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5:00 PM
A: I bet you didn't know about this comment by Jeff Atwood on Code Review's viability

PopsWithout any further ado: Code Review is a successful asset to Stack Exchange in its own way. (I hope that I qualify as one of the "people in charge" for the purposes of this discussion.) To be fair, comments three and a half years old probably shouldn't generally be considered authoritative. P...

resignatingly stargreed @skiwi
@rolfl see, it's nothing to STOP YOUR VACATION for.
@Vogel612 So, I was losing sight of something earlier. We can add "Not enough context" as a close reason, you know? A question that doesn't have enough context to answer should be closed regardless of whether the asker actually wrote the code himself.
> "We break the whole process of beta and graduation for CR, but don't stop your vacation for it"
@Pops Ah, so we are not graduating, because you are building a whole new and shiny platform for us?
5:02 PM
Perhaps I failed to make this point, but all of the other reasons that have been provided for this "Did I write this code?" rule could/should be their own rules
@nhgrif so you'd instead remove the "did I write that code myself" with the subsequent reasonings?
sure that'd make stuff clearer..
keep in mind we only got 5 site-specific close-reasons though...
@Pops Very nice! Can't wait to see what happens.
@Pops The problem it's not you, it's us taken out of context, it looks like a breakup line :P
but we definitely need to nail down the reasons for this more clearly.
@Pops :-) :-) :-)
5:04 PM
@Marc-Andre I like your analogy:
To me it looks like a performance optimization when the code doesn't work with big file or something like that. — Marc-Andre 6 mins ago
Can you convert that into an answer?
So that's what Grace Note meant by "just keep doing what you're doing." We keep doing this, and the SE team keeps slaving away working towards an improved system.
@200_success I will !
@Pops Relevant:
@Vogel612 I don't think a question should be closed if the only problem with it is that I didn't write it.
@Marc-Andre Yeah, I was hoping to get a laugh out of that.
5:07 PM
(Especially the song text)
@skiwi I have concerns about clicking on that. I don't ever want to be awakened by a skillet.
instant 7 upvotes...
@Pops that's some welcomed news.
@Pops Could you elaborate on the "special snowflake" issue?
And currently people are defending this close reason with presumptions that it prevents other sorts of questions/answers we don't want to see. Our rules should be more specific and not awkwardly block behavior A (which has no inherent problem) just because we think it might lead to behaviors X,Y,Z (which we don't want to see)
5:08 PM
@Pops First time I realize skillet is a word at all... I've never thought about it
@skiwi I love Skillet.
@Pops You got mine :P
@Donald.McLean cool
@200_success thanks for the edit
@200_success It's mostly that every site, like every person, is a special snowflake. But to a lesser degree, also that this is one of those squishier sites where, for example, you can't look up the same question on other websites to compare answers very easily.
5:11 PM
How is that relevant to graduation?
or to graduated graduation?
Not to mention the locality of these questions, though the view badges seem to suggest that people are still finding these questions in search.
Comparing against other sites attempting to answer similar questions is one of the steps we usually take when reviewing for graduation, to see if we're actually making the Internet a better place or if we're just regurgitating the same info that is already readily available elsewhere.
But Code Review isn't a typical Q&A site. Everyone has the same question: "how can I improve my code?" It's the code itself that differs from post to post.
I think we would only be competing against forums, the difference being the architecture.
Q: Finding the most frequently used sequence of characters in a comma delimited input string of words

user7744I'm making a demo program for a job interview and I'd like to know if there is anything I can make work faster in my current solution. It's a C# console application that accepts input in form of a single string with the words delimited by , symbol. The task is to find the most commonly encountere...

@Jamal Seriously. Almost 21,800 visits/day?
5:15 PM
Forums are competition for other sites, too. But it's easier to compare "how do I cook broccoli so it's soft but not mushy" across sites than "what should be improved in the following eighty lines of code?"
Compared to SO, at least. But that's probably also not a good idea.
Speaking of food, how is it the afternoon? I need to eat something.
@Pops what afternoon??
it's 7 PM here...
@Pops To be fair, I couldn't think if a single forum that specifically does code reviews (if there are any). I suppose most of them handle all coding questions, working or non-working (or just non-working).
Is there any other code-reviewing site out there to compare us to?
5:22 PM
@Vogel612 It was my understanding that 7 PM came after noon. Roughly seven hours after, if I'm not mistaken.
I'd consider anything past 6PM early evening..
at least that is.
Is there an economic viability issue?
Sportsmanship and TTQW ;)
5:38 PM
Q: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?

ydaetskcoRI've inherited an old PC from my girlfriend's dad and when setting up the printer I got a bit of a surprise: Two questions spring to mind here: Why does Windows think my wireless keyboard is a toaster? Why does Windows even have an icon for a toaster in the devices menu?

