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1:00 PM
@Quill No.
There is nothing wrong with downvoting and moving on.
People should feel free to do so.
That's my opinion, at least, feel free to do as you please
I downvote without leaving comment all the time.
Almost exclusively on Stack Overflow, mind you...
But all the same...
@nhgrif SO is a different culture.
Not to me.
@nhgrif Yes, but SO is overfilled with crap, you could probably downvote your entire 20k away on single posts
1:02 PM
If I'd have to leave a comment there every time I down-vote, I wouldn't have time to write anything anymore.
@Quill That ^^
^ This
That's not really it either.
The problem is that there are people who have numerous posts under their belt that still make bad posts.
We don't have that problem here quite so much (although, I've seen it with two different users in my tags, and they got the same downvote without comment treatment).
It's really not solely one problem, it's really a cluster of problems
User's making their first post receive the benefit of the doubt.
Most of those problems we don't have here, or we try to alleviate with user awareness, but SO is so vast, that's like filtering cup by cup into the ocean
@nhgrif Yes, and end up in a queue
1:05 PM
User's with a long history of good quality posts who have made a miscue will get a comment. I give them the benefit of the doubt that they misunderstood something.
*Users, and yes, that's a good way to do things
@nhgrif We have close votes for them instead of down-votes. If they fix their question, the question gets reopened. Very obvious to the OP there's something wrong with his question, what's wrong with his question and when it's fixed.
I downvote almost everything that I close vote.
Downvote tooltip says something about lacking research effort.
@EthanBierlein, I saw this hanging around somewhere and thought you might be interested, it's py 2.7 tho
If your question isn't on topic for the site, you didn't research the medium in which you're asking the question.
1:08 PM
@nhgrif If it's off-topic it gets awarded a VTC and a downvote, yes. We don't need such questions.
But those are usually not fixable.
Or very hard to fix.
About C++ and paradigms:
> I no longer refer to this as “multiparadigm” because I find that term encourages many to simply select one “paradigm” rather than using the full strength of the language. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good buzzword for what I do.
@Quill Hmm.. Neat.
Monking, by the way.
@nhgrif I only downvote on rare occasions, if stuff is a genuine mistake and can be fixed (which usually is the case) then a CV is more than enough
@EthanBierlein I tried it, and it didn't look like it worked
I feel very surprised right now.
1:09 PM
Why is that?
I didn't expect my preprocesser question to get 12 votes, and 455 views in 8 hours.
@EthanBierlein Getting hot in there? ;)
@skiwi Oh yeah
aaaab() function ?!? Code review must be epic — gerdi 11 secs ago
1:12 PM
@Duga Verb not noun
I'm very surprised that Python doesn't have builtin regex support for str.replace.
@EthanBierlein Mmhm
@Duga Interestingly a function named aabb() could be very interesting
(Axis-Aligned Bounding Box)
Then it has to do with Graphics ^^
@skiwi It's aaabb()
Hey look at my function! It does awesomely cool things that I'll let you find out! It's named sdf, and all it's variables are less than three letters!
1:15 PM
@EthanBierlein Symbol of a true pro
@Quill no
*sarcasm, @EthanBierlein
Symbol of someone who abuses obfuscators
@EthanBierlein the correct answer to this is: "go f*ck yourself, scriptkiddie"
@Vogel612 TS
1:17 PM
I found imps as a shorthand for impressions earlier, and I nearly made my colleague take out his headphones to berate him for it
@Vogel612 Or, in SE terms, a down-vote.
everything else would be disrespectful towards actual programmers and IT peopl
@Quill There are imps in your code?
@Mast LMS/CMS system, yeah
@Quill ^^
1:18 PM
We've gotta implement a jQuery table library for listing stats: page views, clickthroughs, unique impressions
@EthanBierlein is he wearing a headset?
@Mast That's creepy as hell
@Quill I don't know. It looks like a microphone to me.
@Mast I didn't really watch The Smurfs, so I wouldn't really know what that is
@Quill An imp.
@EthanBierlein Maybe a lollipop falling out of his mouth?
1:19 PM
Recognizable by the horns and fangs.
@Quill Nah, it's too weird of an angle
Yes, so, back to the point, shortened variables are satan, and obfuscated variables are satan's parents in law
I wish we could accept multiple answers on CR
I'll be back in a few. Headed to work.
@Quill Has parents?
1:21 PM
See ya @nhgrif
@Mast Satan's wife/husband 's parents
parents in law
@Quill Has wife?
@Mast I don't know, don't ask me
I didn't read the bible, lol
Adultery is often associated with him, so even if he had one I don't think she was for long.
Be back in a bit.
1:25 PM
According to the Apocrypha he did Adam's first wife..
soo.. the wife before Eve...
but Uriel and Gabriel killed her IIRC...
@Vogel612 There was a wife before Eve? Now that's interesting.
That would explain all those demi-gods walking around during the first chapters of Genesis.
meh, that was just the Angels not being able to keep it in their pants..
Lilith was responsible for the monsters...
And here I thought the deuterocanonical where the only semi-canon books around.
@Mast I'm pretty sure that I am neither soulless, society controlling, nor an AI.
1:40 PM
@Donald.McLean I think I can confirm the second. The other two points aren't up to me.
Mutter mutter... Monking all, the transcript is ... odd.
@rolfl Freefall style: Monkey!
@Mast If he's controlled by an AI, it's a damn good one.
@rolfl Monkning!
@skiwi Which makes it unlikely, not impossible.
1:48 PM
@rolfl /s/ning/ing/
Q: Parsing a text file of node data into Nodes and Edges

