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12:00 AM
@Jamal, no longer your birthday ... :(
(working on SE time).
Huh, can't repinn after unpinning it....
Was going to say you can have your birthday back, but apparently you can't
Thank you so much! I was stuck for a long time and you have made it so clear. Thank you for taking the time to educate a newbie, such as myself. — Simon 11 mins ago
One of my longer zombies:
A: Snake game in C

syb0rgThings that could be improved: Portability: Every time you add an #import to the top of your C file, you potentially create a dependency. This is especially true for your game. #include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <conio.h> #include <time.h> #include <ctype.h> #...

Also, this comment needs upvoting:
@DaviddCeFreitas Where do you get that idea from? We only review working code over on Code Review. Please read the guidelines of what questions are on topic for a site before you recommend them. — syb0rg 20 secs ago
12:18 AM
killshot, and done
thank you
Q: Writes a JTable to a tab delimited file (to open in Excel)? Can this be done in a better way?

Doug HaufI have wrote this class that will write JTable to a tab delimited file so that it can be opened in Excel. It works great but is there any way to make it better or is there a way to have it directly open in Excel without having to go through the import screens all of the time? Question: How can ...

just checking in for a minute, gotta get back to cooking and tomorrow going to go Ice Fishing with my Dad
1 hour later…
1:38 AM
Q: ListView-row Controller?

PiotrIn most examples ListView routine is pretty simple: Adapter keeps a list of models In getView() method, it binds model's property to row's subviews There's no controller-object which is binding model's properties to views. It works well for simple cases, but what if model are relatively co...

Q: All permutations of the pairs that add to squares

JavaDeveloper Given a number, this program would find "all permutations of the pairs that add to squares" from 1 to number. Eg: Given input a number 16, one of the possible answers would be: 8:1:15:10:6:3:13:12:4:5:11:14:2:7:9:16 and its reverse Note that the function called hasIntegerRoot has be...

1:59 AM
A lot of Java questions recently.
I should've learned Java...
I don't have a Java IDE immediately accessible. And I feel as if my Java skills have somewhat diminished.
@jarnbjo could probably answer some.
2:51 AM
Q: Lots of repeating code, trouble refactoring

deepee1I'm looking for a design pattern or suggestions that can help refactor my code into something a bit less repetitive. I have a method that has several sequential steps (10-15) that if any of them fail must record detail about the failure to a log and rollback all previous portions of the transacti...

Q: Google Spreadsheet Script - Looping through selected cells to indent text

leighthalI have written the following Google Spreadsheet script that attempts to loop through all selected cells and then update the value so that it adds an indent, by adding =CONCAT(REPT( CHAR( 160 ), 5),"' + value[row] + '") around the value. However I am hitting an error when processing the loop and ...

Just typed this to a colleague. ....:
> I am busy setting up a copy of the data for myself.... that **will** be affecting performance.
I get a 'huh?' back.... damnit, I'm addicted.
> You've earned the "java" badge. See your profile.
> You've earned the "beginner" badge. See your profile.
user image
Java Beginner? I hope not!
3:09 AM
Congrats, monkey!
3:38 AM
Nice Work @rolfl. I am outta here for the night and possibly a couple of days... will try to pop in to keep my visit streak going
Sure, have a good week.
4:07 AM
There should be a badge for having every post on the front page edited by yourself ;) Complete Mayhem ensues !
Still learning from Jamal though, missed some obvious silly subjects
and 'hello world'
Hey all
Hey! I see you've killed a zombie!
ha, yeah. Found him on the 13th unanswered page :D
Off-topic (and why did it have to be a C++ question)...
Q: 2d Arrays in C++

user2371621OK I have this program and Im having some trouble with it. In the addRows and subtractRows functions, the program freezes and also the sums are not correct. Can any take a look at this and point out my mistakes? thanks. #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip>...

Q: 2d Arrays in C++

user2371621OK I have this program and Im having some trouble with it. In the addRows and subtractRows functions, the program freezes and also the sums are not correct. Can any take a look at this and point out my mistakes? thanks. #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <iomanip>...

