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12:02 AM
^^^ thats for your answer on my RPSLS revisit ^^^
Huh, hit the review queue, and got an LQ to review.... will get a badge, I hope, but I don't think I made a CR vet happy....
@rolfl: I trust that he will either back up his answer or willingly ask for conversion. I didn't choose to convert myself this time. I'd rather wait for feedback.
Yeah, he always has options.
Oh wait, he can always make it a comment himself; he has over 50 rep. Duh. :-P
You've earned the "Fanatic" badge. See your profile.
@rolfl Yeah, there wasn't so much to say on your code. It was too good :)
Heh... I have -ve rep for today .....
12:12 AM
Welcome to the club! :-)
@rolfl I also recommended deletion on that answer. Although not using the same comment you did, I wrote my custom comment instead.
I've added a post notice myself (doesn't do much, but is still something).
@SimonAndréForsberg - I cored a visit to the 'Low Quality' review queue ... ;p
The comment was the result of my delete recommendation.
but I also win a badge ... ;-)
@SimonAndréForsberg -> Fanatic on SO, oh, well done (not CR, I was confused).
lol I just got a badge for this closed and downvoted question
Q: Windows Service not Auto Starting on reboot

MalachiI have done some Researching and implemented some additions from the Questions that I found here on StackOverFlow. but I am still having issues with the service not auto-starting here are some of the Questions/Answers that I have read How To Auto Start Windows Service Automatically start a win...

Nice! This one, although not closed, still got me a badge some time ago:
Q: Recommended improved match-finding algorithm for Bejeweled game?

JamalI'm trying to determine a sensible method of finding matches of 3, 4, or 5, for each rows and column. The player looks for areas (rows or columns) in the game board where the same "gem" will, after swapping two adjacent pieces (one swap each turn), repeat for 3-5 consecutive spots. Here's an ex...

12:32 AM
I got a silver badge even
@Malachi 2.5K views, gets a [badge:notable-question] regardless :)
@Malachi: Mine is not yet at 2500, and that may take a while. Thanks for the upvote, too! I've upvoted yours as well as it looks pretty good (and actually shows research).
Yeah, it goes to show the inverse success of CR.... the worst quality questions get the most upvotes, and the most down-voted questions get the most views....
Everyone is looking for the disasters ... ;-)
And this one actually got some upvotes, even with a shoddy title (before the edit) and random indentation (also before the edit).
@rolfl that was a SO question...
12:37 AM
Well, you pedantic so-and-so's
@Jamal Bejeweled is so like the best thing since Tetris!! Screw tic-tac-toe, we're making a Bejeweled next week!
Today has been a good day, I actually got some work done, put up an XMas tree, watched a niece play basketball, and it's still 4 hours before bed time so I can get more work done.
Oh, and took pictures of the kids for XMlas cards
@rolfl work-a-holic?
Right now I have to be .....
@retailcoder: For the record, I did not post that as a "suggestion" for a challenge. :-P I still haven't finished my own implementation.
12:38 AM
RPSLS put a dent in my work productivity
we're making a Bejeweled next week! Noooooooooooooooooo!
@Jamal I wasn't doing important things with my application, like logging, and i found out that it was trying to connect to a network before connections were made, so it was timing out
I'll implement mine anyway :)
I am having an issue with a list<string> on my RPSLS gqame
Mine will get to 2.5K views within the next couple months probably:
A: Implementing String.Format() in VB6

retailcoderI couldn't find one anywhere, so I made my own: Public PADDING_CHAR As String Public Function StringFormat(format_string As String, ParamArray values()) As String 'VB6 implementation of .net String.Format(), slightly customized. 'Tested with Office 2010 VBA (x64) Dim return_value As St...

12:40 AM
Should be List<String> ... oh, you're not usng Java
My only question on SO is about to get some more views:
Q: XMLSchema validation on Android

rolflI maintain the JDOM project and I am trying to 'certify' it on Android. Most things work fine, but XML Schema validation is proving problematic... My questions are: Is there a way to do XMLSchema validation on Android? If there is, how? Questions like this have been asked before, but no conclus...

