to teach myself how to make a menu with buttons and I want to know if I've done well and if theres any way to make it shorter and/or more efficient. import pygame, sys from pygame import * run = True global newBG newBG = False #------------------------------------------------------...

Q: Balanced Parentheses. only ()

reza farjamwhat is wrong with my code?! it fails in 1 test out of 27, and the problem is i dont know what that test is! def parantez(X): S = [] for i in range(len(X)): if X[i] == '(': S.append(X[i]) elif X[i] == ')': if (len(S)> 0): S.pop() ...

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If you are not facing any issues, this question is better asked on codereview.stackexchange.comDaniel Mesejo 8 secs ago
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Q: Infinite String IEEEXtreme 13

T145 from itertools import product for _ in range(int(input())): l = list(map(int, input().split())) lim = l[1] cs = [chr(96 + n) for n in range(1, l[0] + 1)] r = ''.join(cs) while len(r) < lim: for i in range(2, len(cs) + 1): if len(r) > lim: ...

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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because You do not have any problem so your publication is not within the requirements of SO, it even seems to be off-topic since this one of the POB, IMHO is more appropriate to publish it in codereview.stackexchange.comeyllanesc 14 secs ago
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This is possibly more appropriate to post as codereview.stackexchange.com or users.rust-lang.org, if your code does actually work; or to narrow down to the concrete problem, if it doesn't. — Cerberus 47 secs ago
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Q: Atbash Cipher in Rust - Exercism exercise

brasidesSo I'm working on an implementation of the Atbash Cipher for Rust - it is an exercise on exercism.io. I come from a little C experience and found my code to be rather round about and kind of tortured. Doing str and String manipulation in Rust is something I haven't really grokked yet. It seems li...

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Q: How to make my code execute faster on big data?

SSMKI have a dataframe of size 4M+ and 30 columns. I would like to perform certain groupby and transpose operations which will finally end up with more number (unimaginable) of columns/features. I have given a sample dataframe df = pd.DataFrame({ 'subject_id':[1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3,3,4,4,4,4,4], 'readi...

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Q: Improving the code quality of the specific function

VishalI have written a function to get the actual page range to display that page range in pagination. My function is working properly. But I think that I have written bad code. Can someone review my code and give me some feedback to improve my code? Here is the code: const pageRange = (() => { le...

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If this code works and has no actual issue (no errors), this question is better asked at codereview.stackexchange.com. — Pᴇʜ 24 secs ago
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Q: Detecting overlapped boxes and the color of overlapped area in a View

JewelthiefRecently, I applied for a job that required skills in object-oriented programming. Although I have coded in Java at odd times, those were very small assignments. I have been mostly programming in C language. Recently I applied for a job that required object-oriented programming skills. They gave ...

Q: What is right way to define method typing in es6 arrow method

diEchowhile learning in react 16.8 with typescript code base, I came through many diffrent type definition pattern is been followed. so for the sake of consistency, which is the right way (recommendesld or valid) to set a type definition of a es6 arrow method especially when object destructuring come...

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Wouldn't codereview SE be a better place to ask this question ? — Marged 8 secs ago
Q: .NET entityframework updating huge table performance

BinaryTieI have very large table which is expanding every day and many applications are involved with that table. After while we find out, that from time to time there are table locks and while application doing updates whole table is locked. I am looking for alternative solution for my foreach loop: pub...

Thanks, just posted on codereview.stackexchange — Justin Daines 43 secs ago
Q: Is there a way to speed up this VBA macro that uses ranges from two different workbooks?

Justin DainesI'm hoping someone can help me here, I'm working with a file which has about 38000 rows and 180 columns. I'm using a macro to update the fields in the one workbook with the values in the other workbook, but it takes about 2 minutes to run. I'm looking for a way to reduce this time, I've tried eve...

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Q: Is this a good way to check the validity of a date in C?