Svj0hnI'm a fairly new developer (well, engineer really, but currently working on a software project). In the Android project I'm working on, I read a node representation of a map into my app and interpret the tab-separated information as Node objects (defined below) which are then inserted into a Map<...

This type of question is better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comStuart Grassie 14 secs ago
@Duga I tried to verify, but the question is hard to read.
2:07 PM
Is there a more professional word for Hobbies?
I don't hear it a lot in English if I think about it
@skiwi Spare time activity?
@Mast Sounds better indeed
@nhgrif In that style: pursuits
Hmm I think it's a code review you're looking for. I took a quick look, there are areas that could use re-writing but it doesn't seem dramatically out of line with Angular style/conventions. — mcranston18 just now
2:13 PM
A week ago I made an edit which was rejected by the OP. Wrongfully, in my opinion. What's the appropriate reaction on such a thing, should I learn anything from it? Should I meta it? Should I let-it-go?
Should I bother the 2nd monitor with it?
You can meta it.
And post ti 2nd Monitor
And leave a comment for the OP.
depending on what it is
This answer, this suggested edit.
I try to learn something from every rejected suggestion, but I'm not sure what I should learn from this one.
I would have rejected it too.
As would I. Too minor.
@Mast You changed plugin to plug-in ... that's about it... right (and removed a politeness... ).
2:18 PM
@lakeoffm If you're asking how to update the UI as the data is received and processed, then in addition to a "completion" block or delegate method, like nhgrif said, you might also have a "progress" block or delegate method, too. See AFNetworking for block-based example. See delegate protocols for NSURLConnection or NSURLSession for examples of delegate-protocol-based example. By the way, you should consider accepting nhgrif's answer. Also, don't ask new questions in comments, but (a) try it; and (b) post new question if needed. — Rob 1 min ago
Q: Jquery code for a custom carousel

dingo_dI created a post carousel (it's being used on a wordpress theme initially), but I've adapted it to just HTML/CSS/JS one. All the files are located here https://github.com/dingo-d/Post-Excerpt-Carousel The code bugging me is this: jQuery(document).ready(function ($) { 'use strict'; $(w...

