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7:03 PM
@Mast Ah, looks like he fixed it then.
Yea, it is now.
OP being a good guy.
I'm willing to bet, that he hit the "code" button, it said, "enter code here" (or whatever), then he pasted directly from the IDE. The question box had already put four spaces on the first line, but did not do so for subsequent lines.
Just threw away somebody's re-open flag. Seems it already had 4 re-open votes, but I simply don't agree with re-opening it...
What question is that?
Q: Storing object pointers in a thread-safe way

JichaoI am designing a note manager. The GUI Thread A and background sync Thread B could hold the same note pointer at the same time. class NoteManager { public: Note* getNote(const std::wstring& noteId) { std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lock; auto iter ...

It's hypothetical IMHO.
And originally asking for design practices, we don't do design.
It's a shame, really, that code really needs some fixing up.
But he needs to learn how to state a proper question first.
We don't tolerate //DO SOMETHING
My 'Leave Closed' vs 'Reopen' ratio is about 50/50 I noticed.
7:14 PM
opinions are like armpits, everyone has them and they all stink.
Or as Stephen Colbert says, "Opinions are like a-holes, everyone has them and mine is the best."
Q: Parsing a string to multiple objects in c#

loliHere is the code I use to get the different weather forecasts from the Environment Canada website. public static void Main() { string url = "http://dd.weather.gc.ca/nowcasting/matrices/SCRIBE.NWCSTG." + DateTime.Now.ToString("MM.dd.HH") + "Z.n.Z"; string allStations = Decompress.zDecompr...

I think I VTR'd that one @Mast, but for some reason I don't think I can take it back
@Malachi I personally won't VTR until the //do something., and //here the syncb deleted. et. al. bits go away.
I missed those couple of // do something comments towards the end there. I saw all the stuff they added and thought it was gtg
I agree it is still not ready to be open
7:18 PM
And //DO OTHER ACTIONS is just wrong.
If you don't scroll through the code it looks like regular code. Nothing suspicious about it. :P
@Malachi Scratch that.
@Mast He edited it three hours ago.
Revisions are a b-tch.
Or a b|tch for those inclined.
@Malachi To be honest, such reviews should be done carefully.
Otherwise there is no point in having that queue.
That was the first and only actual Review Task I have completed.
7:25 PM
@Mast I saw an improvement and that actual code was added to the question
The question with reviewing isn't whether the edit is an improvement. It's whether it's enough improvement to invalidate the close reason.
I am not going to argue with you.
@Jamal I explicitly searched in Meta for questions like that, and didn't find anything....
I'm not trying to, just hoping people will take note and review carefully.
@Mast Until I elaborate what?
Follow the links.
7:30 PM
@Malachi Either way, the MSE questions suggests that it's just not an ability, thus it's not considered a bug.
@Jamal Meta question on what?
Q: Why Can't I Retract my Reopen Vote?

MalachiOn This question I voted to reopen after the second edit, but then later I realized that I shouldn't have voted to reopen, but I can't take it back, it seems the functionality doesn't exist. If I click Okay it says that I have already voted, and if I click cancel it closes the alert

@Mast It's in the comments. Basically, I asked for further explanation on that answer, since it is a total mash of nonsense and good content. I wanted to clear it out, but he simply ignored my request to come here to explain his answer. And I downvoted based on the bad content and being ignored.
@IsmaelMiguel What about the content is bad?
> it is a total mash of nonsense and good content
7:35 PM
That would require a huge attention span from you
Q: Why can't I retract my reopen vote?

MalachiOn this question, I voted to reopen after the second edit. I later realized that I shouldn't have voted to reopen, but I can't take it back. It seems the functionality doesn't exist. If I click "Okay," it says that I have already voted, and if I click "Cancel," it closes the alert:

One of the bad things is that he says this:
There are 2 problems in this piece of code. First is why are you even trying to use try-catch. Your code doesn't seem predictable when it has something like a try-catch. Solve the root problem as to why you're experiencing this error, before resorting to a try-catch.