@JeroenVannevel Woah, that question got starbombed!
Q: How do I learn tow rite efficient C code?

user50585I have got the following C code and I feel it is crazy stupid and there must be a better way to do this, but just can't think of one and have yet to learn algorithms. /*generates 1000 random numbers, lists frequency*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h> int main(void) { ...

We could fix the code, but I'm not sure that we can help the author learn to write code that is not a mess.
6:03 PM
people change their mind too often.
'post with confidence', 'that post seems too 'matter of fact'' sometimes I am quite irritated with people on SE. I think most of them are Trolls, looking for a who's right on simple no one is wrong answers. technically... screw that, let them have it, let them have cake!
the cake is a lie
they haven't said my answer is outright wrong, it hasn't been downvoted. they just aren't voting on it at all....
6:30 PM
> You've earned the "Beta" badge (Actively participated in the private beta).
Q: C# Async - running 2 sets of tasks at the same time

suexicanoCurrently, my team and I have 2 types of databases that are updated periodically, SQL Server and Access. Also, we run specialized reports based on those databases. Basically, we have 4 tasks that need to be completed: 1) update SQL Server 2) Publish Sql Server Reports, 3) Update Access Databases,...

6:44 PM
I can't comment on the meta post discussion so I will comment here. This was my first time posting a question for help/advice. It was almost immediately put on hold as unclear. I tried to clarify my question and then the question was locked. I do not understand why my question was unclear and nothing in this process has helped me understand that. This does not make me want to continue to use this site and it does not help me understand how to ask better questions. So, please, any help to clarify what I am asking would be appreciated. — emKurr 2 mins ago
Q: Is this the proper way of writing a Login Function in php

TrueDevEI've been working on a simple login script, the registeration part is left but till now i have developed the login part. Could someone point out some security gaps. And about hash for now i'm using SHA512 but later will change it with MCRYPT. Here's the code: <?php Class User { private $db...

So, if I'm using an RDBMS with an ORM, and I have a master record and I want to associate property values with it (which may be strings, floats, ints, dates, etc) would I be better off using different tables for each type or a single table with a varbinary or BLOB field?
7:05 PM
Q: Alternate method of iterating than os.walk

CeaseofMoralityRecently, I became tired of how slowly os.walk seems to run (really, it should be called os.crawl), and made something recursive which moves much faster. I was using it to take directories I wanted and add them to an array, but this time I need to add all files to an array that aren't in an 'exc...

7:47 PM
Time to make this APEX assignment for my exam in a few weeks
If only I remembered anything about it
who is our resident SEDE query maker???
My apologies, my available time has been sharply reduced ;) I think if you were to provide a nice query for @Flambino, then he could hunt/destroy zombies equally well. — konijn 20 mins ago
@Malachi @rolfl
8:05 PM
Q: Javascript index mechanics for rock paper scissors

Joseph James FramptonVery new to coding/JS, so the following may be gibberish. I just went through a very easy online example creating a rock-paper-scissors game, but it seemed like it was not a great use of computing power. It seemed like I was writing out results for every possible outcome instead of declaring pr...

Q: Need help for internship - Excel VBA - Easy

user50597I extracted data from a PDF to Excel. The data is now displayed side by side. For example: Page 1 of the pdf populates columns A, B, and C while Page 2 populates columns D, E, and F. Page three than goes back under Page 1 in columns A, B, and C while Page 4 does the same underneath Page 2. This ...

Damn it @CaptainObvious. Bring me an on topic question.
Maybe @Santa will bring me one.
Moar FizzBuzz questions!!!
@Jamal Maybe I'll do a vba fizzbuzz... I don't think I saw one of those yet.
Or a linked list!
8:21 PM
LOL. I'll have to google that.
I don't know what a linked list is.
Lucky you...
I'm not sure what that is, but the ring of it just sounds dirty
It's a chain of objects!
someone should make a Mail collection
which is like chainmail
Why would I implement this myself? Is there still a language where it's necessary?
In computer science, a linked list is a data structure consisting of a group of nodes which together represent a sequence. Under the simplest form, each node is composed of a data and a reference (in other words, a link) to the next node in the sequence; more complex variants add additional links. This structure allows for efficient insertion or removal of elements from any position in the sequence. Linked lists are among the simplest and most common data structures. They can be used to implement several other common abstract data types, including lists (the abstract data type), stacks, queues...
I don't know what the use case is for it
8:23 PM
And many people (guilty as charged) have tried to implement it themselves. Even in C++.
@Pimgd It's useful when you need to delete a element somewhere in the middle of the list.
I appreciate computer scientists, but I'm perfectly content with my 30,000 ft view.
@Jamal no, for a Mail collection
If a linked list is a chain,
then what would chainmail be like
Dim list As Collection
list.Add a
list.Add b
list.Add c
list.Remove b
@Pimgd Oh
I know a valid usecase
That'd be 2D tile-based games
8:26 PM
Q: Is this a good algorithm to unflat js objects?

renatoarghI am dealing with a scenario where I get data in the following form: var data = { 'user.name': 'renatoargh', 'user.age': 27, 'user.interests.0.description': 'coding', 'user.interests.0.receiveNotifications': true, 'user.interests.1.description': 'bungee jumping', 'user.in...

