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REFRESH! There are 7398 unanswered questions (90.3331 answered)
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Q: Print decimal integer

qwrThis is an x86-64 Linux program to print a non-negative decimal integer. I would appreciate any simple optimizations for size and readability. I am aware that division by a constant is usually done by multiplication by the magic constant reciprocal, but I used div here for simplicity. ; nasm -f e...

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3:31 AM
Happens to everyone, that's why we have code reviews — Ayudh 5 secs ago
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5:00 AM
Q: to capture packets with options like -i interface, -o open file, etc using pyshark and python

user20828450I am using pyshark and python to create a network capture and adding feature like -I interface, -o to save capture packet and other options. I want to add a feature to open the pcap file in my packet capture but I am not getting any idea. please help me to add this feature in this code below. and...

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10:28 AM
Q: Sanpy - Santiment API

enchantingbeeI need help with reviewing sanpy, a Python library for the Santiment API, which is an API for current and historical data, with a lot of different metrics. The library accesses the Santiment API and converts the data to a pandas dataframe. For my education, I need to review any part of the code i...

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2:15 PM
Q: what's best approach to simplify these components structure

stackermeIn total there are 5 components Menu Items(SellerAuth): PopOutComponent: AccountMenu: AccountPopOut: This work perfect fine but when you consider how repetitive it would to add new menu items for example BuyerAuth. The only reusable component is the PopOutComponent. Please keep in the is all in T...

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@SimonForsberg @Mast Is this better?
3:20 PM
@pacmaninbw much, thanks :)
3:37 PM
Ryan Donovan on February 03, 2023
We chat with Dr. Jeannette (Jamie) Garcia, Senior Research Manager of Quantum Applications and Software at IBM Quantum about their 433 qubit quantum computer and what the real life applications of quantum computing are today. 
3:59 PM
@pacmaninbw Much.
The one from the Frequently Posted Comments Q&A is good too.
> The current question title, which states your concerns about the code, applies to too many questions on this site to be useful. The site standard is for the title to simply state the task accomplished by the code. Please see How to Ask for examples, and revise the title accordingly.
4:22 PM
Q: python function for searching videos in Vimeo

Willem van Houtenhttps://github.com/floris-vos/vimeo_search_python I made a small function that takes search terms as arguments and returns a dictionary with items, each holding an URL, title, duration, channel, and date published for a search result (the title is the key; a format that I have found extremely use...

4:47 PM
Q: Document Versioning in MongoDb

user2757350I am using C#, Mongo Driver. I am planning to implement below pattern for setting up document versioning in application itself. C#, Mongo Driver I was also thinking about implementing versioning in my application itself with the below approach. Below operations would be in the transaction Insert...

Q: Tracking deletions of subsegments of length 1 efficiently

Eugene YarmashI'm trying to figure out an optimal solution to the problem which goes like this: We have a line segment, e.g. [0, 20] represented as a class Segment. It's possible to "delete" subsegments from it using the delete() method of the class which accepts a decimal number num. On each call to the meth...

5:38 PM
Q: Segmentation Fault When Returning Vector Of Card Objects

نظامی گنجویI have a program designed to return a vector containing "Card" objects. I have included a header file for the class called "Card". I noticed that even when the vector of "Card" objects has a size greater than zero, a segmentation fault still occurs. The following is the section of C++ code that c...

6:03 PM
Q: Python colorized debug printer

CaridorcIn Python you can use print(locals()) to print a dictionary of all the local variables, but this has 3 shortcomings: Double underscore variables will be included that is not what we usually want. The output is in black and white, that can make it harder to read. Only the variable names and the...

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possible answer invalidation by jigglypuff256 on question by jigglypuff256: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/282986/revisions
possible answer invalidation by jigglypuff256 on question by jigglypuff256: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/282986/revisions
9:03 PM
If you don't have a more specific question you should probably post here instead: codereview.stackexchange.com. — isherwood 19 secs ago
9:23 PM
"best practice" questions are better asked at Code Review. — Barmar 13 secs ago
Q: Extensible typing system for a strongly-typed DSL

P...I recently finished cleaning up my code in a compiler/interpreter for a strongly-typed domain-specific language, which makes use of three sorts of type: Compile-time enumerated types: Have one of a set of values, defined at compile time (ex. type 'direction' has values 'up', 'down', 'left', 'righ...

I didn't know about code review tho — Topde 11 secs ago
@Duga rolled back
9:50 PM
Q: Basic scoped timer struct (extensively redesigned)

digito_evoHere is the link to the original question. I have extensively revised and redesigned my custom scoped timer for my needs using the feeback I got from two helpful members of this community. However I was told to ask a new question in case I want my new solution to be reviewed. Here is the revised ...

Welcome to Stack Overflow! This might be better over on Code Review as that site is for reviewing code and giving constructive feedback. That said, you could also create a function that calls subprocess.call(["taskkill", "/F", "/IM", ...]) for you so you don't duplicate that line multiple times — cocomac 43 secs ago
Ah the joys of chatting with service providers
I didn't know you could be put on hold in chat. LOL
Before anyone asks, It is Network Solutions, my hosting company
10:17 PM
@DerKommissar and now there is a plan for Google to release ChatGPT-like bot named Bard
@pacmaninbw the domain name registrar, or is there a separate ISP with that name also?
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ The domain name registrar
I've had an account with them since the 1990s.
@CaptainObvious I doubt I'll ever see and not default to thinking of the network connection Digital subscriber line
10:41 PM
Q: How can I further optimize this code? I am 3 days into learning Python, so any tips are appreciated

Justin CHere's my code. I created it because the spotify desktop app doesn't have a built in sleep timer, and I needed one. I made it as easy to use as possible, and it can close other programs because it asks for the package name at the beginning of the script. Here it is: import time import sys import ...

11:02 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Ditto.
11:13 PM
If your code works and you want advice for how to improve it, Code Review Stack Exchange might be a better fit: codereview.stackexchange.com/help/on-topicSolomon Ucko 34 secs ago
11:25 PM
@CaptainObvious we shall see if the OP of the question and the OP of the answer create CR accounts
11:57 PM
Q: Improving efficiency of Rust algorithm ported from Python generator

BramI'm learning Rust by solving ProjectEuler problems. To this end, I am trying to port a solution to problem 88 (link) in Python that heavily relies on generators to Rust (which doesn't have generators). I tried doing this by basically implementing a state machine in a recursive struct that impleme...

Q: Abstracting duplicate lines of code in lambda functions in Java

Punter VickyI have 2 lambda functions which contains some duplicated lines of code as explained below in organizeBooksFunc and organizeToysFunc functions. The rest of the lines of code are different. In both case the values path , value and organizedValue are used in the rest of the code as well. Is there ...


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