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12:00 PM
so click objective-c for example
Oh wait, now I see the black/blue line but don't see what the black/blue parts represent
Click the line
TYL :-)
(Today you learned)
I really have no clue what this layout in legacy code is doing... It uses a RowLayout (incorrectly I think), but if I change it to ColumnLayout it has no effect
So, there are 14 files it counts as Objective-C, and 11 files it counts as C.
If you don't know what it's doing, then you probably shouldn't touch it.
12:01 PM
But the project is 71.9% C?
@nhgrif yeah, thats' why I think the graph is using different stats than the breakdown.
linecount, I think.
I think the graph is counting ALL of the header files as C
@nhgrif from where do you get those numbers?
Is the graph counting number of lines?
12:01 PM
@Vogel612 or this
It would make sense
the project is more C than objective-C based on the line count
Is CSV considered a language?
Perhaps, @DanPantry but it doesn't really have any business counting those C-headers at all.
@Mast no? O.o
@nhgrif That's what it does. Look at ALL code.
12:03 PM
Unless you wanna call JSON a language
Q: C++ setW(n) error message Xcode 6.4

Roy Bassilhello i am working on my C++ project and at the end when i want to display my results i am using the setW command for a better layout. however, when i input it Xcode displays an error message and that i need to insert a semicolon after the setW(10) or else my code fails to build. My professor tol...

They're only part of the repo in so much as I'm including a C-library embedded.
@Mast not really, but it's a data format
@SimonAndréForsberg So is SQL.
@Mast CSV is a language like JSON is a language.
12:04 PM
@Mast There is not executable C code in the repo.
@Mast No, SQL is a programming language.
No one said CSV, JSON, or SQL was a programming language
SQL can be compiled and executed.
SQL is a scripting language. SQL itself isn't actually compiled, as far as I know...
12:04 PM
@nhgrif It is, internally.
The execution plan that a SQL script creates is compiled and executed maybe.
That's why prepared statements are performant when executed more than once
But CSV, JSON, XML aren't programming languages.
No, they're not.
XML is a markup language
@MadaraUchiha I understand that prepared statements and stored procedures and such performed better... but it's the execution plan that the server generates that make this so.
@MadaraUchiha In so much as this... I can create a compiled Swift program on my machine, and take it to any other Mac and run it without having to recompile it.
I can't "compile" a SQL script on server A then run the compiled version on any other server.
The other server has to "compile" its own execution plan for that script.
12:07 PM
@nhgrif Yeah, it's not compiled to binaries you can take and execute.
I was under the impression prepared statements were simply statements that already had their execution plan, well, planned
It's "compiled" internally, and into memory.
@DanPantry meh. not really, actually.
I think we're talking about the same thing, but use different terminology
Can you distribute a compiled SQL script?
12:08 PM
I don't know a whole lot about SQL anyway so I could be talking out of my ass
Prepared statements are statments you say "this is how I want to do it, please put boxes for data to here and there"
and then (after preparing) you can say, okay a goes into here and b into there
but you can completely disregard what this is, it's just data
@Vogel612 Prepared statements do get precompiled by the server, and then you pass in the data in the boxes
Aka doing statement twice costs compile time twice, doing a prepared statement twice costs compile time once and small overhead second time
Depending on your definition of "compile", SQL is compiled always.
(rather, in many databases, SQL is compiled always).
Rather, the server executes compiled code always.
12:12 PM
and I think saying SQL isn't compiled is disingenuous but that's because if SQL isn't compiled then neither is JavaScript, and JavaScript is definitely a compiled language (v8 compiles internally after interpretation)
But can you take server A's compilation of code and run it on server B?
@nhgrif Why does that matter in the definition of compiling?
JavaScript isn't a compiled language, @DanPantry
It's an interpreted language.
unless you run it on a system which compiles it.
V8 is a JIT compiler for JavaScript.
12:14 PM
C is an interpreted language ;-)
Q: Is there an interpreter for C?

devinI was wondering if there is something like an interpreter for C. That is, in a Linux terminal I can type in "python" and then code in that interpreter. (I'm not sure interpreter the right word). This is really helpful for testing different things out and I'm curious if something similar exists...

