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2:02 PM
@Phrancis Lost them, like many others.
Slow day today eh?
@Phrancis - which post (you can find it by searching this chat room ....)
@Phrancis Deleted posts here?
Q: Count solutions of a equation with a constraint

FelipeHow to count the solutions of the equation xy + xz + y*z = n (0 <= n <= 10^4) with the constraint that x >= y >= z >= 0 ? To solve this i've isolated the z value and brute-forced the values of x and y. If the values x,y,z satisfy the constraint and equation than its a valid solution. #include <...

Q: MakeFile for a x86 Operating System in C++

aswin mohanI recently had submitted my bashscript for building an OS for review and got valuable feed back . So I rewrote the entire Script to a MakeFile MakeFile # Make File for Bulding Ultron # Sets up the Assembler AS := nasm ASFLAGS := -f elf ASFILES := $(wildcard kernel/boot/*.s kernel/arch/*.s...

Good Monking @rolfl
2:12 PM
8 hours ago, by Captain Obvious
Q: SRP (Single Response Principle), going too far?

cstruterRecently during an interview, an "interesting" criticism of reviewed code came up regarding the SRP principle. The code looked something like this: interface IActionResult Execute() class JsonResult : IActionResult Execute() class HtmlResult : IActionResult Execute() Now the iss...

were you looking for the user to add real code? maybe I should read further back in chat...
you want a screenshot of the Deleted post?
25 mins ago, by Phrancis
Anyone around who can see deleted posts? There was one late last night that may have been on-topic for programmers so I asked in their chat, but then OP deleted it. Was just hoping to get a screenshot, for learning purposes, as long as it's not a problem per site rules
Thanks, got what I needed!!
I'll let you all know if I find out something like this would have been on-topic on Programmers (and more importantly why, or why not)
Good morning!
2:18 PM
Hey @TopinFrassi!
I gotta get ready for a meeting.. I will see you all later
@Zak as far as getting the degree vs. experience, I am not doing one over the other. I hope to do both at the same time, Work and get a Bachelor's degree
Any suggestions on how to improve this answer?
A: Handling a large amount of possible inputs for a python function

MastIs it the most Pythonic? I'm not sure. Did you know there are multiple alternatives around for handling arguments? One of them is in-build in sys. Arguments with sys work like this: import sys n = int(sys.argv[1]) x = sys.argv[2] y = sys.argv[3] However, an even better idea (thanks to @janos...

