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4:00 AM
1988 ... only .... 25 years ago...
I know, that's older than some of you
that radio shack logo is just...
disco superfly
@rolfl i think the kids went to bed already ;)
That ad is 3 years older than I am :/ lol
Q: Ruby Replace Outside Comma With Newline

user3163916Output: Before: Hobbies: sports (basketball, gym), foods (hamburger, steak, pasta), reading, movie, justfortesting((test1, test2), test3) After: Hobbies: sports (basketball, gym) foods (hamburger, steak, pasta) reading movie justfortesting((test1, test2), test3) Code: hobbies = "Hobbie...

@Corbin That was about the time I got some great news--thanks to the "Gramm-Rudman" legislation calling for cuts in the size of the US military, I was going to be discharged from the Air Force a month earlier than originally expected.
That would indeed be very good news x.x.
4:11 AM
@JerryCoffin Funny, Iw was reading that paper, and it has this:
Yup--I remember that too. They were also holding hearings about what military bases to close around that time. Every senator had some really great sounding reason for closing all the bases the pentagon said should be, except one (that just happened to be in his district). Was truly hilarious to hear some of the excuses they came up with.
$6 mil to train one pilot sounds insane
When the planes now cost $1Bil, why?
hmm, good point
do they really cost that much though
thought it was more like $100 mil
let's see, what would be current back then
@DaggNabbit Depends on the plane.
@DaggNabbit Yes--along with F16, B1B, B52, FB11. Stealth fighters were new, but probably at least in testing by then as well.
4:27 AM
hmm, just read that an SR-71 cost about $250 mil a year to support
@JerryCoffin no tomcat?
tomcat was F-14 right
@Mat'sMug Not in the Air Force. Navy was still using F-14's, but starting to switch to F-18's.
@DaggNabbit yup
@JerryCoffin what were you flying?
4:30 AM
F-14s were retired around 1990 if memory serves (but my memory's pretty poor, and I never cared that much about the Navy's imitations of fighters anyway).
was my favorite in US Navy Fighter "flight simulator".. never managed to land it on a ship though
@DaggNabbit I wasn't a pilot.
ah, figures
too valuable ;)
Listen to Jamal ya'all. He is the top person at code review. — user0000000 2 hours ago
Eh, far from it, but he's a moderator so at least he's got that going for him. — BoltClock ♦ 5 mins ago
4:31 AM
@DaggNabbit Never occurred to me that I might even want to be a pilot, but even if I had wanted to be, it never could have happened (I'm quite near-sighted).
Nah, that'd be 200.
> B-2 Spirit: $2.4 billion
> The B-2 bomber was so costly that Congress cut its initial 1987 purchase order from 132 to 21. (A 2008 crash leaves the current number at 20.)
2.4 billion per plane.
hell of a price tag
@JerryCoffin I'd blame CRTs with crappy refresh rates
@DaggNabbit That'd be a pretty hard one to sell. I was wearing glasses when I was in fourth grade, at which time, my viewing of CRTs was also extremely limited (my dad didn't like TV, so we didn't have one).
damn... I'm glad my vision is still 20/20
no idea how
4:36 AM
^^^ me too....
I am better than 20/20 and don't deserve to be.
my parents both wear glasses
and have for a long time
as long as i can remember
@rolfl Far-sighted isn't necessarily "better".
@Jamal is Bolt trying to be rude or funny or what? That's a weird thing to say
he's usually a pretty nice guy
one of the more tolerable SO mods ;)
@JerryCoffin Let me rephrase that then, I can see further than most people I know, street signs, license plates, etc. I can read a book without stretching my arms, and can clearly focus on my shoulder.
The optometrist says there;s no degeneration, my vitreous is clear with mo clouding or suspensions.
I am fortunate.
@rolfl Yup--definitely sounds good.
4:44 AM
I have plenty of other problems though ... ;-0
And, I grew up looking at cathod-ray tubes, and reading in bad light, and playing rugby, and driving without glasses in the african sun. Oh, and rowing in the sun.
@DaggNabbit I don't really know. But I don't think being within the top 10 is considered "far from the top."
hehehe ... Jamal, you have less than half my rep, and I am not the top ;-)
@rolfl haha you're over-the-top
i assumed "top guy" meant something more like "boss"
I think that's what bolt was trying to say too.
and, rep here is fickle anyway.
4:49 AM
@DaggNabbit That'd probably be Tim Post or Pops. :-)
rep is not a measure of much of anythign on the internet.
the rep is a lie
Speaking of, I wonder if Pops is on holiday or something,
it's a measure of site activity
^^^ that
4:50 AM
who was the first CR mod?
Good question, and that would be Michael K, I think
@rolfl Welcome to Stack Exchange, the site where everything's made up and the reps don't matter.
Q: Why doesn't time.time() work in my code?