So, because there is an exception to the rule of normal use of the language, we can call it whatever we want? That's what I'd call disingenuous.
@nhgrif That's why I prefer English over Dutch.
Dutch has too many exceptions and not enough handlers.
A compiler exists for JavaScript, therefore JavaScript is a compiled language, even though most use-cases treat it as an interpreted language.
@nhgrif - the language is neither compiled, nor intprepted. The program is.
@Mast In Dutch everything is an exception, except the exceptions, we call those rules.
12:16 PM
You can run C through an interpreter (Swift too), therefore it's an interpreted language, rather than a compiled language.
@nhgrif JS has had its scripts being compiled since IE9.
47 secs ago, by rolfl
@nhgrif - the language is neither compiled, nor intprepted. The program is.
Except V8 is by and large the most common itnerpreter of javascript, running in chrome, canary and on the server
> V8 compiles JavaScript to native machine code (IA-32, x86-64, ARM, or MIPS ISAs)[3][6] before executing it, instead of more traditional techniques such as interpreting bytecode or compiling the whole program to machine code and executing it from a filesystem
^ sorry, I was timing out, these are buffered messages
@DanPantry Scala is about 98% compatible with Java. There's at least one case where it's difficult for a Scala class to implement virtual methods from a Java interface or base class, and calling Scala from Java the class names get kind of weird. So interoperability between Scala and Groovy should be similar to Scala and Java.
Then why, when you try to find out any information about any language, one of the first statements about that language is "X is a compiled language" "Y is an interpreted language"
12:17 PM
@skiwi That ^^
Why have languages always been talked about as compiled vs interpreted?
@Donald.McLean also the number types are distinct...
@nhgrif history. When javascript came out it was initially interpreted
But that is more or less no longer the case.
@Donald.McLean sounds like interoperability between Groovy and Java is a bit better than between Scala and Java, then.
@nhgrif Because people simplify things for normal conversations, but, when you start getting in to the nitty gritty you have to be more specific.
12:18 PM
Chakra/Edge (IE), SpiderMonkey (FF) and V8 (Chrome/Node) all JIT JavaScript
There are very few modern js runtimes that could be classed as 'interpreted' anymore
hell, V8 even has an optimizing compiler :p
Additionally, @DanPantry - they cache the compiled scripts so that it is not recompiled on page reloads, etc.
@Vogel612 Ah, yes, the number types. But those are library classes so that can probably be worked around.
JS is now no less a programming (rather than scripting) language than any other compiled language imo - just because you can't pick up its binaries and take it somehwere else doesnt change the fact it is indeed compiled
Right, on my way. Have a good day, folk, won't be seeing a huge amount of me from now.
Seems like the vote count is lower than was expected.
12:22 PM
@nhgrif Cartogriffy.
@Donald.McLean Is it public already?
Haha, nice.
@200_success That's gold.
@Mast No, but you can count the number of constituent badges (614).
Ah, ofcourse.
I should've thought of that.
12:23 PM
Though, I'll be developing it through work so not necessarily wanting to put my name in it
That's too bad.
@nhgrif Don't remind them. Say it's pure coincidence if they bring it up.
user72961: please don’t do things like that, especially not after it’s been closed; create a new question instead. And as @Shepmaster says, codereview.stackexchange.com is a better fit for that sort of a question. — Chris Morgan 11 secs ago
Q: How to win a PvP in Minecraft multiplayer?

ShelterI have fought multiple times, and I always lose. I lost all of my stuff again and again. Help me to win at least a fight please? :(

