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5:04 PM
Q: Command line IRC client

DannnnoI made this IRC client ages ago in Python, and thought I'd revisit it for Python 3.5 (I'd like to play with asyncio). Before I start, I'd like to have an overall design review about this. Known issues, although feel free to comment on them: I do too much in one class There is a fair bit of re...

@Mat'sMug Looks all-right.
@SimonForsberg reminds me of a certain post...
@Mat'sMug A certain counting stars?
Q: We'll be counting stars

Simon ForsbergLately, I've been, I've been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard, Said, no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars (One Republic - Counting Stars) The 2nd Monitor is known to be a quite star-happy...

got it
oh wow
> ('retailcoder', 749)
("Mat's Mug", 931)
5:14 PM
geez, thanks Community
@Mat'sMug stars != pings though
oh right
nevermind then
Thanks for the upvote, I've been waiting for that!
5:17 PM
user image
It's over 9000
Congrats @SimonForsberg
@SimonForsberg @Mat'sMug is still very close to coming out on top. And it has been tied at several points so far.
I predict @Zak's tagline will win
and it would be a shame if he didn't get a t-shirt for that
5:22 PM
Q: Convex envelope algorithm of random set of points

InBetweenThis is my "naive" implementation of a convex hull algorithm. By naive I mean that I am not using any of the advanced algorithms that exist to solve this problem. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; namespace SO { ...

Q: C++ Qt - Replacing certain characters in a QString

DavlogThis question is kinda similar to mine. However, I am using C++ with Qt instead of C#. How would I efficiently and easily remove all accents and special characters like !"§$%&/()=? etc. from a QString ? So "áche" should turn into "ache" or "über dir" to "ueber dir" (in german ü,ä,ö can be cha...

@DanPantry what is?
@SimonForsberg your rep :-)
yeah, I guess you could call it that :)
unfortunately, my SO rep isn't.
wow this guy totally missed the point
A: Let's pick t-shirt tagline!

pRaNaYCode not saved. Will be lost :D Every code not saved will be lost

@Zak reminds me of something..
> [...] by being less being less focused on ranking ahead of @SimonAndréForsberg my own account and more on the site itself, its content and, more importantly, its users.
If anyone wants to get "Peer Pressure" on Meta, now is their chance.
5:29 PM
Are you pressuring people into getting [badge:peer-pressure]?
@DanPantry lol
It's hard to debug why my PC smells so weird when playing some games :|
Q: Improved NullGuard that supports property chains

t3chb0tWhile working on my simple NullGuard recently I quickly came to the conclusion that this is not enough. With some help (thx to @Servy & @Shlomo) I managed to rewrite it and this is what I have now: Basicly the new implementation gets each partial expression and checks whether it returns a valid ...

man that userscript is awesome
oh wow
Q: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

samthebrandA month ago we proposed new licensing terms to cover code posted at Stack Overflow and across the Stack Exchange network. Hundreds of you voted on the proposal, and many of you let us know how we could improve. We considered all your feedback, and after careful consideration we have modified the ...

@Mast 69 upvotes
Help, how do I figure out how a certain smell is named :P
@skiwi open up your Clean Code book
5:41 PM
I mean a real smell... you know in the real world ;)
the wat?
you mean smell isn't only a bad code thing?
Well, or you're implying that the code of this game I'm playing is so badly written that it causes physical smell to come out of my PC...
in VBA Rubberducking, 3 mins ago, by RubberDuck
@Mat'sMug we've made it. We're getting spam and free license offers.
in the Rubberduck contact@ inbox
@skiwi If it smells burned, turn it off and investigate.
Personally, I'd rather not have my name attached to all possible closed source projects that might reuse my code. For instance, if a pornography website uses a bit of SQL that I contributed to Stack Overflow, they are welcome to the code without attribution since I don't want my name publically associated with that sort of thing. In general, I would be fine with attribution in a comment regardless of how visible the code is. The important thing (to me at least) is get credit from the people who really appreciate my contribution: the project's developers. — Jon Ericson ♦ 1 hour ago
5:46 PM
@Mast It doesn't smell burned, that's why I can't really figure out what the smell is
> +37/-65
I wonder if they'll still call it "positive"
Erhm... I'm really hoping this Open Hardware Monitor tool is not reading out the values correctly
That's idle ^^
@skiwi I think I would uninstall that game
@Mat'sMug One of the first edits indicate they aren't too sure themselves either.
What would it take to start a competing business with CC-by-SA?
Probably a lot of money.
5:55 PM
> Post Closed as "unclear what you're asking" by Deer Hunter, bjb568, nicael, Thomas Owens, Tim
6:08 PM
Q: Improving the code design of my JavaScript Canvas game?

