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Take this to codereview.stackexchange.com. StackOverflow is not for code reviews. — NotAName 35 secs ago
REFRESH! There are 6533 unanswered questions (91.5756 answered)
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There is a method for that. It is called testing. This is not a code review site or a testing service. — aled just now
Q: Beginner making an ENCRYPTER and DECRYPTER project

ShiroAboveAllSo I am here to ask for criticism as for my first week of python I feel like I have improved a lot, I recreated the first program I made within my first hour with a tutorial, the one I made now is based from the knowledege I have gained within the week. It is my first language so I am sorry if th...

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3:30 AM
Still far too long, far too broad, and off topic. Try codereview. — user207421 just now
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7:02 AM
Q: Full Fledged bodmas Python Calculator: Using If and Loops

Yash BaranwalI am a beginner that have only learned till classes. I made a python calculator that takes input in a single line and gives the result.i hope you can give any suggestion on how to improve it. input: 2+9*67/7-7*9 output: ['25.14285714285714'] note: I decided to deal with the negative operators by ...

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8:11 AM
Q: Math calculations In JavaScript. Looking at my code, am I using objects correctly? How could I incorporate functions into the code? Error logging?

BenDev21 Front End CRM System For The Code- CRM system, front-end form. Requirement- Within a form users have to give a rating to a section based on user inputs, each rating has different weighting. The rating is stored in an option set field. I have used JavaScript to calculate the average score of thes...

Q: Startup code improving fetched from DB JPA

darthwaderThis is my startup code that joins two tables StoreConfiguration and GateConfiguration. I save the. Storeid is pk in store and FK for gate. What follows is the entity information: We store this on startup and feed values to other flows based on this. Whenever I fetched any value I did some stream...

8:23 AM
A question on Stack Overflow (and Code Review for that matter) needs to have the relevant code embedded in the question, and not (only) behind a link. — trincot 28 secs ago
8:34 AM
Q: Evaluate a prefix expression

HarithThe algorithm involves using two stacks. One stack (call it token_stack) holds the operators (like +, - etc) and operands (like 3,4 etc) and the other stack (call it count_stack) holds the number of operands left to be seen (say 2 for binary operators). Anytime an operator is seen, it is pushed ...

8:56 AM
Q: Parsing Java's class file

HarithThe structure of a class file consists of a single structure (presented here using pseudostructures written in a C-like structure notation): ClassFile { u4 magic; u2 minor_version; u2 major_version; u2 constant_pool_count; cp_inf...

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10:50 AM
Q: Hexagonal architecture in Spring Boot

yarvI will be starting a new job soon and I'm learning about hexagonal applications implemented with Spring Boot. I found a ton of different resources and I became a bit lost. My main concerns are: How to structure my files? Is my current structure correct? Am I breaking any concepts of Hexagonal Ar...

11:36 AM
Q: Logging in a different thread using circular buffer C++

wwiteWhat it does The code creates a logger class which instantiates a circular buffer at construction and uses producer-consumer style approach using condition_variable to log and print the messages to stdout. Code logger.h #pragma once #include <chrono> #include <condition_variable> #include <cstdio>...

11:49 AM
possible answer invalidation by toolic on question by Yash Baranwal: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/289693/revisions
possible answer invalidation by toolic on question by Yash Baranwal: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/289693/revisions
possible answer invalidation by toolic on question by Yash Baranwal: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/289693/revisions
12:59 PM
If the code works and you just want suggestions on how to improve it, consider posting at Code Review. — 001 51 secs ago
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3:05 PM
@Duga No AI, I did post a warning comment.
3:46 PM
Q: Yielding semaphore to "higher priority" job

Daniel WalkerI'm using Grand Central Dispatch and have a job which repeatedly runs a task over and over. At the end of each iteration, it should check if anyone else has requested that the loop be suspended/canceled. My first attempt at this was void suspend(void) { dispatch_semaphore_wait(idle, DISPATC...

4:17 PM
@CaptainObvious Destroyed.
Please refrain from answering questions which have been (in part) generated by ChatGPT or other AI.
There's an open discussion on whether or not .NET async/await posts a Window Message in a WinForms environment. I wrote some "low level" message loop code to prove it: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/289663/… If you are so gentle to comment or answer on that, you'd make me very happy (again). — Thomas Weller 42 secs ago
4:38 PM
4:54 PM
Q: Use of double pointers and memory allocation/deallocation

denvaarI've made an associative array data structure (more details in the code comments below). What I'm interested in getting a critique on is the usage of double pointers. Are they necessary here? Am I allocating and freeing the memory correctly? assoc_array.h #ifndef __ASSOC_ARRAY_H__ #define __ASS...

5:09 PM
I’m voting to close this question because it should be asked on the Code Review Stack ExchangeEmiel Zuurbier just now
5:51 PM
This question should not be asked on CodeReview as-is because it lacks sufficient context. — toolic 49 secs ago
6:06 PM
This is not enough code to reproduce the issue. Why do you believe the SelectedItem is NULL, have you checked it using the debugger or is this just an assumption? It really doesn't make sense based on the few posted code snippets. You should post code that reproduces the problem when asking for a code review. — BionicCode 33 secs ago
@EmielZuurbier going along with what toolic stated: when suggesting users post on CR it would be great if there was also a suggestion like "Please read the relevant help center pages like 'What topics can I ask about here?' and 'How do I ask a good question?". In the current form it would likely be closed as off-topic as it is missing context. — Sᴀᴍ Onᴇᴌᴀ 33 secs ago
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9:16 PM
This question is better suited to codereview.stackexchange.comquamrana 16 secs ago
9:36 PM
Code Review is the correct place to post question about working code. — Yogi just now
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11:06 PM
Code Review would be the appropriate site for your question. — mkrieger1 36 secs ago
11:25 PM
Q: Simple rwlock implementation in C

Tejas AnandCan someone please review my rwlock implementation to see if there are any issues with correctness (hopefully not), give any feedback on how to write good C code etc, design patterns which could be useful. struct rwlock{ pthread_cond_t read_var; pthread_cond_t write_var; p...


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