I, what
(Yes that is on SO)
@DanPantry Wow.
12:27 PM
I like the naruto-style self-answer.
It isn't often I get to use my 'Blatantly off-topic' flag on SO.
@DanPantry I quote his user profile: Hi, Shelter is my pony name. I am a pegasister and my favorite characters are Twilight, Cadence, Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis and Octavia. ;)
@DanPantry "inappropriate for respectful discourse" in the context of self answering with a troll answer...
Not sure if nuts or trolling.
-> flagged offensive
This has got to be the best thing I've seen all day
The only thing better than seeing it deleted would be seeing it upvoted and locked
@Vogel612 wat?
"your question is likely going to be closed as too broad"
12:30 PM
that's the explanation text under "offensive / inappropriate" flag
I agree, it's an opinion based question :P
it's trolling...
It so is
I'm impressed with the dedication
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it isn't remotely related to programming in the slightest. — nhgrif 2 mins ago
Your question might be on-topic in the Arqade, but I think you'll fine that as written, your question is likely going to be closed as too broad. — nhgrif 47 secs ago
@nhgrif that
12:31 PM
How did a troll question stay on this site for 4 hours — Dan Pantry 5 mins ago
^ that
did you see rev. 2?
404 :(
it was just ignored / drive-by dv'd
offensive-flag declined, but probably mod-nuked
Mod deleted it.
This question was removed from Stack Overflow for reasons of moderation.
@Vogel612 There was a rev.2?
I think he's not aware that the Stack Exchange network has several different sites. Someone might have told him about the game site and he confused it with Stack Overflow because he heard about Stack Overflow from someone else.
Well, Minecraft is written in a programming language, the question is about an issue in Minecraft, I can see a relation to programming
12:34 PM
@nhgrif Wut...
@skiwi Please never become a moderator on Stack Overflow
@nhgrif lol that 2nd rev
@SimonAndréForsberg Haha
The comment kills it
12:35 PM
Even my moderator flag got approved.
"Improved a bit :("
Not sure if the user is nuts or trolling, but something fishy is up here. Both question and answer should be warped into oblivion. – Mast 4 mins ago helpful
@Mast that flag reminds me of a guy on SO who told me that me saying javascript has classes was "offensive to at least 6 gods and odin"
@DanPantry Isn't it?
@Mast No, because JavaScript (ES6) has classes :p
12:37 PM
I guess God has a higher tolerance for bullshit than I have.
@mast I want that on a shirt
I'm sure (under the assumption we're talking about good old christi-judean god here) he'd enjoy the next flood...
10 questions with a bounty at the moment!
If this is working code that you think could be improved, see codereview.stackexchange.comjonrsharpe 5 secs ago
oh god
the eval @Duga
12:41 PM
@DanPantry @Donald.McLean posted me a link for something like that recently, not sure where I put it.
goes on there
"Donald Trump for president 2016"
closes page
@SimonAndréForsberg Hey now, I didn't say it was a good relation for the sake of SO :P
@nhgrif It is really scary that your close vote was the first close vote.
But it had no language tags.
that might be a reason of course, for the question to get so little attention
12:45 PM
I thought I flagged for close as well? 0.o
It was -2 when Is aw it
@DanPantry Must have flagged instead of voted.
@mast ah, yes, I did flag to close. I don't think I have power to VTC yet
@nhgrif I see it happening a lot on the questions that @Duga posts, a whole lot of comments about it being a bad or off-topic question, but no close votes.
@DanPantry Same here.
if (concentration < 0)
    goto home;
@Mast I'm pretty sure it was from the Doctor Who episode Blink. imdb.com/title/tt1000252/quotes?item=qt0387980
12:52 PM
@Mast missing braces there bother me more than goto
@SimonAndréForsberg Now I'm here.
@maaartinus hey. I'm working on the server for Ultimate Tic Tac Toe. Could you drop in to this chat room and we can talk about it?

 Coding Projects and Factorio Madness :)

Minesweeper Flags, Zomis' games, PDB, Cardshifter, and all oth...
1:19 PM
@Heslacher I'm back if you're on.
Should I downvote or flag a code-only answer?
Both, likely.
Leave a comment though.
I did
OP needs to know what's wrong.
Then check back regularly to see if the OP fixed it.
What answer is it?
A: Converting int value to String without using toString and parseInt method

jeganpublic class IntToString { private static final int[] a ={9,99,999,9999,99999}; public static void main(String[] args) { StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder(); int num = 1234; int b=getMultiplyValue(num,0); int c = (int) Math.pow(10 , b); for (int j=0 ; j<b+1;j++ ){ ...

1:25 PM
Anyway, monking to all.
Hello, @EBrown.
@Heslacher Just hopped in.
@SirPython Hello! :)
@SirPython You're right, that question is not on topic for Apple SE either. I didn't read it through, which I should've.
this may be better off at codereview.stackexchange.comDrewJordan just now
@DrewJordan The OP has a specific problem, which makes it off-topic for CodeReview. — EBrown 30 secs ago
1:29 PM
Q: Node.js action controller code

m0gSo I have the following spaghetti update method and I would like to improve its coding style. update: function(req, res) { var slug = req.body.slug , errors = {} , surveyDiff = req.body.diff; surveyDiff.slug = slug; var forbiddenFields = [ 'telerivetId', 'telerivetProjectId', ...