@rolfl Removing non-SE compliant fluff has been accepted many, many times before. I think it keeps the site clean. Shouldn't I?
It wasn't rejected for too-minor by the way.
If you edit my posts and change colour to color, I would probably reject it too, even if you removed some fluff that was neither here, nor there.
the last sentence remove does not make the rest OK.... and people reject what they see as the most significant edit
color vs colour is a matter of American vs British
Should I refrain from making such edits?
@Mast Yes, please
2:22 PM
color vs colour is a never-ending struggle where nobody can win.
Plug-in vs plugin is different in my opinion. I wouldn't change color to colour.
Reading the transcript, I didn't state that clearly.
@Mast Yeah, american vs british spelling cases, it's best just to leave that to how it's written, unless you rewrite a section, then you'd use whatever you use.
Plugin isn't American either afaik
It's lazy, nothing more.
@CaptainObvious Is this off-topic? "But the part that is not working is the one where you click on previous and next icons..."
2:24 PM
I don't see the difference between plugin and plug-in and I have seen both in official docs
@Mast plug-in and plugin are alternatives, with neither being "right".
Formatting-only edits aren't too-minor either.
eww four if blocks not even condensed to else if
formatting is "making the post more readable"
@rolfl Plug-in is in my dictionary. If I search for 'plugin' on the web, I only get 'plug-in' as result.
2:25 PM
colour <-> color is interchangeable wrt readability
and the same goes for plugin <-> plug-in
Guess noone uses mozilla
Hiya @Undo welcome to the 2nd Monitor :)
Just for clarification, as an entirety, does your code work, or is it broken? — Quill 10 secs ago
hiya @Vogel612
@rolfl I do, must have never noticed.
2:26 PM
All-right, case settled.
do tell, what brings you here?
Elections. And envy
@Mast - since I was looking, also this: wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-wiki-plugin
2:27 PM
Not suspicious in the least :P
@Undo Shows up in CR chat. Gets CR rep. Nope, nothing suspicious going on here.
can we please get that tag off the list?
@rolfl I guess my search engine doesn't like it.
either it's misleading or it's overt promotion of nepotism chatpotism....
@Vogel612 I don't think it's misleading.
We promote niceyness.
2:31 PM
I think you misunderstand something about the people here..
We're not nice...
(at least IMO...)
Just trying to get OP to clarify @Vogel612, I do understand broken JavaScript :P
@Vogel612 Agreed, @Donald.McLean is an evil super AI.
We (read I) enjoy what I am doing here, to an extent this makes me feel happy
Skynet's Older Brother
Any more ambiguous cases?
2:31 PM
this means I'm friendly
but if somebody (or something) presses the wrong buttons, I can get rather ... unfriendly and generally non-nice
@Vogel612 You prefer ?
maybe... not quite sure.
In that case is applicable.
I'm not a friendly person... for some values of friendly
@Mast sounds more accurate
2:33 PM
@Undo You're early for elections.
@Quill you have no idea what's off-topic wrt. chat..
@Vogel612 Personally, or all of us?
everythings nicely civil around here.
@Quill maybe all of you :D
@Mast only by a few hours. If I let my browser sit in this room, I won't miss any election drama. Yay drama!
@nhgrif - FYI, some deleted posts stats.... deleted and unanswered
score <= -1 : 3,685
score <= -2 : 1,925
score <= -3 : 984
score <= -4 : 475
score <= -5 : 183
score <= -6 : 78
score <= -10 : 4
2:35 PM
Apparently, a certain user thinks we're SO
A: Setting Sass environment variables in Grunt

hakvrootHere is a trick I used a few weeks back when I ran into the same issue as you are (were?) having. Although I've used grunt-contrib-sass I think the trick should translate quite well to grunt-sass. What I basically did was to define two environment files with the same name and placed them in diffe...

@nhgrif - not-deleted, but answered - score <= -1: 32
@Quill I've been thinking about compiling a list of frequently used comments for improper migration proposals and people who don't understand the difference between SO and CR.
Is that questions only? How about answers? @rolfl
@Mast ... There is one?
2:37 PM
And actually, I'm not concerned purely about posts having negative total score.
@nhgrif questions only
How about +5/-3
Q: Frequently Posted Comments

Simon André ForsbergOn Code Review we often encounter questions with the same kind of problem over and over again. Some of us are using the auto comments script which allows you to maintain a list of comments to post. What are some useful tin-can comments that can be good to have in your list of comments? If you ...

Yeah, along with the auto commenter, thumbs up easy
@nhgrif - mods can search for deleted posts. This is the search I used: deleted:1 is:q answers:0 score:-100..-1
2:40 PM
off for a meeting...
It seems that I will have to use X-Macros again. That's a tough world we live in.
For answers: deleted:0 is:a score:-100..-1 returns 266 results
Yeah. I just mean as a general rule, I don't think downvotes happen often enough, and questions which ought to be downvoted (in my opinion) will sometimes end up with scores like +5 (a +1 from +3/-2 would be more understandable, etc, but it will get +5/-0)
@nhgrif Some people probably see the already positive score count, upvote it, and move on
Hmmm, I searched deleted:0, with deleted:1, there are 1016 results.
2:43 PM
In C, one can only use setjmp into a condition and only with a fixed set of rules. That means that it is impossible to store the result of setjmp while being standard compliant. Can you believe it? c__c
Hey @QPaysTaxes, this user a relative?
@Quill They definitely look alike.
The internet is infested with unicorns.
@Quill Which is exactly the problem.
@Morwenn The result of setjmp?
What exactly would you consider it's result?
The new location?
@nhgrif Darned sheep
2:53 PM
Q: What is a good name for the following construct?