Sergey TeryanI was tasked with writing a function, that checks whether a date is valid in the following format: DD.MM.YYYY. Here's what I wrote: bool isValidDate(const char* date) { int a, b, c; size_t len = strlen(date); for (size_t i = 0; i < len; i++) { if (!isdigit(date[i]) && da...

if there are any advise that could make my code look neater or run faster, This is not the right place to ask this. I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because if this code works and has no actual issue (no errors), this question is better asked at codereview.stackexchange.com — Foxfire And Burns And Burns 58 secs ago
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This might be better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com? — Max Langhof 13 secs ago
10:31 AM
Q: Molecular .pdb File Reader in Rust

QuantumChrisI am new to rust and wanted to get going with a medium-sized project to help learn. I've settled on creating some basic quantum mechanics code which starts with this bare-bones file reader. It takes a pdb file which is just a list of atom coordinates with some extra information. I've included a b...

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possible answer invalidation by Luca Ruggeri on question by Luca Ruggeri: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231022/revisions
@Duga thats ok
@MaxLanghof Should I delete the question here and post it on codereview, or should I keep this one, and post an identical one on codreview? I am unsure what the usual approach is. — lightxbulb 25 secs ago
11:15 AM
possible answer invalidation by Vishal on question by Vishal: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231080/revisions
11:35 AM
@Duga Rolled back and commented by Heslacher
11:57 AM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because Code Review is the site where optimizing code is mainly performed. SO is about fixing broken code. — Scott Holtzman 20 secs ago
12:12 PM
what is your problem? this sounds like you want a code review. — Philipp Sander 27 secs ago
12:32 PM
This is not a question for Stack Overflow, but rather for Code ReviewDean De Villiers 12 secs ago
1:31 PM
@CaptainObvious @Mast After the poster changed the code to strnlen() the function will always return false. Broken code now.
1:45 PM
possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by nozpher: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231050/revisions
@Duga No, Jamal would never do something like that.
@pacmaninbw Had already cast UWYA, still holds.
Yes it does, getting back talk now from the person that answered it.
2:13 PM
Q: Is this an acceptable MVVM Model with IEditableObject implementation?

Notts90I'm trying to follow MVVM pattern in a VB.net WPF application, and I would like to implement IEditableObject. Is it acceptably to have this code in the model or must it be in the ViewModel? Public Class Component : Implements IEditableObject Property Name As String Property Part_Number A...

Q: Cannot Find Symbol for Method Java

lndrtrGetting the error "cannot find symbol symbol : method getDiscontinuedDateDevice() location: class.java.lang.String " Code: **try{ //always set to NULL then change if it is a valid code catalogItem.setAttributeValue((XConstants.SKU_SPEC_CATALOG). concat(XImportConstants.DISCONTINU...