nicezebraI created a canvas game that works well, but I'm trying to become a better programmer. I believe my code design could be much better. I'd like to know how I could improve this code. Here were my objectives for this code Create descriptive variable names and functions so anyone can tell what th...

from time import sleep
Wouldn't that^ be nice if it worked for insomnia :)
Lol. The is/cast vs trycast/nullcheck analyzer fires off a diagnostic when it finds as or a direct cast but the corresponding code fix only handles as. And there are explicit tests that verify a warning is shown in that case but they don't verify the source code got replaced
no wonder it went unnoticed
@Phrancis comment with a link to that picture!
6:24 PM
Questions about code that works should be asked here: codereview.stackexchange.comIdos 49 secs ago
@EthanBierlein Hey!
As suggested above, I will take this question up with linkMarkus Heller 40 secs ago
so is it just me or has SE gotten worse at meta?
@Vogel612 Define "worse"?
6:29 PM
backlash, (unintentional) misinformation, failure to accept critique, ...
see MIT License changes, Jobs unification, "Developer story", Design independed graduation, ...
Define "showstopper"? The feedback from the previous round and this round are both overwhelmingly negative. What's it going to take to drop this altogether? — 200_success 41 mins ago
^^ that
I have a feeling some people who really have cared about SE/SO are becoming cynical?
oh that's been going on for months if not years already
I can't say I blame SO/SE for wanting to monetize, they are a for-profit company after all. And it seems clear that they are going to roll this license thing out regardless of feedback
6:33 PM
hmm... they might
The way they worded it though, makes it sound too much like a sales pitch
interestingly that license change doesn't give them monetization changes
I think it is time they have competition.
@Phrancis apart from the fact that they started this off the wrong way
like.. completely
That too
6:34 PM
I need to start a competing business. I'll invite PPCG to start up over there again and let them graduate too. Same for CR.
Snack Exchange LLC?
The biggest question is preventing lawsuits from SO. People would likely need to cite their material if it was posted in SE first.
@Mat'sMug How about Snake Exchange?
Nah, something more serious :P
This will probably get closed as off topic, try programmers or codereview stack exchanges — Miserable Variable 9 secs ago
Personally, I would have preferred for them to just plain say "Hey listen, we're going to do X because Y we just wanted to let you know ahead of time so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you will stick around after the changes"
Q: Is it possible to simplify this python code?

Markus HellerThis is the (hopefully) final version of my script for my file comparison problem mentioned previously in two posts on stackexchange (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34702571/compare-lines-in-2-text-files and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34753845/compare-lines-in-2-text-files-with-differ...

6:37 PM
A story about timestamp and timezone
Maybe a good candidate to codereview.stackexchange.comJFPicard 41 secs ago
@CommitStrip LOL time zones are fun
@Duga flagged for migration. we'll need a better title
@CommitStrip lol
I hope SE grows a brain and decides to not go through with this stupid MIT License crap.
@Mat'sMug speaking of timestamps, do you know if it's possible to get the int/numeric version of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in TSQL?
6:48 PM
uh, what's wrong with select cast(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as int)?
It gives me 42382 that doesn't sound right...?
As in, I would expect a much bigger number
Cast to BigInt instead?
Same thing
select cast(42382 as datetime) returns 2016-01-15 00:00:00.000
6:50 PM
@Phrancis good old excel-style dates, stored as a number of days
BTW don't cast dates into ints
datetime is a legacy type
So is a datetime field really two values (date + time)
You want SecondsDiff.
SECONDSDIFF( timestamp_ , TIMESTAMP('1970-01-01-') ) integer_value
Or something like that.
6:52 PM
date functions in SQL server make me want to find the nearest living thing and kill it :|
Q: Generic Singly Linked List in C

BizkitAs you guys may or may not know, I'm more of a C++ guy than a C guy. Anyway, I decided to learn generic programming in C (and take a break from templates in C++) by implementing my first simple data structure in C : the singly linked list. What I'm looking to gain out of reviews is: Comments o...