The next is optimization. Engines like V8 optimize code heavily (and which is why Chrome is fast). However, code inside a try-catch doesn't get optimized because it is unpredictable. The compiler "bails out".

So what you can do is place all of your code in the try-catch inside a function and call that function in the try-catc
Besides not being useful, it destroys functionality and breaks the code
Your code depends on try-catch?
Just because one function crapped out, I have to kill the whole queue?
Seems very useful to me. He's advising you to not use a try/catch so that the engine can optimize it.
7:37 PM
Perhaps you need to ask on the codereview site — David Heffernan 42 secs ago
I know about that
And I used anyway
In 2% of the code
So it's valuable advice not warranting a downvote.
@Malachi You should put that on MSE.
@Duga Seriously?
@Mast I don't find it valuable
7:37 PM
@Hosch250 Note Jamal's comment, it already is, sort of.
@Hosch250 @Jamal already linked to that
Votes are to be spent at the desire of the spender, that is why they are anonymous
Function('return this')()

While this relatively looks safe (because the string isn't arbitrary), you will run into issues when using this piece of code in environments with very strict CSP rules. This includes mobile devices, browser extensions and some websites who lock down these things for security.
More from the same answer
I've never had any sort of problem with that function
@DavidHeffernan I hope you're joking. Code Review does not tolerate this. — Mast 45 secs ago
7:39 PM
@Mast you are wrong in that it isn't the right thing for @IsmaelMiguel to do. it is his decision and his alone what to do with his votes.
@Malachi ?
@IsmaelMiguel If you haven't seen yet, I added to my answer on your validation question.
@Malachi That's true, but in this case I doubt it's the right thing to do.
@IsmaelMiguel That doesn't make it false by default.
@Duga I liked it better when Programmers was SO's toilet bowl. At least it's easier to understand CR's scope.
If it were me, the answer seems extremely intelligent and helpful.
@Mast Do you have a link to this answer?
7:40 PM
@Mast But doesn't make it useful. Only obfuscates the useful stuff
A: Function queue for synchronous execution

Joseph the Dreamer With this in mind, it also allows to execute them with a defined delay, to prevent them from blocking the browser. This is a common misconception of how the timers work. Currently executing code doesn't stop when a timer expires. That callback waits until the currently running code finishes....

Jan 16 at 16:56, by Marc-Andre
Nobody understand Programmers scope correctly :P
@Malachi But I may want to justify it, as I did in a comment.
dang it I keep starting to edit a post and then change thoughts
Here is gold in that answer:
@EBrown Which is why I started this. It looks like good advice.
7:41 PM
getQueue: function(){
  return queue;

I wouldn't want one to manipulate the queue outside if I were you. It could mess up your code. I suggest you return a copy of the queue, and not the queue array itself. Use slice to return a copy of the queue.

clear: function(){
  queue = [];
  return window.FnQueue;