@CaptainObvious @MathieuGuindon you're really fast, I tried to VTC and you had already closed it.
@pacmaninbw A bored @MathieuGuindon is a quick @MathieuGuindon. Trollface.gif
Also it's 10:17 so @MathieuGuindon probably just finished his walk for his first coffee. ;)
waiting for work laptop to open up SSMS, VS, Outlook...
2:19 PM
Good luck
I guess Chrome isn't helping lol
I hate Chrome so <> much.
ooh, Outlook is up
gotta love booting on a Monday morning
ooh, SSMS is alive
You know I stopped using SSMS as much.
@MathieuGuindon I use FireFox instead. I remember the days when I would walk into my cube at work, log into my Sparc Station (sun microsystems) and go to the coffee machine because it would take 5 minutes to load my apps.
2:22 PM
VS is up!
@pacmaninbw IDK, last 3 times I tried downloading FF it wanted to install a bunch of bloat/crap/-ware "toolbars" and whatnot. gave up on FF right there & then
@MathieuGuindon guess you're good to go now.
now, that may have been like, a decade ago
decades <- S
Is anyone here up to date with the EU machine directive?
@MathieuGuindon Gives time for coffee.
What is an EU machine directive?
2:26 PM
@MathieuGuindon Oh? Not last couple of times I checked. Using the portable version at work, no bloatware at all.
@Mast do you need extra coffee on Monday?
Basically, the law on how to build a safe machine.
In the entire European Union.
@Mast didn't it used to be hosted on SourceForge? (is SourceForge still a thing?)
if it's no longer there, that might be why it's clean now
@MathieuGuindon SourceForge is evil.
And probably. Not anymore.
Lots of OSS used to be hosted there, until they started loading crap with everything.
yet FF stayed there until it became unbearable
2:29 PM
Nowadays you just go to mozilla.org.
@MathieuGuindon We all make mistakes. Browser companies a bit more than average.
@Mast I read a thread about how SourceForge changed literally when another company acquired it.
For those really interested in my current gripes with the machine directive, see here.
@410_Gone Wouldn't surprise me. Change of ownership tends to do odd things to policy.
@MathieuGuindon mozilla.org has been the preferred site for at least 5 years.
@pacmaninbw I mean Mat is pretty old so....
Wait I said the quiet part out-loud again
@410_Gone I think I'm a lot older.
2:34 PM
GET OFF MAH LAWN!! waves cane in the air, screams at cloud
@MathieuGuindon AFAIK it is still a "thing"
@MathieuGuindon I'm right there with you, chief.
but mostly on the level that google code is till a "thin"
@pacmaninbw Yeah but I'm just saying Mat ain't no spring-chicken anymore.
@MathieuGuindon LOL
2:35 PM
possible answer invalidation by Sergey Teryan on question by Sergey Teryan: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/231085/revisions
@Duga not mentioned in the review.
@Duga Fixed broken code, I will retract my VTC now.
This is not Code Review, but ... what purpose do these classes have? Anyway, as the error states, the member declared as DbParameterCollection doesn't have an AddWithValue() method, which you shouldn't use anyway. It won't work with non-mock classes either. Just use Add(new XxxParameter(...)). — CodeCaster just now
@MathieuGuindon I don't trust clouds.
So thank you for screaming at them.
@Mast I don't trust clouds either. My iPhone and my Windows computer don't understand why I turn off that feature.
2:43 PM
Just smack it into submission.
Q: Shell Script code yields same output on update input

TheOneAboveAllI have written script to add pattern of directories in exclude-list of Deja-Dup (backup softaware). Even I have updated values for gsettings get org.gnome.DejaDup include-list and tested on terminal that it gives desired output, my code is producing same output which was to old input. I have t...

Q: Slow loris solve algorithm task in java

MicroLovaI try to solve the problem of having a List of calibrated masses (grams). For every weight (of an Animal slow loris ) which is given to your function you should return a List with the masses you need for weighing the animal. My task is to write an algorithm which receives the weight of the animal...

3:19 PM
@Vogel612 would you be interested in going to the Digital Future Congress in Essen? I could send you one or two tickets if you want. essen.digital-futurecongress.de/de
@Heslacher that's on the date that my GF has an oral exam deciding whether she's going to be exmatriculated :/
So you need to support her....or run away ? ;-)
support ftw :)
@Vogel612 If you need to support her, I think you have priorities in order.
Ok, I think we will have a booth in Frankfurt next year as well. 18.02.2020. Send me a ping if you need cards.
3:30 PM
@Vogel612 I can't tell if that's good or bad, but I wish her luck with whichever outcome she is hoping for.
@410_Gone it's dangerous and it would be bad if she were exmatriculated
Gotcha, well then I hope she isn't exmatriculated.
4:13 PM
Welcome to StackOverflow. Please follow the posting guidelines in the help documentation, as suggested when you created this account. On topic, how to ask, and ... the perfect question apply here. StackOverflow is not a design, coding, research, or tutorial resource. You may want the CodeReview site. — Prune 31 secs ago
4:54 PM
Q: My prime generator code in Java exceeds the given time in the challenge. What should I change?

rikiI ran this code and it runs perfectly but I can't optimize the time as it shows the error "time limit exceeded" after I submit the code. Time limit for this challenge is "6 seconds". import java.util.Scanner; class Practice { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner sc = new...

