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7:00 PM
Oh shit, BlitzMax was published in 2004
Interestingly, I had a friend gift me a book on writing games in Java for some reason, and the author recommended NetBeans as the "best Java IDE".
> BlitzMax was released as Open Source on 21 September 2015
Can this code possibly work:
7:02 PM
Just recently.
Q: Listening from Mongodb always and triggering

Nikhil ParmarI am using classes for the first time.In this program I want the object to run infinitely so that any change in the MongoDB will trigger the function and do the necessary processing. I am little confused about the using of the self.Please give me a feedback on my code.Thanks! class first_level:...

@holroy I don't see why not, what about it hints you otherwise?
@Phrancis Is is working as it silently refers to stuff within the MongoDB?
Stuff like self.test1.insert() or connection.test_3_dec?
@Mast Aw man seriously. A beer AND ribs.
@holroy I'm not sure what test1 test2 and test3 are for exactly (terrible naming) but the functions for listening and updating look fine to me
7:04 PM
I'd really take a beer now. :p
@EthanBierlein That's weird. ahah
When you see a mention of "_id" those are like primary keys in MongoDB
ok, but what's test1?
@Phrancis I guess the function calls looks OK, but if I took this code and tried running it locally, it wouldn't work unless I had a given database structure? Isn't that true?
@holroy I believe that is correct, albeit database structure is defined very loosely in MongoDB
Or are there some auto-setters and -getters defined in the code behind?
7:07 PM
That, I wouldn't know for sure
Another point for listing this as broken code is that OP instantiates obj = first() but the class is named first_level...
did OP manually changed the names and introduced inconsistencies?
No edit history
possible answer invalidation by screwnut on question by screwnut: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112526/revisions
7:10 PM
Though looks like the OP is using something different, or they have some other code that's not shown that uses that API
@Duga Rolled back by Vogel612
Nevermind, that's wrong; those are for connections not transactions
@TopinFrassi Dinner ^^
@Mast I'm jelly. :p
Can SQL Server run scheduled jobs?
7:17 PM
@EBrown Yes
Oh yeah.
Gonna make a scheduled job that runs a CURSOR and dynamic SQL.
Well, I have another DB that has two tables per record in a third table.
(Because reasons.)
So, I want to make some aggregate data on the records in those two tables (per one record in the third table).
Oh ok doesn't sound too bad :)
@Phrancis That's not the only thing wrong with that code.
7:25 PM
@SimonForsberg Saw it.
@TheCoffeeCup Hi!
Q: A Simple SortableDictionary for Javascript

RLHFirst, I must humbly admit that I've been a developer for many years but I've almost never had to work as a front-end, Web UI developer. I've been given an opportunity to work for an organization as a front-end and back-end web developer and I'm having to learn about the in's-and-out's of html/c...

posted on December 03, 2015 by CommitStrip

If you love APIs and Automation, come see the CommitStrip team at APIDays Paris next 8-9th of December, the main conference on APIs worldwide. Register with COMMITSTRIP code, 1st tech tickets are VIP invites, then 35% of reduction. More on apidays.io!

@Phrancis Can you help me out with a SQL thing quick?
7:33 PM
It's been less than 24 hours and my FizzBuzz is already my 2nd-highest voted question ever.
Where's your other room?
You guys are crazy :p
Funny how FizzBuzz does that