A better way to clear an array without creating another array is to just set the length to zero.
@IsmaelMiguel and that is perfectly fine, between you and the answerer.
Sure, it could have been written better, but he'll learn.
@Malachi That's what I wanted to do. He simply gave me the finger
@Mast I upvoted it because after reading it, the answer is well thought out and intelligent.
@IsmaelMiguel Not everyone has time to bow to your will. You would do well to learn that.
@IsmaelMiguel or they haven't logged onto Stackexchange yet.
7:42 PM
@Malachi He edited the answer 2 minutes later. He is really active
@EBrown I'm not. I asked clarification in a clean way, since the answer is full of bloat. He ignored, I downvote.
I really don't know how to say it in less than 2500 characters... Ping me on chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/25699/javascript-librariesIsmael Miguel Jul 26 at 19:23
That does not ask for clarification.
@EBrown Should I have been even more clear? I say there: "I have too much to say, and can't say it here because it would bloat the comment section. Please, ping me on <link> so we can discuss it"
I am not sure about posting that CRMeta question on Meta, @Jamal has already tagged it and there is already a really old Meta question asking the same thing
but again the Meta question is old
7:45 PM
@IsmaelMiguel Don't get me wrong, but you tend to think a lot of people want to give you the finger.
You could also raise a bounty on the existing feature request.
We don't give each other the finger on CR. We ain't SO.
@Mast What I meant with that is that he simply ignored it. And even after explaining the downvote, I haven't heard of him.
My vote stands
The question has really good content and really bad content
@IsmaelMiguel If I was him, I'd really give you the finger after that comment, delete the answer and ignore you.
Your comment does not ask for elaboration.
It reads like you want to open a flame war.
Perhaps he doesn't care, as you already: 1. downvoted him, 2. accepted an answer, 3. explained nothing of why you didn't like his answer.
7:47 PM
That ^^
@EBrown I can't explain it in the comment section. It would bloat and then it would be deleted even before he saw it.
In my eyes, all three of those are finalization remarks. That is, you've made up your mind. Next, please.
You can indicate some semblance of what you dislike of it, and get clarification on bits at least.
@EBrown I've accepted the answer a few days ago, less than 3
I've waited
I didn't accepted it 1 second after
I waited to get some feedback
I.e.: "Can you elaborate on 'wouldn't want one to manipulate the queue outside' please?"
@EBrown That was clear. I loved that part. That is one of the good things in the answer
7:50 PM
It was an example, no need to be pedantic.
I know, and I'm saying that what I need clarification of is in everything else
The whole answer, besides 2 points
@IsmaelMiguel Code Review is not about what you need. It's about what you get.
And the answer seems a lot shorter than what I remember
Thou shall accept every critique on your code as long as it's constructive.
@Mast Great part of it wasn't.
7:51 PM
@Mast Unless thou are Ismael Miguel.
You just said part of it was very constructive.
If he comes over and explain his answer, I will gladly revert my downvote
@EBrown A small part
11 mins ago, by Ismael Miguel
Here is gold in that answer:
11 mins ago, by Ismael Miguel
getQueue: function(){
  return queue;

I wouldn't want one to manipulate the queue outside if I were you. It could mess up your code. I suggest you return a copy of the queue, and not the queue array itself. Use slice to return a copy of the queue.

clear: function(){
  queue = [];
  return window.FnQueue;