@Mast I was getting ready to comment on that
IMHO, if you took your code example, and actually applied it to the OP's use case I think it would be more valuable and easier to follow how to actually use the advice you are giving
@Phrancis Yea, I thought about that, but that's an awful lot of parameters to sort out and I'm not actually sure what Python version he's using.
So there's a chance of making it worse. I think.
I could be wrong though.
Has been known to happen and quite often today.
2:25 PM
So you're not sure that the advice in your answer would actually improve the code?
Hey @IsmaelMiguel
How's it going?
@DanPantry I had two it() with the same name and one of them had it.only. For some reason it executed both of them
That's tricky
Not bad, just writing SQL as usual. How are you?
2:26 PM
@DanPantry Greetings. It's true, I haven't been here for a LONG time (few months).
I'm alright, but with a huge problem
I need to speed up a piece of Javascript by 100x
@Mast Read the comments by OP. He is not talking about command line arguments, so unless you can transform/convince ArgumentParser to use kwargs you missed the mark on this one...
@holroy I don't think that's possible. He could extent the ArgumentParser to the outside, but I don't think he's willing to do that.
@IsmaelMiguel That's a lot of speeding up; what's your action plan?
Ah. 2 year old issue and still no fix for it.. github.com/mochajs/mocha/issues/1060 @DanPantry
@Mast Hmm... It would have been a nice extension though... As you enforce types and default values, and various other stuff using it on kwargs in cases like the one presented by OP
2:29 PM
Poof, problem solved.
Thanks for your time all.
This scares me a little bit... as in... shouldn't all this be logged in VCS, and not in a flipping SQL table?
IF OBJECT_ID(N'ReleaseChangescriptLog') IS NOT NULL BEGIN INSERT INTO ReleaseChangescriptLog (rcl_ScriptName) VALUES ('QA_R2_2015-12-02_170529_COMMON.sql') END
@Phrancis Profiling, praying, crying in a corner, giving up, profiling, wishing Javascript had mutable strings... I guess that is a good plan to speed up any code in Javascript.
@Mast It's meant to be python version agnostic
@IsmaelMiguel Buy a machine that's 100x faster. Problem solved, thank me later. :p
@TopinFrassi I just bough an APU... Can't spent any more money. Maybe I should have invested on a mainframe?
2:32 PM
@KronoS In that case you're bound to your current method, writing language agnostic Python is not something I can recommend across 2 and 3.
@IsmaelMiguel Use a quantum machine. You can assume it works while you're not looking at it. :p
@Mast I'm also not against using Argument Parser I just don't think it's viable for this case, unless you can provide an example to use it
@TopinFrassi Yes, and it's calculations will be instantanious (?). Still, Javascript would be too slow for it.
@IsmaelMiguel What's your code doing at the moment?
@KronoS I wouldn't know how, perhaps @janos can do some magic on it.
2:35 PM
possible answer invalidation by Tomaž Stoiljkovič on question by Tomaž Stoiljkovič: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/112734/revisions
I don't think it's possible.
@Duga Nice catch, rolled back.
@TopinFrassi Grabbing an unminified version of jQuery (~240kb), stripping whitespaces and comments, removing some repeated code with a static dictionary and then shoving it into a <canvas>
Then, it grabs that code, re-adds the removed repeated code and runs it
I wanted to post it today, now, but I can't with this speed.
Why would you do that in any useful scenario?
Bandwidth saving (it reduces the code by 50-70%)
And for fun!
I'm stupid!!!
The code is fine!!! The problem is that I'm using an APU at home -.-
God, I just wasted 70€!!!
Actually, it is just slow
jQuery 2.1.4: minified - less than a second, unminified - over 20 seconds
2:52 PM
looks like @200_success is earning a tag badge at tag score recalc tonight! Congrats 200_success!
Hey for those interested, that SRP (Single Response Principle), going too far? would likely be technically on-topic on Programmers, but also likely not be a good Programmers question
in The Whiteboard, 21 mins ago, by MichaelT
@Phrancis interview questions can be difficult to ask right.
A: Why do interview questions make poor Programmers.SE questions?

MichaelTThere are several aspects to this question that make it a poor question to ask on Programmers.SE, and some that also make it counter productive to have planned out for an interview. Too broad The first aspect is that the question is too broad for Programmers.SE. The "How do you build Amazon" b...