@CaptainObvious we don't know care either
at least it wasn't a whole paragraph of bio
/*Msg 529, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Explicit conversion from data type datetime2 to bigint is not allowed.*/
Jan 10 at 21:27, by Morwenn
> I’m a physicist
@Phrancis Try the SecondsDiff() thingie.
6:58 PM
"so please let us know what you think about this proposed change" - People have been telling SE what we think, and the general consensus as far as I can see is "we don't want it because of x", or "this isn't a good idea because of x" and overall disagreement with the proposal. — Ethan Bierlein 1 min ago
/*Msg 535, Level 16, State 0, Line 6
The datediff function resulted in an overflow.
The number of dateparts separating two date/time instances is too large. Try to use datediff with a less precise datepart.*/
@Hosch250 SecondsDiff is not a real function (although it would be easy to write a UDF for it)
Oh, maybe that is a different SQL.
I found it somewhere on the web.
datetime type will eat away your sanity
Ain't that the truth
@Mat'sMug I use datetime as a practical joke.
7:03 PM
Is datetime2 a better alternative?
Or always use UTC?
I don't know why I bother, but here is my opinion on the licensing issue this round:
A: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

200_successThe year is 2018… … and the economy is in a slump. Pundits on CNN are attributing the decline to a lack of growth in the computing sector. According to the Alyssa P. Bitdiddle, senior analyst with the Society of Innovative Computer Programmers, This has been a disaster in the making since ...

@200_success Thank you, let's hope they get the hint.
@200_success Can we pin that?
I hope this all just a secret attempt from SE to get developers to be more familiar with licenses
7:14 PM
Or an attempt to get free publicity by requiring programmers everywhere link to Stack Overflow.
That could be a very real possibility.
The year is 2018… … and the economy is in a slump. (200_success answer on MIT license)
Holy carp, -38?
@EthanBierlein Done&^
Thanks @Phrancis
7:15 PM
They really removed my comment this time.
@EBrown Which is good.
Over 70 votes was too much to handle for them?
@Mast Wonderful. Now they're censoring the popular dissenting opinions.
All the more reason to dislike the huge mess that is this proposal.
@Mast Which was?
4 hours ago, by Mast
"Your response to the proposal was positive". Given the highest-scoring answers on that proposal I'm simply baffled the team arrived at this conclusion. — Mast 10 secs ago
7:17 PM
Ah, I remember that one.
Maybe you should repost it.
Given the circumstances I think that was a quite friendly way of stating it.
Oy. Analysis of how to properly define a groups' collective response is distracting here, IMO. I'm editing to get that out of the way, so we can focus on the changes to license itself that were added based on community feedback. (I'm gonna clean up these comments, too. You can totally still repost "well, I didn't feel positive", but the current methodology debate shouldn't be the core issue.) — Jaydles ♦ 3 hours ago
@EthanBierlein At least as an answer than this time. But it's not really lengthy enough for an answer.
Just upvote 200's answer, that one is better.
This is a pretty good answer too:
A: A New Code License: The MIT, this time with Attribution Required

Ian RingroseSo you are saying that every time anyone writes Guid optional = new Guid() they must include a link to http://stackoverflow.com/a/5118005/57159 in a comment? Just having the possibility of a company getting into legal problems due to their employees not keeping to this, will be enough to get...

7:20 PM
CC0 and WTFPL, nice touch mentioning that there
Let's start a patent troll and write lots of pieces of code that every company uses right after the license has been changed... Then sue all companies
@skiwi Wasn't there an XKCD about that once?
@Mast No clue
I mean this in the nicest way, but I've seen this twice now...
Are we sure we should be pinning subjective/opinion-based stuff because someone of our community wrote it?
It feels strange pinning @200_success opinion (which I agree with fully)
@DanPantry I think if enough people agree with it it's worth pinning.
At least, that's what happened in the past.
7:30 PM
Then that's fine, just wondering
As long as they are site-relevant.
I'm not sure the Developer Survey still warrants a place now we have 5 things pinned.
And the tagline for CR has the deadline for today.
So that can drop tomorrow as well.
@Mast I've unpinned it. If enough people star it, then it should stay on the star wall on its own.
user image
A: Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?

Shog9So I've been kinda chewing on this since your email, because... It's one of those simple questions that defies a simple answer. You're not the only person to raise this concern, of course: several respected users, moderators and even co-workers have expressed dismay upon seeing reasonable questio...