A better way to clear an array without creating another array is to just set the length to zero.
That is the gold
I'm not even going to continue this, I feel as if I'm arguing with a child.
Yes, I freaking loved that bit
7:53 PM
It's fine, you have the right to use Up/Down votes as you wish.
@EBrown And I feel no one even cares about what I say
Forget I was even part of this discussion, wouldn't want to upset anyone.
I'm not upset
yeah take the conversation to The Nth Monitor please
@Malachi It would be off-topic there
7:54 PM
@JeroenVannevel Are you around?
have the conversation by all means, just not in here, it's getting lengthy
Comments do not show up under Statements - I already tested that.
The conversation died
And I have to get my pizza
The rest I'll fix.
@IsmaelMiguel Don't sit on it this time.
7:55 PM
@SirPython Nah. This time it comes in a box
I recently wrote a post about a FizzBuzz split up over 2 files. I clearly stated it was split up for a reason. However, he decided to critique on it anyway. He raised some valid points afar from that, so he even got an upvote. I just accepted the other answer, which happened to have more gold in it anyway.
@Mast I'd just drop it, man. There's no point. What's done is done.
@EBrown Just offering an alternative to @IsmaelMiguel his approach.
Also, @Mast do you have any input on this question? It seems pretty well-written.
@EBrown This was flagged.
7:59 PM
@Hosch250 Too late to edit now, mods can either edit/remove it or not.
@EBrown OP doesn't know for sure it's working.
That should raise a red flag when reading it.
Long and short of it: The SE system works; use the tools given to you (votes, accepts, comments, etc.). To just sit here in chat arguing about every little thing is not productive
That was the only issue I saw with it as well.
Though, he does say: "Even though it hasn't finished it is working as expected due to some testing I did."
(Emphasis mine)
@EBrown I expect all my code to work. Doesn't make me right though.
If it was accepting user input and would work on smaller problems and work on that, it would be great. Now, nobody knows.
Well, provided he is not fudging that sentence, then his code does do what he says it should (at least while he is testing it), and it should still be considered on-topic.
8:04 PM
@EBrown Have you checked?
I don't have a python interpreter at all. (I'm not a python person, lol.)
I'll put it in a file and check.
You could start it with a **much** smaller square:
8 1 6
3 5 7
4 9 2
is a valid square.
Just replace 58 in all his code with 15.
@EBrown Nope, it needs an external file.
Not sure how he came up with 36^36 permutations.
@Mast Right, I guess that's not the only edit you need to make. Lol
I need to take some time and learn python some day.
8:11 PM
f = open('./easyNumbers.txt','r')
At 10 instead of 58, it's infinilooping something.
08 01 06
03 05 07
04 09 02
for the file (`easyNumbers.txt`).
And use 15 in place of 58.
In theory, if his code is good, that should work.
It's even infinilooping at 58.
@Hosch250 I am
What? They don't?
No, a comment is not a statement.
@EBrown I used his example.
8:14 PM
However, I was able to clean that statement up a mite:
This code seems seriously flawed. This is recursion done wrong.
if (text.Contains("//") || text.Contains("/*"))
@Mast Ah, he said that one takes like 106387360000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 calculations.
I'll just VTC for broken code.
I see what happens
The trivia is appended to one of the closing braces
I think he's running into the maximum depth of Python recursion.
8:17 PM
check for that instead: if the opening brace has trailing trivia or the closing brace has leading trivia
Wasn't it Python with a default of 1000 or so depth?
@Jamal It would be inappropriate to ask the poster to post his working code here, as code review questions are off-topic here. You shouldn't be recommending that people make their posts off-topic. — Ross Ridge 33 secs ago
@RossRidge Working code with the question "now I need the inverse, what's that?" would most probably be on-topic here and off-topic there (feature requests are off-topic on Code Review). Not all working code on SO is off-topic by default. — Mast just now
if (ctorExpression.Body.CloseBraceToken.LeadingTrivia.Any(SyntaxKind.SingleLineCommentTrivia) ||
That works.
Any trivia is fine
Can't you do LeadingTrivia.Any()?
This is why:
That would pick up end-of-line trivia, and whitespace trivia, and who-knows-what trivia.
8:33 PM
mm okay, makes sense
Look under Extensions
I have an extension method IsCommentTrivia()
You can use that
Oh, OK.
Syntax tree of a single document
Is this looking better?
BTW, I wasn't able to get it set up to actually try it out.
Yeah, that looks like it
You just press "start" and you can try it
It appears to have moved the place to connect it to a certain .exe.
It tells me I can't run it by itself.
It needs an executable.
But, I can't find where to connect the executable. Shouldn't it be in the Debug -> Properties?
8:40 PM
I have no idea what that issue is, sorry
It works just fine here
and I don't recall having to do anything special
@JeroenVannevel How is one supposed to interpret that?
@Mast Use Roslyn?
I've got to walk the puppy. Be back later.
It's a syntax tree. The root of the document is at the top then there are using directives, a namespace declaration, a class declaration, variable declarations, etc
@Hosch250 Oh. Set your Vsix project as startup project
Those colours have to mean something, but it doesn't look human readable. Perhaps that's just because of it's size though.
Yeah, syntax nodes vs syntax tokens
8:47 PM
Windows 10 doesn't include a package manager, but instead includes a package manager manager
Q: Way of organizing function methods

ThomasReggiRight now I have this function recursiveDeps that returns a raw deps object. I rewrote this function which originally returned the value from recursiveDeps.typeString. I want to offer a diverse range of different functions and I don't want to close up any of the raw functionality, and make it pri...

