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11:00 PM
@DanPantry Don't. It is coming to Windows.
Also, beacuse then I don't have to worry about not having release tracking on half of my releases...
Windows 10 - We're still on W7 in work
+1 for Slack
Yeah, I set up a Gitlab integration for a private channel today
We're still not using Git officially in work yet, but I have the entire project in Git because I know that I am goin to be asked to do some work in Bitbucket soon
I would prefer gitlab, but if Bitbucket has release hooks or CI integration then Bitbucket will be fine too
We had a local Jira install on our work server, and a live bitbucket repo. We moved to atlassian cloud with Jira and the integration is messed up
Atlassian is nice, but it's really painful
@Quill thanks! ...it's my new top-voted answer ...had to be lol
11:04 PM
There are plenty of good reasons to get a Mac even if bash didn't exist, although, programming and gaming are not such
Why isn't programming one of them, Macs are awesome (and for programming)
For programming Java and Swift sure
and everything besides Microsoft languages
If you want to open a full app for regular information (like who emailed you), a slow computer, and an ugly UI, then Macs are the best you can get.
@Quill Yeah, but those are also a pretty big deal
11:05 PM
@Hosch250 sorry?
Speaking from experience. My mom has one.
@Phrancis Meh, you can dual boot them anyway
2009 model, I think.
@Quill Thanks for the input. Do you have any other recommendations for platforms? Work is dead-set on using Jira, but I may be able to convince them to move away from a CI platform.
There's probably some really obscure blog post out there showing how to do it anyway
11:06 PM
@Hosch250 "my mom has one" is one of the poorest reasons to disagree (or agree) with something that I've ever heard
I'm going to be the one asked to trial run Git in my company (I already know this because I've been told) so anything I can say can influence the tech decisions.
Q: Multiple Simple Java Probelms

Sartaj SinghI have these very simple problems that I need to solve. They might be really easy for some of you. I am not sure about how to start these or what type of code I need. Problems 1-3 Problem 4 Point Class for Problem 4

