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I’m voting to close this question because the it's asking for what amounts to a code review. — Drew Reese 34 secs ago
2:33 AM
Repeatedly testing selected even after you've matched its value indicates flawed reasoning. You wouldn't do it if you were looking it up by hand, so your code shouldn't either. That's why people use the else if idiom. But since all your tests involve the same variable, it would make more sense to use a switch statement. Except the pattern is so regular that it would make even more sense to just use Key_code = selected + 4; as previously suggested. But this is really a code review question, which doesn't belong on this site. — Tom Karzes 52 secs ago
"But this is really a code review question, which doesn't belong on this site" im a noob so i dont know what sites i should ask what questions on, what site should i use for code review? — dumbdude101 14 secs ago
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Q: Highly flexible tic-tac-toe terminal game in python

norway-yvI have created a two-file tic-tac-toe game, with board.py containing most of the internal workings of the playing board. I intended to have board.py work as general infrastructure for playing the game and testing who won. game.py is the file to be run if you want to play the game, and it just han...

9:20 AM
Q: Java Tic-Tac-Toe Game Implementation - Seeking Feedback and Best Practices

drunk madoI have recently developed a Java program for a simple Tic-Tac-Toe game and would like to request a code review to improve its quality and learn from experienced developers. Below is the code for my game: Board.java import java.util.Scanner; public class Board { private char [] [] board; ...

9:45 AM
Q: Reorder list of item with Order column and other record Order column value

FarazI have list of object like this: List<YourEntity> entities = new List<YourEntity> { new YourEntity { Id = 1, Name = "Item A", OrderColumn = 1 }, new YourEntity { Id = 2, Name = "Item B", OrderColumn = 2 }, new YourEntity { Id = 3, Name = "Item C", OrderColumn = 3 }, new YourEntity...

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@CaptainObvious CNI and cross posted from SO where it has multiple answers.
@pacmaninbw Closed for CNWAI
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@CaptainObvious RBA
Q: Leetcode: 2327. Number of People Aware of a Secret

jasonthis is how i solved the challenge with 889 ms of runtime and 17.5 MB of memory. and checked others and found out out of 365 discussions, only 13 are tagged with "recursive" or "recursion". why i cant think like normal? is it lack of skill, knowledge, understanding, or cognitive deficit? note: ha...

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Q: Implementing Simulated Annealing to the Travelling Salesman Problem ; plotting a graph of temperature(x axis) and cost on y axis ; animating using cv2

PuzzleheadedSoup-98import numpy as np import cv2 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt class animated_simulated_tsp : """ Implements Simulated Annealing to solve the Travelling Salesman Problem \n Animates the tour as the algorithm progress """ def __init__( self, height = 800 , width = 800 , num...

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Since it's working code, this could actually be migrated to code review. — jay.sf 10 secs ago
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codereviewwould be better — Ted Lyngmo 45 secs ago

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