@rolfl it's List<string> or List<String> in
Excellent self-answer. :-) Getting that badge is still one of my goals on CR.
@retailcoder how do I select a specific item in the list by index?
wiat a second
@Malachi that seems like a rudimentary question .... are you new to C# ?
I did it in one place and it works but not in another place, I think I need to step into the application earlier and see why one of my variables isn't being set
12:42 AM
@SimonAndréForsberg: Not a game for x86 assembly, but close enough. ;-)
Q: LCM calculation bug in GCD/LCM x86 Intel NASM assembly program

JamalI created a similar program in C++ first, and then I decided to try to write it in x86 assembly language (the type of assembly I was taught in college). I've already completed the C++ version, and my assembly version is almost complete. I did some desk-checking on both versions, first using (24...

@Malachi myList[n]?
Q: Checking user permission, where permission is granted for specific EmployeeGroup that has self reference

HaLaBiThe users get permissions to do specific things for a specific group of employees. These employee groups have a self reference. So an employee group (C) can be a child of group (B), and group (B) is child of (A). The user is granted permission to employee group (A), so if I want to check if the p...

@retailcoder ok here is a better question because I did it like that. I need to read in a number from the console. do I use Read or ReadLine and then convert it to an int? i think I am going to go with the second options
@Malachi Console.Read reads a single character. I find Console.ReadLine is more user-friendly (user controls when/what they "submit") and easier to deal with (e.g. backspace?); I'd go with ReadLine and int.TryParse :)
my while loop isn't working the way that I want it to.....
12:56 AM
@Malachi it's not looping? :p
this Compiler is Very Specific.
I don't like it at all.
it won't break out of the loop
var validInput = false;
while (!validInput)
Console.WriteLine("Please choose your Gesture ");
var playerChoice = Convert.ToInt32 (Console.ReadLine());
if (playerChoice > 0 && playerChoice < listOfGestures.Count)
playerGesture = listOfGestures[playerChoice - 1];
validInput = true;
validInput = false;
@Malachi I came from VB6 into C# - the strictness of the language was irritating at first, but I wouldn't do without now!
You should int.TryParse or Int32.TryParse instead of Convert.ToInt32 - what if the user enters "foobar"?
no this compiler is way worse than Visual Studio's compiler. I don't have the option of Convert.ToInt() it has to be Convert.ToInt32()
and stuff like that
It's not the compiler, it's the Convert class - same in all C# compilers :)
I got it to work
12:59 AM
int is a C# language shortcut to System.Int32, just like string is a shortcut for the System.String class
it didn't like a comment in the middle of stuff I guess
well it didn't like the shortcut....lol
I am working in Mono on Linux
(System.Convert is actually a framework thing - it's the same class in VB.NET)
I am just saying the mono compiler is different from the visual studio compiler, I know all that stuff is a framework thing, but the compilers are different and will allow or not allow different things, @retailcoder
1:07 AM
William Morris is still in agreement of his answer. Anyone want to discuss it with him on Meta?
interesting... I thought compilers complied to language specs!
@Jamal what are we talking about here?
well if it is a microsoft compiler it will compile the way that you assume, but when a third party creates the compiler to match microsoft, there are going to be some things that are different
A: Onset detection using FFT

William MorrisThe main thing to remember when you allocate lots of data is that you must free it when you are done.

so maybe I am explaining it wrong
@Jamal I think we should just let it go
We don't want to frustrate and lose a 4K user!
1:10 AM
Alright. It's the community's call most of all (rhyme not intended). But I'll still keep that post notice there.
1:25 AM
@Jamal did the user delete their post, or was it Jamalized?
(got 1 rep pt back from the post being deleted)
now I gotta find another post to downvote, 1856 is just ... you know
@retailcoder: The owner deleted it.
I wasn't going to delete it myself anyway, at least not that soon.
@Malachi how's it coming along?
(poor unicorns)
@retailcoder - dead baby unicorns are OK. The only thing valuable with unicorns is the horn, and they only get horny at puberty.
1:37 AM
@retailcoder: Fine with me. :-)
Guys this OP needs a hand - my answer won't be enough on that one:
Q: How can I improve this Tic-Tac-Toe code?