4:16 AM
Stop rubbing it in...
I sent a close vote :P Working coooode!
Note that there is a specific Code Review website where you could post such "questions" and get answers on your coding "standard". — Alexis Wilke 7 mins ago
?? But, but... he said the program "freezes"? How can that be working code?
Some people on SO just don't know their own site. Either that, or we're becoming their toilet site.
Q: Why I am stuck in this while loop?

cojomojoI am in the process of learning javascript, and I am exercising some skills I know to improve them. Here is what I want to do: prompt user to enter username after that prompt them with a math question if they get it wrong, run again, do this up to 3 times if they fail three times, move on to t...

4:22 AM
Another one...
@StackExchange What is this asking??
4:42 AM
Hey @Undo
What brings you here?
Oy @syb0rg
meh, just passing through.
clicking random links, seeing where it takes me.
@Jamal It's a fellow mod!
@Undo Are coding libraries on topic for SoftRecs?
I know. :-) He's one of the pieces of meat mods on Software Recommendations.
@syb0rg IIRC yes. But lemme find the Meta thread that I vaguely remember.
A: Is it alright to ask for programming tools?

ValekHalfHeart "what is the best library for image rendering in C#?" Would be a horrible question because it is completely unclear what you're looking for. A particular image rendering library might be perfect for one person's needs and useless to the proverbial next man. However, if you list the exact f...

@syb0rg ^ Yes.
4:49 AM
Hmm. That looks like a beta I will join in the future then.
5:33 AM
Q: Binary Search Tree implementation

dysruption#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <assert.h> typedef struct Node NODE; struct Node { int value; int is_leaf; struct Node *right; struct Node *left; }; NODE *new_leaf(void) { NODE *leaf = malloc(sizeof(NODE)); assert(leaf); leaf->is_leaf = 1; leaf->value = 0; leaf->

Go gettem, @Jamal!
It mostly looks like syb0rg's area of expertise.
5:47 AM
Almost completely done with my code-challenge!
5:58 AM
Q: Find the combinations, given three datacenters with x number of machines

user2809564I am working on a project in which I have three datacenter (as of now) and each datacenter will have some machines. So I am storing the input in a Map of String and List of String as shown below. Map<String, List<String>> boxBallMap = new LinkedHashMap<String, List<String>>(); Data in the abo...

6:57 AM
yeah, that C implementation of a BST leaks so much memory it could also be closed as "not working" :P
7:16 AM
Trash Bin of Stack Exchange™
@rolfl: Congrats!
7:37 AM
Q: Classes to iterate over millions of records, performing calculations and comparisons on each

ErikI'm converting a PHP written with a lot of procedural loops to classes. There is a hierarchy of nested information represented in nested associative arrays. The actual records are from currency markets but I'm using car examples here. I'm looking for general suggestions and criticisms as I don't ...

8:04 AM
Morning' people, Night @Jamal.
No morning for you, NEXT!
Nice to see you here, @Undo. I voted for you in the SO elections. Didn't seem to help though.
I forgot voting for the So elections :|
8:32 AM
good morning @all
i would like to get some review on my first answer on this site, can I post a killcam here?
@Vogel612 Welcome to the chat. Sure, go ahead and post your first answer here
A: Sugestion on a better way to code this EF update?

Vogel612As @dreza mentioned, you might want to move the code around your LINQ-Statements to a method. public void changeCategoryTo(String newCategory){ var record = (from n in db.Navigation where n.Category == newCategory && n.SectionId == SectionID select n).First(); record.Cat...

You'll probably get some +1's simply for knowing about the killcam meme.
was investigating a bit at 1 AM...
couldn't sleep and ran into the COD-Meta-Post
Well done, +1 for your answer. And it was an old zombie as well. Great.
8:44 AM
What the--
Q: Prints out all ways to multiply smaller integers that equal the original number

JavaDeveloper Write a program in Java that takes a positive integer and prints out all ways to multiply smaller integers that equal the original number, without repeating sets of factors. In other words, if your output contains 4 * 3, you should not print out 3 * 4 again as that would be a re...

@Jamal My thoughts exactly :)
@Mat'sMug 1K chat messages? Well, I'm not ready yet. My only experience in SE chats in Lounge<C++> which resulted in me watching the 3 seasons of My Little Pony. I can't remember why. That was pretty traumatic.
1 hour later…
10:02 AM
@syb0rg: Do we know each other from somewhere? :)
10:52 AM
Q: Laplace equation in 1D with MATLAB

chuyenvien94Here is a Matlab code to solve Laplace 's equation in 1D with Dirichlet's boundary condition u(0)=u(1)=0 using finite difference method % solve equation -u''(x)=f(x) with the Dirichlet boundary condition clear all close all N=2; for j=1:10 a=0; b=1; N=2*N; M(j)=N; delta_x=(b-a)/N; k=2; A=spar...