isaacgBy the way, this is my first question here, so please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. I'm trying to test the speed of Python's bitshift operation, so I wrote the following code: import time start=time.time() a=9<<(1<<26) print(time.time()-start) When I run it in Python 3.4, through IDLE,...

^^ first moderators.
@Jamal .... and .... Who's line was that, anyway?
those names look familiar
i miss the old CR design too
that graph paper look
4:55 AM
true that. perhaps the best post-grad design would be a pimped-up version of the old beta design.
Q: How secure is this encryption method?

user2395369I know this topic is highly discussed, and I hope this is not a dumb question. I am fairly new at PHP and MySQL coding. I'm working on a website that requires the use of encrypted data stored in a MySQL database. I found this code, and I'm wondering how secure it is. Thank you to anyone who c...

or not
I see a fair number of "debug my code for me" questions that were migrated from codereview. We don't want them either. Keep in mind that you have the bigger power here; unlike codereview users, regular SO users cannot migrate questions to codereview. Perhaps you post a similar notice to your meta? — Hans Passant 19 hours ago
Hey all
hey @AlexL
What do we do with code that's just copied and pasted from a languages docs?
Q: How secure is this encryption method?

user2395369I know this topic is highly discussed, and I hope this is not a dumb question. I am fairly new at PHP and MySQL coding. I'm working on a website that requires the use of encrypted data stored in a MySQL database. I found this code, and I'm wondering how secure it is. Thank you to anyone who c...

5:09 AM
kill it
was just looking at that
looked very familiar, then i saw your comment
> I found this code, and I'm wondering how secure it is.
ugh I missed that!
i feel like i'm the guy who's always pushing to close something =/
but imo that has no place here
@DaggNabbit I agree
@Mat'sMug second that!
5:11 AM
does the security experts site want stuff like this?
If it's from the docs? I would think they'd want something was was at least a little original!
yeah, you'd think so
are the docs under CC-Wiki? (not that it makes any difference, just curious)
@Mat'sMug no, they provide a personal-use license
5:19 AM
in other words, it's a copyright violation, not just an off-topic question.
I believe this one is OT
Q: Why doesn't time.time() work in my code?

isaacgBy the way, this is my first question here, so please tell me if I'm doing anything wrong. I'm trying to test the speed of Python's bitshift operation, so I wrote the following code: import time start=time.time() a=9<<(1<<26) print(time.time()-start) When I run it in Python 3.4, through IDLE,...

