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It came up in some complicated octree code similar to what I have in this CR.SE question. Basically I was wondering if I could make a certain variable a Node8 * or if I would have to make it a uint16_t *. — user16217248 47 secs ago
1:20 AM
"The code above works as I would like". In that case, you have no question to ask on SO. This site is for specific issues, which you don't have. You should be posting on Code Review instead. — jmcilhinney 31 secs ago
I’m voting to close this question because it is not suitable for SO and would be more appropriate on Code Review. — jmcilhinney 25 secs ago
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4:55 AM
Welcome to Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a site for debugging code, not for code critiques. This post is better suited for the Code Review Stack Exchange site. — jared 16 secs ago
5:20 AM
Q: Wrapping an ExpandoObject within a SafeExpandoObject

rboyI've written code to deserialize a JSON into an ExpandoObject, the only problem with the ExpandoObject is that if you try to access a member which doesn't exist, it throws an exception. So I've written a wrapper for the ExpandoObject called SafeExpandoObject which is basically implements a Dynami...

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No @rogerdpack , code is not ready for review until it produces the correct result. Please don't recommend Code Review for code that's not working as intended. — Toby Speight 30 secs ago
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8:15 AM
Q: Tanstack vue-query reloading data when getting out of tab, and (possibly) not using cache

MercI am writing an app generator. I intend to use all of the best practices for everything. However, I have recently moved ro vue/tanstack and I am still working out what the best practices are -- this is especially hard with Vue, since everything has changed in the last year and a half. Anyhow, thi...

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9:58 AM
Q: Python program to properly format North American phone numbers

Kovy JacobI made this program to properly format a North American phone number. If its a 10-digit phone number (9999999999) it adds a 1 in the beginning and adds in dashes (1-999-999-9999). If its 11 digits (with a 1 at the beginning, 19999999999) we add in dashes (1-999-999-9999). Otherwise, its not a val...

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12:04 PM
Q: Convolution to reduce popcorn noise in black and white video

Seanny123I have a black & white video as a tensor with the shape [Time, Width, Height] with popcorn noise and I would like to reduce the noise by naively convolving along the time dimension. Using a Pytorch forum post as a starting point, I wrote the following function: import torch from torch import nn ...

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1:50 PM
I'll think about your principle, though. My first instinct is that it's not quite right. Actually there probably exist some simple-but-flagrantly-UB programs that "just so happen" to work at -O0 on some implementation, then get caught out at a higher level. The correct fix is to make the program more complex, but nevertheless for that task the optimisations are still optimisations, even though for that cack-handed program they aren't. I can't immediately construct such a cack-handed program to prove it, but I expect there are some on "code review" :-) — Steve Jessop 45 secs ago
2:22 PM
I have no idea what this is or how it relates to the question. The question is not how to do a side-by-side code review. That's not the same screen that you do a commit from where the Stage All option is presented. Maybe you should just delete your answer. It's confusing, not relevant to the question and IMO does not help at all. — clearlight 59 secs ago
2:36 PM
Q: React calculator..!

Gal ShimoniI'm a beginner programmer and I need your help, please. I built a simple calculator using React and I really have doubts about my calculation functionality. (don't make fun of me pls :)) So the main idea is to let the user type all the expression and only when he clicks "=" the calculation starts...

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