11:34 AM
Q: All this steps are necessary with prepared statement?

geomo<?php if (isset($_SESSION['userID'])) { $userID = $_SESSION['userID']; $stmt = $mysqli->prepare( "SELECT usergroup, firstname FROM tbl_users WHERE userID = ? "); $stmt->bind_param('i', $userID); $stmt->execute(); $stmt->store_result(); $stmt->bind_result($usergroup...

12:16 PM
Q: Need an advice for design pattern

AzmodanI need an advice for my simple project. It's a logger system. I have the following files/classes File - check if file exist is readable etc ConfigParser - it's an abstract class of which I use the __construct method to do some things. The class is never instantiated directly. It's a decorator. ...

12:39 PM
@Vogel612 - Necromancer!
@rolfl not yet ;)
1:17 PM
Q: How can this Encryption Class be more secure?

Mark LaREZZAHow secure is this encryption? Secondly, is there something I could do to "turn it up a notch" and make it 'more' secure? Imports System.Security.Cryptography Public Class clsCrypt Private TripleDES As New TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider 'create and return the key and initialization vector has...

1:29 PM
Q: How to make business logic code maintainable when working with multiple states?

LunarI am developing a UI Application for a very simple phone app, the UI is based entirely on the state of Call in a container provided to me by a third party library. Below is a sample Call object that I am working with; public class Call { private boolean isTannoyCall; private long callS...

Q: Code explanation in terms of javascript

HaradzieniecI need to get an explanation of how this code works (not the algorithm itself). Any javascript terms that could be applied to any part of this code are highly appreciated. Isn't that easier to write this program in a different manner? thank you. http://jsfiddle.net/7FMD2/3/

Since its edit, this question contains working code. Could anybody help reopening it?
1:47 PM
Q: LinkedList with Node implementation

Yechiel Labunskiybelow is my implementation of templated Node and LinkedList classes. I would really appreciate it if someone would give me pointers on what I can improve. Thank you! //LinkedList with SumLists() #include <iostream> #include <set> using namespace std; template<class T> class Node { public: ...

@Morwenn Done
Do you still get the runtime error though?
@konijn pending edit.
@konijn Thanks. I tried to compile the full code and had no runtime error.
it is!
1:58 PM
@Vogel612 welcome to 200! :)
avid in a day.... huh.
I think [badge:mortarboard] is a problem on day1....hmmmm
is it?
actually... 211 in one day
@Morwenn I have yet to figure out how SE chat relates to 3 seasons of My Little Pony
...not sure I want to find out though ;)
@Mat'sMug Have you ever been to Lounge<C++>? It's generally more Lounge than C++.
2:05 PM
Q: Code explanation in terms of javascript

HaradzieniecI need to get an explanation of how this code works (not the algorithm itself). Any javascript terms that could be applied to any part of this code are highly appreciated. Isn't that easier to write this program in a different manner? thank you. http://jsfiddle.net/7FMD2/3/

I'm stuck in the 2nd monitor
in terms of javascript??
@Mat'sMug When they talk about programming, it is generally to say that X or Y language/concept/paradigm sucks for X or Y reason.
here we talk about programming... sometimes...
especially when there's a going on
Well, here is their current description: "Magical insult palace".
2:08 PM
mind you, our description is kinda boring
At least, this 2nd monitor helped to make Code Review a better place :)
I'm sure!
@Vogel612 don't forget to spend some more votes, you get 40 bullets / day :)
2:28 PM
I love giving that 10th vote ;)
I have seen a lot of 2nd and 5th votes in your answers, @konijn
@Mat'sMug SIR YES SIR!
^^^ you got it ;-)
damn I am glad the rep-cap is not applied to assoc-bonus ;)
@Vogel612 - there's an SEDE for that ... I have lost close to 10% of my rep to the cap.
2:31 PM
hey mr. Theoretical Trusted user ;)
@rolfl whining about "lost" rep again?!
Well, @Mat'sMug... of course....
Like you:
18 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
and I got a checkmark! / busted rep-cap! :)
18 hours ago, by Mat's Mug
@rolfl rep-capped!
hello @guest-414 :)
@konijn you like adding the 10th? meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/a/1574/31503
Someone beat me to it
200_success still had a 9 point question fortunately ;)
2:40 PM
Did you ever see my just-one-vote SEDE query?
Sounds like it is up your street....
A: So votes are good for us. How can I find answers/reviews to vote for?