Julii GiambellucaThis program is supposed to be a player VS player Tic-Tac-Toe game. The computer then checks whether you've won, lost, or tied. The code does work, but I don't want it to work through hacking; I want it to be done the right way. Sub Main() 'Initialise variables Dim StrCoordinate(3, 3) As Strin...

I'm pleased that answer was deleted, it gave me back some reputation, so now I am back to zero for today.
@retailcoder tell him he can improve it by writing it in Java ?
@retailcoder adding some things that I want in there and then I am going to post what I have, it's not going to be as pretty as any of the rest of them, it is going to look more like the python version that got this all started I think..... :(
@retailcoder - that tic-tac-toe looks like the first 'real program' I wrote ... back in the mid 80's on an IBM PC with a green/black screen using DOS and BASIC.... the only thing missing is GOTO's and line numbers.
Back then, syntax highlighting was not so advanced either.
1:43 AM
@rolfl it's not the language, he'd probably make a monolith in Java too!
heh, just been watching 2001: A Space odyssey. ... there's a real monolith
@Malachi then you're sure to get grwat reviews no?
@retailcoder I am trying to use class scope variables... not sure I am thinking straight...
@rolfl I could have done that on my C64!!
exactly, or a ZX Spectrum
With a cassette-tape storage unit
1:46 AM
(That was a phone typo - meant "great")
I think I will quickly invent a new word .... 'typho'.... for a phone-typo.
Shoot, UD has had it for almost 4 years already .... urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=typho
2:00 AM
Q: How can I print the maze solution in this program

andrew mendoncaIn this program, I am trying to print a solution for the maze with '*' indicating a wall, ' ' indicating a corridor, and '#' indicating a solution path. I am using a recursive backtracking algorithm in this program. For instance, here is a small (8-by-12) maze: 8 12 ********** * * * * ...

@rolfl nah, a "typho" is more like damnyouautocorrect.com - mine was just a "damn those keys are designed for tiny fingers" type of thing.
2:15 AM
(and now everybody's on DYAC right?)
fmylife, actually
ok I think I am ready to see how much of a noob programmer I really am. time to put my ego down.
2:35 AM
Brace yourselves, people.
Posting at Monday morning - 03:35 zulu time is not going to get you much exposure
I read that as 03:35 Zuul time (Ghostbusters is on TV now, too).
2:58 AM
Q: RPSLS Game in C#

MalachiI went with what I know and can use well, not what I know and can't figure the syntax out to make it look good. so please enjoy the code and prepare to school me (probably in the basics) in C# public static void Main (string[] args) { /* Here are your rules: "Scissors cuts paper, ...

@rolfl were you talking to me?
I was ... but it was mundane stuff anyway.... I'll go have a look ... ;-)
I probably won't be available to work on this code at least until next week, I won't be able to take my laptop with me. I may have to try and create a Javascript version while I am in Texas, I should be able to figure out how to test that in a browser while I am down there. that would be fun
@Jamal, you haven't closed this yet? what is the close vote score on this? codereview.stackexchange.com/q/36421/18427
Ooohhh..... lots of if/else and code reps.... ;-) but, while you are away, we will all sort it out for you !
Enjoy texas.
The vote count is 4.....
(close votes)
Q: RPSLS Game in C#

MalachiI went with what I know and can use well, not what I know and can't figure the syntax out to make it look good. so please enjoy the code and prepare to school me (probably in the basics) in C# public static void Main (string[] args) { /* Here are your rules: "Scissors cuts paper, ...