 SQL Helpline

SQL is Weird sometimes.... bit.ly/F5-Now
I didn't use many starts today. It's weird
@Zak My SHOUTY_SNAKE_CASE question is my highest voted question by almost twice the score of my second.. lol
@TopinFrassi True, but it did make HNQ
Thaat tends to skew things
7:35 PM
My repetitive console prompt is my highest.
Seen that way, someone could come up here, write fizzbuzz in ArnoldC. Implements Euler Project 1-2 in Lolcode, create some sketchy questions with funny names and BOOM, access to moderator tools. :p
@Zak Yeah it helps. :p
@EBrown And well, you have other questions that are much more interesting! :p People are crazy. ahah
@TopinFrassi Yes, yes they are.
Punny title = max votes.
Also, this answer deserves far more upvotes.
I got a question of which I'm not sure it would work on the SE network and if it does, where.
The best way to get good at programming is practice. The best practice is taking a challenge which is just beyond your current capabilities and solve it. How do you know what challenge is just beyond your current capabilities?
It's not like there's a SI unit for that.
@Mast You don't until you try :)
7:41 PM
@TopinFrassi It would work.
But generally, you can take a challenge, think about how you would solve it, and if you get stuck at any point, then it's beyond your current capabilities.
@Zak The problem isn't finding a challenge that's beyond my capabilities. It's finding a challenge that's just beyond my capabilities.
@Mast You can't :p Take on challenges, all of them. Some will be WAY beyond your capabilities. In that case, take a part of the challenge, understand it, grow your capabilities, and attack the bigger challenge afterwars.
And, if it was a question for SE, I don't think it is, programmers would be the place
@Hosch250 Must have missed that one, gold.
7:45 PM
@Mast Nah, I was going through old ones.
@Hosch250 haha, my old job had a daily overnight scheduled push to prod
@Hosch250 I have a friend who posts on facebook the stories of his "Production's friday" live. It's a gold mine to follow : "Pushing to production, friday 5pm. I'm a freak" -> "Everything went fine, cool" -> 2AM "Damn, everything just crashed hard time"
I'd rather let it sit over the weekend.
and when it failed or someone broke the build with a stupid commit, fix the bug ASAP, send an email to the entire world, stop the entire company from working, deploy the patch, send another email to the entire world that they can resume working.
@Mat'sMug everyone@world.com
7:46 PM
@TopinFrassi I'm very glad that address isn't real. Can you imagine the spam it would get?
ArnoldC sounds even funnier than LolCode :)
it probably is real
"sounds" -> literally
@Zak It is epic
@Hosch250 It would be quite terrible :p
Q: Windowed Sieve of Eratosthenes in Java

Stefan RendevskiI wanted to try and use the Sieve of Eratosthenes to find all prime numbers between some arbitrary bounds 1 <= m <= n. The simple implementation of the sieve does not consider the lower bound at all, it always starts from 1 (or actually from 2). So for a big enough n, simply creating an array wou...

I'll have to post an ArnoldC question here
7:48 PM
I think the worst email for spam would be "test@test.com"
I haven't done a lick of school today :( Time to work on Finance. (P.S. How do periods and frownies mix?)
@Zak You know, donotreply@gmail.com is a real address.
@Zak Or test@test.test Because ctrl+C/ctrl+V :P
@Hosch250 Is it used for phising?
I think this question might be more appropriate for the Code Review site, codereview.stackexchange.comErick G. Hagstrom 26 secs ago
I have no idea. I used to use it when I didn't want to use my real address.
That was before I found it was real.
@TopinFrassi I was thinking the same thing.
7:51 PM
@Hosch250 lol
@Hosch250 Nothing wrong with using real addresses. If somebody is stupid enough to register that address, he deserves all he spam he gets.
I had 19 Firefox windows open. Firefox crashed. Now I have 11 Firefox windows open.
Clean-up is hard.
@Mast Darwinism at its finest :)
@Mast Are you suggesting I sign them up for a bunch of accounts?
I should start a GitHub account with that email and register it to follow several very active repos.
They would get spammed so hard.
@Hosch250 Can you do that without having the account verified?
LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook also can be set up to spam emails.
@Mast No idea.
7:55 PM
Try it.
User name?
Use the repo suggestion thing for a user name.
> FizzBuzzForever
> Use at least one lowercase letter, one numeral, and seven characters.
> SpamB0t?
I'm in!
I think I'd better ask @Mat'sMug what he thinks before signing it up for RD.
7:59 PM
huh, what's that? trying to work here, what's up? :)
I created an account on GitHub with donotreply@gmail.com
We are planning on spamming them with several very active repos (well, I've more than half a mind to close the account, if I can).
It started as a test to see if I could create an account without access to the email.
not sure I'm following
that's supposed to be ?
And to prove for once and for all you can't verify an e-mail address EXCEPT for actually trying to send an e-mail towards it.
8:02 PM
Screw regex.
you mean, thcwew wegex
Darn, there's a bug in my code.
I'm fairly sure Daffy can't pronounce an x the way he should.
Thanks @Mat'sMug!
yeah, would probably be something like "thcwew wegekth"
Account deleted.
8:06 PM
Asking for improvements on working code typically goes on Code Review. Getting a hash of a 3gb file is probably not going to be a sub ms operation... — Will 36 secs ago
Ask on Code Review, and when you do, please explain what you are trying to do so that we don't have to reverse-engineer your code: what the input looks like, and what calculations you are performing. — 200_success 57 secs ago
Waiting waiting waiting for R# to rename a few hundred things.
lol @RubberDuck
"top 10 best programming fonts"
#10: Arial
wtf? why would you use a non monospaced font for code?
@DanPantry Possibly because Whitespace code would look really nice in Arial?
Q: How do I make this run faster?

