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12:00 AM
There are 1333 unanswered questions (94.7393% answered)
@Duga Nice trips
@CaptainObvious Incoming!
Writing JavaScript really makes me miss Groovy's GString features.
Writing anything except Groovy makes me really miss Groovy.
Q: Prorated Refund Calculator (v2)

PhrancisThis is a follow-up question to original Prorated Refund Calculator. Here is the summary of the changes I made since last, thanks to the good answers and some study of my own. Did away with bleeding-edge ECMAScript 6 code that was causing compatibility issues with some browsers. Added more inp...

@CaptainObvious @Phrancis, nice work!
12:17 AM
@Quill Thanks, took me a good while to get it all figured out!
stuff is pretty tricky in vanilla JS
@Phrancis FGITW.
I see CR guys all over SE.
An nhgrif answer on The Workplace, a rolfl edit on ELU, Jeroen answers on Travel, Jamal edits on Meta...
12:33 AM
As long as it's not PPCG...
Let's see, I saw an Ethan answer there.
I saw an SO C# question I could have answered today, but didn't.
Thing is, it was already hot and had about 10 answers saying the same thing.
Q: Best way for Mod-Rewrite home.php > /home & /home/

Christoph EderHy! What is the best way for rewrite-url's like this: domain.com/home > domain.com/home.php domain.com/home/ > domain.com/home domain.com/home/1 > domain.com/home.php?data=1 After read all documentation, i form my .htaccess like this, and do it for all URL's, to let folders l...

@Hosch250 Shh... It's only one... Shh...
Yeah, I have a few there from a while back. Hard to golf with C-languages.
A lot of our people have one or so answers there.
Meh. Most of the challenges there are either too un-interesting, or way too difficult. I think the only things I would do on that site would be posting king-of-the-hill challenges.
Oh, are there any somewhat experienced C# programmers around right now?
12:39 AM
Well, me, if I count.
What's the angle bracket notation called? For example: MyType<AnotherType>
Not sure, but in that case, you are working with generics.
Mkay. I'll go look that up.
I mean, MyType is working with generics.
@Jamal, you beat me to that htaccess edit by like five seconds :P
12:42 AM
It is probably defined as MyType<T> and uses things like T DoSomething() or T SomeProperty.
@ChrisMorgan I'm missing what this has to do with "moving out of borrowed content" — the code compiles without any error. This seems to be a request for code review, which would be better suited at codereview.stackexchange.com (with the caveat it should fit the requirements there). — Shepmaster 47 secs ago
Q: JavaScript project code - interactive baseball locaiton map

Alex BudilovskyProject: http://alexbudilovsky.com/baseball_map.html Github: https://github.com/alexbudilovsky/baseball_map Haven't done much JavaScript before, decided to dive in head first research along the way. Here's what I came up with - basically looking for any feedback, particularly related to code an...

Welcome to Code Review. Your question is off topic because you must include the code to be reviewed. Please update your question so I can remove my close vote. — Hosch250 2 mins ago
Well handled, @Hosch250 :-)
@Jamal, in the baseball location post, you missed the incorrect spelling of location, to note.
A: Prorated Refund Calculator (v2)

QuillYour code is really clean, but it could be improved in places: You could consider placeholder attributes in the input fields on your HTML to display the format of the data that should be entered. Your closing </style> tag isn't indented on the same level as the opening tag, it should be. Styl...

@Quill Saw that, thank you!
Sorry @Phrancis, I removed the leap year comment
12:55 AM
@Quill SCITE.
@Hosch250 Huh?
Slowest Cheater In The East.
Opposite of Fastest Gun In The West.
ECMASCRIPT 6 is pretty cool.
Q: Encryption Algorithm/Code -- Python

silentphoenixRecently I attended BostonPython's monthly Python get together. Basically it was 180 people in a room for three and a half-ish hours, coding whatever we wanted. I made and implemented an encryption algorithm, but I am wondering if it is as successful as it appeared to be. The secret to the "suc...

Q: Type not defined

Rey NavarraeI associated list in my sql statement, I am prompted with this error Type 'MyParameter' is not defined. How to use the List properly to blend in my code? Public Sub updateRecord(procedure As String, parameters As List(Of MyParameter)) Dim CS As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionString...