@Mat'sMug In other words, it should be deleted, not just closed.
@AlexL why is this one OT?
@DaggNabbit "Why doesn't X work?" sure doesn't sound topical to me.
His last words, "What's wrong?" Isn't that kind asking for a fix?
5:24 AM
idk... he knows what he thinks the code should do and wonders why it does something different
not quite the same as "wtf does this code do"
but yeah it's not really a review
maybe I'm just curious why it does that
@DaggNabbit True, he's not asking for "how can I make this faster" or anything
yeah, this would probably fit on SO
it really isn't a code review
i just don't know the answer so it seems like a good question to me ;)
but what if he had worded it like this:
"please review my code to test python's bitshift operation"
"i wrote this code to test the speed of pythons bitshift operation, and everything works, but i suspect the time it reports is inaccurate. Can I improve my code to get a more accurate report?"
might as well change it to "but I know (cough)suspect(cough) the time it reports is inaccurate"...
@DaggNabbit Why would it be inaccurate? If "everything works" then shouldn't it be as accurate as 2 + 2!?
Just working the other side here :)
lol, true
5:31 AM
playing on words won't cut it: the program doesn't do what the OP wants out of it.
Why do you say this code is awful? What about it looks bad to you? Like I said, I'm new at this and trying to learn. — user2395369 3 mins ago
yeah, but if he had worded it like that i bet it would have flew right under the radar
@Jamal answered :)
Edit to the question:
> This is the code I'm currently using
@Mat'sMug what about the shuffle question that came over from SO? That didn't do what the OP wanted out of it either, but we didn't mark it as OT, we pointed out the flaw...
it's hard to draw that line
5:34 AM
I agree, some question are hard to decide
in any case it doesn't seem to be in the spirit of a code review
I think that question could work on SO though.
can we send it over instead of closing?
i'd sort of like to see the answer
I'll ask an SO mod first.
5:38 AM
although it would be more practical to just run time python test.py but still
meh.. TTGTB.. night @all!
@Mat'sMug Night!
night MM
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6:54 AM
Q: Javascript: Does this function have to be nested?

user242007Recent Javascript student here. I ran afoul of some weirdness with event listeners that led to my code being unresponsive. After some reading and tweaking, I arrived at a version that worked in JSFiddle, but not in the browser. I finally got it working in the browser, but now my code looks like t...

7:25 AM
@Corbin well, I also wat the best for CR like everybody here (strange it was month old and now in a few days real hot)
But no one else made a meta post about it :p
7:44 AM
Q: Why Does LU-factorization Make My Program Slower?

DjamillahI'm trying to calculate the smallest eigenvalue of the matrix A by using the "inverted exponentiation method" (see the code). I manage to find the smallest eigenvalue, but when I try to optimize the algorithm by using both the MATLAB functions sparse and lu it starts to iterate many more times! T...

1 hour later…
8:55 AM
9:07 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg Assumption verified.
9:23 AM
Q: Bug in Merge Sort

user45957I have written this typical merge sort routine which works fine most of the time.. but sometimes produces incorrect result. I am almost certain the problem is in the merge routine where the aux array is copied back to the arr array. will really appreciate it if someone could take a look at it and...

Q: The parameters given to AsyncTask are null

LorisI have some trouble with the code. I have to create a path and then draw it. For example, if the path is a gpx file, i do this: 1) I access the gpx file in the phone 2) I create a new Gpx object and i give the file to it 3) The Gpx object contains the AsyncTask that parses the file taken as para...

Q: SQL Injection when not using variables

ThoarenDo I still need to protect my code against SQL injection when I'm not using variables in SQL queries? For example is this code still vulnerable?: SELECT subcategories, catID FROM categories, subcategories WHERE subcatID = 1; Thanks for insights.

9:58 AM
@Mat'sMug Congratulations on the job offer! Before you know it you will miss looking at VB6 codecrap! won't miss a thing!
@Mat'sMug Why do I see an Internet Explorer icon at the bottom there? (I'm happy to see Eclipse there)
10:24 AM
So what's happening today @skiwi?
I can't predict future :(
@skiwi Too bad. Would be helpful if you could
@CaptainObvious Two off-topic and one borderline.
11:20 AM
Q: Javascript: Rock Paper Scissors

Dieter GoetelenIn a few weeks I need to give a workshop about Javascript to colleagues. They do not have much experience with Javascript so I will explain the basics of Javascript. At the end of the day I want them to make a small game with the aspects learned during the day. I was thinking of Rock Paper Sciss...

Hey everyone.
@Simon Quite a long file. :o Don't you guys use different files?
...by you guys I mean programmers.
@kleinfreund Most guys do, especially in Java. But apparently not this one... sigh
I even do this in my CSS now. Since preprocessors, one has a couple of SCSS files which are compiled+uglified into one CSS file at the end.
How're you doing?
Q: Exception handling in Presenter in MVP

ChathurangaFollowing is a code snippet from MVP Win Forms application and I want to demonstrate the way I'm handling exceptions. My DAL doesn't handle exceptions and it will be propagated up to the calling method at the Presenter classes where the exception will be handled. I'm using a single handler ca...