Q: Map<K, Object> => Map<K, String>

Kevin MeredithGiven a Map<K, Object>, I'm returning Map<K, String> or throwing an Exception for at least one non-String value. private static <K> Map<K, String> validate(final Map<K, Object> map) { final List<Object> invalidValues = new ArrayList<Object>(); final Map<K, String> result = ne...

Q: Thread-safe removewhere

gonzaloI'm trying to implement a HashSet that it's accessed from different thread for querying, adding or deleting elements. It doesn't make sense to use a Dictionary for I got several search keys so I won't get benefited much for the speed provided on querying. My real problem is when trying to remove...

@Malachi o7
dang it
@Malachi Hello, @Malachi.
1:31 PM
@EBrown @jacwah downvote and then comment. don't flag something like that
@Malachi Why wouldn't you flag a bad answer like that as a "low quality"?
Flags are for moderator intervention
what answer are we talking about? I have the ability to delete when it gets to negative 1 or 2, so that is what I do if it is bad enough. those flags get sent to the higher rep users
An answer that only has code doesn't necessarily need a moderator to intervene, but for the answerer to be told to expand on their answer.
This answer:
A: Converting int value to String without using toString and parseInt method

jeganpublic class IntToString { private static final int[] a ={9,99,999,9999,99999}; public static void main(String[] args) { StringBuilder s = new StringBuilder(); int num = 1234; int b=getMultiplyValue(num,0); int c = (int) Math.pow(10 , b); for (int j=0 ; j<b+1;j++ ){ ...

1:33 PM
I'd say this is the better course of action to take. Inform the user what went wrong - there's no mod intervention required here
Well, I have intervened, but there's not much I can do.... a delete is something I consider too harsh... a mod delete means nobody can undelete
the post notice is about it.
(and the comment is great, so no need to add to that).
To everyone here: I have come up with a major rewrite of this question, should I post it as an answer or edit the question? I still want feedback on the changes I made, so it's hard to decide this.
Can't you do a normal delete as a mod?
I won't vote to Delete something like that unless it has been sitting for a couple of days after the comment has been made. I am a nice guy and let the user have a chance to fix it. code is usually good.
@EBrown post a new question
1:37 PM
@rolfl You figure? Should I leave the original open or delete it? Or other?
See this post:
Q: For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

JoelIs it okay to edit the question to include the improved code? I would like to do so for the following reasons: To share the improved code with others To show the answering persons that I take their feedback seriously To make sure that I understood (and implement) the feedback in the right mann...

@skiwi No. mods can't "normal" do many things.
delete is double-binding..... delete is immediate, and also means only a mod can undelete
@Donald.McLean Yes, I remember that line.
@rolfl Ah, makes sense. Thanks for that post!
@nhgrif The braces are optional, the goto is always evil.
@Malachi / @IsmaelMiguel - just to make you aware - Official business first.
It was not a big deal, but I am being "obvious" here.
1:42 PM
@rolfl It is related to a question I've posted. It took a brief detour
I pinged @IsmaelMiguel in Javascript Libraries
@jacwah Shouldn't that question be as well?
@rolfl One last question, I promise: should I include any context from the original question or assume they will read it and get on with the new information?
make the new question as self-standing as you can.
Alright, I will do that.
1:49 PM
If you need code for context, but don't want it reviewed, then "quote" it.
Aha, that makes sense.
duplicates on code review are not the same as other sites. This is a normal, encouraged thing for you to do.
Yeah, from what I read on meta, unless it's a verbatim copy/paste, then it's not really considered a duplicate.
As a hint though.....
try to ensure that issues pointed out in your first review are not repeated in the second ;-)
Right, I completely changed the code (still does the same thing) but it's a brand new concept, so hopefully that won't happen. :)
1:51 PM
I recommend your second post address every point made in the answers to the first post. Either directly reflected in the code posted or by way of a non-code plain-English discussion about why you opted against that suggestion.
The fewer answers the first post had, the more true this point is. Since I'm almost the only answered within two language tags, when people attempt iterative reviews inside these tags, I don't feel too compelled to address the second question if they didn't address all the points I made on the first.
Alright, I can do that.
It's, of course, not required, but will probably yield better results.
Q: Applying Quick Sort to count number of comparisons

Sandeep GV#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #define MAX_INTS 100000 void swap(int* array, int i, int j) { if (i == j) return; int tmp = array[j]; array[j] = array[i]; array[i] = tmp; } int partition_first_pivot(int* array, int length) { int pivot = array[0]; int i = 1; int j = 1; for (; j < leng...