rolflLooking for something to shoot? As a 'toy query', I put the above query together.... What badges could be earned if a question, or answer, had just one more vote? you could make someone happy with a [badge:Great Question] (never been awarded... yet) [badge:Reversal] [badge:Guru] [badge:Self-...

The problem with c++ is that some pieces of code would almost have to be rewritten from scratch to be idiomatic.
The problem with C++?
Like, that's all?
Also, CodeReview is the perfect place if you want to find 150 implmentations of a linked list.
@Mat'sMug I meant here on CodeReview.
not that anyone needs more than 2?
Also, I'm beginning to have trouble writing idiomatic C++03 without wanting to use C++11 features :/
2:47 PM
@Morwenn or of a tic-tac-toe board ;)
Zombie down!
A: Capture with User32.dll or hook?

Mat's Mug It's very fast, but I wonder if hooking into the API (DirectX) and getting the buffer will be faster than this (I don't know how to do that, though). I don't know either. What you have here, probably hasn't been reviewed yet, because there's essentially nothing blatantly wrong with it. W...

user image
I'm not sure whether proposing a linked list weekend challenge would be a good troll...
Shame on you...
make the weekend-challenge eligible for duplicate answers??
you are even creepier than that pie
@Mat'sMug - :
There really isn't an axe over your heads even now. — Grace Note 43 secs ago
There really isn't an axe over your heads even now. — Grace Note 1 min ago
wait, wtf
2:51 PM
There really isn't an axe over your heads even now. — Grace Note 1 min ago
> There really isn't an axe over your heads even now. You'd have to, like, torch everyone on the site and then set exploding bear traps for new visitors in order to drop things low enough to get you guys in any sort of danger zone. – Grace Note♦ 52 secs ago
what the..
Well, compared to most of the beta sites, CodeReview is doing really fine.
2:52 PM
torch everyone?? shouldn't we better blow them up?..
exploding bear traps!!
torches should work well against zombies in arid climates..
note: torching everyone on the site wouldn't be enough. We'd have to also set exploding bear traps for new visitors!
To compare, Beers has been 36 days in beta and has 36 questions.
@Morwenn just hinting at your latest kill? Why not go for the killcam?
A: LinkedList with Node implementation

MorwennI will admit that I don't want to review the whole code; I will just focus on some simple things: template<class T> LinkedList<T>& LinkedList<T>::operator=(LinkedList byValList) { std::swap(head, byValList.head); return *this; } You are oly swapping head pointers. Ok, your instance wil...

2:57 PM
That immature side of me really feels that some of the new questions deserve exploding bear-traps.... and I can say: See, Grace says your grace period is over!
@Mat'sMug Let's say I am not used to killcams yet, nor particulary proud of my answer^^"
You can always edit later..
It's a within-an-hour answer, we'll take it!
I actually totally forgot that you were also trying to improve the time statistics.
actually, the site's stats overall :)
Good morning
3:02 PM
It is!
To you too!
can I get some more votes on this one ....
A: Stored Procedure logically or coding

Malachiyou have a lot of if statements in your SQL, this screams at me that you are doing something in your SQL that should be done in the application, and that this SQL should be separated into two distinct stored procedures. the benefits faster stored procedures use an actual coding language to d...