11:51 AM
@kleinfreund Even I put CSS in to multiple files in my card games project
I'm doing OK over here, how you're doing self?
Can't complain. Moving a project to GitHub. Exams done. Internship from Monday on.
Q: Node.js promises: save results?

HeyI'm new to Promises and I don't know the best practises. The following code retrieves page history then search history. I want this history to be saved in variables in order to use it later. I wrote this code but I don't know if it's the best approach, can you give me your opinion please ? /** L...

Sounds good :)
Monking all.
I might also move a project to GitHub today. My Minesweeper-analyze code so that the Monkey can take a look at it some time :)
Ah, speaking of monkey... Monking @rolfl
11:59 AM
Hey Simon ... I have a relatively fast process going already for the MineSweeper. I think it will solve the 16/16 in aabout a year.
@rolfl The 16/16 with all the 3s? A year? Nice, I guess... lol
I also think I can make it about ...... 2^100 times faster with a small change
Now that sounds more like it :)
With the same accuracy?
I fell asleep with my laptop last night, so, you're not keeping me up.
yes, same accuracy ('perfect' accuracy)
@rolfl I can tell you that the code I have is indeed faster than a year. Who knows, perhaps you'll end up with the same algorithm that I'm currently using... (or an even faster one?)
12:02 PM
I am not sure on my current performance trhough, so I can't be certain about the upcoming improvements
My code could be taking as long as 100 years, and as short as 100 days .... not sure ;-)
I did not run it long enough....
so let's see.. 2^100 is 1267650600228229401496703205376 and a year consists of 31536000 seconds, so you'll end up solving it in less than a nanosecond? That'd be impressive.
Mybe the original run time was ....1,000,000,000 years?
@SimonAndréForsberg "This one is broken."
@rolfl Understandably. Perhaps you should start solving simpler variants of it? With only 5 connected 3s or something?
@skiwi There are apparently way too many broken Java developers out there. Or, what do I know? Perhaps he's using JAVA.
Oh, I am solving the 4x5 2 and 2 version 'very fast' ... millisecond range.
12:05 PM
Yeah, JAVA is a bad technology, provides no library classes and no generics.
@rolfl Hold on, I gotta check how fast my code is on that one...
JAVA has a class system, upper class, elite class, poor class.
Also there are no guidelines with respect to coding style in JAVA
java also has a class system, fine ground, espesso, etc.
JAVA has libraries, but they are underfunded.
java has no libraries.
@rolfl OK, my code was faster than I expected for the 2's case... I also solve it 'very fast'.
	String[] input = {
That's more or less the input, right?
12:11 PM
that's it, yes
5 mines, and those 2's
12:33 PM
Hi @KristoferGisslén!
Hi @200_success
Thank you for taking the time to check out my query
By the way, that is an awesome first question for Code Review. Welcome!
Thank you very much. I need tons of learing, but it's a great way to get to learn how to use queries and to join the community. :)
Perhaps you could describe how you calculate the redistribution?
For anyone else in the room, context:
Q: Complex query to count votes with a redistribution system

Kristofer GisslénI've spent the last couple of evenings trying to build a system for redistribution of votes in a ranked voting system. I've finally come up with the model for redistributing surpluses from a candidate whose number of votes exceeds the threshold. I'm at the beginning of my learning curve and I'v...