12:59 AM
@Hosch250 To be fair, Quill's answer is much more comprehensive ;p
Of course.
I upvoted.
@CaptainObvious No, I'm not editing this at the moment.
@Hosch250 As did I to yours, Hosch's answer brings up a really good point, seemingly repetitive good should be moved to functions.
@Jamal I got it, ;-)
Alright, see the update
1:21 AM
If you want to get your code reviewed, this is a better forum: codereview.stackexchange.comMicho 6 secs ago
@Micho: If someone is asking for an explanation of code, then it's off-topic for Code Review. — Jamal 57 secs ago
for i in range(0,4):
    hexhex = random.randint(1000,2000)
    print hexhex
for i in range(0,4):
    hexhex = random.randint(1000,2000)
    print hexhex
lst[key] = hex(x)
Not a big fan of the naming I often see in Python ;p
When I read hex(hexhex) I assume a coven of witches is nearby.
1:36 AM
I've been surprised how controversial this SO question seems to have been.
1:50 AM
@EthanBierlein it's the notation for generic types.. there's not really a name for it, except the part between the angle brackets is called a type parameter - List<Something> reads as a "List of Something", so MyType<AnotherType> would be "MyType of AnotherType" ..whatever that means.
and monking!
monking @Mat'sMug!
@Quill Wow this looks so much cleaner, that was a great idea
        var contentToAppend = [
            "Product Purchase date: " + formatDate(productPurchaseDate),
            "Contract Purchase date: " + formatDate(contractPurchaseDate),
            "Total days: " + totalDays + " (" + termInYears + " years)",
            "Expiration date: " + formatDate(expirationDate),
            "Cancel date: " + formatDate(cancelDate),
            "Grace period: " + gracePeriodInDays + " days",
            "Days elapsed: " + daysElapsed + " (" + parseFloat(daysElapsed / 365).toFixed(4) + " years)",
2:07 AM
Oh, lol, I forgot the var, thanks
@Phrancis That's because the naming is done incorrectly :P
2:19 AM
@rolfl, @Jamal, @200_success codereview.stackexchange.com/a/96852/62429
That got handled fast :-)
Was anyone able to work out what language their second post was in?
> Election closes in 17 hours.
Google Translate says Swedish but I'm not convinced
2:22 AM
no idea.
My image upload thing is not working well.
"from my computer".
Seems rather fitting that one of my last actions as a mod is "destroy user".
@mjolka when you come around I have some Vundle questions for you :)
@rolfl You gotta do, what you gotta do
2:42 AM
...did I miss the nuke-a-user fest?
See the revision history of the link I posted, if you want to see
3:02 AM
Only 16 more hours 'till the election is done with; I'm going to stay up all night for this.
Q: Creating objects from the database

DrownI've recently started using PHP OOP, and I'm now working on an application where different company representatives can create job offers that candidates can look at. I have a variety of objects for most entities such as Company, Candidate, Offer. The problem that I have is that these objects a...

So election will be done at 15:00 US EST ... Seems like a bit of an odd timing!
@CaptainObvious Are those prepared statements? I don't see PDO anywhere, but that might be in another class... smells a bit of example code though...? Anyone?
@Phrancis working on a comment
3:12 AM
post is fine.
> Try to focus your code on to only those things you want reviewed. If you want an algorithm reviewed, the try to include only that code that is related to the algorithm. This reduces the amount of 'distraction', and it also means there is less code to read, and criticize. The more code you include in your question, the more opportunity there is for reviewers to find the 'simple' things that are wrong.
A: How to get the best value out of Code Review - Asking Questions

rolflWhen you ask your question Your question is (should be) presented in 4 basic parts. The Title, Tags, Text, and Code. I suggest that you build your question up in that order too. Title Use a title that is catchy, and describes the problem your code solves. A question with the title "New program...

Q: OpenGL .obj Loader : Model only lit correctly with incorrect normal calculation

kadie16I'm new to C++ and OpenGL and I'm trying to write a program that loads .obj files. For some reason, my model only lights up with incorrectly calculated normal vectors. I've double and triple checked my vector calculations, and have had other people review them ... I've been stuck on this for a wh...