@Mat'sMug That's something to be proud of! :p
@Phrancis Damn it's hard to figure what's on topic for Programmers. :p
next in line would be @RubberDuck, with 14 posts
18 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
> Stack Overflow would close it as too broad focus on fixing a specific issue; Programmers would just close it address high-level design (don't quote me on that), and Code Review would close it as broken code explain how to refactor the code so that it's more efficient, while pointing out bad naming and other things that get pointed out in a peer review.
Question incoming!
@TopinFrassi I think eventually we'll get the hang of it :)
3:01 PM
@Phrancis One day I guess :p
@LoganHasbrouck This is not the right place to talk about this kind of business, but you can always visit Code Review (codereview.stackexchange.com). There, you can post your code and get tips on how to improve it in every single aspect you can imagine! (But before posting anything, please, read the faq at: codereview.stackexchange.com/help, stats by reading about what is on-topic and how to ask a question). The guys there are really friendly. You really should visit it. — Ismael Miguel 12 secs ago
Question: How can I ask a review to a 15kb-long wall of code, without being painful?
This is good information for Programmers:
in The Whiteboard, 3 mins ago, by MichaelT
In theory, any question that could be an interview question. It's much like homework questions - the good ones don't need to say they are homework or interview.
@IsmaelMiguel Reduce the number of kb by 14.5
That will be like providing broken code
3:17 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Just post it. It's not like you'll be the first person to post a large amount of code. Just make sure the non-code part of your question gives plenty of context.
It will likely take somewhat longer to get an answer than your run-of-the-mill question, so just be patient, and maybe add a bounty as incentive if you have not received an answer within a few days
in The Whiteboard, 2 mins ago, by MichaelT
For a previous job interview I wrote a log cleanup / warning of something broken script in perl. If I was to post it to code review, writing the question well shouldn't need to say this was for an interview. Same here.
@Mat'sMug just talking to the good folks over at Programmers :)
3:36 PM
There you go guys, start talking again
Feeling chatty?
@Phrancis The question is mostly content, with lots of code
Go find a question to answer or review. :-)
3:38 PM
Good, that should fit in quite well, @IsmaelMiguel
I hope it does
It is really ... Massive
Just make sure it's a good question, we got enough JavaScript zombies already :-)
I have an HTML and a PHP zombie
To make the perfect trio, I need a CSS and a Javascript zombie
but, that'd be 4
not 3
3:41 PM
@IsmaelMiguel No!
You don't need zombies!
You shoot zombies!
I can look at the HTML one, maybe I can review it
I'm (sadly) a zombie factory
@Phrancis Do you like messing with emails? Then go ahead. Or downvote it. I have +2 -2 on that one.
@IsmaelMiguel It's not a regex question, is it?
No, it isn't
It's an HTML question
Shoot it
here, I'll snipe that thing
3:44 PM
Q: Colored <hr> in emails

Ismael MiguelSometimes, I need to change the color of <hr> elements in an email. The only achieveable way is by using CSS. But not every email client supports CSS. Most clients delete separated stylesheets. And some even delete stylesheets altogether! With a lot of trial, I came up with the following: <...

@IsmaelMiguel Oh, it's a one-liner.
Well, that makes it hard to review. :p
@Mast You want me to prettify it? (Pretty hTML? Right....)
@IsmaelMiguel No, it needs to be actual code.
It is!
I use that
In production
3:46 PM
So don't prettify it.
I'm not touching it
The problem is, your html is fine
And there's only 1 line. So nothing much to say about it
My e-mail application will burn your HTML though.
What triggers my "need review" sense is that I have to:
3:48 PM
Security. It burns all non-text and moves pictures to the attachements.
1- Change the color using <font>
2- A background color
3- A border with the color
4- Set the same color, again, using style="color:<color>"
I have to repeat the color 4 times
It's proper to your scenario. You need to do whatever you can to support everything without using a css stylesheet. I think it's normal you have to do this!
It's ugly, to say the least.
4:02 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Nah... According to another SO post, you only need it once. See my answer
I think that IE doesn't like that.
@IsmaelMiguel You think, or you know? The SO post upvoted by 445 users, seems to think this is the best solution.
huh, anyone knew you could use wildcards in your "favorite tags" list?
Q: C# wildcard tag in Favourite Tags list

Alex KIf I add *.net* to my Favorite Tags list I can see all questions with a tag that contains the substring .net (as well as a summary list of tags matching *.net*) If I add *C#* I am only shown the C# tag, no other matching tags such as C#-4.0, C#-5.0 are displayed in the page or matching tag summa...

