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3:00 AM
Yes, it's valid for the three basic operations. Not for division.
Hm, okay
I'm gonna remove that point then
Fine. Now maybe someone else writes it. ;)
I deleted Eclipse by accident. FML.
@Phrancis But was it really by accident?
I was doing cleanup because disk was getting full, and it must have went along with Netbeans and MySQL
3:03 AM
@Phrancis Well hey, at least MySQL is gone
Ouch, how much disk space do you have total?
Actually, no, MySQL is still there, but NetBeans is gone
I find that Macs often have a lot less space than most other computers, it's a shame
3:05 AM
I only have 224GB of disk space total
I have 120gb on my Macbook
It's all SSD though
Try AVG Cleaner on the Mac App Store
Free and handy
My computer boots up before everyone else is finished pressing the power button
@QPaysTaxes "long versions of add and sub" - but how?

return add(mod(x), mod(y));

does 3 modulus operations, which is surely one or two too many. I'd like something more efficient.
3:05 AM
Oh, well. Guess I'll have to install Tomcat on IntelliJ so I can edit my website
also AVG anti-virus for mac is completely free too
@maaartinus That's a good question. Lemme try to figure it out.
I'm gonna have to math, though
IntelliJ so far has been superior in every possible regards, except that it doesn't have Tomcat. So I think it's a pretty easy problem to solve.
@QPaysTaxes The problem is overflow. You can find a simple test for it in
Q: Saturated arithmetic

maaartinusFor project Euler, I need quite often to test things like is x*y*z < 1e18. Since BigInteger is usually too slow, long overflows, and double may return incorrect result due to rounding, I wanted to use long with appropriate checks. As Guava's LongMath.checkedMultiply throws, it can't be used as ex...

@maaartinus I know what the issue is; I'm trying to figure out a workaround
3:08 AM
@QPaysTaxes Mac, Windows or Linux?
@Quill Windows, duh
Everything runs on Windows
Badly, but it runs
@QPaysTaxes Lol, not Xcode
@Quill Fine, everything good
Windows Users: 0, Mac Users: 1
Mac Users: 2
3:10 AM
Well, remember that you gotta inflate that score as much as Apple inflates their prices ;)
I cannot type today
@QPaysTaxes :P
At least you didn't type infiltrate instead of inflate
That would've deserved a lol
I think Apple prices are actually right where they should be. You can buy POS Windows-ran computers for the same prices and have twice the problems
It's funny how when you walk into a university library these days, basically everyone's on a Macbook, but schools and libraries you have so many windows clones
@Phrancis ...Seriously? I can build a CentOS server with exactly the same hardware for half the price
@QPaysTaxes Maybe you can. But John Q. User can't.
3:13 AM
@Phrancis My point is that Apple's prices are incredibly high
@Phrancis, Are you going to get El Capitan?
Eh, this MacBook is about 8 years old and still works like a charm
Paid 900$ for it
...Speaking of 8-year-old computers
Two days from now is the eighth anniversary of the first time I used a TRS-80
I have an Apple G4 tower, still works good (though very slow with today's software)
I haven't ever even seen one of the old Apples
3:15 AM
I've heard they were really innovative, if a bit steal-from-Xerox-y
Monking, Mat!
Monking @Mat'sMug!
so, it's Monday in StackLand. Where's the link?
Don't say the M word please -.-
3:16 AM
@Quill To make that a clickable link: codereview.stackexchange.com/election/1
@Quill Can't you make it an actual link?
Just missed the time
3:18 AM
thanks @QPaysTaxes
@Mat'sMug Mhm
nomination period begins

in 16 hours
Hey, Beer Flax
Hey Unicorn :D
> This election has not started yet.
3:19 AM
I never said it was a working link, just that it was a link
@Mat'sMug But will in 16hrs
yeah. I thought it was going to be StackLand Monday, midnight
So if I get one more vote here I'll get another Revival
Thanks Santa :D
> moderator positions available

3:20 AM
@QPaysTaxes np
@Mat'sMug Yarp
I know who I'm voting for, and I'll vote for them even if they're not running
@Phrancis, is it okay to lol at this question
@QPaysTaxes Maybe add "begins 2015-06-29 19:00Z"
@Phrancis A little late for that
3:22 AM
A mod could edit it, I think, but I can't
@QPaysTaxes You can ask a mod to edit it.
Just flag it
There's no space for a message
oh okay.
chat flags are ...different than post flags
3:22 AM
@Quill OMFG reallly!? A join for every row???
> Please do not use this feature for anything other than informing moderators of serious issues that require their attention
We could ping @rolfl, @Jamal, @200_success, etc. to edit this chat message to contain "begins 2015-06-29 19:00Z" though
This answer hasn't received any votes yet (so the question is still a zombie).
hey @Jamal!
3:23 AM
Jamal! Perfect timing.
If I can get 4 more votes on the below answer, I can get another shiny.
A: Virtual machine management with decorated selfies

Ethan BierleinYou code looks great, and I only have just a few tips on style. Although, to be completely honest, I'm really not familiar with some of the libraries/modules/frameworks being used here, but, I'm going to try for the best answer possible. Disclaimer: A few of these tips are borrowed from @Quill's ...