5:45 PM
Ben Popper on October 21, 2019

“We make a huge difference in people’s lives, and it’s not to be underestimated.” – Prashanth Chandrasekar

Last week the Stack Overflow podcast crew sat down with our new CEO to chat about his background in computer science and his vision for the company’s future. What follows is a lightly edited selection of that conversation. To hear the full thing, you can listen to the podcast here. Don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Ben Popper:

Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast for the week of October 15th I’m here with my co hosts. Say hi everybody. …

Q: Is it on topic here for questions not about specific code but rather how to manage the code?

JachdichTitle explains it, I want to ask a question about maintaining branches of a single project and I'm not sure if it's on topic. Is there anywhere that it would be on topic?

6:15 PM
Q: LeetCode: Shortest Common Supersequence C#

Giladhttps://leetcode.com/problems/shortest-common-supersequence/ Given two strings str1 and str2, return the shortest string that has both str1 and str2 as subsequences. If multiple answers exist, you may return any of them. (A string S is a subsequence of string T if deleting some number ...

@ruby reviewers (?), does this look reopen-worthy?
Sorry about that @MathieuGuindon, edited, and included the whole model. — queroga_vqz 1 min ago
LGTM, and OP is cooperative; reopened
Hey all Monking
What's happening
Being screamed at by transphobes. You know, the same.
6:22 PM
But I don't mean to bring that here.
How are y'all?
6:35 PM
Q: Simplified Vector Implementation in C++

M.arsI have implemented a class Vector to learn about data structures and algorithms and how to implement them using C++. I have yet to implement some std::vector functionalities e.g. custom allocator template parameter, iterator/const_iterator classes. I'm learning C++ through a C++11 book and tryin...

7:34 PM
@connexo I read the question. You've inferred a bunch of things that the OP did not ask for. This is not a code review forum. I'm just answering the question. — Jacob Heater 39 secs ago
Q: BST range search

mwalI'd like some input on my CL implementation of bst-range, which follows below. Before we can run that, we need this code to build the BST (you can imagine that the count field didn't exist if you want, as it's not used for range search) Setup (defstruct (node (:print-function (lamb...

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You have a definitive Stack Overflow answer. If you want a definitive Code Review or Software Engineering answer, go thou unto that place and ask. — Ed Plunkett 46 secs ago
9:37 PM
It's probably more appropriate to ask this on codereview.stackexchange.comNick 43 secs ago
Q: File Utilities in Go

LinnyI'm beginning to learn go. I've decided to write some file utilities to help me with some bigger projects I intend to write. Coming from mainly a python background, I'm sure there are plenty of stylistic and efficiency improvements to be made. I'm looking for general feedback, as I want to kick b...

Q: Mysqli auto closing after select or any action

Abdo-Hosti need edit on my php code for enable auto closing mysqli after any action ( select , insert , update , delete ) php class fuly code class DB { private static $_instance = array(); private $instanse_name; private $selfpath; private $db; private $magic_quotes_gpc; ...

9:55 PM
Q: Function to take a positive integer and return the next bigger number formed by the same digits

helaughs_hecriesI've written a solution to a Codewars challenge: You have to create a function that takes a positive integer number and returns the next bigger number formed by the same digits: 12 ==> 21; 513 ==> 531; 2017 ==> 2071 I am getting the following error on Codewars: "Execution Timed Out (1...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it’s a request for code review. See Code Review’s rules. — Ry- ♦ 10 secs ago
If this is working code please post on code review instead. — Sombrero Chicken 57 secs ago
10:10 PM
@Ry- Can you migrate to Code Review instead? It seems as if the OP has an account there. — JL2210 20 secs ago
@JL2210: Certainly, and if the OP opts to make those improvements here instead of in a new question on Code Review, I’ll migrate it :) — Ry- ♦ 12 secs ago
10:38 PM
Q: Is there anything I can fix or make better when it comes to my code?

makerLink to my program code; ( I only want critique about my code not anything about indentation or spaces) https://pastebin.com/D05rCdjR This is the libary I use in my program; #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #define MAX 100


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