@skiwi Please define, "package manager manager."
@EBrown A tool to manage package managers
And what exactly do you mean by such? The Windows Store, or?
I don't know exactly, it's still vague, it's something that can be expanded to Linux-like apt-get, but it is not there yet
8:50 PM
At least the good news is that Windows 7/8/8.1 Enterprise is no longer needed for remote desktop connections, it seems to work with Windows 10 Pro aswell
Or I'm mistaken and it has always worked, I don't know anymore
You mean the Remote Desktop Connection programme?
Or to be a Remote Desktop Connection host?
yes, that one
This belongs to the codereview site of StackExchange — LuxxMiner 47 secs ago
Which one! You didn't make that any less ambiguous...lol
8:52 PM
To be the host
Aha, much clearer. :)
I just connected with a Windows 10 Pro to a Windows 8.1 Professional PC
I thought the ability to host was in all versions except like Home and Home Premium.
And I'm usually connecting with my Windows 7 Enterprise laptop to my Windows 8.1 Professional PC
@EBrown I might be confused then, maybe I just convinced myself that it wasn't possible with Pro
I think I've been wrong all this time then
It's ok @skiwi, we all forgive you.
8:55 PM
Soon (tm) I'm going to have fun upgrading both my PC and laptop to Windows 10 Pro then
Clean installs for both... not fun, but something I really want to do
Q: Real-time multi-player game server accessing querying mongodb

TripVoltageI have a remote hosted server thats running java vm with custom server code for multiplayer real-time quiz game. The server deals with matchmaking, rooms, lobbies etc. I'm also using a Mongo db on same space which holds all the questions for mobile phone quiz game. This is my first attempt at s...

We just got new phone rosters, so I'm comparing them with the last ones we had to see who got fired.
Looks like we lost three sales reps.
Has SE done away with Flair links?
What do you mean? Flair is still there.
8:59 PM
Go to your network profile.
Then the last tab halfway down the page is "flair".
A: Switching to another Form from the Project Startup Form and Back Again

Samuel SladeFirstly, I think you need to clarify why you are wanting to show the payment form and hide the main form. In most applications, when you want to show a dialog of some description, you would show it modally (using dialog.ShowDialog()) so that it appears over the top of your current form and preven...

@EBrown Ah thanks, didn't think of looking on network profile
@Phrancis I know you can also find it under each site's profile, if you go to the 'Edit Profile & Settings' tab.
Then it's the third-down on the left: "Flair".
That is where the themes are listed.
Ahah, perfect
I like 'Hotdog' personally.
So perfect.
9:03 PM
Q: Scanner in Scala

wrickI wanted to implement Java' Scanner in Scala. The goal for this class is to: Implement a Scala collection interface (probably Iterator[String]?) so I can access all the Scala collection goodies like map, .toList etc. Have better performance than java.util.Scanner Please review my code for bug...

Lately, I'm seeing more and more >500 rep answerers :-)
It is working now, @JeroenVannevel.
My test seems to work perfectly in real life too.
Now, one question.
9:18 PM
@Quill that's good
Why do you complain about if (val == true) and not if (val == false), or any other boolean comparison?
Q: How to optimize this code to get values from database only once

Esteban VThe code below is the Index Action from a User Controllers. Basically this code returns a list of users from Azure Active Directory using Azure Authentication Library (ADAL). However I need to show 2 custom properties, in Azure AD, they are called Schema Extensions, they are just custom attribu...

I've only done one so far
If there's no issue for the other scenarios yet, feel free to make one
I think it would be easier to just write it and PR it.
Maybe not. I'll take a look.
Should I create a separate test for it, or add it to the existing test?
Well I want an issue either way (to keep track of what is done in the release)
9:26 PM
Oh, OK.
You'll need multiple tests, it's not an extremely straightforward feature
it's an entirely different analyzer + code fix
Though to be fair: you can probably just copy most of the test scenarios of the existing one
There it is for false.
OK, now you also have the != operators to do.
if (parentExpression.OperatorToken.ValueText != "==")
That's pretty meta
9:29 PM
Q: Mocking the file system within a test

ThomasReggiI've been using this method to test file-system functions as an alternative to mock-fs due to it's lack of symlink support. I'd love to hear what others think and the possible dangers, pitfalls, or improvements. var CWD = process.cwd() var assert = require('assert') var path = require('path') va...