Yes, I could change that.
Thanks :D
@EthanBierlein My answer is deleted lol, take the disclaimer away if you like
@QPaysTaxes there's no ", etc." yet ;-)
3:24 AM
Janos shot down basically every tip I gave so I deleted it
@Mat'sMug Maybe we could add a command to @Duga ;)
@Quill Nah, even if the answer is deleted, it's still your tip, so I'll give attribution
@EthanBierlein PINGS
@QPaysTaxes nope. Duga doesn't have mod privs
3:25 AM
@Mat'sMug No, I mean
I keep accidentally hitting "enter"
...unless @Duga is nominated?
Something like !modping <message>
Pings all of the mods with <message>
@Mat'sMug Duga can't be nominated. She doesn't have the required 300+ rep.
@QPaysTaxes The mods really should only be bothered if it's serious
That kind of feature is really unnecessary
3:26 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg We need you to get Duga to 300 rep... ;)
Duga shouldn't be a mod.
@Quill Yeah, that's why I added a ;)
It's a joke
Oh, okay.
I did miss the ;) after that last though
There you go :)
3:27 AM
@EthanBierlein ;)
Yeah, we'll also add a Duga feature that goes along the lines of:
@QPaysTaxes :D
@Quill Sure! Then I'll come in, surly and tired, and murder Duga in the face
@QPaysTaxes Hey man, @Ethan is still shivering after the berating you gave him last StackEvening
*shivers in fear*
3:28 AM
Good, gooood....
*falls over dead from fear*
Who wants to help me hide the body?
@QPaysTaxes And that folks, is how you get on the NSA watchlist
@Quill Oh, please, I'm already there
3:29 AM
Youtube autoplay came up with this, and I love it.
@QPaysTaxes Remind me to do that sometime
@Quill No.
The script part, not the terrorism joke part
How much rep does it require to see deleted answers?
@Quill 2k I think
until graduation is in full effect, 2K. after that, 10K
3:32 AM
Holy crap I have 10 Revivals
Just 90 more until I can call myself Zombie Hunter
@QPaysTaxes And I have 12
And 6 necromancer
> After 7 days, the top 30 nominees, ordered by reputation, advance to the primary phase. However, if there are 10 or fewer candidates, we skip directly to the election phase.
@EthanBierlein ...And? You also have 1k more rep than me
More Revivals is expected
so, we need at least 11 candidates
Now if some santas could vote on this answer, I could get a seventh necromancer.
@Mat'sMug What if there are only 10 or less, but more than 4?
@EthanBierlein Then the magic happens
but... we want to have a preliminary phase!
Yes ^^
Hey, a STV script/program might be a fun waste of time for those without a job to currently do for the next 14+ hours
3:35 AM
I'm working on the beginnings of my Python preprocesser right now.
If we really need candidates to fill out the list and do prelims, I'll run, but I'm dropping out before I have any real chance.
It'll only include the until statement.
@Quill I'll do one! :D
@EthanBierlein How about unless?
@QPaysTaxes Explain
@EthanBierlein if not
3:36 AM
Cool. I'll add that as well.
Ruby has unless, which you're supposed to use instead of if !...
If somebody wants something to answer, try my query to find some easyish questions, also feedback is welcome
javascript:!function(e){location="http://codereview.stackexchange.com/search?q="+(e[0]?e.reduce(function(e,n){return e+(~n.indexOf("-")?"-%5B"+n.substring(1):"%5B"+n)+"%5D+"},""):e)+"created%3A..2m+‌​answers%3A0+closed%3A0"}(prompt("Tags: (leave blank for none)").trim().split(/\s+/));
Limits the search to 2 months old, too
Or that ^^
@QPaysTaxes I wrote one based on post length
3:38 AM
Oh I see
Still, I figured I'd show off mine
@QPaysTaxes You already show it off in your profile.
@EthanBierlein Bah, no one ever sees that
Thanks @TonyD, I am usually on top of my undefined behaviours, but I didn't realise this was one. Now I'm paranoid about production code I may have written in the past containing that style, and I will add it to my mental list of red-flags for code reviews. I will remove that bit from my answer. — paddy 57 secs ago
> Invalid column name 'ruby'.
@QPaysTaxes Surround ruby with single quotes.
3:42 AM
same as @EthanBierlein's dilemma : 'ruby'
@EthanBierlein Oh, right, that bug
Bug? No, accidental feature
Yup. The SEDE is vulnerable to SQL injection.
For example, instead of just typing 'ruby', I could type 'ruby'; SELECT * FROM Posts; --
Then again, you could also click "edit" and do it all more easily
Fun things those
3:45 AM
@EthanBierlein the SEDE has SQL injection as its ...primary feature...
well, you enter arbitrary SQL in a textbox, and it runs it
@Mat'sMug Oh, I was talking to myself about something else.
Did you happen to see @Hosch250's user icon fly all over the place just now?
3:50 AM
OMG, Facebook argument begins! Some family member quoted some crap from the Bible. It shall be fun! ;D
Facebook arguments about the bible are gold.
Aren't they?
I remember reading a section of A Brief History of Time where Stephen Hawking says that he went to a meeting where the church and the pope asked a bunch of physicists whether a certain scientific belief (big bang theory) went against the Bible's beliefs, and based on that meeting the church could either accept or deject the theory.
...Is a two-line answer saying "Yeah, that's as good as it gets" acceptable?
3:53 AM
This is the question
@QPaysTaxes First result given by my query ;-)
@Quill Mhm!
You guys sure like upvoting minimal posts
@Quill The thing I like about my Javascript is that I can exclude tags, or have more than one
AFAICT you can't with yours
Guys, I finished the initial version of my Python preprocesser.
@EthanBierlein :D
3:57 AM
@QPaysTaxes Fine, an update is in order
It can read an execute code like this without any errors:
iterator = 10