@rolfl, I wanted to know what the leave open vote is
yeah I have a lot of if/else in there
now to fold some clothes and watch some battlestar galactica
3:08 AM
@Malachi: I haven't closed it since I cannot assess its non-working state myself. It currently has 4 votes.
@Jamal it doesn't work,
lol I know you can't just take my word for it....lol @Jamal
I can close it now, then. :-) That was my reasoning earlier on.
3:22 AM
@retailcoder: I have just now your weekend challenge post to help give it more attention.
cool! Thanks!
@Malachi the SQL does produce results:
I'm in the process of verifying my code can accomodate Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, Spider-Man, Batman, Wizard, Glock :)
If you have pictures, I can do it too... ;) No, wait, I need to work
@rolfl sure, now you tell us after we close it
3:32 AM
The results are broken in the sense that the date column is not grouped by, so the 2013-11-08 values are merged in to the 2013-11-01 results.
As far as I can tell, this is a bug in MySQL... it should have done something different... specifically, I believe it should have produced multiple results for MDATE
Super-ninja search is:question rock paper scissors yields 20 results!
Q: Android sharing selected text to other apps

kyle kI want to know if this is the proper way to share text with other android applications, and if I am properly determining if the text is selected, Is there a better way to share the text that is selected? I am somewhat new to Java, is my decision statement proper? The app works just fine. packa...

@Malachi I converted the sqlfiddle to SQLServer and it fails because of the group-by clause.
weird I will have to look at the MySQL Fiddle when I get a chance here.
(can you guys see these fiddles)?
3:41 AM
you do need the SUM Function in there
36 rules!
...and that's kinda why I didn't bother to implement the complete statements in my code.
now I need some AI :)
I just use randomness because I'm lazy. :-)
I think I'll keep Sheldon : Player as "plays Spock systematically" and implement a Leonard : Player with a little more Random smarts
@Malachi got your RPSLS code in my IDE - review is brewing :)
3:56 AM
Q: better approach to insert unique code to the database

Boy KartonJust a thought. I want to insert unique code to the database. So let's say, my code would be from 0 to 9; 2-digit code. (just an example) And set the code field to unique. I have here a loop flow. This approach: loop digit_code = generate_random_code() bool = insert_to_database(digit_code)...

@retailcoder you gotta email that to me
4:20 AM
@Malachi my RPSLS?
4:36 AM
Q: Reuse SQL functions withing query

brainboltSay I have the following SQL: SELECT amount, amount*.1, (amount*1)+3, ((amount*1)+3)/2, (((amount*1)+3)/2)+37 FROM table Instead of repeating that identical code every time, I really want to be able to do something like this: SELECT amount, amount*.1 AS A, A+3...

5:03 AM
Q: “Proper” Asynchronous implementation

jobI need some opinion if my code below is proper for an async process. This code only reformats text. Please let me know if this implementation is not proper or needs some improvement. static void Main(string[] args) { Task.Factory.StartNew(() => ReadCharacter("File 1.txt")); ...

@retailcoder the one in the picture!!
@Malachi did you get it yet?
crap I don't know, I haven't checked my E-mail...lol
5:20 AM
half of the stuff peter coded, I think to myself is way too much for a simple game, or I have no clue what it is, how it is used, or why it's there.
He created a Gesture class which is similar to what I had originally as a SelectionBase abstract class; he embedded the rules into that object by making it so that each Gesture knows what other gestures it defeats. I had that in my IComparable<T>-abusing solution.
@Malachi: Same thing with my C++ code. But I do think I should try to understand this more sophisticated code.
The error made, is that each gesture is conceptually nothing but a selection made by a player - it's the game rules that determine which beats which, and he failed to make that abstraction - doing so involves turning the Gesture class into a mere enum, and factoring the rule-definition code into some GameRule class.
Which is what I did in my beautiful Java code.
Beautiful, encapsulated Enum for all the game logic
Love the FireFox 'Close all tabs to right' feature: You are about to close 112 tabs, are you sure?.... hell-yeah!
@rolfl you haven't closed your browser in 2 weeks?
5:31 AM
Still haven't, but I do this sort of thing regularly.
With a few thigs going on, and a lot of reference documentation for work-work, it clutters up pretty fast.
@rolfl kudos for making the right abstractions the first time around, with your "beautiful encapsulated enum", in your "beautiful Java code"... now all you need is a "beautiful UI" :p
I messed up some other abstractions, but, the Enum was one I did get right.
(just poking) (ding!)
Huh, how to confuse people... @retailcoder
You post-edit your post, and they get another ding....
@rolfl true. and slightly annoying. isn't it? :)
5:35 AM
Not at all......
... there, ding-disabled.
@retailcoder - oohhh, I can completely ignore you too..... and not even see your response.
@Malachi I'll continue my review tomorrow, draft is saved :)
6:03 AM
Q: Prims algorithm implementation in java