DLehI have a class that I'm trying to determine a good name for. I don't know if this concept comes up a lot in programming or not, but I'm wondering if I can get some suggestions for a good name for the class. Basically, this is how the class functions: The first time its Get() method is called, ...

@Mast Just remember that if I run for mod. You wouldn't want all of you bank accounts to mysteriously disappear, would you?
@Donald.McLean In that case, have some votes.
@CaptainObvious Missing a language tag.
Looks Java-ey to me, but I'm not sure.
Perhaps C#
C#, I believe
I am back
3:02 PM
Yeah, I'm pretty sure that [Fact] thing isn't a Java construct.
so what is going on??
The unit test references .Returns() with a lambda, looks C# to me
@Lyle'sMug Counting the seconds till Graduation
@Mast When longjmp is called, setjmp returns the second argument passed to longjmp.
3:03 PM
In my assessment, this answer is a decent answer for the question, but the question is the issue, the question is about how to build/deploy code, rather than the code itself. The question is/was not really looking for a code review, and, as a result, did not get one. — rolfl ♦ 36 secs ago
We're still waiting on the actual election announcement, aren't we?
It has been announced ... ;-)
Q: Graduation update: it's election season!

PopsI'll start off by addressing the elephant in the room. It's been the better part of a year since the announcement that Code Review was graduating. In all those months, there haven't been any visible indications of change from us on the team. There are a few reasons for that, but they all come dow...

By the way, this month's challenge wasn't as popular as the previous ones, was it?
is it not yet Monday?
4 hours until nominations open
3:05 PM
I will come back around after I get through all my emails from last week
You would be better taking your completed program over to codereview.stackexchange.comjonrsharpe 22 secs ago
Four seats open.
Better than three, but not the five that had been mentioned.
The CM's have debated that with Jamal, 200, and myself. We were asking for 5.
No other beta site has started with more than 3 other than christianity, which had 4, but it also had 4 pro-tems
So, starting with 4 mods is "stepping out" already, and I believe the CM's will have a wait-and-see approach to how things work in the next bit.
@rolfl I have recommended in the past that we need a close vote reason as "Not seeking a review."
Sort of roughly equivalent to SO's "seeking library/tutorial/etc"
Or "too broad", or "unclear what you are asking".
3:13 PM
Is it 20:00UTC that the elections start?
thanks, all my starred messages are hidden, so I couldn't see it from earlier
'Night, catcha all for the election start, hopefully
@rolfl Sometimes the question though is very specific and very clear.
Q: Enigma Machine Simulation

KslkghOK then, this is an Enigma Machine Simulator written in Java: Enigma.java package enigma; import java.io.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import java.io.IOException; import enigma.rotor.LargeRotor; import enigma.rotor.MedRotor; import enigma.rotor.SmallRotor; public class Enigma...

I added cryptography to that enigma question, but I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate. Ceasar-cipher was the only other option, which felt worse.
this is an argument during a code review with a co-worker, i did the second way — rafi wiener 48 secs ago
Q: Segmentation Fault In execve shellcode

ScriptonistI am a novice in x86 assembly Programming.I wrote this peice of assembly code for the execve shellcode. I am getting A segmentation fault in my code. The following is the Assembly : .text .globl _start _start: jmp adj commands: popl %esi xorl...

4 seats huh? and 2 are open? that is something to think about. I will have to start getting on CR instead of Netflix after the kids go to bed. much more entertaining anyway, and heck, I could do both at the same time, 2nd monitor FTW
oh, four seats. Interesting
Duga should run
3:41 PM
@Lyle'sMug What do you mean by 2 are open ?
@Lyle'sMug Technically all 4 are open, right? 200 & Jamal have to be re-elected, yes?
Technically yes
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, Jun 18 at 0:24, by Shog9
90 pro tems have run in an election; only 12 have lost.
@rolfl is not running (is this the right term?) for moderator ?
So who all is planning to run?
3:43 PM
And with no offense to Jamal, I don't see what he does as a moderator that he couldn't do as a regular user (but perhaps this means he's the perfect moderator?).
@Marc-Andre I mean that I would vote for @200_success and @Jamal should they run (which I assume they are) and I don't know who else is running yet.
I think that a lot of moderating goes unnoticed by the community. I'm sure Jamal does a lot more than editing every question on CR.
@Undo I haven't decided yet.
A lot of what a moderator does is hard to see. That's a good thing.
I think that one of the moderators should be on the other side of the world
back to emails
3:46 PM
Me too.
I'm going to nominate @mjolka
Ideally, yeah, but there's not a ton of activity "in the middle of the night".
For some values of night.
@RubberDuck And for most values of that night, it's a value of day somewhere else.
Jamal and 200 are both USA?
Q: AngularJs - What is the correct way to choose between local and server data