until iterator == 0:
	iterator -= 1

unless iterator != 0:
	print("iterator == 0")
@Quill :D
@EthanBierlein Nice
Thanks. It's really small right now, but I plan on making it a lot larger, and better designed.
For now, I'm going to put it up for review.
It'll be up in about 10 minutes, and then I gotta go to bed shortly after.
3:59 AM
...So, I need some ideas for things to write in Factor
Doesn't factor have native graphics?
I dunno
But I'm not that good with it yet
Then here's a (large) challenge: write a simple physics program that only simulates forces.
...Dude, you kidding?
That's incredibly complicated
// me whispers STV
4:01 AM
@Quill Normal STV or Meek's STV?
Because I can't for the life of me figure out Meek's
@QPaysTaxes You decide
@EthanBierlein Yeah, see, the issue with that
Is that Factor has things that might sorta kinda be classes
4:03 AM
Maybe it has data structures? (structs)
I could write a script to do the math and solve the three-body problem
^^ Do it
T minus 15 hours
We have a somewhat of a while to nominate
Don't rush your decisions, this is a really super duper big deal
4:08 AM
If anyone nominates me, I'm gonna be pissed
Q: Very simple Python preprocesser that allows "until" and "unless" statements

Ethan BierleinI've implemented the beginnings of a Python preprocesser I plan to implement sometime in the future, and the below code is my simple prototype. At the moment, it only converts until and unless statements. py_preproc.py """ A simple Python utility that converts non-valid Python code, like `until...

I'm bored
@Phrancis You do fun things when you're bored, apparently
@Phrancis Maybe we can make you un-bored!
4:09 AM
Facebook has gotten very quiet after I pointed out the obvious
Thnanx snantas!
One more vote here and I'll be matching Ethan's twelve Revivals
Q: Very simple Python preprocesser that allows "until" and "unless" statements

Ethan BierleinI've implemented the beginnings of a Python preprocesser I plan to implement sometime in the future, and the below code is my simple prototype. At the moment, it only converts until and unless statements. py_preproc.py """ A simple Python utility that converts non-valid Python code, like `until...