@Pimgd Luckily, my (still incomplete) Bejeweled game can still be done with an array type. Just swapping elements.
yeah but still
I think I'm going to submit another .
I like the roman numeral problem.
I rigged my 3DS to an amp since the sound output sucks
now everytime the plug cracks I die a little inside
I still have my DS Lite, which I haven't played in a while.
8:32 PM
It's the only gripe I have about the DSi and 3DS (XL)
The volume is too low
When you sit on the bus with headphones on
well... you just don't hear anything
8:48 PM
Q: Trying to grasp OOP... Rock, Paper, Scissors program. Python

SlugbutterI'm trying to wrap my head around OOP but so far I feel like I'm just moving functions into classes and calling them methods. I am trying to create a "Rock Paper Scissors" game using OOP best practices. Yesterday I asked someone to review this code and was told that my use of OOP was akin to be...

@Jamal I can't do it. I wrote it, but I'm so tired of Fizzbuzz.
Me, too
Can't wait for FizzBuzz to fizzle out.
Wouldn't that be fizzleBuzzle out?
Probably not until every programmer knows how to write one.
8:59 PM
@ckuhn203 I can think of a use for one right now, it's something that I have been trying to figure out. but I need to know if it is possible to form a circular linked list?
@Malachi yes
@Jamal I don't think I have written a Fizz Buzz program before. I know what it is but haven't written one myself
Q: No more Fizzbuzz. How about Hello World instead?

ckuhn203 Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz” It seems that we're shooting for one fizzbuzz question for ...

I cracked.
I'm out guys.. Cya.
@Pimgd I am going to use recursion and linked list in C# to solve a question that I saw in Java originally
Q: No more Fizzbuzz. How about Hello World instead?

ckuhn203 Write a program that prints the numbers from 1 to 100. But for multiples of three print “Fizz” instead of the number and for the multiples of five print “Buzz”. For numbers which are multiples of both three and five print “FizzBuzz” It seems that we're shooting for one fizzbuzz question for ...

9:02 PM
@ckuhn203 later
I should write a program encompassing linked lists, Hello World, and FizzBuzz.
@Jamal lol
I can't wait to get home and do some programming of this idea I have!
Or I can just stick with std::list so that I don't be told how bad my list implementation is.
@200_success already put into play my idea with the linkedlist, but I think I might be able to do it a little better in C#
I am not sure I can read his Java implementation to see if he is doing it the way that I was thinking of doing it.
he is able to do it without recursion, I think I should be able to do it that way as well.....????
@Jamal Three buffaloes in one shot, eh?
9:09 PM
@Jamal In Brainfuck, right?
do you have to use a Return keyword in VBA and VB6?
@200_success Yep! I'm just not sure if I should post it, as it'll mostly be for entertainment and not for self-improvement.
Q: Single Sign On - SAML Response generation

user3197452I am trying to implement a IDP initiated Single Sign On Solution ( service similar to onelogin's ) to Cloud based Service providers such as Google Apps, Salesforce etc. The project is a Maven eclipse project ( Web app ) and the main servlet which consumes SAML Request sent via HTTP-GET / HTTP-P...

Q: Make javascript code faster or simplify

user3912043I'm trying to simplify this code. It seems everything runs as it should; however, when in the refresh loop from iMacro, it seems a little inefficient and can take up to 7 seconds to fully execute (it seems to keep looping before actually running the next step) // REMOVED V 2.0 // REMOVED // REMO...

9:29 PM
@Malachi. No. ` Exit Function` is as good as it gets.
@ckuhn203 so how do you know what is going to be returned from the function?
9:40 PM
Q: How to condense these nested loops

Ryan McClureI have two hashes. I'm trying to determine which (if any) matches are present between the keys of the hashes. I then check to see if the value of one is greater than or equal to the value of the other. If a 'match' is found, I store it in a third hash. If at least one match is found, I raise ...

A: Can we revisit "Did I write that code myself"?

nhgrifTo add to the discussion and to clarify my point... I'm not saying we should only eliminate this rule. It's highly likely that we need different, more specific rules in place of this rule. The problem with this rule is that there are questions that could easily be on-topic if it were for this ...

