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5:00 PM
@rolfl Quel Dommage
I set up the domain in.... Nov, 2000
renew it every few years.... and I have all my e-mail on that name too.
I used my ISP-at-the-time's e-mail address as the contact, and my brother's address as the secondary.
apparenly they needed to contact me.... and tried both those addresses, and failed.
they have deactivated the domain until it gets sorted.
@rolfl I can sort of see the logic in that
Sounds like a phone call is in order
Yeah, I can too....
No, they've done the right thing.... mostly.
@rolfl Emails expiring have bitten me the past as well...it's easily done
5:03 PM
I have made it in to the system, and updated all the long-expired e-mail addresses, and submitted all the other things too.
A: How can I punish a hacker?

Rory AlsopRemember - no matter what they did, if you do hunt down the hacker (assuming you have identified the right one) and punish them, you will have broken the law, and the police are likely to be able to prove your guilt Don't do it. Vigilante justice is for Caped Crusaders and Superheroes!

Fortunately I remebered all my access passwords, etc. Otherwise I would have had to go home before I could fix it.
The domain is still registered till 2017.
Excellent, and there it is, the domain is now resolving again, thanks .net
@rolfl Applause
Q: Optomizing image generation in Javascript

kitfoxI've created a simple Perlin noise generator in Javascript and am trying to find ways to optimize it. It lives inside a webpage and generates an image using nothing more than random number generator and a lot of arrays and algebra. The end result is kind of slow. Not unusable, but a lot slower...

Huh, that was easier than I expected....
I do have to do something about my domain's nameservers though.... at least the world now knows where to look for them though.
5:11 PM
I'm having a serious headache with my django project
django does not come up much in here.... huh.
But @janos comes around often ;-)
is that kind of like PHP or something?
oh yeah that's right. one day I might play with python, but snakes creep me out, so do knights that say Ni
@Malachi And Erics that are IDLE?
5:23 PM
@Pureferret I can't stand being IDLE, even for a minute, unless I am sleeping!
Welcome to Code Review Chat BTW.Normal
@Malachi Very punny
@Malachi Thanks
Blatantly not fishing for answers to my question....
[mic drops]
@janos ?
oh I see the django one
@Pureferret ?
@janos 'Monking' ?
5:36 PM
Q: COBOL: Data validations

AaronAttempting to make some data validation code to validate a read in file. Example of what I want the output to look like... VENDOR RECORD VALIDATION PAGE 1 RC VENDOR # DATE DUE VENDOR NAME AMOUNT DUE -- ERROR CODES-- XX 9AAA9999 99/99/99 SH...

A: What's a Zombie? And what are the many other memes of Code Review?

Vogel612Meme: Monking Originator: Morwenn Cultural Height: The 2nd Monitor Background: A morning greeting to the Monkey doing his monkey-business, in other words: monking Examples: A small chat search Variations: Monkernoon, Monkevening, Monknight, ... Important is only that it begins with Monk... ;...

@CaptainObvious I can't tell if the OP is experiencing errors or not (the tag may be used incorrectly).
> I have no idea what I'm doing wrong here and any and all help would be much appreciated.
Seems like he has issues?
5:42 PM
Yeah, that could be it. I was reading some earlier stuff.
       05 VEND-NUM      PIC 9(8).
       05 YEAR-DUE      PIC 99.
       05 MONTH-DUE     PIC 99.
       05 DAY-DUE       PIC 99.
Seems Y2K is still being programmed in to COBOL
@Pureferret I looked at your Django question: it's interesting and well-presented (+1). But it's not easy to answer, and sadly I don't have time now. I'll try to come back to it on the weekend, but I hope you'll get good answers sooner
Or is it now Y2K1 ?
Reading Scifi questions... I feel like I should really watch The Matrix again
@janos Thanks, will need to push it to github at some point so I can work on it from home
5:45 PM
> I have rid my program of all errors that show up but it is still abending on me
> An ABEND (also abnormal end or abend) is an abnormal termination of software, or a program crash.
@Phrancis Yes, I did.
I changed the value of the linenums class.
@Phrancis Oh, I actually read over that word as I didn't know what it meant, I was thinking that it meant something like the program design was still bugging him
I set the second one to even instead of odd.
@Pureferret that's an excellent idea. And including the GitHub link can help reviewers too. Sometimes I like to checkout projects and play with them locally, and get more ideas for the review
I then set the background color.
5:46 PM
@janos Still a github novice though, will work on this tomorrow
After I did that, it almost worked, but the code text had a white border.
see you later
The background behind the code was also black.
So I created a prettify class and set the background-color to transparent and the border-width to 0.
Does that help?
later pure ferret
6:03 PM
Q: Repeating Code in a Chart VBA

MRoseI am looking to make this macro run faster and more efficiently (less code). I have a weekly report of control charts that was handed down to me and I am looking to automate it. Pulling in the data is a manual task but changing the ranges for each Chart Series is the part I am automating. I ha...