HockeyJI have some working code, but it seems a bit clunky. I need to get data from a service. The service will hold the data in local storage if possible (to make it speedier), but if it's not been accessed before, it will need an http GET to a web server. The example contains only one GET, but there ...

3:48 PM
Yep, and rolfl is Canada.
If nobody declines my nominations, we will easily have 10 candidates.
@Hosch250 rolfl is all around the world. You never know where he ends up.
I thought 200 was Canada also?
This post is off-topic for broken code.
I think Simon should run.
3:49 PM
@Mast Run away or run for moderator?
@Mast that wouldn't be good, @Simon Says...
@skiwi Either.
@Lyle'sMug It would be perfect.
The amount of code with that tag will quadruple in no-time.
For what it's worth, SR has an almost-ideal moderator distribution geographically, and the vast majority of issues come up in my timezone anyway (US)
3:50 PM
@Undo userbase location bias?
So I wouldn't be too concerned about geography. Choose the best people, not the best location
@Mast I'm nominating him.
Is Mat's running?
@Hosch250 Saves me work, good.
3:51 PM
@Vogel612 Maybe, but it should be fairly close to how CR's looks.
Does anyone have geographical stats about CR's userbase?
We have quite some Europeans afaik.
Simon, Mat, Duck, Me, Ethan, Loki, Janos, mjolka, Heslacher.
Morwenn, me, Jeroen, skiwi, Vogel.
@Mast Simon, Heslacher, Skiwi, Jeroen, Marc-Andre, Morwenn.
3:53 PM
So, we will easily have ten.
Lyle's Mug too, I bet.
@Hosch250 nh is Arizona afaik.
I was listing people who are either going to run, or I'm going to nominate.
Oh, I forgot Jamal.
3:54 PM
Jamal will run.
Hmm. With that many nominees, I think I'll sit out.
I think 200 will as well, but nobody knows for sure.
Jeroen would be a good candidate too.
@Donald.McLean That's a bad reason.
You can think of something better.
@Donald.McLean Come on, you can run.
The more the merrier, and the less chance I'll win.
Seriously, I'm almost wishing I hadn't committed to running now, but I'll see what happens.
@Mast Ok, then. I'm not going to run because I'm not wearing any shoes.
@Hosch250 you didn't commit until you accepted the nomination..
Q: Javascript Editing Hours

Fiat Paxhours = ["3:42am", "6:37pm", "1:24pm", "2:11am", "8:30am", "1:51am", "12:03am", "11:18pm", "12:28pm", "3:46am", "10:27pm", "9:47am", "12:07am", "8:28pm", "8:41am", "10:43pm", "11:55pm", "10:57pm", "12:43pm"] function SplitHours(hours) { let hourObject = {} let hour = [] let minute = [] let hourP...

@Hosch250 what is this list?
@Donald.McLean I can live with that.
Much better.
3:56 PM
@Vogel612 I committed in this room.
Wow... With that many people running, I'm not sure that I'm actually going to get anywhere...
@Lyle'sMug People who are either going to run, or I'm going to nominate.
ohh dear, the peer pressure is
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's been cross-posted on codereview — George Jempty 53 secs ago
@CaptainObvious if 24 > 30 wut...
3:57 PM
I'm glad I didn't commit.
@Vogel612 Github?
and in all honesty I doubt my moderation ability
The elections haven't started yet, so I don't think any statements so far bear any weight.
@Lyle'sMug to nominating myself for the slaughtering
One more vote for this post to burn.
3:58 PM
@Lyle'sMug I've been waiting for that joke to show up.
I wonder if we have to answer all the nominee questions.
@SirPython Done.
@EthanBierlein Yes.
Or we will hunt you till you do.
I think I might nominate myself. I like seeing things from everyone's point of view to see what is going on and then figure out what would be the best way to defuse the situation.
even if we don't, I'm still gonna answer all of them.
3:59 PM
Whatever works best.
but I really need to finish going through my emails I still have 100 to go through

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