What's SAML? What's SSO?
Security Assertion and Markup Language. Single Sign-On.
Should they have tags?
, maybe. I've added , which should be sufficient, I think.
SAML should just use ? That makes sense.
That's not sarcasm either. I assume SAML is like KML
9:56 PM
SAML is based on XML, but the code in question is barely related to XML. You should just be using the proper library calls.
Q: PHP - One line if statements

TyzoidSo, my code base, I have functions that check input conditions and will return false (or other appropriate error code) upon failure. My question is which is better from a maintainability standpoint, and, if/when I decide to create open-source projects in this language, is easier for other people...

A: Ability Cards that trigger Game logic

nhgrif@property AbilityCardType type; Seems like this should probably be readonly: @property (nonatomic,readonly) AbilityCardType type; -(void) buildHandOfCards { int startingHandSize = 10; for (int i = 0; i < startingHandSize; i++) { [_abilityCardHand addObject:[[DTAbilityCard a...

10:14 PM
awesome answer @nhgrif!
You assign the value to the name of the function @Malachi.
In this case
`Convert = fizzWord`
Chat from phone
@ckuhn203 can you return early from the function?
Yeah. Exit Function will return early.

Convert = fizzWord
Exit Function
Is the equivalent of a return.
10:33 PM
@bazola Take note of #if DEBUG = 1. I made an auto-complete snippet that automatically completes NSLog to one nested in the #if DEBUG stuff.
@nhgrif I have also heard about using break points to insert log statements without any code at all. do you recommend that practice?
Q: Issue with jquery loading pages

MattI'm having an issue with me website, http://matthunzinger.com/. The page works well at first but after i click on more of the projects and it has to load more data, it starts lagging very baddly. I added an "empty" function that occurs after the page slides out of view and that doesn't seem to fi...

Uhm, what? I don't understand.
If you just want to check the value of variables, you can set a breakpoint and find out the variables without logging anything.
@ckuhn203 okay, thanks. I don't think I like VBA or VB6 much....
Hmm, that's cool. I've never seen that before. I'd definitely use that.
I'd actually make a lot of use of the conditional part of that..
the syntax for setting up the break point is a bit complicated but it's very neat
By the way... this might be helpful too when debugging:
NSLog(@"%@",[NSThread callStackSymbols]);
ill have to try that, looks interesting
10:59 PM
It gives you the call stack exactly as you'd expect if the program were to crash.
Except you can get it when the program is still running.
very cool
TTQW fellas
@Vogel612 This comment is now obsolete: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/59121/…
WHERE IS MY SWAG? I might have to post a rant tomorrow.....???
So, this week I made my first contribution to our big 3000+ line overnight stored procedure, which, until this week, only the lead programmer was allowed to touch.
Gotta Go
11:05 PM
And today, I was told I might be asked to look at one of the other big stored procedures.
that is fun, always like looking at new code!
11:17 PM
A: How to refactor multiple OR in IF statements?

Alex M.I would do it like this. private List<AutoDto> getFilteredAutoList(Collection<String> carCodes) { List<AutoDto> autoList = getAutoListForCoverage(); List<AutoDto> filteredAutoList = new ArrayList<AutoDto>(); for (AutoDto auto : autoList) { if (carCode...

@nhgrif flag it as such then :> for the time being I removed it, but don't expect me to play the janitor for every obsolete comment I posted somewhen. This is part of mod-work :) and you can get a few helpful flags. So it's a win win.
If it were an older comment and/or you weren't a regular, I'd have flagged it.
The mods grumble about "unnecessary" work.
Point taken... but usually I am sound asleep by now.. 0130 hrre..
Ah, no wonder you're always on at 6am...
@Malachi congrats! You've passed the sanity check.
11:31 PM
Q: Single class unit test framework in Java

Bhathiya-JaDogg-PereraHere is the scenario : This is a single class unit test framework for java Only assertion available is assertTrue (this can be used for all test cases) What it does Execute all methods with annotation Test. should fail if any arguments are needed. Calculate elapsed time using a given ...

@ckuhn203 I am still here, getting up to leave and about to lock my computer for the day!!!
11:46 PM
Q: Readability of two rectangular point function samples

Billy MoonI have two implementations of the same function. Which of these is easier to understand? Code sample A function makeRectanglePoint(box, index){ function randomPoint(a, b){ return Math.random() * Math.abs(a - b) + Math.min(b, a) } if(index % 2){ var boxToUse = box.p1 } else...

@nhgrif 30k+ lines? Yikes. Sounds like y'all need about 2k new sprocs...
Not 30.
We write ERP software. This is an overnight SP that calculates all of everything basically.

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