@Morwenn --- that's how you do it ^^^^^
Trying to go for a revival?
trying to get this badge
Reversal Provided answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score
@Malachi - sorry, no-can-do.
3:03 PM
@Malachi already +1'd
@rolfl out of votes huh? or did you already vote on it?
Oops, sorry, I was actually thinking of reversal.
already voted.
wow I'm one of the OP's downvoters...
Welcome @Morwenn haven't seen you here before
3:04 PM
that's a nice badge to get @Malachi!
hey @Marc-Andre!
@Mat'sMug I too downvoted
half way there
thanks Santa
Hey @Mat'sMug! And Hi all!
Hello all!
@Malachi well that would first be a [nice-answer] :)
@Marc-Andre posted anything new? We need to get you to 1K by March 16th :)
No not since 18 hours :P
3:07 PM
@Morwenn too
And anyone currently 500-999 :)
what is march 16th?
the next "Grace Note Query" update, the 5th concentric ring in the doughnut chart!
1K: the yellow section. We need that to grow.
Here's two necro's if ya don't mind (make sure they are worthy....) : codereview.stackexchange.com/a/36756/31503 and codereview.stackexchange.com/a/35848/31503
Grace Note responds:
@Mat'sMug I'll do my best to try to post something but I have crazy ahead of me at work!
A: What are the advantages of graduation?

Grace NoteGraduation does five things for you, mechanically speaking. Reputation privilege tables are changed. That answer really explains it so I don't need to go further. Given the rep distribution at current, this is actually somewhat negative since you have a pretty tiny fraction of 5% that surpasses...

3:10 PM
@rolfl i Have found very few things to criticise.... --> I have found. minor typo
@Malachi Well, I have been on ode Review for a while, bt it's my first time on the chat :)
@Morwenn We're glad you're here!
@syb0rg Thanks^^
We are ?
3:14 PM
Oh, yeah, glad you're here .... ( .... sorry, loading some TNT in to some bear traps ....)
preparing some torches
Thanks Santa!
@syb0rg sorry, BTDT for both
and hello @Vogel612
hi there@syb0r
3:15 PM
@Vogel612 ... the traps are for you... please don't fight back.
sending my pet metal golem ahead
@syb0rg - so you found the one-more-vote useful, did you?
Yeah :P
It updates again on Saturday night.... those answers may, just, be, on the list again as 'Nice Question' or 'Enlightened'.
I may have finally completed my UTTT game, I just have to try and test it for bugs.
3:20 PM
103 new messages!?
@syb0rg I'm looking forward to reading your future CR question about it. I'd really like to see how on earth you did it in C
I'm still also hoping that @rolfl will make a UTTT
And I'm still not completely satisfied with how I have done it myself.
A: First Chess project

user116240I spent some time last night reviewing this code. Here are some specific suggestions I can make: Move your game loop into an if name= "main": statement at the bottom of the code. Currently, if the module is imported, the person who imports it will immediately start playing chess, which isn't de...

^^^ welcome to CR ^^^
Welcome to 200! You are now officially an avid user! :) — Mat's Mug 10 secs ago
Another [badge:revival]! Thanks Santa!
@SimonAndréForsberg I have been really swamped at work.... and working with people in Texas, California, China and Ireland.... I do the CR thing between calls, conferences, and timezones.
This morning I was on a conference to Beijing until 2am, and then again at 7am ...
The UTTT just has not happened.
I am planning a week off in 2 weeks time... I will either do it then, or whatever the challenge is for March
We're doing another one for March?
Really kicking myself, actually. It's a good one, and my son was interested.
Anyway, this is me not actually going back to sleep, which is what I hd planned.
3:29 PM
Understandable, monkey. Just remember that it's never to late to post a challenge.
I don't think we should do another one for March, perhaps in April ^^
I was thinking of doing the next one in April
^^^ exactly^^^ but I also have not studied the answers/questions either (trying not to 'poison' myself ... ).
Besides I haven't got mine to work... yet.
So there's some activity that is due for those that have submitted things too.
3:30 PM
I'm thinking of extending the current one, to provide a simple socket protocol so that those who would like to make bots to fight against each other can do so.
And I also have to fix my own AIs to make them better.
cough, cough
@rolfl Banana stuck in your throat?
A: Weekend-Challenge Reboot

rolfl@ChrisW raises an interesting possibility that there is IO, and a 'winning design'. This made me think: If there is a full month for the challenge, maybe an interesting idea would be to define a socket-layer interface and protocol, and then you can connect two solutions to each other and th...