Josh GagerHow do I make this go faster? It currently takes about 30 seconds on a 3gb file. I am using this to get a checksum from the file to compare it to Microsoft's official checksums. public static String GetSHA1Hash(string fileName) { string strResult = String.Empty; ...

8:21 PM
Q: Extracting array elements between two values in Python

DaveI am very new to python and I want to extract some elements from a 1911 x 2 matrix such that when elements in column 1 are between two values they will be extracted along with their corresponding element in column 2 to a separate matrix. Unfortunately I cannot just code the matrix indices as the...

I really don't like the Programmer's design
Please do not post this on Code Review unless it actually works, and the code as it is currently formatted is broken. As such it will be closed immediately on Code Review! — holroy 36 secs ago
Oh mighty, Ctrl-Z!!! HeHe...
howdy folks
8:34 PM
@holroy Or grab a really shiny IDE and see that Shift+Tab un-indents everything.
Howdy @janos
This is terrible code. Do not use this pattern it is a failed pattern. You should not be implementing a generic repository in your application. Only a library should implement a generic repository, a library like... Entity Framework. See my longer answer on codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/63933/…Chris Marisic 33 secs ago
I feel like this is primarily an opinion based question and would fit better on Code ReviewzzzzBov 17 secs ago
A: Should we sign up for Winter Bash 2015?

JamalAccording to the mod email that was just sent out, no further action is necessary for opting in for Winter Bash this year: If you want in, you don't need to do anything; that's the default this year, due to overwhelming positive response in previous years. Also, the event will run from Dece...

That could also be an option... But as I tend to have some additional code in my files, I prefer not tampering with it and then copy + Ctrl-K... But YMMV
@Duga Some people can be harsh.
we hate hats right?
8:38 PM
@janos ಠ_ಠ
What I really like about Stack Overflow's network is the possibility to be in contact with SO many awesome professionals and that it's so easy to learn from them just by reading a little bit
> with Stack Overflow many awesome professionals
@DanLyons Sounds awesome!!! I want a copy of that book!!!
Man, SQL can be fun sometimes.
@DanPantry His answer on CR is also pretty harsh
@DanPantry Well, it's true.. :p
8:42 PM
@EBrown There is one thing that isn't fun: n-n-n relationships. Which means: broken design by request from an higher power.
I will explain at home, if you are interested in knowing.
Aw. Someone DV'd my Pascal Casing question. :(
@EBrown It happens. You shouldn't care about minor DV
@EBrown Shouty Case?
I'm not worried about it.
Just thought it was odd.
So, SO's API is pretty awesome...
8:55 PM
@Zak Exception in thread "main" org.parboiled.errors.ParsingException: WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO WRONG:
I kid you not.
@Mast izzat grappa?
Q: Searching the number with the biggest amount of odd divisors in an interval

Silent ShadowI wrote this program for school (first year in college) and it works, but it's too slow. I wondered if anyone could help me optimize this a bit, because I've been trying and trying, but it just won't get better. If I choose a lower limit of 5000 and an upper limit of 10000 it my program 10 times...

@DanPantry That's neat.
Python + SE Api = Awesomeness
I should build something now
After all, JSON requests in Python are about as simple as this:
Execute SEDE queries in Python or something
Allows you to make a nice collection, sorted.
9:03 PM
import requests
request = requests.get("https:/api.stackexchange.com/blah/blah")
@Mast SE api can do that.
@EthanBierlein you're welcome.
Thanks :)
Do feel free to provide a complete example doing something more or less useful against the SE api... :-) I would love to see working code...
I'll be sure to try something :)
Q: Transform Python math game to OOP

Mr. MBackground: I'm trying to learn basic OOP with Python. I have this program I wrote to help my son practice math problems. It does addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. He can choose easy, medium, or hard for each operator. Here's an excerpt of the code. It's the "easy" additi...

