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Q: Optimized Python Solution for Determining if an Array Contains All Possibilities

alix_coderProblem: You have been tasked with writing a method named is_all_possibilities (or IsAllPossibilities or is_all_possibilities, as per your preference) that accepts an integer array and returns True if the array contains all possibilities (i.e., all integers from 0 to the length of the array - 1),...

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I undeleted it, someone told me the question might be more suited to codereview thinking I wanted to improve the code, not the accuracy of tesseract, it's open again stackoverflow.com/questions/78052906/digit-ocr-using-tessera‌​ctDaviid 54 secs ago
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Please review the rules and guidelines before asking as well as understand the purpose of this site. It is not your personal code review and it is not a free-form help forum. Ask a well-defined question that has an unambiguous answer ("what should I do" is not an example). Post your code here and not in some github link that could change. — possum just now
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This may be helpful for VBA: A method for managing enumerations in VBA. Out of the box, the enum is useful for Intellisense, and will return a Long depending on which one you select. See also from Chip PearsonRon Rosenfeld 45 secs ago
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Q: a voting system is to be made and a code is presented below with a lot of error

NImesh#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdbool.h> #include <time.h> struct admin { char password[10]; char username[10]; }; struct user { char userName[20]; char userAddress[20]; char passWord[10]; char DOB[10]; int Vote; int Voten...

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possible answer invalidation by mdfst13 on question by Ignacio Vior: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/290723/revisions
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Q: Lambda function to access original file to process and upload processed files to S3 and remove original file

Arya SinghI've created a script for accessing files stored in Amazon S3, process them, and then uploading the processed files back to S3 before deleting the originals. I'd appreciate any suggestions on improving this script and any additional changes that could be made. Thank you! import pandas as pd from ...

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Q: Read a line from a stream

HarithSince the standard fgets() does not suffice for my use cases, as it doesn't automatically enlarge the target buffer if needed, and getline()/fgetln() are not part of the C standard, I rolled out my own. Code: The code below is listed as one file for code review. #define TEST_MAIN // Or pass this ...

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Q: Custom asdict method for dataclasses

FTGI want to dump a dataclass instance into a dict by omitting some of the attrs. I used the metadata parameter of the field method. Also I want any bytes object to be turned into a hex string. What do you think? def asdict(obj): """ use with dataclass only """ dict_ = {} for k, v in obj...

Q: Optimizing Large-Scale Data Processing in JavaScript for a Price Comparison Application

alix_coderI have developed a JavaScript application that processes a CSV file with 1 billion rows to find the city with the lowest product prices. The CSV contains product prices across 101 Moroccan cities and 100 products, with potential duplicate entries for the same product in each city. The application...


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