It's good that you don't try to 'poison' yourself. I have 'poisoned' myself a bit, but I still think that my implementation is quite different from others.
Yes, I was thinking about that one, @rolfl.
I don't agree with a "winning design" though. Too PCG-esque.
3:33 PM
Yes, I also don't like the winning design idea. We are all winners here.
Besides all participants are winners - given the tag's voting stats :)
Yeah, talk about a rep-cornucopia
@SimonAndréForsberg Aww, I found a bug...
I particularily like that it makes an opportunity for reviewers to get their code reviewed ;)
^^ what M&M says &&
3:49 PM
Aaaaand the answer is removed again..
Then fix it, dear @syb0rg, dear @syb0rg, dear @syb0rg.
Then fix it, dear @syb0rg, dear @syb0rg, dear @syb0rg. FIX IT!
@Vogel612 Oh well, that's what I said after having posted it: it wasn't a good answer.
it's THE BUG iff [sic] you follow the rule..
@Morwenn not that I could judge c++ code...
@Morwenn Loki will probably address it ;)
@Vogel612 Loki Astari can. And is far more pedantic than I am.
I see what's comin
Howdy all
@apieceoffruit howdy redneck
damn this reminds me of the anti-drinking campaigns here in Germany..
3:59 PM
I've got to go. I will probably come back here from time to time :)
@Morwenn do or do not, there is no try
...but do :)
@apieceoffruit It actually depends on whether I'll be partying or not.
You've earned the 'Pundit' badge. See your profile (Meta-CR)!
I'm the first to get it!!
@Mat'sMug huzza, congrats and salutations!
4:09 PM
damn if I were not so bad with SQL i could spend my ammo way more effective...
..ly (sorry eye was twitching)
way more effective-ly
4:11 PM
lol was removed?
now i'm confused
yeah, enough auto-stars for me ;)
oh that's right we have serial lol upvoters :P
what is lol upvoters?
@Vogel612 "lol" in this chatroom tends to attract stars... automatically.
(and isn't dat COD-Game a Site-Wide serial upvoting call?)
4:13 PM
lol-starrers actually ;)
should I say it now??
ohhh and shouldn't it be starrers?
"keep your variable names speaking"
yeah that's my fault, I'm a redditor, my brain goes straight to upvote instead of star....
@Vogel612 careful with serial upvoting - that does get reversed. We vote for posts not users.
4:29 PM
@rolfl Is the last value supposed to be negative?
const int yDelta[COLS - 1] = {0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, -1};
Q: Best way to get two columns from a table

PeteBasically I have taken over a project and found a table that has the following video and video title fields in it (why they didn't create a separate linked table is beyond me): [VIDEOURL] [VIDEOTITLE] [COUKVIDEO1URL] [COUKVIDEO2URL] [COUKVIDEO3URL] [COUKVIDEO4URL] [COUKVIDEO1TITLE] [COUKVIDEO2TI...

@rolfl That's from the little logic snippet you helped me with the other day.
@jarnbjo I know you from back in the day when I answered Java questions on SO. You probably didn't see much of me.
4:45 PM
@Vogel612 I rejected your edit: this should be a comment on the answerer's post.
@Mat'sMug there is a comment... from over a yr. ago...
someone's gotta change it somewhen
actually the comment was 22 seconds after the answer. and the 1-rep-user hasn't been seen since
An edit on that post would bump an answered question from 2011 onto the front page...
have you heard of the "newest" tab? also it will probably vanish soon again if nothing happens.
IMO the comment already addresses the issue. But my rejection isn't binding, 2 users must approve/reject an edit. Let's see what other reviewers think :)
Yea I am curious too ;)
4:52 PM
FWIW I agree that auto-properties make sense
You can follow it up here:
(and use that link to ask on meta if your edit gets rejected and you think it's wrong)
the problem is, that [user:~community] should clean the comments sooner or later to reduce overhead.
Hmm IDK about that.
wow is anyone reviewing suggested edits? o.O
@rolfl you here?
you need more rep 4 that. also the monkey went to sleep
said sth about a meeting in Beijing..
Most people in this room have the edit privilege, I'm surprised it's taking this long.
@MichaelTodd welcome to the 2nd monitor! Got a CR account?
@Mat'sMug you sure are lazy aren't you??
4:57 PM
isn't every programmer lazy?
@Mat'sMug when do you get the edit thing?
also he has one.. 101 rep
(graduated site: 2K)
4:58 PM
wut. 4k is trusted user??
Wow, I feel like highlander gathering power...
there can be only one...

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