Q: What is bubble sort?

BSGCan anyone please explain what is meant by bubble sort? How to do bubble sort of an integer array in csharp language?.

Q: Java class: for getOrder, getData, updateData operation

NooB8374Problem Statement : Design a class for three operations for given set of integers : int getOrder(int data) /* order meaning rank in list */ int getData(int order) void updateData(int oldData, int newData) [Most used operation] My solution class App { Set<Integer> appData; public App(List<I...

@Hosch250 Yeah, it rendered differently on IE11 than on your screenshot
It renders the same on all three of my browsers.
Did you change the ul/li thing?
Want me to send you my HTML too?
Just the section with the list color reference
Unless you made changes throughout
I don't think I did.
@CaptainObvious Feel free to put delete votes on this.
6:06 PM
    <ul class="linenums">
        <li><code class="prettify pln">Plain text</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify str">"String content"</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify kwd">Keyword</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify com">// Comment</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify typ">Type name</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify lit">Literal value 42</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify pun">Punctuation...</code></li>
        <li><code class="prettify dec">Declaration</code></li>
I've updated to this:
<h3>Color Reference</h3>
    <li><code class="prettify pln ">Plain text</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify str">"String content"</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify kwd">Keyword</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify com">// Comment</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify typ">Type name</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify lit">Literal value 42</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify pun">Punctuation...</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify dec">Declaration</code></li>
This is how it renders with your CSS prettify included. I changed the bg color back to black on it and it rendered ok
But transparent is... literally, transparent
Hey Manny
How is it going?
6:09 PM
Meh, at work with no work to do lol
@Hosch250 Weird.
Still no idea of how to get the bottom blocks working.
BTW, which background color did you change?
Do you have the line stripes?
This browser at work is all jacked, so I won't really know until I can test from home
But if I comment out your transparent on .prettify I get this:
That is why I had to put transparent there.
I would not have black background behind the code in the stripes.
Do you have this as ul.linenums?
/* IE indents via margin-left */
ul.linenums li {
    background-color: black;

/* Alternate shading for lines */
ul.linenums li:nth-child(even) {
    background-color: #0C0C0C;
6:16 PM
Hmm, funny.
I copy-pasted your entire CSS file
Oh, I get it.
Change the HTML to this:
<h3>Color Reference</h3>
<ul class="linenums">
    <li><code class="prettify pln">Plain text</code></li>
    <li><code class="prettify str">"String content"</code></l
You need to assign linenums to the class.
And put the transparent back.
And use this for better colors:
ul.linenums li:nth-child(even) {
    background-color: #101010;
Does that work?
@CaptainObvious one of the real vba pros please confirm or deny my statement on that question..
Your Range assignments don't look like they could work to me :( Voting to close this, as the code is not working from what I see. — Vogel612 47 secs ago
@Hosch250 Let's find out!
6:22 PM
Lunch time, bbiab.
@Hosch250 Looks like that did it, mostly... except now the lines extend all the way to the right of the screen
Q: Program to print a triangle numbers C#

BSGI want to print the following triangle 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 2 1 I tried to do but I cannot avoid two for loops. Is it possible to achieve the result in single for loop? My code is given below static void printtriangle() { for (i = 1; i <= 5;...

@MannyMeng What would be your recommendation for handling the possible IOException when calling in.readLine()?
A: Simple “secret message” decoder program

Manny MengYour solution seems generally sound. I would make a few changes: You are surrounding your whole code in a try-catch block. Instead, surround the area where the IOException has a chance of being thrown (Also, use System.err to print for errors): try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(n...

@Phrancis Exactly, but so does the background for the code blocks below.
@200_success good point...
6:32 PM
You can always set a width size.
Q: How can I make this nested loop more elegant?

René GThis python code works, but it is unbelievably ugly. Can anyone think of a more elegant way to do perform the loop management? I took out all the details from what the loop is actually doing and just left the ugly part. count = 2 while(count > 1): formula = sorted(formula,key = len) ...