@Hosch250 What would you change that to?
Nothing yet, I'm just making the observation that you don't complain about "!=" in there.
oooh okay, so you mean with != false?
Or, != true.
This is something to keep in mind for those scenarios too
for example
Nullable<bool> b = null;
if(b != false)
Is not the same as
Nullable<bool> b = null;
9:43 PM
Anyone feeling like killing a zombie?
Mmm AppVeyor is acting like a duck so I'll just accept the PR
@Hosch250: can you set vannevelj:develop as the target branch?
You should do a merge first with my latest commit
9:46 PM
Or you were talking with Jenorimo?
@Hosch250 Cheers, merged!
Q: Angular UI bootstrap two datapickers

Wild GoatI have to two datepickers. I want achieve a functionality when return date cannot be selected before departure and departure cannot be after return date. I have moved datepicker into my custom directive which I plan to reuse many times for different screen sizes. Both datepickers reuse same ...

10:37 PM
Hey @JeroenVannevel how do you like xUnit?
We're trying to pick a framework at work right now. We've got everyone using what they know atm...
oh god
I haven't used xUnit so far
MSDN examples have their C# code indented by 3 spaces
To be honest, I think most of those frameworks are really similar anyway
What did you expect?
It's Microsoft!
10:46 PM
@IsmaelMiguel 4-space indentation
It will depend on whatever specific need you have. MSTest (which is going to be discontinued), NUnit, xUnit, etc. All the same for run-of-the-mill scenarios
4-space indentation is normal, since tabs have a default of 8 tabs in a browser
But 3 spaces is Microsoft
They made Windows Vista
you know, I'm growing tired of constant MS-bashing.
@IsmaelMiguel That was in the past. Just sweep it under the rug and forget about it forever. ;-)
@EthanBierlein Yeah, Microsoft redeemed itself with Windows 7
Then launched Windows 8 and 8.1
And XBOX One
And blew it all
At least C# isn't a bad language
10:49 PM
MSTest is being retired? That's a pretty good reason to move away from it I'd say.
Never heard of it
@RubberDuck link?
I'm looking @Mat'sMug. Was about to ask @JeroenVannevel for one.
@RubberDuck Maybe not retired as in entirely discontinued.. I'm not too sure about that anymore. But they were going to swap xUnit.NET as the new default test library in VS
Let me help search
10:51 PM
so VS2015 is shipping with a new testing framework?
I just tried it and it's still using MSTest
Disregard my comments until I find a source
VS2015 is still RC, right?
no, RTM
read the manual?
Ready to manufacture
Release to manufacture?
One of those two
MSTest.exe is deprecated and being replaced with Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework
10:57 PM
they renamed it
But they're the same thing as far as we're concerned.
Lol. That ^^
I count that as being right!
11:12 PM
And I'm back to where I started. I don't care which one we use so long as we use Moq for our mocking framework.
Moq Roqs
I blame @Mat'sMug for that addiction.
They've been crapping themselves because when I check code in there are gd tests too.
so you've been making a good impression then :)
11:19 PM
Q: what to name a function that checks if a controller instance has been initialized and then initializing it if it hasn't

Ashley TharpWhat should I name a function that checks to see if something has been initialized and if it hasn't been created yet, it creates it? I don't want to name it something so vague as "init" or "constructor" For example, I have a class called AnimalController. Inside of AnimalController are handle...

question coming your way guys
Yeah. I think so. My first one on one is tomorrow. I'll find out then I guess.
Q: Lua Love2D Pong Like Game

bananaI just started learning programming in the past 2 or 3 months. I started with python and now I'm learning lua. I started game programming this week and this is a game I made with the love2d engine for lua. If you don't know how it works, basically there are 3 main functions: love.load() # Runs a...

11:52 PM
Q: Reverse Polish Notation in F#

Ethan BierleinIn my question to learn F#, I've decided to get one step closer to creating a programming language, and implement this simple Reverse Polish Notation "interpreter" of sorts. It does not allow for parentheses in input ( ), and only accepts expressions containing the following valid tokens: 0 1 2...


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