9:12 PM
Ahh, WolframAlpha is the best thing ever.
Funny eh? :p
Oh yeah
And they keep expanding. If it doesn't understand your input now, it may in a couple of months.
9:17 PM
I don't even...
Oh lol, integral
Gotta love some World Building
Q: What single change would have given the most chance for the Axis to win World War 2?

vszA common topic in alternate history fiction works is the question what would have happened if a major war had been won by the other side. These usually focus on the events after the war, and the change itself is not depicted in a realistic way: it's either not discussed, or attributed to a superw...

@TopinFrassi The Germans are on the dark side of the moon, waiting for the best moment to strike.
Everybody knows that.
9:20 PM
Q: Regarding time consuming calculations in java

guest1I'm trying to write a code for reading 120 files from a folder and performing some calculations on it. When i debug the code, it works fine, however, execution time is more than 20 mins, I am aware that this might be due to bug in the code. However, can someone look into it and suggest possible m...

@CaptainObvious Regarding your title
@CaptainObvious If you're going to write code like C++, then either write C++ or get a Java review
I should vote more.
@Duga (removed)
9:27 PM
TTGH, good night! Don't forget to register for the Code Review's Secret Santa! :D (Or, as I like to call it : The Code Review's SS. lol)
@TopinFrassi lmao
(Nobody would register with such a name ahahah)
Curious observation: you force the first character of a word to be uppercase but don't force subsequent characters to be lowercase. So "FOO-BAR" will return "FOOBAR" and not "FooBar". — Rick Davin 51 secs ago
This is why I like CR.
@200_success Thank you, posted it on code review as well, actually I am struggling with this past few days, I have to further write the calculated data in a txt file. — user3602066 20 secs ago
@EBrown new char[2] { '-', '_' }
Look at me! ~_~
9:32 PM
@skiwi '~'
possible answer invalidation by Silent Shadow on question by Silent Shadow: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112796/revisions
@Duga Yup, rolled back.
9:47 PM
Greetings, Programs.
Now moved in to our (temporary) new place.
I like the color scheme in chat.
> This line above only works for textbox1 but i have a few hundred textboxes.I could copy this line a few hundred times an change the number of the textbox.
Q: VBA hightlight textboxes with a few lines

jjosti'am wondering if there's a way to use a few lines of code to hightlight all textboxes in the form. Private Sub TextBox1_Enter() TextBox1.SelStart = 0 TextBox1.SelLength = Len(TextBox1.Value) End Sub This line above only works for textbox1 but i have a few hundred textboxes.I could copy this l...

poor soul
soo @Mast concerning that WLAN thing... it seems the WLAN hardware completely died minutes ago...
riddle solved..
possible answer invalidation by 200_success, user3602066 on question by guest1: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112799/revisions
9:57 PM
question: do we want to allow questions by unregistered users?
^^unregistered user
OP of the invalidated question...
^^ just a username
nope not just a username
check the profile
A: Controller scope inside Directive with Angular

Joseph the Dreamer Now I'm using a function name defined inside ShopController in the Reclaim Directive... it seems like a bad practice. Yep, this kind of code will be hard to debug and maintain. You're depending on the existence of reclaim to be somewhere in the scope chain, on some controller enclosing you...

10:01 PM
I'm looking forward to May 2017. Then I can say TTQS.
On the other hand, I've nailed most of my classes this semester.
Very cool
Just spent the last 3 hours or so reverse-engineering a vendor's report to find the root cause of wrong data, way way down the rabbit hole. Finally found the bug. My brain is tired :)
That is always fun. And I'm not being sarcastic.
10:13 PM
@Phrancis Congrats to you!!
Exhausting, but fun.
Yes, satisfying even!
@Phrancis write it down, then grab a coffee and a breath of fresh air. Nothing more satisfying :)
Q: Shell Script (Bash) to sum multiples of different arguments below a number

Fausto NAThis is my first post here and I am absolutely new to programming. I'm interested in learning how to create shell scripts with bash so here's one of my first exercises, taken from https://goo.gl/QZSmNw. It is an extension of the problems Elementary - 4 and 5. The goal of the program is to sum al...

10:35 PM
@Vogel612 Remind me?
WLAN and Bluetooth headset possibly interfering resulting in intermittent connection loss and significant latency spikes
Ah, right.
the day before yesterday or so
The WLAN may have been dying all along.
Would've looked like hell on a spectrometer I figure.
probably, yea.
10:38 PM
Hmm... Kind of strange. Have you managed to find a solution, as well?
Hardware died, problem not reproducible I guess.
@skiwi What about it? :P
Q: Why invest for the long-term rather than buy and sell for quick, big gains?