JavaDeveloperRequest - code review considering optimization, cleanup , best practices. final class EdgePrims<T> { private final T source, target; private final int distance; public EdgePrims(T node1, T node2, int distance) { this.source = node1; this.target = node2; this....

6:43 AM
Q: java review and education

mbnewThis is for a homework assignment and I'm sure there is a better way to accomplish the same task. It works, but I would like to learn more efficient ways than what are available in my class from real world experts. package address1; import java.util.*; public class Address1 { public String a...

5 hours later…
11:58 AM
check out my implementation of an algoreithm.. gist.github.com/MaxOlsson/7748452 :P
12:19 PM
Q: I'm using Ruby's throw and catch - is that "OK" in this situation?

CodemonkeyI keep hearing that if I'm using goto in my code (or, of course, Ruby's equivalent) then I'm doing something very wrong. The cleanest and most readable way I've found of implementing the below function is using throw and catch. The general idea is "Try this, if it fails, try this, if that fails, ...

@Max - in the spirit of CodeReview:
@rolfl nice thanks
so whatsup?
12:35 PM
@rolfl Yes it would be hard to get Fanatic on CR already, since I just have been a member for one month
@retailcoder Bejeweled? Oh, you mean Candy Crush Saga / Piyo Blocks 2 / Paradise Quest / Puzzle Quest / Dungeon Raid / Azkend / Devil Invasion / Crystal Soul / Some Other Lame Name / I hate all those Bejeweled clones why not just call it Bejeweled?
Hey, What's up? I scored a cleanup badge today....
Odd thing for a user to do... ^^^^
vandalize their own post.
1:13 PM
Q: log4j 1.3 - own check for verbose logs?

tgkprogI got some code for review where at package level have a flag: public static final boolean LOGS_VERBOSE = false; And in worker classes (multi threaded Runnable jobs) have code like if(XYConstants.LOGS_VERBOSE){ logger.debug("some state info var 1:" + var1 + ", var 2:" + var2); Is this ...

Q: How can this be done more pythonic

usethedeathstarThe next bit of code does exactly what i want it to do, but it is 'rather' unelegant and unpythonic, so the question is quite simple: how can this code be changed into something more elegant import numpy from scipy.stats import nanmean def dosomething(d2): a0 = d2[0, :] a1 = d2[1, :] ...

@SimonAndréForsberg lol. Or Kirby's Avalanche.
How about just any puzzle game?
1:29 PM
Hello Dr. Falken. Would you like to play a game of Global Thermo Nuclear Warfare?
@Malachi uh, ChrisWue totally mootinated my draft!
@rolfl what's that?
@retailcoder lol
I like what codereview.stackexchange.com/users/32004/michael-urman said on @Jamal RPSLS post
@Malachi, look at the winning combos. For clarity, repeat it out: Rock, Spock, Paper, Lizard, Scissors, Rock, Spock. With that ordering, each item loses to the next two in the list (or wins against the two right before it). So for example bool defeats(Weapon2& a, Weapon2& b) { return ((5 + a - b) % 5) < 3; }. – Michael Urman 12 hours ago
I don't understand the code he used but the rest of it I get
@Malachi yeah.. now picture updating your code to Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock-Batman-SpiderMan-Wizard-Glock.. still appealing?
1:45 PM
War games
Q: How do I use JOIN instead of IN in this query?