On a side-note (as this is chat): Emails where never intended for html, and so having something which works across all different variations of implementations (with and without removing of styles and stylesheets), is a battle you're never going to win!
I'm testing before saying anything
4:07 PM
@Mat'sMug Nope! :p
I know I will never win, but I just want to cover as much ground as possible
Wow, it works...
How come I haven't seen that page 2 years ago?
That is a total game changing thing!
Good morning all!
@IsmaelMiguel Who knows... Wasn't hard to find either....
Well, it's morning for me, who knows where yall are
4:10 PM
It's morning here too :p
Question is probably better suited for codereview.stackexchange.comepascarello 29 secs ago
hello @syb0rg!
@holroy I just looked silly...
Norway... And afternoon, I need to get my supper soon...
@syb0rg Here it is 4pm
4:11 PM
11:11AM here
10:11 here
Wow, that's early
17:11, and I'm hungry... See ya...
Oh, you are hungarian?
Close, but no sigar...
4:12 PM
@Mat'sMug 11:12 here. :p
Ignore it, I only slept 8 hours in 3 days
@holroy beat me to it, but I'm pretty happy with this answer: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/112764/42632
@Phrancis Slightly more detailed than mine... :-)
HTML is one of the few things out there where I know quite a bit :) (and I find it kinda interesting)
4:24 PM
@Phrancis Do you have a nicer answer on this one:
A: Unordered list in HTML with animated list points

holroySo far most of the solutions, including the solution by OP, will stop having list markers with more than 5 elements in the list, which is a show-stopper for me. The ideal solution in my mind, would be to make the next color at a given percentage of previous color. But that requires programming, ...

Monking @all.
I'm especially looking for a variant where one could change the formatting of previous element, so that one could set the color on first element, and let following elements be that color multiplied with 90% (or similar. Possibly ever increasing opacity)
How is everyone doing today?
4:25 PM
Still hungry!!!
Heh, so am I, my friend. So am I.
@Phrancis There were things that I already knew (like HTML for email being arcaic, like Outlook 2007+ using the Word engine to render HTML ... Yeah, that's right...), but other than that, your answer is really great. You deserve a handshake! Thank you!
I have food
I have a crave for ramens. I can't wait to eat some, saturday <3
There's that place in montreal that's just... wow
@IsmaelMiguel Hey... You stole my accepted answer, @Phrancis! ;-) :-p
Now I'm sad, disillusioned, and still hungry...
@EthanBierlein Got another +100 today from that question you posted on gamedev after getting royally capped yesterday.
You should post your cross-site questions in chat more often ^^
4:35 PM
@holroy Sorry dude, but his answer is superior in content to yours. If he gets a different of 3-5 votes from you, I will give you a bounty of 50, to equalize it
@IsmaelMiguel NO problem! Just kind of fun to point out the obvious sometimes!
But now I'm hungry
Good thing I have food
I am about to do something I've almost never done
4:37 PM
I'm fat, which means I eat a lot
Stop talking about food for food's sake. I'm hungry guys. Real hungry. And I don't eat until 45 minutes. :p
I'm going to eat Lacasitos without sorting them by color and without eating from the group with less to the one that has more, in the shape of a square (or closest)
Translation: eating random colors, without picking
I hate you guys. :p
@IsmaelMiguel Smarties?
I feel like I'm House taking Vicodin
@Mast Kinda. Cheapo rip-off
4:39 PM
@TopinFrassi We love you too!
@holroy Actually I like your answer quite a bit. I can't think of a way to make the gradient opacity bullets scale better (adaptive to the number of bullets, for example) without using JavaScript though