@CaptainObvious Haaaa
@QPaysTaxes Haaaa what?
4:10 AM
:D Thanks santas!
@EthanBierlein Doesn't CO mark bad questions?
@EthanBierlein Your code has documentation. You deserve an award.
No.... Maybe?
I always thought he did
4:11 AM
CO is just a feed
Yeah, see, I don't know what that is
@Phrancis I'd like to thank the academy, and my fellow coders, @Phrancis, @QPaysTaxes, @Quill, @all, ...
Feed: Data in -> Data out
@EthanBierlein I'd like to thank ur mum woo sik burn
@EthanBierlein No worries, buddy
4:12 AM
@Phrancis Or: Feed Data In -> Execute Processed Code
@QPaysTaxes You're not 12 and this isn't an FPS game
If you've ever subscribed to an RSS feed, well CO is just like that
@Quill No, but I got a star! :D
@Phrancis Ohhh that makes sense
Wow, four upvotes in 3 minutes!
@QPaysTaxes Ethan has poor taste in jokes, I guess?
4:13 AM
Nah, I just thought it was a stupid funny. :D
How do I get the history of a post?
It's alright, star whatever you like (especially Q's self deprecating posts)
@Quill Lemme test that:
I'm a dumbass
damn, can't release Rubberduck 1.4 just yet. found an off-by-one bug
i = i + i * i - (i / i)
Hey, I'm getting other atheists liking my counter-post (also quoting the bible)
4:14 AM
@Phrancis ...Link?
How the fuck am I already out of stars.
if you rename i to chameleon you get this:
@Phrancis Sorry, this content isn't available right now
@Phrancis The link is invisible-ish
4:15 AM
@Mat'sMug LOL
actually you get that
chamchamchamchamechamchameleonleoneonleonleonleon = i + i * i - (i / i)
@Mat'sMug Brackets, then?
@QPaysTaxes @EthanBierlein feel welcome to add me as friend
4:17 AM
@Phrancis Lol
@Phrancis I would if I had a Facebook
^^ (even though I wasn't invited)
Oh gods, I wish I never made one
4:17 AM
@Phrancis I'm tempted to friend all of the nutjob people
There is a deactivate button
And I clicked it, a while ago
@EthanBierlein Already following (@Cardshifter)
in VBA Rubberducking, 26 secs ago, by Mat's Mug
pupupupupupupupushushushush dat fix!!
Oh yeah. Faceplam
user image
^^ Facepalm
4:19 AM
@Quill TS
@EthanBierlein, I feel like your multiple .replace()s could be improved, but SO is giving me worse implementations
That's also my hand by the way
Added a personal touch
hahahaha... touch
@Quill I can tell, somehow, I mean, I can't. I didn't, er, know that it was your hand. Err....
@Quill bah-dum-tish
@Quill Good lord, those are all crappy ways.
4:21 AM
@EthanBierlein You betcha
Oh yah.
Wait crap
That post I linked earlier because I said it'd get me another Revival
This kind of code is too clever for its own good. — dkamins May 24 '11 at 21:53
Yyyeaaah I linked the wrong one
@QPaysTaxes Yah m8?
4:22 AM
Thou shalt not givth bad answers on Stack Overflow, lest you lose reputation
The bible shoulda said that
@Quill give*
I forget my shakespearian, alright
"Thou wilt not give poor answers on Stack Overflow, lets thy reputation be lost"
Thou shalt not giveth bad answers on Stack Overflow, lest thou loseth reputation
@Mat'sMug ^ get it right
@Phrancis No, lest is the verb there
4:23 AM
South Carolina Refuses To Remove Confederate Flag From Capitol Trailer http://onion.com/1RBn7ZJ http://t.co/4KnRtqsI6A
Well, night @all
So loseth should be lose
Good Night, @EthanBierlein, be up bright and early for nominations, lest thou loseth advantage
@Quill They're at 2:00 in the afternoon for me.
I think I'm fine.
4:25 AM
Try 2am for me, lol
King James English is confusing. We shalt useth plaineth English insteadeth.
Hmm, three more upvotes on this crappy answer and I've got another Necro
Goodnight, finally ^^
@Phrancis "Instead shall we use the English of the common folk"
Wow, you need a haircut even more than I do
4:28 AM
Actually, three more upvotes on just about all of my recent two-scored answers and I'll get another Necro
I'd prefer upvotes here if anyone wants to give them, because I really like Factor and wanna get more score in that tag
Does pimping accurately cover Q's chat posts or is there a word that means the same x10
@Quill Whoring
And it's only occasional
Eww, El Capitano is 6GB to download
@Quill "These rules do not apply to Christians."
^^ Actual reply
To your Facebook post?
4:32 AM
The bible doesn't apply to christians
On-topic rules don't apply to Programmers.SE users, then
@Quill Well yeah but that's true
4:33 AM
> If you don't understand why not, then your ignorance disqualifies you from making comments on the subject.
@QPaysTaxes Everything gets closed there, without on-topic rules, content would actually stay there
@Phrancis Perhaps it's better to do what I do with Stack Overflow, Ctrl+W and leave it for someone else
Well, I just got a bunch of jokes hit me about the Rainbow sticker over my Apple light on my Macbook
Totally not appropriate for a workplace, or in the slightest funny
Q: Did I just reinvent an entire car? Is there a better way to do this?

user4775305I was trying to find out if a string contained a capitalized letter and if it did I wanted to know the position of the character and its ASCII code. I might have refactored a little to much. Given an input such as: (is-capitalized "Meow mEow kItus kaTus") My function returns: ((18 . 84) (...

4:48 AM
@CaptainObvious Fixed title
(let ((table (make-hash-table :test test :size (length list-1))))
LISP for ya...
@Phrancis I once wrote a long CLisp class
It ended with something like ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
hmm I thought that title was a good clicker.. except the "is there a better way to do this" part
How do you even keep track of all those parens
@Mat'sMug Yes, but the question had nothing to do with cars, unfortunately
4:53 AM
@Phrancis With an IDE
Uurg I can't find where the trig functions are in Factor
@QPaysTaxes Then write them.
@Quill Hahaha no

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