Of course. First: In short this calculation only handles the redistribution of surpluses. It doesn't at this point calculate redistribution of eliminated candidates votes...
12:38 PM
OK. So in the first round, Candidate 1 has a one-vote surplus.
Yes. Exactly. It calculates the threshold by summing all votes and dividing them by the number of seats (2 + 1) according to redistribution rules and then adds 1. The result is then rounded down to the nearset whole number.
@SimonAndréForsberg because I never bothered un-pinning it! ;) (and thanks!)
Threshold is 7. We agree there.
Then the surplus is removed from the winners votes (8) leaving us 1 to redistribute.
@KristoferGisslén Hmm... your name sounds quite Swedish... checking profile you are!! :D
12:41 PM
Now we grab all votes where the winner is ranked as number 1 (8 votes) and get all the votes for each second ranked candidate on those ballots.
@Mat'sMug Monking!
@KristoferGisslén - Out of interest, have you seen the software that StackExchange uses for its elections? openstv.org
We calculate the surplus ratio by dividing the winners surplus by its' total votes (1/8) = 0.125
And then multiply that ratio with each second favored candidates votes on the winners ballots...
Agree so far. Of the ballots where Candidate 1 is the first choice, 4 are for Candidate 2, 1 is for Candidate 3, 2 are for Candidate 4, and 1 is for Candidate 5. Eight altogether.
Yes @rolfl. I have, but I want to create my own - expanding my learning curve. ;)
Correct @200_success. Now we add that surplus to their votes in the first round.
12:45 PM
So, Candidate 2 gets a +4/8 bonus, Candidate 3 gets +1/8, Candidate 4 gets +2/8, Candidate 5 gets +1/8.
Exactly. :)
That's what I interpreted to be the "redistribution". What's your definition?
Definition? In what sense? :)
I would say that the redistribution for the first round is…
-1 for Candidate 1, because that's the surplus.
12:49 PM
Then +4/8 for C2, +1/8 for C3, +2/8 for C4, +1/8 for C5.
And 0 for the candidate 6
But your query has +1/8 for C2, +2/8 for C3, +4/8 for C4, +2/8 for C5.
Yeah... that's because +4/8 for C2 is his/hers number of votes as second favored choice... that number is only used while finding the candidates to redistribute to. The actual value must be what they had at the end of the last round. Since this is the first round it must be their original vote count... am I wrong?
So, explain how you arrive at +1/8 for C2, +2/8 for C3, +4/8 for C4, +2/8 for C5?
Any one example should be enough.
I've used this link as a guide: fairvotemn.org/book/export/html/1413
I'll try to explain...
In the first round each candidate gets C1 - 8, C2 - 1, C3 - 2, C4 - 4, C5 - 2, C6 - 3
12:56 PM
OK, that's the "raw" vote.
Candidate C1 is a winner. Candidates C2, C3, C4 and C5 are ranked as second favorable an C1s ballots
Of the ballots where Candidate 1 is the first choice, 4 are for Candidate 2, 1 is for Candidate 3, 2 are for Candidate 4, and 1 is for Candidate 5. Eight altogether.
A surplus ration of 0.125 is redistributed to thier votes: C2 - 0.125 * 1, C3 - 0.125 * 2, C4 - 0.125 * 4 and C5 - 0.125 * 2
Giving us 7, 2.125, 2.25, 4.5, 2.25 and 3 heading on tho round 2
Oh, you're proportioning the surplus by the votes they got in the first round.
I was proportioning them according to the second-choices of those who voted for C1.
Yeah. Or actually to their votes in the previous round. Since this is the first round it will be to their first round votes. :)
Yeah, I figured you did. This is a mess I can tell you. ;) I've thumbled several times while trying to understand the voting structure.
I mean stumbled... :)
1:03 PM
But your second example seems to disagree with you.
In Round 2, the table with the orange header.
A 666-vote surplus is to be redistributed.
Hmm... you're right...
If the surplus is to be redistributed according to the proportion of first-round votes, then Candidate B would benefit most from the redistribution.
It seems as I do have misunderstood the calculations...
Yeah, I really have. You are right there.
Or maybe there's more than one right way to do it?
Not only do I add the surplus to the previous round (which is correct) I multiply the ratio with the previous votes which is wrong - it should be multiplied with second favorable vote count...
No, you're absolutely correct in this. I'm wrong.
1:09 PM
Wikipedia is consistent with your link and my interpretation.
The single transferable vote (STV) is a voting system designed to achieve proportional representation through ranked voting in multi-seat constituencies (voting districts). Under STV, an elector has a single vote that is initially allocated to their most preferred candidate and, as the count proceeds and candidates are either elected or eliminated, is transferred to other candidates according to the voter's stated preferences, in proportion to any surplus or discarded votes. The exact method of reapportioning votes can vary (see Counting methods). The system provides approximately pro...
> Chocolate's surplus votes transfer to Strawberry and Sweets in proportion to the Chocolate voters' second choice preferences
Yep. I need to correct this value accordingly. :)
Just to be clear, please don't correct the logic bug by editing the question.
Okay. How should I correct the information in the quesion? :)
Q: For an iterative review, is it okay to edit my own question to include revised code?