@Hosch250 Ok I'm less worried about the color reference than the actual code blocks anyways
Transport for London?
long time lurker, first time poster....
Didn't realize we had a tag. Yuck.
6:36 PM
@Hosch250 Time for Lunch, I guess
Oh, I see.
Today has been a plethora of weird bugs.
I somehow have an animation related infinite loop but only for a specific set of user data... And the user data shouldn't effect the drawing.
<sar>Don't you love those seemingly unrelated bugs?</sar>
Especially when you find the one point that they are linked or whatever?
And we have desktop users complaining of slower than normal startup times, a problem we can only recreate at their computers and we changed none of the startup code...
Probably their machines.
Check for malware or something.
6:46 PM
Or virus scanners. As bad as malware.
But it used to take under 15 seconds (2 days ago) and now over 2 mins
On several machines including their server.
Yeah, I used to always tell people at the MS forums to uninstall Norton and McAfee.
Use Windows Defender instead.
Kaspersky has mixed reports - some say it doesn't affect the machine, others say it is terrible.
Should there be a distinction between , , and ?
Here or at game dev?
Doesn't "game" cover it here?
Well, we get enough battle simulation questions that it might be good to create a category for them.
is somewhat useful, but often too broad.
6:53 PM
Battle simulation and battle game are not the same thing.
Anyway, I'm pretty confident that like 10% of our users didn't get a virus at the same time that we put out an update. Including the server.
Some configuration, probably.
My suggestion was hi-jacked, and it won't help me, for one: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/247718/…
If we comment out that code that needs one of our DLL it runs faster. But the code in the DLL itself seems to run fine (and hasn't been changed)
Anything that wod cause the DLL to load slowly?
Would even...
I don't have any bronze badges yet (I'm working towards them), and the badge I'm closest too doesn't get enough questions to matter.
Well, what priority is it running at?
Does it keep being preempted by other processes?
I have an issue where, the data exists, but once the site runs the Crystal report one column of Data isn't returned... any thoughts?
@Hosch250 can a program check it's priority? And see other processes priorities? Though I don't think this is the issue...
7:04 PM
It can set its own priority.
At least a thread can.
If you are running Windows, you can check and change a processes priority through the Task Manager.
The OS is responsible for preemption, so the only thing your program would know is its priority.
Yea, I want the program to check itself and log it's own diagnostics rather than relying on user feedbAck.
We can't replicate the problem here
Yeah, I understand.
Q: Bootstrap mobile navbar toggle

MitchellI have this navbar. It works great in regular screen width, but when collapsed, the mobile navbar button doesn't work. I've tried to find any unclosed divs and other issues but can't identify any. Thanks in advance for any help <nav class="navbar navbar-default" role="navigation"> <!-- Brand...

@Hosch250 I think I found the problem we've both been dealing with on Prettify
Writing HTML answer #12.
7:10 PM
I think some of the JavaScript extensions used are intended to work only in a server environment. Let me expound
The only time I've been able to render the code blocks properly was by using Brackets IDE, which has a live browser preview and I think it simulates a server environment
Every time I've tried to just open local files on any browser, the same problem happens. But once I had them hosted on a github.io and it worked fine on any browser I've tried
@200_success Should we clean it up at some point?
It's small enough now to not require CM intervention, which is good.
I suspect that there may be a lot of bad questions there.
Good call on the new tags, too. I do feel that could be split up a bit, with the most common games. It did work well with the tag.
7:19 PM
it's a shame to have to VTC on this one:
The only problem is that the code works, but not as intended - if your code doesn't do what you want it to be doing, then it's not ready for a peer review (and trust me, it needs one! ;)... you need to pass a Worksheet object as a parameter to your procedure, and then have some code that will iterate the sheets you're interested in, and call the above Sub with the worksheet parameter. On this site answers won't change what the code is doing, we'll give you hints on what to change to better how the code is doing what it does. Asking to change what the code does is off-topic :( — Mat's Mug 6 mins ago
@200_success @Jamal (@rolfl?) is it really asking to change what the code is doing? Would it be off-topic if the OP was edited to say "I have this code, it works well against the active sheet. How could it be made more extensible, so that I could reuse it against any worksheet?"
wasn't seeing your avatar ;)
when we make code more extensible, are we not changing what the code does? ...nope. we're changing how it's doing it.
@Hosch250 Can you test this link in your browsers to try and confirm my suspicion? cardshifter.github.io/prettify-test/prettify-test.html
It's an older file but it should work for both the <code> references and the <pre> blocks
Works in all three.
Can you set mine up like that?
Ok, then we found the boo boo
7:25 PM
Or do I need to re-dowload it?
Easiest would be to just download Brackets
What's that?
I've retracted my close vote, and will write an answer tonight if it's still unanswered (and open).
Oh, I don't want to right now.
Maybe later.
7:27 PM
@Mat'sMug - I am on the fence.... I understand your concern
That's fine. I might try and commit what I have tonight, but the repo went through a pretty major change so I don't know how much time it will take to resolve merge conflicts. But, short answer is, if it works locally in the color reference, it should work exactly as good in the code blocks once it's server-hosted
on the other hand, the code does work..... at the moment, it just involves a manual process.
@Mat'sMug I agree, but it's in a bit of a gray area. It's analogous to an by a where all the conditions and loops have been unrolled.
Possibly closure-worthy, but I wouldn't mod-close it.
My 'mod hat' analysis, there's enough code that works as is for a review.... and that makes it on topic.
All the code presented works, should I say.
The extension to make it part of an automated system is not necessarily something that needs to be addressed in an answer.
But, someone who was feeling generous, could go there if they want.
like this
7:31 PM
Code Review voting is declining.... There's this post (was at +2) with this ocmment:
Wow this is amazing!! You have given megreat information to learn from. Let me review it alltonight. Thanks Heslacher! — cnewb 20 hours ago
Q: Parse a config-file and add to command-line-arguments using argparse in Python