Pedram BehrooziI need a query that results in similar products based on number of common tags. For example similar products of product A (with T1, T2 and T3 tags) should be something like this: product B | T1 - T2 - T3 - T4 product C | T2 - T3 product D | T1 I have this query but although it results are corr...

[after playing out all possible outcomes for Global Thermonuclear War]
Joshua: Greetings, Professor Falken.
Stephen Falken: Hello, Joshua.
Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?
1:59 PM
Q: WRITE A SHORTENED CODE || Given integer: write its digits, find odd and even numbers, find the biggest even and smallest odd numbers

EllAI was given a task: Given any integer - write a program, which: finds all digits of the integer writes odd and even digits from the integer finds the biggest even and smallest odd numbers writes out of odd digits the biggest possible number writes the smallest possible number out of even digit...

Q: Iconography - How would you improve this?

PauloI would like your opinion on the following subject. I have to provide icons in different sizes and states. The sizes will be 16*16, 24*24 and 32*32. The states bright, dark, disabled and link. Because of browser support we decided for png instead of svg. Do you feel this is the best css approach ...

2:51 PM
@Jamal is it badge-whoring to ask for 10 upvotes on a meta-post? It just occurred to me that the "Weekend Challenge" post would earn me another "nice question" badge if it got another upvote. Shall we give it a go now? It's at 9up/0down :)
@rolfl saw that
well we are community members right? how is one of our votes less valuable than anyone else's?
Thet are useless after they've been used....
I'm not following now..
Everyon here will have voted that up already ... preaching to the converted, etc.
I would vote it up, again, if I could.
2:59 PM
true, true.. but @Jamal added a tag on it and it got 3 more upvotes in the evening.
@retailcoder it would be very awkward updating my code for RPSLSBSWG
@Malachi no, painful :)
Q: Improving readability of enabling method

TruthOf42There doesn't seem to be anything really wrong with this method. But it has a little smell to me. Does the name make sense (do what you think it would do). Is there some logic I could use to make the enabler a bit more elegant? private void tryEnableCRUD(bool tryEnable = true) { ...

3:16 PM
@StackExchange @rolfl i just voted to close this one, then you added the language tag. I wasn't sure which language it would be.
@Malachi - heh... I also just answered my first C# question:
A: Improving readability of enabling method

rolflA method like this should do at least two things in addition to MrSmith42's answer: It should return boolean to indicate whether it succeeded or not if it declares a parameter tryEnable = true then it should either use it, or remove it.

@retailcoder you should add to that wiki that the code must work completely
Q: Generic DAO written in Java

Aseem BansalI initially thought that this was just an architecture issue so I placed it on programmers as Thoughts on refactoring a generic DAO. Then I asked on codereview meta here and decided to put up the code here. Here's a github link if someone wants to see there. There are four DAOs - DAODelete, DA...

@Malachi done :)
i love my Avatar. why didn't i change it sooner?
3:23 PM
@Malachi because the mosaic was mesmerizing?
@retailcoder they are all different, and i thought that they change as you earn rep
@Malachi .... challenging your comment on my C# answer .... ....
... throws down gauntlet!
@rolfl picks up gauntlet, hey new gauntlet
3:41 PM
@Malachi lol, thanks. I'll send the bill to Texas...
Speaking of Texas, I'm throwing in solving a Poker hand as an idea for next week's challenge
@retailcoder "Texas Holdem-Gauntlets-up-and-declare-Global-Thermonuclear-Warfare-tac-toe-lizard-spoc‌​k"?
I used up all my stars
@Malachi already??!
@rolfl I will only be there for a couple of days.
3:45 PM
(starred anyway)
I want to edit ......
@retailcoder yes already. I had all last night too you know
@rolfl YES!!!
@rolfl now I want to double-star!
3:46 PM
has anyone tried to post on GameDev?
not me
i posted some stuff in the Weekend CR Challenge room
@SimonAndréForsberg - welcome to the front page:
Better not let my colleagues see me on CR now, I am officially lkined with 'game' tag...:
java, optimization, game
Phew! Mine says "C#, VBA, Clean-Code" :)
Hi @SimonAndréForsberg!
4:01 PM
@rolfl Wow, we've only been members a month and already on the front page..
Hi @retailcoder
Q: is there a more functionally idiomatic way of generating valid dates in f#?