they should have followed Shog's answer
I just got an ASPX error on a recruiting site I use.
This does not bode well.
@EBrown Don't blame the company for the mistakes made by their (outsourced) IT department.
7:37 PM
The reason for overloading assignment is to allow code compatibility without using a get/set set of functions. If you always just assume that it's overloaded for custom types, it shouldn't lead to any problems during code review (hasn't for me so far). — Clearer just now
@Mat'sMug To be honest I'm not sure how that's applicable.
The real problem here is that SE is trying to make an announcement and doing it terribly wrong, upsetting many users in the process, trying to fix it and making it even worse in the process.
> 1. Have a problem, state it clearly. If you can't communicate the problem you're trying to solve, folks will just guess at it - or worse, assume there isn't one and you're just proposing change for the sake of change. Either of those options are bad, but the latter is particularly likely to torpedo any chance of a good reception right off the bat.
@Mat'sMug They don't have a problem. They want to make a change. That's an announcement, not a problem.
They are not looking for answers.
what's the problem with the current license anyway?
> you're just proposing change for the sake of change.
It's like the 'suggestions' box at the end of your annual evaluation sheet. You don't fill it in because they don't want to hear the answer.
@Mat'sMug Compatibility issues I think.
The CC they currently use is not compatible with the more often used MIT.
IIRC, I'm not good with licenses.
7:40 PM
and how is that a problem for the gazillion of SO users that don't care at all about licensing? nobody is good with licenses anyway.
@Mat'sMug Not a problem whatsoever.
It probably should be a problem though.
This is the first time I've ever DV'd something on MSE.
But the average user simply doesn't care.
> 2. Citation needed. So you think there's a problem... Got any proof? Again, you need to put to rest the tendency for folks to think you're just making something up, or blowing a tiny problem out of proportion to justify a change. Links to past discussions, to posts where the problem has occurred, to queries that illustrate the pervasiveness of the problem... All of these are helpful in convincing your audience that the problem you're solving is both real and serious in nature.
So there's a lot of people who have no idea why SE is troubling them with this in the first place.
7:41 PM
So now my recruiting companies page won't load at all.
when has CC-by-SA ever been proven to be a problem in any way?
On the other side there's a lot of people recognizing this is not the way to do it.
@Mat'sMug I'm still not even certain on what I am (or am not) allowed to do with it.
Q: Removing curly braces and contents inside it

Empereur AimanLets say I have a string like this: A }{ B { C } }{ //Indexes: 012345678901234 Just consider the indexes next to 9 is 10,11,12,13, and 14. The resulting string using should be A. Whatever inside matching curly braces should be removed along with their contents. How the match...

Here's my problem/take: taken in the strictest sense, I cannot use someone's answer to my question in a for-profit application, without distributing all related source code. And that bothers me.
The new license doesn't change that, best I can tell.
Personally, I think authors of questions and answers should be allowed to choose what license their contribution falls under.
7:47 PM
CC-by-SA doesn't cover software. How is a code snippet posted in an answer on SO (or CR for that matter) considered software in any way? Sure, it's code. So what?
The whole thing with code is that there's only so many ways you can write a function.
looks like your comment was removed
function fifo(arr, item) {
  return arr.push(item).shift();
Now try doing that 15 different ways.
@Mast where did you steal that? where's the attribution? THEY'LL SUE YOU!! ...I call BS
7:50 PM
@EBrown lipstick
Q: Object Oriented Graph Hierarchy with Depth First Search

Olzhas ZhumabekI would like to receive a review on my code. It has only depth first search (DFS) and bidirected graph is the only member of the hierarchy. I added name member for the BiGraph to make it easier to debug in the future, because there might be several BiGraph instances. Also, I would like the revie...

Also, that post was closed. That's funny, I've never seen a post by a diamond get closed.
@Mat'sMug On a pig.
An ugly pig.
@EBrown The close reason was quite valid though, there is no question.
So UWYA fits.
It was reopened though?
It's not UWYA.
> We want to hear what you think. Barring any showstopper, these terms and a detailed FAQ will be rolled out March 1, 2016.
7:53 PM
@EBrown Ok, awfully broad then.
That's only a valid question on CR.
@Mast That is much more accurate.
But, the better question (which I think someone already asked) is: what defines reasonable attribution?
@EBrown They stated that in their question, but it's still awfully vague.
Ah yes, my mistake.
> A URL as a comment in your code is reasonable attribution.
So, I'm safe then.
So what's different with this license from CC-BY-SA?
What's the status quo about what happens when a code snippet that exists on SO (SE) happens to be in your codebase, without you knowing it?
@EBrown what defines showstopper?
what's in that FAQ that nobody will get to see before the changes are live?
Just one comment - If the license needs a FAQ to define the license, then it's not a license.rolfl 5 mins ago
I love that monkey
8:04 PM
Monkey for president
Monkey for SE employee?
I find it a bit funny (sarcastically) that SE (or are we calling them SO now?) goes to all the trouble to do this license overhaul, but hasn't yet responded to any of my feature requests.
Like 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Monkey for Community Moderator!
Did I just miss a monkey-fest?
With the direction SE is going, we'll be out of fests soon.
8:07 PM
seems like it :/
On the bright side, now everyone that tries to parse HTML with regex will have to link to that one question.
Thanks MSE santa!
@EBrown ;)
Now I just need to get more involved in Code Review again.
Don't we all.
8:12 PM
I wonder if this isn't some PR stunt to increase SE visibility. Didn't they just rename to SO for that reason?
I still think the renaming was a bad move.
Mistakes like this are often the result of new management. Did the SE top change recently?
The network is still called Stack Exchange
Q: CSS Animation Card Flip