MarkI am trying to parse the command line arguments using argparse, and if the user specifies a yaml file for the config-file, add those arguments to the args from argparse import argparse import yaml from pprint import pprint class CLI(object): def execute(self): self.create_parser() se...

Yes, @Mat's like that. But, perhaps I am in a generous mood today.
FWIW, I've retracted my close vote. This is working code in need for a peer review, with an opportunity for extensibility - it's just a matter of defining what exactly is "works as intended" in this case; it does work, only it requires a manual process. I will post an answer later, for sure! — Mat's Mug 1 min ago
unless it's mod-closed, that is.
and thanks @Santa :)
@Hosch250 FYI Obsidian theme is scoring pretty low I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle to make it work, unless you want to for other reasons of course
Yeah, no need.
7:35 PM
The automate-each-sheet is only briefly mentioned in the VBA question. The actual question never actually requested help with making it happen.
I do appreciate all the help and feedback though :)
Apparently, today I am an idiot. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Surely there are more IDEA users out there.
Tomorrow could be worse;-)
@rolfl don't be silly. Tomorrow is Friday, so it couldn't possibly be any worse.
Hey, all, can I take a quick poll? If you browse to stackexchange.com/sites#questionsperday and search for "Movies", do you see this:
with the Blue icon in the orange speech bubble?, or a different icon?
7:42 PM
Q: Icon on stackexchange.com site stats is not yet updated

rolflIt's been a number of hours now, so it's not caching, but, on the main stackexchange.com sites page the icon for Movies&TV is a sort of half-mix of new and beta design: It's hard to believe that's a victim of caching.... but perhaps it is. Still, it should be brought to someone's attention.

I see Loading.
I see the old beta icon.
One old-style icon, and two insufficient informations.
Q: strtotime vs calculating manually

php_nub_qqI need to take x years and 6 months out of a date, I was wondering which is the better way to do it. Using strtotime function name($years){ return date('Y-m-d', strtotime('now - '.$years.' year - 6 month')); } Or calculating it manually function name($years){ $seconds_in_half_a_year ...

Q: Online store for pies - Part 2: User authentication

ChrillewoodzI'm building an angular application using AngularJS and AngularFire. As this is the second part of this "series" it might be a good idea to also check out part 1 to gain an even better overview of the register/login process. I have a few concerns here: It feels like I shouldn't need to have a ...