Vijeshopen System type Date = System.DateTime type SafeDate = | WorkingDate of Date | InvalidDate of Exception let dateAttempt (x: int, y:int, z:int) = try let returnDate = Date(z,y,x) WorkingDate returnDate with ex -> InvalidDate ex let rnd = System.Random(...

is it me or that avatar is somewhat creepy ^^
@retailcoder .... that avatar is you? .... !!!!! ? Didn't know you wore glasses.
looks like the weird dad guy in American Pie
4:09 PM
Q: JavaFX GUI Updater utility class

DePhilleI'm building a GUI in JavaFX for a rather large Java project. This project has many different worker threads doing some heavy computations in the background and I'm trying to visualize the progress of these worker threads in a GUI. By progress I mean not only a bare percentage but also other vari...

I got my first "Nice Question" badge. :D
@Jamal I created the badge and retagged all of our posts. The meta-suggestion is currently standing at 9 biased upvotes.
Okay. Should I keep it or not?
4:26 PM
@Jamal all week?
Dephille deleted his JavaFX question ... I had an answer brewing....
@retailcoder: It's up to you. I could just keep it there so that more people could be made aware of this.
@rolfl: I've noticed two premature question deletions yesterday, plus another user had their account deleted. Strange.
Yeah, I lost 10Rep on the account removal.
And there's also one user who likes to delete their questions after being told that they're off-topic. Only one "lucky question" still remains.
Hey, @svick.
4:41 PM
@All... what is the criteria for questions being 'tweeted' ? Do they all get tweeted at some point>?
@StackCodeReview, The Stack Exchange network
A Q&A site for peer programmer code reviews
5.8k tweets, 418 followers, following 0 users
@rolfl Questions get tweeted by a user I think, you can get a badge if you tweet something and the link is used by so many unique IP addresses
I edited this question, @Jamal, is this legal and can we re-open it?
Q: Reuse SQL functions withing query

brainboltSay I have the following SQL: SELECT amount, amount*.1, (amount*1)+3, ((amount*1)+3)/2, (((amount*1)+3)/2)+37 FROM table is there a way to avoid this duplication?

@svick welcome to the madhouse! what do you think of ?
@svick, Hey how is it going?
Who let @svick in?
4:45 PM
should i leave? :-)
Well, we were about to be talking about you....
... did you hear that that @svick guy ... well ...
The more the merrier!
@rolfl you forgot your <joking> tags
@Malachi I think your edit makes the question better.... as for whether it is right for you to do it, that's an etiquette question others can answer.
@Malachi it's a permanent thing.... everything I say is in jest (blanket disclaimer).
4:47 PM
@retailcoder well, i feel like the [weekend-challenge] is pretty much “core users ask, core users answer”
and that it would be better if we focused on engaging new users
(but i have no ideas on how to do that)
@svick - serves 3 purposes ... keeps some level of interest. Allows us all to vote each other up in various ways, and we learn a few things from each other.
closed-circle thing?
Oh, and it dilutes the unanswered questions.
Not at all.
There's the story about the two rabbits being chased by a pack of wolves .....
They escape in to a briar thicket.... and the wolves are prowling around.
I'm hoping that more people will participate in the weekend-challenges. We might need to make more announcement about them though (That is, spreading the word outside the chatroom)
It's a bit of a stale-mate....
The guy rabbit turns to the girl .... and says: "should we make a run for it, or should we wait until we outnumber them?"
That's what it's like with Zombies in CR.
4:51 PM
@rolfl LOL
Well, that took long enough!
Huh, just saw:
Q: is there a more functionally idiomatic way of generating valid dates in f#?