@CaptainObvious Off-topic
Too bad, really good question with images and all. I pointed him to SO. This would actually make a really good migration candidate, IMO
in Code Review Moderator Election 2015, 8 mins ago, by rolfl
It is without doubt the biggest ever beta-graduation election by a very long way
3:36 AM
Q: authentication model using oAuth

vigneshI am planning to use facebook authentication for my website window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({ appId: 'APPID', cookie : true, xfbml : true, version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 }); This will initialize the facebook authentication and at the end of...

@CaptainObvious not yet written
Hi Mat
welcome to the 2nd monitor!
Thanks Mat
can you a spare sometime to discuss about the below question
3:46 AM
basically the authentication model I thought of is

1. Client secures authentcation token from facebook oauth
2. Client sends request to server for crud operatins
3. Server checks if the facebook authentication token is valid and gets user details from it
4. If the token is valid server performs CRUD operations and returns results
oh, ...I know nothing of the API. I thought you meant about as in "meta" ;-)
@vignesh Are your primary concerns about security?
Yeah Phrancis
I am concerned if the model is secure enough
or is it easy to crack
Did you know there is a site dedicated for that kind of questions?
might be a good question on Security ^^
3:50 AM
Just what I was thinking
oh i am not aware of that
is there a dedicated site for security related questions
Thanks Mat!
will post the question there :)
Make sure to read this^ first OK?
Bounty is in a grace period, for those with clojure experience:
Q: Connect Four AI (Minimax) in Clojure

naegI wrote a Connect Four game including a AI in Clojure and since I'm rather new to Clojure, some review would be highly appreciated. It can include everything, coding style, simplifications, etc. But keep in mind the AI is not finished yet, other heuristics will be added in the near future. Curren...

I'm not very active on that site though, be sure to read their help/on-topic page before posting :)
3:51 AM
Thanks Phrancis
You're very welcome
yeah sure will do
Come back any time, especially once you've started implementing!
@vignesh BTW, check out our elections page :)
3:55 AM
oops looks like i am 30 points short of 150!
well at least you earned a badge for visiting the page! now make sure you earn that 30 points before the next election :)
sure :)
(or hey, 15 hours to make 30 points isn't too hard either)
yeah just noted that there is 16 hours left!
will try to make it
4:02 AM
@Phrancis I'm shocked at you. That main method is over two screens long!
@Hosch250 But... it doesn't work the same way that a "programming language" does! And.. it's JavaScript...!
(I get your point :)
How's it going besides that?
Good good, about to go do some dishes. Just had jalapeno-bacon pizza, mouth is happy but stomach won't be so much in a bit lol.
How are you?
Fine, just did our dishes.
Just waiting for something to happen.
Anything in particular, or just generally?
4:09 AM
Just generally.
44 mins ago, by Phrancis
in Code Review Moderator Election 2015, 8 mins ago, by rolfl
It is without doubt the biggest ever beta-graduation election by a very long way
That's exciting, but I can't do anything else about it.
@Hosch250 Do you think all those if/else statements should go together in one function, or would you separate, say, the date checks vs. the NaN checks in their own functions?
You could do either.
Pretend this is the framework for a much larger project.
Which would you find more useful? One that does both, or two that can validate things separately that you can combine if needed?
I don't know if I said this in the other answer, but that was just an example - you could probably split that up into 3 methods or more.
4:28 AM
var datesValid = validateDates(d1, d2, d3);
var numsValid = validateNums(n1, n2, n3);
if (datesValid && numsValid) {
    // start my main logic here
@Hosch250 Something like ^^ that?
Well, actually, what about an early return?
That will add a line or so, but will also reduce indentation a level.
Don't know much about early returns, how would you write that?
if (!datesValid || !numsValid) { return; }
Or throw an exception, or something.
Basically, you exit the function before the final brace is reached.
A: Early exit from function?

user113716You can just use return. function myfunction() { if(a == 'stop') return; } This will send a return value of undefined to whatever called the function. var x = myfunction(); console.log( x ); // console shows undefined Of course, you can specify a different return value. Wha...

