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Q: Plain JavaScript Rock, Paper, Scissors

mellow_mehAs part of "The Odin Project" web-dev curriculum, I created a simple "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game. I am hoping to receive feedback on how readable the code is and if the organization is easy to follow. I'm sure this code is convoluted and there are shorter and easier ways to do this. I have only ...

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7:40 AM
Q: How to avoid null Values in a .NET 6+ ASP.NET project

szuuukenI'm currently exploring multiple options to get rid of null values in my .net web api applications. Let's say, that we have the following Project: #nullable disable public record Todo(Guid Id, string Description, bool IsDone); public interface ITodoRepository { Todo Get(Guid id); } [ApiCon...

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8:40 AM
Q: Feedback on my Bitbucket pipeline yaml

SinnabunI'm proficient in frontend development but new with CI/CD. Goal: Test and build a Next.js SSR project with a Bitbucket pipeline, deploy to Azure. Question: My pipeline is working but could you give me feedback if it's any good? With the nodecustom cache, yarn install only took 3 seconds. But wit...

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11:04 AM
Q: Determining the value of PATH_MAX on UNIX-like systems

HarithBelow is the approach taken in the function pathalloc() in the book "Advanced Programming in Unix Environment", which I have modified to simply determine the maximum size of the path. FILENAME_MAX from <stdio.h> has not been used because the documentation for GNU C Library states: Unlike PATH_MA...

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3:28 PM
Your question is great, but appropriate for codereview.stackexchange.com -- StackOverflow is for specific technical questions/issues — ryyyn 18 secs ago
3:50 PM
Q: Wrappers around write() and read() and and a function to copy file permissions

HarithBelow follows wrappers around read() and write() that retry when interrupted by a signal (the case where the return value is -1 and errno has the value EINTR), another around write() that calls write() until size bytes have been written, and a function to copy file permissions from one file to an...

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5:31 PM
Q: Macro to open all selected hyperlinks?

RahRahRandI was hoping someone might be kind enough to write some code for me, and/or advise me on some other good places to ask for help? I would like some code for a macro - to open all selected hyperlinks in the .docx document which is currently open (in focus/on screen) in the program called Writer, fr...

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7:32 PM
Q: How to increase efficiency of linear algebra functions over Arrays in Rust?

Attack68Most linear algebra libraries written for Rust, e.g. nalgebra or ndarray have type or trait requirements that mean their inherent methods don't work on generic data types. When working exclusively with f64 these libraries might use other optimisations. I am working with custom generics, however, ...

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8:33 PM
@RMunroe Modern combustion engines use a start-stop system to shut them up instead of idling. Which is terrible for diesel engines (and their batteries) when done incorrectly and there are very few car makers who did it right.
Electric cars still have plenty of issues (far heavier, current models still need materials for their batteries that come from geographically challenging places), but their local benefits are clear.
I've exchanged one of my cars for an electric scooter (allows me to take a shortcut which makes the travel time roughly equal), charge the scooter at work (they got loads of solar panels).
To be economically viable I probably need to keep this up for 10 years to break even, but it does have benefits.

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