allejoI've made a card flip with CSS keyframes but instead of flipping clockwise and then flip counterclockwise to it's original position, I've two separate keyframes that will cause it to rotate in the same direction each time I rotate. I have jQuery checking if either class exists and adding the fir...

Q: pass canvas content from client to admin using web socket

Below the RadarThe application aim to transfer drawings from client canvas to the admin canvas using web sockets the most smoothly possible. At every mousemove event, the client canvas is compressed to png and sent to server through websocket to finally arrive in the admin window where the image is drawn into t...

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between CC-BY-SA and MIT License?
That is, the modified MIT License that SE is proposing.
Take a look there to get a feel for what licences usually do and what categories are around.
8:21 PM
@CaptainObvious questions aren't very interesting...
@Mast Ah, that makes more sense.
@Mast that's Community Manager
@Mat'sMug Semantics.
@Mast Semantically pedantic. :D
@EBrown Created by the guys from GitHub to prevent headaches :-)
8:28 PM
@Mat'sMug @EBrown ^^ lol
Gotta love hacks like that
@Phrancis 3 NULLs?
@Phrancis who's Mr.INTERFACE anyway?
I am Mr. Interface. Prepare to die.
@Phrancis Wut
8:30 PM
My thought exactly. Well, "it works"
That doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
If it ain't broken, fix it anyway.
That's what happens when you have a bunch of SQL devs creating an application. If the only tool you know is a table, every problem looks like a row...
Interested, Maybe Later, or No Thanks...I guess it's job roulette time.
if (Directory.Exists(path))
Someone forgot a ! sign.
According to source control, that would be me. I forgot the ! sign.
8:40 PM
bwahahaha happens to all of us ;-)
Indeed, more often to me than anyone else, but still.
Does anyone have any opinions on this answer?
I'm on the fence about it.
It doesn't seem the hottest, but it doesn't seem terrible either.
Gah, I hate source control.
@EBrown Star of shame.
@Hosch250 TS
8:46 PM
@Zak RSA
@EBrown Theoretical Anti-Star (Not yet proven to exist but predicted by quantum mechanics)
@Zak Real star not removed.
I hate source control because it tells me who to blame when things are broken.
And most of the time that would be me.
(Especially when I'm the only one working on a project.)
8:48 PM
The plot thickens…
@AdamDavis Based on this level of secrecy, I suspect that the parties are unable to speak out because they are involved in an active lawsuit. Stack Overflow staff have been consulted for assistance with the defense. This rushed proposal is an attempt to contain a problem before it spreads. (In my opinion, the proposal — or even the fact that the proposal was raised — would make things worse, by endorsing the trolls' mindset that code is licenseable and thus giving them the home court advantage.) — 200_success 29 secs ago
@200_success Do you have any evidence?
They are proceeding with uncharacteristic urgency.
Also read the few comments above mine.
I'd hate to see this turn into some kind of conspiracy (or conspiracy theory)
8:51 PM
What's the conspiracy?
The thing with the secrecy and all...
But, at the same time, well, you could very well be right, unfortunately
If SE/SO really wants to change the license, we can't stop them. The best we can do is hope they share all the variables of the situation, rather than the...well...none....that have already been shared.
I believe that some code is licensable, but I also think that Google should not have had to pay Oracle for that Contains() method they copied.
How many ways are there to write a Contains() method anyway?
It was literally 4 if blocks.
Licensing makes my head hurt.
It does everyone's
8:58 PM
Same here :P
@200_success Excellent answer. meta.stackexchange.com/a/272986/245368
Go vote on that, everyone.
What about SQL queries... if I write a question that has SELECT FirstName, LastName, CreationDate FROM Users WHERE LastName = 'Smith'; on Stack Overflow or CR, does that mean anyone who writes a query like this in the future has to reference my post?
@Phrancis Yes.
actually probably not no

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