7:47 PM
It looks like a CDN caching problem, not a browser caching problem.
4 votes.
Anyone need them?
I could always use votes.
but I don't know what questions/answers of mine you have already voted on....lol
So could I.
And hats.
OK, I'm out.
@CaptainObvious Do we still need ? It looks similar to .
+20 and I pass up three users.
Whoops, I reviewed it for FF, not Chrome.
Time to re-write it.
I'll leave it in there.
8:13 PM
@200_success: Any idea about those tags mentioned above?
Agreed, it's better as a combination of and .
I'm not sure.... angularfire is a framework.... firebase is a company.
@200_success That came up a day or two ago, too. I guess this user insists on having a new tag.
I'm #99 all time rank!
Time to bring the puppy out to play.
See you.
@Jamal / @200_success firebase is an infrastructure that's common to many languages.
anglularfire is the library/interface for angular.js
I would agree that the combination and should cover it.
Suggest angularfire as a synonym to firebase?
8:21 PM
8:32 PM
Incoming HBQ!
This is now one-away.
@HenrikBohlin asked a question and @Jamal hasn't edited it yet....?
I was focusing on my shell script assignment.
Q: Numbers are high, number are low. Will you guess the right awnser though?

Henrik Bohlin Now in with shiny new graphics in JavaFX. You now have the awesome ability to choose which numbers to guess between. Now with git Repository! https://github.com/Olleorm/HighLowGuessingGame This question is a follow-up to High-Low Guessing Game Main.java package sample; import javafx.applic...

8:41 PM
Bill, could you please help me here. I still can't figure it out. Could you post your code that you used that made it run on SO, I still can't get even one validation to run and I have no idea why. — Aaron 3 hours ago
Should that ^ be taken care of?
@skiwi flagging as not constructive
@CaptainObvious Sorry, out of votes.
Would a favorite be satisfactory?
@Hosch250 but of course :D
It's a grand feeling to be getting all A's again.
@CaptainObvious if your numbers are high, tell them to stop smoking the documentation
8:49 PM
Last semester at this time I had a couple B's with a couple D's coming up :(
I finished with an A- because the teacher got the class sorted out.
@Mat'sMug ha - ha - ha
@Hosch250 what are you studying?
IT management.
@SimonAndréForsberg IKR
Online, if that makes a difference.
8:52 PM
makes it a bit less painful I guess :3
Many people say it online classes are harder.
My father works with a man who took classes at my U, and he said the online ones are harder.
I don't know, I don't have to be "in class" at certain times.
Just get the work done when I need to.
Certainly get sick less.
They had hand, foot, and mouth going around last semester.
knees and toes
hand, foot and mouth?
If you'll excuse me, I need to finish a philosophy paper.
good luck with that :)
8:56 PM
and you do need to push yourself a bit more if there are no classes to attend (at least I work that way)
No, then I spend more time here.
I don't have trouble being lazy.
I also don't have trouble buckling down and getting work done, either.
Especially when the internet is down so I can't be here.
@SimonAndréForsberg Uh, kinda late here, but will remember
9:18 PM
I have two String SSIS variables, and I'm trying to populate them with the result of this query, using an "Execute SQL Task" (Control Flow):
SELECT cast(MIN(CalendarDate) as varchar) MinDate, cast(MAX(CalendarDate) as varchar) MaxDate FROM dwd.FiscalCalendars;
the two variables remain empty.
anyone has dealt with SSIS SQL Tasks?
... guess not
What variables?

 SQL Helpline

SQL is Weird sometimes.... bit.ly/F5-Now
What is the variable mark in your code? I don't see it declared anywhere. When copying code to Code Review, please make sure that you copy your code, all your (required) code, exactly your code, and nothing but your code, so help you.... code. — Simon André Forsberg 1 min ago
9:51 PM
Q: Is this program susceptible to a buffer overflow exploit?

eth0I use it in a number of embedded devices. It loads the query parameters from an HTTP GET/POST request and prints them to stdout in FORM_key=value format which then get set as an environment variable. Source: char * FP_strdup (char *string) { char *result; if (string == NULL) return NUL...

Q: bitwise operators for permissions, php

JakarI'm trying to create a read-write-execute permissions system for items using user-group-world system. I already have the user/group system set up, just not the permissions. This is what I wrote: /** @param $perm the permission being requested: read write or execute * @param $level the permis...

We need to discuss this post. Please join us in The 2nd Monitor. — Mat's Mug 6 secs ago
Q: Optimize code, convert datagridview data to DataTable

MoralesJosueI made an algorithm to calculate when the user has to purchase material adjusting the date in which the order has to be made, I'm using datagridviews to make it work, but I was wondering if there is a better way using a DataTable. My current code is: private void Suggestion() { for (int i =...

I've spent hours on this: is it good enough, or are there bugs somewhere?
A: Stylish range input, Google Chrome only

Hosch250Your code validates at the HTML and CSS validators, except for one thing: You need to place a doctype at the top of the page: You also need to provide head and body elements and place your code in the body tag, like this: <!doctype html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Page title<...


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