Looks easy enough. I shall give it some thought :)
My window.alert() pop-ups would still trigger fine in a separate function right?
I don't know why not.
4:35 AM
Cool. Good learnin'
So. What's the good word?
4:41 AM
@EthanBierlein Monking is always the right word
function validateDates (termInYears,
                        expirationDate) {
    if (termInYears < 0) {
Is this ^^ tacky?
It looks, odd...
Monking @Heslacher
4:43 AM
Is there a better-looking way to do it? I don't like taking more than 2-3 arguments and having them all on one line...
@rolfl are you still awake ?
He probably isn't.
If I remember correctly, he's a timezone ahead of me, which means it's 12:44 AM where he's at.
@Phrancis it looks like you are really validating an object. would you like to create one?
@EthanBierlein 12:46AM here
Lol. My clock must be off.
4:45 AM
@Mat'sMug lol thanks Clippy ;p
I don't know that that would qualify as an "object"? It's just a set of arbitrary user-input data
(also, it's JavaScript ;) #NotOOP
Oh, I thought of a C# question.
Supposing I have a recursive function - just a basic recursive function that does nothing until it blows the stack.
@Hosch250 me too! :)
If, instead of doing return MyRecursiveFunction();, I do yield return MyRecursiveFunction(); would it blow the stack?
4:50 AM
@Hosch250 is your recursive function returning an IEnumerable<T>?
Let's assume it is.
monking @all
Hi, @chillworld
@Hosch250 got an example? or a bit more context?
4:52 AM
look's good alive here at this time :)
@Mat'sMug Not right now, this is completely hypothetical.
well a function that's just calling itself without a way to exit the recursion, will blow up the stack pretty fast
@Mat'sMug Yeah, I know.
Q: Build me a mock IDE

Mat's MugThe opening sentence of an answer I received in my previous post snowballed, and led to completely ditching the previous approach. Mocking my IDE with a MockFactory worked ok, ...for some values of "ok" - the more components needed to be involved, the messier the setup code was getting. So inste...

Just wondering if I could abuse yield to make it not in any circumstances.
4:54 AM
guys, what should you do in this case :
You answer a question on a forum, give him the code to let it work and the last this he does is comment thx for the help and delete his question. (not SE)
Can you do anything?
I don't know, I'm sure I can't undelete it :)
the only use of yield I'm comfortable with is in a method that returns an IEnumerable<T>
Well, I wouldn't worry about it - in SE, they can't do this.
So, stick with SE if it bothers you.
@chillworld you say "screw this shitty forum" and permanently move to SE, never to look back at forums again
4:56 AM
@Mat'sMug that forum has given me a nice side back opportunity ;)
I think, screw you guy, I'll never answer questions from you again
that ^^^^
Does it matter that bad?
not really, although mine answer was pretty good for others who should have that problem
@chillworld I've been an admin on forums where people have desperately begged me to undelete because they accidentally hit the wrong button ...
4:59 AM
@CaptainObvious @Mat'sMug Documentation! Awesome!
@o11c strange forums, that users can't undelete their own questions
was something about a listbox what contains multiple lists and he wanted to have sorting when clicking the headers
(each row was a list)
@chillworld strange forums, that users can delete their own answered questions
@Mat'sMug indeed ^^
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it does not contain the code in question and the code in the answer seems to be pseudocode. Please see our help centerHeslacher 1 min ago
Did this question just slip through or does it have some history unkown for me ?
needed 4 more reputation on ZK forum to be number 4 ^^
something impossible to get here ^^
5:08 AM
@Heslacher looks like it slipped
I didn't select your custom close reason because you mention the answer - an answer doesn't make a question on or off topic
question is off-topic on its own ;-)
and answer can't be reviewing OP's code, since there's nothing to review. flagged as NAA.
Yeah, I couldn't put it into the right words.
I VTC'ed as code not in question.
Somebody else VTC'ed as hypothetical code.
^^ that was me
5:12 AM
That is one strange question. I haven't seen one like this.
whatever the reason is... at the end of the day, it's a bad post.
that ^^
@Heslacher 17 views, including probably 4-5 just now. you're not alone to have missed it ;-)
But 17 views is a C# problem ;-(
5:14 AM
hey @Mast
@Heslacher I think it's more of a bad title problem. excluding , all my top-viewed questions are ;-)
Not only the title, but also the person who asked will produce more views.
Duck questions always do good - I should ask another of those.
I've certainly written enough code, but not a whole lot as a unique section.
Can I post my unit tests for review?
of course!
LOL, I doubt they'd be popular.
5:18 AM
1 close vote missing here
Q: Decrypting Ciphertext to SecureString (Draft)

Matt BorjaProblem: Using current cryptography tools provided in the .NET framework results in ciphertext [containing sensitive information] decrypting to String or Byte array objects in memory in their entirety. There does not appear to presently exist a process for decrypting ciphertext into a SecureStrin...