PedroSomewhat along the lines of this question. I've been putting mostly unmatched money into my 401(k) for a few years. I know that investing is generally seen as a long-term decision, but with volatile stocks, it seems to me that you could make a large amount of money by buying low and selling high ...

I do wonder about some people.
Reminds me of one of our clients who asked our MD "But why don't you just invest in the funds that are going to go up?"
I would go in for the long-term investment any day. But,
I might supplement it with some short term investments.
10:43 PM
capital's missing?
It's interesting...
For example, take that big video game convention where all the companies reveal the next release of their games.
in germany right now it's more profitable (or actually less lossy) to invest into short-termed contracts when you don't have significant funds
Their securities will likely be trading at the lowest a month or two before the convention.
Speaking as an investment professional (no, really ^^):
Then the news agencies start speculating and stock starts going up.
10:44 PM
Unless you have specific, non-public expertise
It usually peaks after the announcement, then drops slowly until the release, then peaks again.
and access to specific non-public information
then trying to make money "trading" is almost guaranteed to lose you money in the long run
However, if you have an invesment theory
that you seriously want to test out
@Zak Unless you are that John guy who bought all stocks below $1 in the Depression.
I could build you a backtesting model for it :)
Reminds me of that game, World End Economica
10:46 PM
law of large numbers, just because one guy won the lottery, doesn't mean it's a good strategy
I know, you should never do that during a boom.
It was acceptable during a deep crash like that because even stable companies were hitting rock bottom.
In a boom, those guys will be the first to bust when the crash comes.
In fact, investing in Merrill Lynch &c. probably wouldn't have been a bad idea during the crash.
They were all bought by stable banks, so you would probably have a high return by now.
The problem is always, "how do you know when they've hit rock-bottom though"
@Zak Magic.
Same for internet companies (Amazon, Ebay &c.) during the dot-com bust.
@Zak You don't. I'm discussing theory here.
And, in addition, if your stock portfolio just took a 90% hit, where are you going to get your investment capital fro?
10:49 PM
This seems a little um, off-topic, perhaps moving this to nth maybe be good
@Zak The mob.
But, they don't always have to be at the bottom, just close.
@Quill No kidding.
@Quill eh, I don't see any site business going on ^^
@zak, nonetheless
10:50 PM
@Quill No, nothing. We meta'd this.
Eh, none of us are room owners anyway, so we can't.
As long as no site business is going on, we tolerate just about anything.
@Hosch250 Vogel is
Q: How much idle chatter do we tolerate in The 2nd Monitor?

MastRelated but not a duplicate: How far off-topic can we get in 'the 2nd monitor'? Today was a complicated day in the history of The 2nd Monitor. On one side there appears to be consensus something went wrong which should be handled. On the other side there appears to be disagreement about how muc...

And people always take to ad hominem attacks in the N'th.
10:51 PM
> Idle chat is allowed as long as it is not a distraction to the purpose of the room - which is for maintaining the Code Review site and its community.
@jamal, This is a well-known practice to show a solution (if any) in the top post: this is a convenient and user-friendly approach. It does not matter if it was added afterwards. In this case It doesn't worth adding as a standalone answer, yet the info is important. Please don't edit my post or I'll delete it as a whole. — Stan 29 mins ago
Topic successfully derailed. We are now on site business.
@Jamal Oh, they are threatening you now?
@Jamal Don't worry, they can't delete it at this point.
@Jamal damn
10:53 PM
Just disagreeing still, despite my site status. Someone else can attend to this. I haven't eaten all day.
no worries
@Jamal Gave him a comment with a link. If he still doesn't understand it after that, his loss.
It is just a set of profiling showing how the answers helped improve it. Is it really that big of a deal?
@Jamal and I'll vote to undelete it just as fast. =;)-
OP can't delete it anyway.
It has answers with upvotes (and several of them).
10:57 PM
Sucking the fun out of it @EBrown!
@RubberDuck ;)
@stan Whether or not it is a common practice elsewhere, it is not allowed here. The site has rules and by posting here, you agreed to follow them. — Zak 42 secs ago
@Jamal @200_success It appears the edit is only profiling showing how the answers helped speed up the code. Isn't the ban on editing just on the code sections?
I was very tempted to add "Go on then, just try and delete it, see what happens"
Could be posted as a CW answer instead, if it isn't allowed in the question?

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