JoelIs it okay to edit the question to include the improved code? I would like to do so for the following reasons: To share the improved code with others To show the answering persons that I take their feedback seriously To make sure that I understood (and implement) the feedback in the right mann...

1:14 PM
Beat ya!
@KristoferGisslén - Forgive me for suggesting this ..... but....
this is not really the sort of problem best solved in the database.
This is a problem that I would recommend pulling in to a more structured language, and going from there... (Java, C++, whatever.)
I know @rolfl. Acutally I should do it some other way but boy is this a learing experince for me. :)
1:16 PM
I disagree. SQL is a fine solution.
… though maybe not if you want to do multiple rounds recursively in the same query.
^^^ that..... although a cursor is what I would use as well.
I have done a lot of SQL work in the past 'on the database', and there are database side tools that can do this... in this case, a stored procedure with a cursor/loop.
This problem though has gone beyond what I would consider a readable SQL query
Well to that I must agree. It's insane... :) I need to have a look at my query again to solve this. I'll get back to you guys.
Very much thank you!!
What part of my query isn't readable? =)
You're welcome.... take my advice with some salt. I think everyone needs to understand the limitations of the tools, and the limitations of themselves. To do that, you need to occasionally exceed them
I have written some insane SQL queries.... and many of them are not readable....
do what I say, not what I do ... ;-)
I'll attest to rolfl's insane SQL.
1:23 PM
My excuse is that I have no choice but to do it in SQL.
200, did you see my recent answer .... ? I made that one a much easier read ..... I can do it.
World Cup rankings?
yeah ....
The nasty, nasty inner select with multiple outer joins....
I am hoping for feedback fromt he asker.... I want to know how much faster it becomes.
MySQL and its stupid lack of ranking support.
I know.... thanks for the edit.
Anyway, @Kristofer, I'd normally suggest waiting a while before accepting an answer on Code Review, in case anyone else wants to answer. But I think I've covered this query pretty thoroughly.
Hope to see you around again.
1:40 PM
@200_success I edited my answer significantly........ the ranking system was stupid too...
1:51 PM
@200_success @rolfl will you guys be able to join us today?
I can...
lol... go-live might abort, the supplier of the ERP's new version has given us a script to update the database, it's been running for an hour now.. last I checked it was sorting > 1,000,000 records on an unindexed GUID column... for no apparent reason.
Reminds me of a story ..... but, another time.
The problem with database queries is there is no progress bar.
the problem with SQL Server, is that, when there is a progress bar, it is not likely right.
Are you 'at work' ?
I read up on that IBM discussion tonight, sounded interesting
2:07 PM
This is the sort of thing IBM really does:
@rolfl That's some billions well spent.
Meanwhile I'm trying to find some great MMORPG to play... While I would need to study
There's way too many low quality companies though, killing the genre slowly
confirmed: go-live is aborting. such a fucking joke.
@Mat'sMug What's that?
upgrading to the 2014 version of a 3rd-party ERP is aborting. We've been working on that project since January.
just when I finish setting up the new project hierarchy in the SVN repository.
(we weren't going to merge the branch, I just made a new tree instead)
good thing I didn't have a SVN merge under way.
anyway.. going home. :)
2:25 PM
Enjoy the weekend ;-)
Just don't say 'I told you so'.
or .... 'so long .... suckers!'.
2:43 PM
@skiwi I know, let's make a TCG MMORPG! ;)
@Mat'sMug Sounds like you're really going to miss that job :)
@SimonAndréForsberg Wait... how would that look like? :P
@skiwi No idea. I've dropped that thought already, before I even started thinking about it :P
Smart choice :P
3:01 PM
@SimonAndréForsberg Fiddled with JavaFX 8 and Android yet?
@skiwi Nope, but I managed to integrate my own code into that MSolver code I showed earlier, so my computer can automatically play Minesweeper...
All those 35 games were played by my "bot"
:o nice
Why is there a floppy disk in your taskbar? :P
And now I'm going grilling at my brother's place
That's Total Commander. Can't live without it. ghisler.com
:o ok
3:37 PM
Q: jQuery check row size function