@Heslacher One more to go.
Not that it matters.
and 2 downvotes to get that off the front page
@Hosch250 but you should link to the code which the tests belong to. Ideally to the exact class.
Trouble is, I feel dumb because most of the real code is Mat's and Duck's.
What I did was mostly copy/paste stuff.
5:20 AM
small answer on long question :
A: Camera intents and file manipulation

chillworldIf it was me, I should go for the third option. Make an abstract superclass for your Activity where you can put this code into. If some points of the method difference, you can refactor that part to an abstract method, so you can implement this part custom in each class. Now, up to a little co...

Refactoring sometimes involve heavy copy & past sessions
@Hosch250 Nobody ever asks why you wrote something as long as it gets the job done.
If Copy+Paste solves the problem, use it.
But, I didn't write it - I literally copy/pasted code from another section of the project and changed a couple lines.
@Mast one day I'll quote you on that.
@Mast you ask yourself that question after 6 months :)
5:22 AM
@Mat'sMug Jamal closed it
If anybody is looking for rep, however, I've got a nice question here: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/94679/…
@Hosch250 "Am I an owner or maintainer of the code?"
I once wrote an over 1000 LoC SQL query in Access using Copypasta. Mind you, it's because there was no other way...
@Hosch250 hmm that's starting to be [badge:necromancer]-worthy :)
@Mat'sMug or slave?
5:23 AM
Reminds me, I was going to write my first linked list, but forgot.
@Mat'sMug Probably. And it will be abused. Much.
More like... Indentured Indented servitude...
@Hosch250 no nice question in Java? ^^
But in some situations, it's still true.
5:24 AM
@chillworld I'm not a Java guy.
@Hosch250 Thats wpf, but nevertheless I don't have the time right now. If I don't forget your question I will take a look some time later.
@Heslacher Thanks.
@Hosch250 You want to nuke your XAML?
@Mast I love XAML, why?
` In particular, I wasn't able to remove all the code from the code-behind, and I have not been able to find a way to do so.`
Either you want more XAML, or less.
Not sure.
5:26 AM
@Mast XAML isn't code-behind....
Well, that shows my knowledge of C#
This is the code-behind: ResxTranslationHelper.xaml.cs
Thought that was your View controller thingy.
I love code-behind because it is code !
@Mast No, I want the VM to do that.
Trouble is, that code directly affects the view, and might be able to be merged into the XAML/VM.
5:29 AM
code-behind is often inevitable. code-behind that's strictly concerned with UI stuff, is perfectly fine.
I thought that was the whole idea of WPF
the whole idea of WPF is to deprecate and replace kill WinForms
You said it, boss.
Couldn't say it any better than that.
5:32 AM
and it does that... really, really well.
Going to bed. Be back to see who won tomorrow.
@Mast scratch "UI stuff" - what I really meant was "presentation concerns"
'night @Hosch250!
where do you think it would be more on-topic? the stack overflow communities are so fragmented, i cannot tell where something should go. — Vynce 3 mins ago
@Hosch250 with an early return using if then I could do away with the following else entirely right?
night @Hosch250
5:35 AM
Oh. Good night!
@Phrancis you do away with an entire nesting level that spans a whole function :)
For those interested, nomination just opened at security.SE
Maybe programmers.se but make sure to chek their help-center. — Heslacher 1 min ago
@Mast I have a whole whopping 138 rep there
@Mat'sMug That's awesome, glad he told me about that
5:38 AM
@Mat'sMug 143. You need 7 more.
To vote, that is.
mhhhh always when I come to work (not remote) The bar is closed :(
Q: Delete item in List A will also delete corresponding items in List B

sw2I have these classes: Branch class: public class Branch { private String loc; private String branch; public Branch() { } public Branch(String loc, String branch) { this.loc = loc; this.branch = branch; } public String toString() { return "(" + loc + ") - " + branch; } public St...