@Mast Exactly that
@TopinFrassi I just remembered I got spareribs in my fridge. You want a picture of them?
@IsmaelMiguel Dare devil!!!
4:40 PM
@holroy It's driving me insane, literally.
@Mast Oh man, that would be SO good
I just ate two bagels with cream cheese
Good robot food
I've noticed a flaw on my quest to eat Lacasitos: I don't have water!
@IsmaelMiguel Got any other liquids?
Time to get sugar and put the ribs in the oven.
@Mast I think that's what I'm going to eat tonight! :p
But for now I'm dying of hunger
4:53 PM
And work comes to a grinding halt as our exchange servers fail
I'm sure our tech operations team sent an email about the exchange servers being down.
@Mast Nice.
For some reason, a fair amount of the questions I post on other sites go HNQ.
It's almost eerie.
If you want opinions on your code post on the code review communityk4ppa 48 secs ago
@TopinFrassi, I just reviewed some of my favorite questions, for a clean up, and discovered this answer by you: codereview.stackexchange.com/a/108785/78136. In here you do multiple asserts, which mostly is frowned upon, but I've seen the use of it sometimes and we implemented a MultiAssert class, like described here: blog.drorhelper.com/2011/02/multiple-asserts-done-right.html, exactly for that purpose.
@holroy Actually, I wrote multi-asserts but the whole purpose of the answer is to tell not to use multi-asserts :p But I know in some cases it's necessary. I'll take a look at the blog though! I do have quite an interest towards unit testing! Thanks
@Mast Nope, only water, but can't leave now. Specially now that the boss is back :/
5:01 PM
@TopinFrassi @Mat'sMug Does it make sense to make an interface for a Vector2 that takes a type parameter which indicates what type the X and Y values are?
E.g. Vector2 would implement IVector2<int>.
@holroy That's quite interesting. I guess there's some value to a MultiAssert written this way. Though, when I have to do multiple asserts more than once I'll usually write a custom assert that joins the both of them
I think when doing actions which are heavy and influence loads of stuff, it can be quite valuable to do multi-asserts. Like if you're in a test environment borderlining on integration tests, it is interesting to verify that more than one parameter of your single method call is actually changed appropriately.
@EBrown sounds like overkill
@EBrown I really don't think so.
why do people make interfaces
5:01 PM
@Mat'sMug Yeah, I think I've asked this before and that was the consensus.
@EBrown Yeah with your Point class I think! :)
there's a certain level of coupling that's acceptable. BCL types, and primitives, and basic structures like Vector2 don't need to be wrapped.
You should use the Value type that fits the most to the use of your class. A Vector should use float I think
assuming it's a struct
Well I have an interface IVector2 which declares an R, Theta and IsEmpty.
5:03 PM
@holroy Yup that's indeed a good case! Integration tests usually need more than one assertion
@Mat'sMug Is that a serious question? When doing dependency injections and factory stuff, and in some cases just something as simple as unit testing, interfaces can simplify the code tremendenously!
@holroy a rethoric one ;-)
But, I was wondering if it should also declare an X and Y, so that I can make a List<IVector2F> instead of List<Vector2F>.
@EBrown In a case like Vector, why do you want an interface?
I mean, I don't see 2 ways of implementing a vector
5:05 PM
Well I like the interface because I use R and Theta fairly often, so it's nice to be able to just say, "Give me an IVector so that I can use the R and Theta to build my display."
@IsmaelMiguel, I'm happy again! Just got the "Revival" badge for answering your question <hr>...
Q: Listening from Mongodb always and triggering