DreibaI made a function in jQuery for my own made grid system. What it does is when a row has to many columns in it, it removes the html code from that row. Normally in my grid system, there fits 12 columns in 1 row, but i can change that. So one column with the size of '1' (declared as: column size-...

4:22 PM
Q: Fastest way to multiply two byte arrays in Java

mahlerI have two byte arrays that represent unsigned 256-bit values and I want to multiply them resulting into a new value. What is the fastest ways to do this in Java? And are there other factors I should take into account? This is my current multiply-function: // two input values // i.e. each 0x000...

Q: HTML & CSS code for small responsive test project based on Bootstrap 3

knitevisionDon't pay attention to the menu being awful above 789px, the "theoretical" task was to support only tablets and smartphones and I didn't bother to make the menu look fine on other devices Just review it below 789px of VW. Here's a codepen to demonstrate. The site currently 100% matches the PS...

@SimonAndréForsberg wow that's pretty awesome!
5:16 PM
Q: Feedback on first Python script? (novice programmer)

user3740797I made a word counter. It works as long as there aren't any lone punctuation marks. How could it be improved? (Could it be made simpler? Are the comments detailed/clear enough? etc.) I know it's simple, but I don't want to develop bad habits early on. #prompt user to input a sentence toCount = r...

5:31 PM
My first (and probably last) answer!
A: Is my code nice and neat for a Tic-Tac-Toe board times 4?

Mat's MugI've just installed KTurtle for Windows, and ran your code. I never thought a turtle could be so frantic! KTurtle is ..entertaining to see in action! So I ran it again, at a slower speed.. first thing I'm noticing is that you're missing a clear at the beginning of the script (/program?), so that...

I like turtles
Q: Grid columns calculation

DreibaI have a one function to calculate all the possible widths plus the margins for the gutters. In this same function, the grid extensions such as the pull, pushand offset functions are also calculated. @function calculate-one-column() { $a: 100%; @if ($gutter-width-px > 0) { $a: ($a - ($...

I had that answer draft up all night, and got a I'm-not-a-bot check upon submitting!
@Mat'sMug Don't tell me that you didn't save it somewhere?
I didn't. :/
5:41 PM
That was very dangerous then.
Q: calculate the intersection between two intervals on the same circle

HugoRuneI want to calculate the ratio of intersection between two intervals; the length of the intersection divided by the length of the shorter interval. So if two intervals do not intersect, the ratio is 0, if one interval is fully contained in the other, the ratio is 1, otherwise it is a number betwe...

I know, don't mess with the turtles...
I want to combine AI with Android with a game and with either text based or very very simple graphics...
I'd try smashing the smartphone onto the computer screen, see what I get.
@Mat'sMug Dead pixels?
5:44 PM
and/or broken phone
I'm thinking how I can use the AI in a fun way
@skiwi Make an AI that plays mario.
@CaptainObvious I remember this user! He's the same one who answered my Bejeweled question on SO!
Q: Rebol Function to Categorize Items in a Block

rgchrisI have a function that iterates through a block, tests each value against a given function and is placed in a block associated with the product of that function. CATEGORIZE items test An example: categorize [ "Aardvark" "Bison" "Antelope" "Baboon" "Anaconda" "Basking Shark" ] [fir...

Welcome, @HugoRune!
5:57 PM
@Jamal Small world :)
Haha. Indeed. You've found this place pretty quickly, too.

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