isn't this half off topic?
question 1 on topic, question 2 off?
@skiwi Fantastically OP.
@chillworld 2nd is off-topic
@chillworld Yes, but it does provide context.
It states what he eventually wants to do with it.
I'll make a comment ;)
5:42 AM
As said, it's context. It shouldn't have been in that list of questions, but we've seen worse.
For a new user, it's fairly good.
Your second question isasking about how something can be done which isn't implemented hence this part is off-topic. — Heslacher 10 secs ago
@chillworld done
Q: Pattern search in a text

user3079275Is this a practical algorithm for pattern matching in a text? Assume text can be very large, is there anything I can do to speed up the performance? public static int match(String pattern, String text) { int i = 0; int M = pattern.length(); int N = text.length(); int ret = -1; ...

in VBA Rubberducking, 1 hour ago, by Hosch250
What's next for RD?
in VBA Rubberducking, 26 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
@Hosch250 moar tests :)
@Mast "how do I update the counts" is off topic
lol just did it also but removed the comment and upvoted yours ;)
5:44 AM
@Mast indeed and that's why we don't close the question ;)
@Heslacher As said, it shouldn't have been a question. But written as ' eventually I want to update the counts if something is removed' would be good context.
I agree but I think the op wanted to get an answer how he/she can achieve that.
if AndyRoid comes for questions about the answer, let him ping me
I have to take a tour at work and at 9 meeting
@Heslacher Which he shouldn't get, although all should feel free to point him in the right direction if one of the suggestions made will make it easier to do so.
That's one of the goals of code review, extensibility.
5:49 AM
@EBrown When you are online you can meet me here talking about your question
Just ping me
No some work wants to be done.
@Hosch250 @Quill What do you think? I think it's night from day. At first I didn't think much of your answer Hosch, but now it all makes more sense!
So... with early returns, could I just take this block of code:
function validateNums (purchasePrice, termInYears, amtPaidInClaims, gracePeriodInDays) {
    if (isNaN(purchasePrice) || purchasePrice < 0) {
        window.alert("Invalid purchase price.");
        return false;
    } else if (isNaN(termInYears) || termInYears < 0) {
        window.alert("Invalid term period.");
        return false;
    } else if (isNaN(amtPaidInClaims) || amtPaidInClaims < 0) {
        window.alert("Invalid paid claims amount.");
        return false;
    } else if (isNaN(gracePeriodInDays) || gracePeriodInDays < 0) {
And just take out all the elses, and then return true; at the end if it gets that far?
6:08 AM
@EthanBierlein where is the magician ?
@Mehrad Are you referring to The Genius perhaps?
I know of no magician.
past TTGTB here. I'm out!
@Mehrad in Oz
and I'm off to Wonderland
@Mast Not sure what was the name though. Might be Genius as you said
or Marlin or something :D
Never seen him before.
6:16 AM
The Office Assistant was an intelligent user interface for Microsoft Office that assisted users by way of an interactive animated character, which interfaced with the Office help content. It was included in Microsoft Office for Windows (versions 97 to 2003), in Microsoft Publisher (versions 98 to 2003), and Microsoft Office for Mac (versions 98 to 2004). The default assistant in the English Windows version was named Clippit (though Clippy is a common nickname), after a paperclip. The character was designed by Kevan J. Atteberry. Clippy was the default and by far the most notable Assistant (partly...
It's Merlin
@Mast he is in the additional list :D
he is the wizardddddddd :)
6:35 AM
Sleep tight
Or loose, I don't care! Do whatever you enjoy the most
Q: Concern: Best Coding Technique,Perfomance

user3786957 public String exec(Tuple input) throws IOException { if (input == null || input.size() == 0){ return null; } try { String generaljson = input.get(0).toString(); if(input.get(1) == null || input.get(1).toString().isEmpty()) ...

@codeReview, depends on the implementation you are using. while loop is faster in pypy, but slower under cPython. In either case it's a micro optimisation and wouldn't be the first place i'll be looking to get better performance. pypy was ~30 times faster for a loop than cPython, so if you are writing code with lots of loops it's something to consider. — John La Rooy 49 secs ago
@Duga should filter out @user mentions.
6:53 AM
@o11c User should edit his name...
Removing @codeReview from the list would open the door for missing comments which should have been caught.

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