I want to pimp both the answers on this question I posted, both were really helpful (though it's hard for me to pick just one). If you all could do me a favour and upvote them if you think them even remotely relevant, I would appreciate it!
2:07 PM
T-5 hours, prediction time.
On the election?
This isn't exactly a StackOverflow question imo - you should post it here: codereview.stackexchange.comD3LIC1OU5 37 secs ago
@Mast Yeah probably. I didn't read the question though, as I saw the answer in my review queue.
The first reply to this message with the correct four users gets a 200 rep bounty on mSE.
Limit one guess per user
Do they have to be in the correct order (not sure if that's relevant)?
2:10 PM
@Undo Jamal, 200_success, Simon, Mat's.
(no particular order)
@Undo 200_success, Phrancis, Jamal, Mat's
@Undo Jamal, Mat's, 200, janos.
@Duga That comment went down fast.
rolfl will be correct I guess
I have been so confounded by this election, I want there to be a dozen moderators ;-)
But, my prediction is different to my wishes.....
2:12 PM
And what are your wishes?
@Undo what rolfl said... dammit
@Undo 200_success, Jamal, Simon, janos
@nhgrif What I said above. I think the site would do better with more moderators, and there are people in the running in the election, and some that are not, who I think would have been with more positions available.
@EBrown nah
Will the vote counts be disclosed?
2:14 PM
Right after the election ends
That bot thing I posted earlier will download them and run STV
"within moments - seconds" (or less).
@Undo Not to mention it'd make excellent testing data for the community challenge this month. ;-)
There's that.
find the intersection
having 4 spots, and 2 re runs, could make people vote weird, and could make for an interesting result
2:18 PM
^ that
@Malachi I'm all for interesting.
chdir() does - but stay away from it (unless you have no choice and know exactly what you're doing). If I were your code reviewer you'd have to hard time making a case for anything cwd related in a webserver project (....don't know if I could hold that position though, stong opinion weakly held :-) ) — VolkerK 41 secs ago
It is better suited for codereview — Bhargav Rao 22 secs ago
Q: How to set specifict users to be reviewers

leosbrfI am using Visual Studio 2015 and git. I have a branch policy where pull requests have to be approved by at least one user (reviewer) before merge. But I don't want every user to be a reviewer, I would like to set a group of users or a specific one that can be reviewers. Is there a way to do this?

@Vogel612 (Removed my voting data to avoid potentially influencing other people's votes, since election is still running.)
I wasn't going to change my votes...
2:22 PM
@Duga A little clumsy he says.
Darn that's ugly.
@Vogel612 Yes, but what about people who haven't voted yet? Would they see my comments as some kind of endorsement? (It's not.)
@ChrisJester-Young It could be an endorsement to vote if they haven't? :D
Yo! Lazy people who haven't voted yet! VOTE NOW!
@Gemtastic Lol, you know what I mean!
This is called run-length-encoding... IIRC there's quite some questions on codereview about this kind of problem already. You may want to check them for inspiration: codereview.stackexchange.com/search?q=run+length+encodingVogel612 42 secs ago
2:25 PM
@ChrisJester-Young :P
I don't know how many noders there are here on CR but I know what I'm gonna make this weekend now.
Single Transferrable Vote system - like this election.
A: July 2015 Community Challenge

rolfl Resubmit May's runner-up Resubmit June's runner-up StackSTV Stack Exchange uses an STV-based system for holding elections. They use the software OpenSTV to host it. That software is no longer being maintained, and the system is being rebranded as OpaVote, and will no longer be free. ...

@rolfl I plan to code that some weekends this month, live on livecoding.tv. :-)
That's interesting
But not what I had in mind
@ChrisJester-Young I am planning on building it in to node.js with an angular frontend.
@rolfl Interesting. I'd probably build mine as a Racket library first, and maybe build a frontend to that library if I have time.
@rolfl Also, if it had any persistence and you were using Mongo for that, it'd be a poster-child MEAN project. ;-)
2:30 PM
@ChrisJester-Young That's my goal... I have to learn the MEAN stack, and it's a glass-slipper!
@rolfl Very nice. :-)
In addition, I have to learn the IBM bluemix stack, so combining the two seems logical... I just have to start it, sometime.
/me Googles up bluemix.
Oh, IBM's version of AWS.
basically, yes. ;-0 - more like MS's Azure.
(I almost wanted to say IBM's version of Azure, since blue, azure, but still.)
2:33 PM
Q: Jquery bootstrap dinamic dropdown items

GusI'm trying to create a function for a dynamic dropdown. I have done it this way and it works, but I want to make my code cleaner. How could I do? function renderRowCounter() { var rowCount = [25, 50, 100]; var first = rowCount[0]; var items = ''; $.each(rowCount, function(i,v)...

