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If you think 'strict adherence to a style guide' is a sufficient, or even significant, aspect of 'high quality code', hoo boy. It's pointless distraction. If you're writing good code, it'll be readable on its own, and slapping some handcuffs on how it should look just gets in the way. Style Guides' primary purpose is [A] to at least curtail newbies who don't know what maintainable code looks like (but that just stops disaster, it doesn't make it 'good'), and [B] severely reduce discussions or corrections about style in code reviews. Which you can also do by just not whining about style. — rzwitserloot 25 secs ago
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Q: Is showing an HTML file that the client uploads safe?

ControlAltDelI have created two pages (one straight html, the other php) to show an HTML file in the context of my server. The reason for this is simply to get access to / the styles in the CSS spreadsheets - not allowed when the page is opened straight from the file system. These styles are saved in a meta f...

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Asking us to do a code review? Go to codereview.stackexchange.com. StackOverflow is more for bugs, unexpected behaviors, etc.. — Peter Pointer 8 secs ago
@Phroggie CPU or GPU? If it's the CPU, make sure the mobo has up-to-date BIOS. That has bitten me before.
Or UEFI or whatever it's called nowadays.
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Q: Skip list -based Map in Java

coderoddeNow I have this result. Code com.github.coderodde.util.SkipListMap.java: package com.github.coderodde.util; import java.util.Collection; import java.util.Comparator; import java.util.Map; import java.util.Objects; import java.util.Random; import java.util.Set; import java.util.SortedMap; import ...

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If you're working somewhere, there should be some kind of code review going on there, stackoverflow is wrong for these kind of questions. I get that you want to write a flexible procedure to do some kind of sync, but not sure it's worth the hassle. And if you are syncing a lot of data manually like this, perhaps the issue is in that process. But any questions containing words "Best" unless it's about kebab can only be answered by opinions — siggemannen 18 secs ago
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Why a dynamic procedure, and if you really need it to be so flexible then why not use a proper ORM in whichever client language you wish? You should really post this on Code Review if you want generalized pointers. Here's a few: Don't use CATCH and ROLLBACK. Just put SET XACT_ABORT ON; at the top and the server will handle rollbacks automatically. Use STRING_AGG to aggregate instead of @variable +=Charlieface 55 secs ago
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@Mast Ah, ty I'll look into the BIOS. I have a CPU but don't let AMD see I'm calling an 'APU' a CPU.
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I did not vote for either but this is best served by code review. — WJS just now
If your code works, the question might be better suited for Code Review. Check their On-Topic page . — Old Dog Programmer 26 secs ago
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You most likely want to move that question to codereview.stackexchange.comMarcin Orlowski 59 secs ago
Q: Find min sum for indices to match equation

learnerI want to reduce time complexity of my code: I have an array of integers arr say [1, 2, 3, 6, 67] I have an equation : a*x+b*y=z, I can use the array values in this equation to replace x and y, by some array positions say arr[i], arr[j] i and j can be different or same. so it looks like this: a*a...

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Q: An API fetcher class - afraid of overengineering class

PiotrI'd like to ask you for a code review of this class. I'm quite new to Java and I'm afraid I have way overengineered this class. It's goal is only to fetch a specified data from given API, whose link is stored in config.properties. I would be grateful for both implementation details critique and d...

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@Saeed As your code is working, your question might better fit codereview.stackexchange.com - but check their rules first. A minor change might be to build sets directly (with a set comprehension for the first one, and adding to the set for the second one) rather than build lists first and convert them to sets later. — Thierry Lathuille 18 secs ago
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I’m voting to close this question because the question is better suited for Code Review: codereview.stackexchange.comkarlphillip 5 secs ago
@karlphillip No it's not. Code Review doesn't deal in programs with obvious bugs. — user4581301 28 secs ago
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This is a classic case of premature optimization From the information you have provided it doesn't look like concurrency is an issue, there are far better patterns like continuation that are designed for this, but your solution might work. Knowing that your hypothetical example is not your actual code makes it hard to give you a definitive answer, but why not deal with the issue if you detect it or post your code to codereview.stackexchange.com for some honest feedback on style and implementation, not just the concept of concurrency. — Chris Schaller 34 secs ago

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