Nikhil ParmarI am using classes for the first time.In this program I want the object to run infinitely so that any change in the MongoDB will trigger the function and do the necessary processing. I am little confused about the using of the self.Please give me a feedback on my code.Thanks! class first_level:...

@EBrown hmm you might have a case
I just didn't know if X and Y should be in an IVector<T> interface.
But now that I think about it, I don't really need to generalize them.
@holroy That's the reward you get for killing a zombie? Neat!
5:14 PM
Q: Pattern in string count for C

TomI am trying to write a function that will count the occurrences of a pattern in a string without overlap. This is what I have right now. size_t count(char *string, char *pat) { size_t patternLength = strlen(pat); size_t stringLength = strlen(string); size_t count = 0; char *compa...

Basic question coming in.
I have a lengthy one
Just had an interesting idea about zombies and SEDE... I might write something up, I think a query that would find n random zombies in a user's most prolific tags might be cool
@Phrancis That would be quite interesting.
Come on @CaptianObvious, any time now.
select t.name as [table], c.name as [column] from sys.tables as t join sys.columns as c on t.object_id = c.object_id
where 1=1
    and t.name not like 'audit%'
    and c.name like '%hhrg%'
Would where 1=1 get me stoned in most circles? ;)
5:24 PM
I figured as much lol.
@EBrown Second that that would be interesting...
I'll post myself a reminder in the SQL room. But man, SQL sucks at doing "random"
Unless there's a trick somewhere that I don't know about
@Phrancis Only reason for doing that would be when dynamically building the where query and it could be empty by default. But still you could avoid this using a decent sql builder interface
Yeah I think I've seen that used in stuff like PHP dynamically building queries
5:28 PM
Q: What's my personality?

h.j.k.This is a rags-to-riches take on this question, specifically an improvement of my original answer there. Copying my interpretation of the calculations involved from my answer: Given a 70-character String, e.g. "ABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABaABABABa" Response...

Q: Converting strings to `PascalCase`

EBrownI have a method which I use on occasion to convert strings (like enum and property names) to PascalCase for display. It's fairly simple, so there's probably not much to comment on, but as usual I appreciate any advice on improving it. /// <summary> /// Converts a string of dash-separated, or un...

Which begs the question, why the hell has nobody made a library or whatever to handle SQL (MySQL in particular) more elegantly and in a more generic way, like Java Hibernate and things like that...
A pseudo random in sql for fetching question could be to match the seconds part of the creation part against the seconds part of current time... :-p
... Or possibly a smaller range...
I've seen ORDER BY NEWID() but from testing, that didn't appear to work
@Phrancis if Hibernate is anything like NHibernate, it's a frakkin' PITA compared to EF
  CONVERT(VARCHAR(30), NEWID()) AS [Random],
FROM SomeTable
ORDER BY [Random] ASC;
5:31 PM
and what you mean is an "object/relational mapper" -> ORM
Hibernate looks very complicated to implement initially, but once that part is done it looks quite low-maintenance
One of the main advantages from my understanding (besides portability between DBMS) is that it encourages to write business logic with Hibernate instead of using countless stored procs and triggers and other stuff like that
Q: Had to make a productive code in 5 minutes. Opinions?

Johnpublic class Aston_Martin { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub System.out.println("Why couldn't the math professor's daughter buy her first car? Her parents wouldn't cosine on a loan."); System.out.println("What happened to the pasty math tea...

@Heslacher Thanks for that information! :)
@CaptainObvious dafuq
Q: Funny code, what could I do better?

Johnpublic static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub System.out.println("Why couldn't the math professor's daughter buy her first car? Her parents wouldn't cosine on a loan."); System.out.println("What happened to the pasty math teacher who sunbathed too long? ...

5:46 PM
Might be a troll
@Jamal Might be?
Man, I do love me some RFC's.
@EBrown I do love some KFC
> Tying to get internet exposure to buy an Aston Martin
@EBrown Okay, you're right. :-)
@Jamal Sometimes I've got it, sometimes I don't.
Which one ? @EBrown
5:49 PM
@Heslacher Both.
Doing phone reviews isn't fun. My fingers aren't that thin ;-)
I know the feeling. I try not to do phone reviews whenever possible.
I just have some sparetime while I wait in my cold car till my daugthers soccer training is finished. So what else should I do ;-)
Heh, the cold car bit really sucks, man.
It does.
5:54 PM
@TopinFrassi Sugar or ribs? Don't combine those two ^^
@EthanBierlein You're used to posting in an environment where question quality matters. Perhaps that helps.
@Mast ribs :p
6:18 PM
I'm voting to close this question as it is on one hand too broad, and on other hands cannot fit in the scope of question that can be answered on SO. You can't get code review here. Sorry! — eliasah 19 secs ago
Hey guys, don't forget to register for the Secret Santa!!!! :D Right now we're 6 participants. You still have 1 week and a half to register but the sooner the better!!
I suggest you edit your question into specifically asking about handling unseen labels, showing as little code as possible to make a MCVE. Then, when you get your code to work as intended, post the entire thing on Code Review to address the scalability and performance part. — Mat's Mug 50 secs ago
6:36 PM
@TopinFrassi The ... what?
Q: Code Review's Secret Santa 2015

TopinFrassiTo celebrate our first graduated Christmas (and because we feel like it), some regulars in The 2nd Monitor thought it would be a good idea to make a Secret Santa between members of Code Review! The rules are quite simple : You will send an email to secret-santa@lambdaexpression.io to register...