Vijeshopen System type Date = System.DateTime type SafeDate = | WorkingDate of Date | InvalidDate of Exception let dateAttempt (x: int, y:int, z:int) = try let returnDate = Date(z,y,x) WorkingDate returnDate with ex -> InvalidDate ex let rnd = System.Random(...

and can't help but think that there's no ways that F# guys get dates right.
Q: Unit of Work with Generic Repository Pattern MVVM

J.MarciniakI have been writing the application. I meant to implement a repository pattern with Unit of Work. Is it correctly done? Can you make a code review? I use SQLite wrapper sqlite-net. IFeedRepository: internal interface IFeedRepository<T> : IDisposable where T : IBaseFeed { int Count { get; } ...

@SimonAndréForsberg What about making a contest out of this? Though I guess official SE-supported contests are not for beta sites, right?
@svick I didn't know that there was any SE-supported "contests" at all, anywhere.
@svick - contest out of what ... the weekend-contest?
@Svick, you have to keep your conversations really short.
If you have long
it shows your SE total rep under your ICON.
And your 88K rep is too intimidating to wield around here.
5:00 PM
See stackexchange.com/promos, but I think there are others too.
Yeah, out of the weekend challenge, maybe.
But in a way that would attract new users.
There's an image problem with CodeReview.....
@rolfl expand?
Just by it's name alone, it implies that the people who answer questions need to be experts.
(Hmm, I don't see my rep below my icon here.)
type <<-- make @retailcoder happy
a few
lines more << -- and now make him ecstatic.
5:05 PM
^type ^lines :p
You can also do it in one message by using shift-enter
and three times.
If questions make it to the Top Questions Last Week in the weekly CR newsletter, I bet a Community Manager is going to come by and say hi. This site was only missing a [meta-]tag; core users [/we] must lead by example and show newcomers that [almost] anybody can write up a review.
I agree with @SimonAndréForsberg, it shows we're an active community
And I think it's healthy for the site... until we have 450 participants posting a Rock-Paper-Scissors question within the same 48 hours...
5:21 PM
@Malachi - so, you think it is possible to provide an answer to:
Q: Remove Duplication in Select Statement

brainboltSay I have the following SQL: SELECT amount, amount*.1, (amount*1)+3, ((amount*1)+3)/2, (((amount*1)+3)/2)+37 FROM table Instead of repeating that identical code every time, I really want to be able to do something like this: SELECT amount, amount*.1 AS A, A+3...

(although, thinking about it, the answer "What you're doing is as good as it gets" is valid).
@rolfl if there is a way yes, if there isn't a way then someone can answer that there is not a way and explain why what OP is doing is the best way to go about it
@rolfl with explanation
I think that I had an Edit rejected and then I re edited it and it went through on StackOverflow
the last comma in the OP's 2nd snippet is a syntax error
The second snippet is intended to be 'pseudocode', and not reviewed.
The last comma in the OP's 2nd snippet is a pseudo syntax error.
@retailcoder lol
5:30 PM
A typseudo ?
Or a pseudypo?
You guys waste all your stars on trivialities ... ;-)
@rolfl I would have starred that
5:43 PM
well that borderline off-topic question now has 2 answers
@retailcoder which one?
Q: Remove Duplication in Select Statement

brainboltSay I have the following SQL: SELECT amount, amount*.1, (amount*1)+3, ((amount*1)+3)/2, (((amount*1)+3)/2)+37 FROM table Instead of repeating that identical code every time, I really want to be able to do something like this: SELECT amount, amount*.1 AS A, A+3...

@Jamal My Bad, more like a giveaway though
@Malachi: I was just teasing. :-) Since we have the term rep-whoring, I thought star-whoring would work as well.
5:51 PM
@Jamal that would be being abusively witty in chat?
@Jamal I agree. just trying not to look like so much of a whore
Changing the subject: if these edits look like they invalidate the answers, feel free to roll back.
Q: Improving readability of enabling method

TruthOf42There doesn't seem to be anything really wrong with this method. But it has a little smell to me. Does the name make sense (do what you think it would do). Is there some logic I could use to make the enabler a bit more elegant? private void tryEnableCRUD(bool tryEnable = true) { bool enable ...

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