@Phrancis I can tell you now that JavaScript programming is infinitely easier on nix based platforms
You bashing personal experience?
@Hosch250 Yes, in fact, I am
11:07 PM
And there's no way in hell I can convince my work to let me install a random nix distro (nor do I want to learn CentOS)
Poor you.
> 2009 model
@Hosch250 ugly UI is subjective. I quite like the Mac interface (Although Windows 10 is nice, to its credit).
@DanPantry Jira isn't bad, necessarily, and there's not particularly much else out there. The BitBucket integration is mainly convenience; you can open new branches from issues
But I have to disagree with slow. The stock Macbook Pro is faster than my PC - and I am on a very fast PC (my work laptop is another story).
@Quill I don't see that being very useful (branches from issues). Sure, we'd do that when resolving issues, but automatically creating them is another story. What kind of CI integration is there? does it have built in git hooks?
Gitlab, for example, has git hooks and can automatically run CI etc
11:09 PM
@Quill Hey, my computer was being phased out in the late 2012, so it is probably from early 2012 at least. It is running better than my mom's was at that time. Both systems were fully upgraded.
OS X is not slow, if someone has a slow experience with it I highly suspect it's the user's PC, not OS X
And Windows has only added features. Mac has only redesigned and removed existing features.
Feature bloat is not a good thing
@Phrancis Ours is. We just had to upgrade memory.
Windows has added new features, but it has still had to wait until 2016 to consider adding Bash support, for example
11:10 PM
> I highly suspect it's the user's PC, not OS X
Windows 10 and their new direction with their new CEO is a direction I am excited to see, but to try and say that Windows is better than Mac based on the features added/removed is.. a bit strange.
@DanPantry No, not feature bloat. Just things like Cortana and horizontal split screens.
@Hosch250 2009 model was a long time ago, Mac UI has drastically changed since then. Also, as far as I'm aware, a 2009 model mac runs on PowerPC (good riddance) which was really redundant and shit anyway
It's only since Windows 10 that anyone has actually considered Microsoft's direction to be, well, useful
@Hosch250 Mac has virtual desktops, doesn't it? And nearly every nix distro has had those for years
^ Yes
11:11 PM
Yep, but no split feature.
Windows was behind on that.
I may be spoiled from my time on Ubuntu, but it had splits for quite a while
Mac can't split apps along the screen, at least as far as Yosemite.
Obviously, Ubuntu != Mac
11:12 PM
@Hosch250 Macs have had split screen since Pre-mavericks
Yeah, I've no problem with Linux.
Ehh, isn't Mountain Lion the newest?
We couldn't upgrade.
If we're using Window 10 as a benchmark lets also compare it with the newest Mac OS X ^^
Hello @nhgrif
My sister runs that.
Her computer is new and reasonably fast, TBH.
11:12 PM
EIther way - given the choice of Mac vs Windows for JavaScript dev, Mac hands-down every time
Mountain Lion is old...
@nhgrif s/Mountain Lion/El Capitan
and s/JavaScript/web
@Hosch250 Perhaps it's the case that you personally don't like OS X or Mac?
Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan are all newer than Mountain Lion
I mean, you have Flowtype, a javascript static type checker (the good one) that literally only works on nix/*nix-like systems (with *very recent support for Windows)
11:13 PM
all the mac bashing summoned @nhgrif
Just, I like Windows and my live tiles, and I don't like Macs. Swift looks cool, so if I ever move to Linux, I'll consider trying it out.
But otherwise, meh.
You're welcome to your opinion - I have to say, Windows 10 is really quite nice
And the Bash on Windows 10 makes my pants happy
And you are welcome to get a Mac.
Just wait till you get a professional development job doing anything but .NET
but, we're still on W7 in work, and given the choice between W10 and Mac on a new laptop in work I'd choose Mac
11:14 PM
I'm not a fan of the search menu, it still feels slow
And get assigned a MacBook pro
Because MBP is what is used by professional software developers...
@nhgrif or a Windows box
@nhgrif that's an overgeneralization. And not a good one
Yeah that feels a bit like no true scotsman
Even if I do agree with you
All holy wars aside, Windows 10, OS X, and Linux all have good things working for them, debating which one is best is always going to come down to a matter of personal preference
@Phrancis Except Windows 7. Windows 7 doesn't have much good working for it except being Not-Vista and Not-Windows-8 ;-)
11:16 PM
I mean, other than .NET shops and shops that are stupid right on budget, MBP is the overwhelming majority
@DanPantry W7 is OK, getting a bit old but still plenty functional, AFAICT
If Node on W10 actually uses Bash instead of the default windows console (due to COMSPEC), then I'd consider W10
And even in shops that do some .NET dev, those devs are often using Windows on a MBP
But right now I have a super weird scenario where I can type stuff in Bash, but as soon as I try and run a script through npm it drops to the Windows shell, so I have to type bash script.sh lol
Because the hardware is good
11:17 PM
@DanPantry you mean if W10 actually uses bash instead of their crappy excuse for a command line? For everything?
@Vogel612 I don't think it'll go quite that far (or maybe it will?) that would break too much
just think of all of the batch fil... who am I kidding, anyone who does anything serious in windows will use powershell anyway
lol just today I had to make libre office stop giving anybody a list of the currently opened files
so I had to edit the damned registry
@Quill I think it wouldn't look so bad if you hid the file browser and reduced indentation to 2 char
CLI on Windows is quite poor out of the box, I would've thought most people who code replaced the default CLI right after they install Firefox/Chrome to replace IE
11:19 PM
@Vogel612 I hate this so much about Windows
@DanPantry it's PHP; I'll do what I want with it
in VS 2015 Preview, there's a new Type inference engine for JS
want to use it? you'd think it'd be a config setting, right? NOPE. off to the registry with you
@Quill That must be new. My mom is always complaining about how she can't snap windows the way I can.
that's something like a 2-line script and a symlink for any *nix ...
@Hosch250 I don't think it makes any difference whether you haven't started writing the code, or have tried but haven't gotten it to work correctly. Where do you draw the line? Either way, it's not working well enough to be reviewed.
11:20 PM
@Phrancis I use ConEmu with Git Bash, but Node will always drop to the default Windows shell unfortunately to cope with interop :(
@200_success OK.
Windows Shell for teh sucks
Snapping Windows is definitely what I make my OS decisions on.
tmux is all you need
Every reasonable OS has those by now
11:21 PM
Maybe just phrase it like that, instead of listing "not written" and "broken"?
@Hosch250 it's pretty obscure, I suppose. In Mission Control you drag the windows up beside the desktop in the topbar and then you can just drag multiple on the same window
funny enough, nohup kept ending on a virtual server in work and killing the program once the ssh session ended.. so the "solution" was to open the program in tmux and then end ssh x)
Is that a good idea? probably not. did it work? yep
@Vogel612 The Linux subsystem in Windows has some serious limitations. It doesn't interact with normal Windows applications.
@200_success AFAIK isn't it just a sort of.. compatibility layer (not the best word as it is native calls) around the native windows APIs?
Basically it makes bash work but doesn't make windows POSIX
@200_success I know. it's sad, really
but it's better than nothing :D
11:23 PM
Just means you don't have to install UNIX tools to your path when you install Git.. :D
hmm... brainafk 5 realz. no terminal open
You should have closed chat just to go along with it
TTGTB and give my brain it's well deserved round of rest
I accidentally a word. I think it's time for me to go to bed.. TTGTB
11:25 PM
Why can't Bash just interact with the service layer, instead of sitting on the application layer like a a psuedo-CL
@Quill because windows isn't POSIX, would require a lot of work and probably hacking for that to happen
Q: Triangle Calculator : Calculate if its a valid triangle and what type

B WhiteheadCode does as said above. This is my first program and I wanted to know if there was any way to improve the design or cut back on the unnecessary coding. Thanks. import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String args[]) { int side1; int side2; int side3; int...

The word 'and' is arguably one of the most dangerous words for novice programmers.
Of course, this week if found a coworker who had 'or' in a method name
That colleague has been sent to live on a nice farm upstate
Heh. Could be worse.
I wrote a four line comment today describing what would happen if people abused the uncaught exception handler I installed...
11:43 PM
Q: Problems when i change path for listing files

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