The "price" part is a "nononononono" for me, specially the "address" bit
It's easy to identify me that way!
yeah, well, the only person that will have your shipping address will be your secret santa. and you don't have to have it shipped at your place - a P.O. box works just as well.
I live in Portugal
Amazon doesn't care I think
6:40 PM
There was only 1 other user who lives in Portugal
And that user isn't even a "regular"
(I'm not considered one as well, but anyway)
are you not?
Define "regular user"
Watch my activity these last 3 months
And from there, you can obtain an answer
I think e-books might be a popular choice, I might register for Secret Santa, sounds kinda fun
anyway, yeah, there's necessarily some $$ involved
hi @200_success!
6:44 PM
@IsmaelMiguel You could receive an eBook! :D
@Phrancis Yeah it'll be fun! Plus clearly we'll receive loads of eBooks ahah
Although, not sure how many programming ebooks are in the $15 range
Let's check Amazon
@TopinFrassi I don't read
But I like the idea
Actually, there are quite a few
It doesn't have to be a programming book
I know someone who likes to read
It could be a good exercise for her to read a book in English
And I could start reading
I wish there were a way to delete multiple Gists at a time.
6:48 PM
Q: RandomForest multi-class classification

HugaBelow is the code I have for a RandomForest multiclass-classification model. I am reading from a CSV file and doing various transformations as seen in the code. I am planning to run this in a Spark cluster with lots of data(atleast 6 million rows of data with 50 features). I can get sufficient am...

Good thing there isn't, or you would have the similar thing to rm -f /
@Phrancis There're some hipster things. :p I remember buying a NodeJs book for... 9 dollars or something like that
I wish there were. Deleting Gists in bulk is painful.
@IsmaelMiguel You could receive an eBook filled with images. :p
@TopinFrassi That would be quite weird... Unless it is a version of Kamasutra, which would be even more weird!
6:52 PM
@IsmaelMiguel That would indeed be weird :p
I know.
But I like the idea of the secret santa
@Mat'sMug Well, it's twice the budget, yeah :p But if you feel like it nothing stops you from giving a gift from a higher price range. Just don't expect your santa to do it or you might be disappointed :p
I think everyone on this site should have a copy of that book
6:54 PM
I don't mind a copy of it!
@Mat'sMug I haven't even gotten through C# In Depth yet.
me neither
There's one at my job. I probably won't have time to read it though. I heard it's the book to read
@TopinFrassi Clean Code?
What languages does that cover?
6:55 PM
it's pretty much language-agnostic, but the examples are in Java
@Mat'sMug Yep!
@IsmaelMiguel it's more about process/design than a specific language
And process/design is much more important than a specific language :p
@TopinFrassi when I got my first position as a C# junior (knew nothing of .net), they forced me to read it
6:56 PM
@EthanBierlein Afterking
This looks interesting: Game Programming For Teens
then a few years later I bought a copy for myself
and monking!
@Phrancis Interesting
@Mat'sMug I read multiple books about design patterns and unit testing. But they didn't have that one where I worked.
I might buy that for one of my siblings
6:57 PM
I should get my hand on it
@EthanBierlein I bought a beaver hat for my brother. To each his stuff eh :p
Uses a language/platform called BlitzMax, apparently is BASIC-like but much more mdern and full OpenGL support
^^ that's my 2nd choice
but it's more .net-specific
No wait, you don't have deletePoly() in the destructor, right? That's wrong, the destructor is the right place to call it, that's what destructors are designed to do. Anyway if you want to hear constructive critique, post code to codereview. stackexchange.com. — n.m. 49 secs ago
I think I read that one!
6:58 PM
No no no - it's BASIC
Hmm now I'm curious

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