Q: Modify properties of incoming object

ivan_petrushenkoI would like to modify properties of the incoming object. How to do this without creating a new instance? private static Report ConvertReportItems(Report report) { var reportData = report.Items.Select(BackwardCompatibilityConverter.FromOld); return new Report(reportData);...

I didn't understand that my answer to this question was 2 years later before looking at the date and trying to figure out why my OS clock is wrong... It was posted on July 16th, two days in the future!
Q: List contents of a folder using a shell script and mail the folder

user2576191I want to list the contents of a folder and mail the list using a shell script. I Came up with the following script, please let me know if it is okay: for file in * do if [ -f "$file" ]; then echo "$file" | mail -s "List of files" Someone@somewhere.com fi done

Need 10 more voters, and 80 more visitors to the election......
Where do you see that?
Constituent badge count
@rolfl what happens if we don't get that? D:
With 624 votes we will be "bigger" than ubuntu and gaming exchange (in terms of voters).
with more election visits (1576), we will pass math.se too.
The people who visit have to be users with > 150 rep though
FYI, my mom tripped on the stairs. Chiropractor visit likely in order.
This is really more apropriate for Code ReviewMorgan Thrapp 26 secs ago
2:42 PM
I'll do my best to post results, but it might not happen
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic as it seems a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.com. — deceze 19 secs ago
Heh... you're lucky, @Undo - I won't even be here.
May as well make that more clear .... I will be out of communication when the results are available, and probably will lose my diamond before the new mods are "sworn in".
Alright guys, iteration II of my Dynamic Network Message Handling: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/96912/…
So, for 2, perhaps 3 hours from 45-minutes before the elections are done, I will be off.
@rolfl I am sad to hear that..
2:44 PM
If you do move it to Code Review, please read the Help Center first, little snippets like this are not welcome. — jonrsharpe 33 secs ago
@Vogel612 That's OK, I will welcome the new mods in early, and late ;-)
@rolfl So we can really trash the place without any adult supervision?
I won't refresh your chat profile @rolfl, the system should let you stay blue in chat for quite a while :)
@Edward Well, I doubt it, I suspect that, while I am talking to a shrink about my kids, you will be closely supervised by pretty much all the mods on the exchange ;-)
(Remember, you can still write-in vote for rolfl. Wouldn't that be a surprise for him)
(no really please don't, it breaks stuff)
2:45 PM
@rolfl That doesn't sound fun. :(
This is no code review site. Do you have a specific question? — Olaf 42 secs ago
@rolfl Well, I suppose can pretend to be well behaved for one more day.
No promises about Thursday though...
^^^ That's someone else's problem ;-)
Seriously, though, thanks to you for helping to keep the place running smoothly.
that ^^^^
2:48 PM
You're (all) welcome.
My swan-song ;-)
Q: Implementing Dynamic Network Message Handling (Part II)

EBrownThis is an iterative review request of this other question I posted. As a follow up to that previous question, I changed the pattern completely and I went to an events-based approach, which might be more relevant. Pre-text To address some of the points in that question (to hopefully avoid re...

That depends on your other 4. Can you show us all the code we need for this question. Also if this is just for performance / better coding then it belongs on code review not on stack exchange. — deathismyfriend just now
Q: low-latency implementation of converting non null terminated char* to unsigned int

javapoweredHow would you rewrite this code which I have now: uint32_t Utils::stringToInt(unsigned char const* buffer, int len) { uint32_t result = buffer[0] - '0'; for (int i = 1; i < len; i++) { result *= 10; result += buffer[i] - '0'; } return result; } I need the lowest...

@Duga Code review is on stack exchange!
@Duga Did you confuse stackoverflow and stack exchange?
2:58 PM
I just said that to him...lol
@deathismyfriend You mean CodeReview not StackOverflow - both CodeReview and StackOverflow are part of StackExchange. — EBrown 58 secs ago

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