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@Phroggie Thanks
my autocomments got borked
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REFRESH! There are 6710 unanswered questions (91.3140 answered)
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Q: AutoKeras Network Architecture Search (NAS)

user366312I have two directories, train_data_npy and valid_data_npy where there are 3013 and 1506 *.npy files, respectively. Each *.npy file has 11 columns of float types, of which the first eight columns are features and the last three columns are one-hot-encoded labels (characters) of three classes. ----...

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6:52 AM
Yeah maybe,it's just i think this is about more like code review and if there is something more accurate to do ,so can be suggested. — grigor martirosyan 25 secs ago
This is why code review questions are not suited for Stack Overflow. (But there >is< a Code Review site ...) — Stephen C 10 secs ago
7:43 AM
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@Phroggie I support those suggestions 100%
10:45 AM
Q: Class parameter through classes or class variable?

Mikael Stray FrøyshovI am developing a simplified train dispatch system as a final assessment for my CS major, first semester. I have a user interface class, with the TrainDispatch instance as a UI class variable. Furthermore, I have one UserInputHandler class and a InputValidator class. I need some methods from the ...

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3:47 PM
Q: Start script for several Spring Boot services

jmizvI have several Spring Boot and Angular applications/microservices that form together a whole application. As it is tedious to start them via the terminal, I've written the following script to perform the starting of all. I've simplified the script a bit to remove some redundant parts. Note that I...

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this may be more suited for: codereview.stackexchange.com — Gregor y 16 secs ago
6:06 PM
Questions about improving working code are better suited to Code Reviewpho 27 secs ago
Q: Function to find successive primes with sums of previous terms as divisiors

atlvdIs this a successful piece of code and an appropriate way to rephrase the mathematical notation? Currently it does not find pairs, so I wonder how to approach reasoning deductively about this problem with Python. from sympy import primerange, nextprime def find_successive_prime_pairs(limit: int) ->

SO is for solving one problem (either general programming or specific code) at a time, asking to review/opinions about working code is off-topic. You may want to check if that question would fit Code Review (make sure to read their tour and on-topic help before posting). — Alexei Levenkov 24 secs ago
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Q: Fuel Gauge Python

HoodatiI was wondering if my code is good or maybe if it could be written better or simpler. The task was to implement a program that prompts the user for a fraction, formatted as X/Y, wherein each of X and Y is an integer, and then outputs, as a percentage rounded to the nearest integer, how much fuel ...

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Since this is working code, consider asking on Code Review. Open-ended "how do I improve this code" questions are off-topic on SO. — cdhowie 43 secs ago
9:13 PM
Q: Advent of code 2023 day 6: Count ways to win boat race - in pure Bash

janosPart 1 To paraphrase the puzzle, given the times and record distances of boat races like this: Time: 7 15 30 Distance: 9 40 200 That is, the first runs for 7 milliseconds, and the record distance so far is 9 millimeters. The way a race takes place is you hold your boat for \$t\$ mil...

9:37 PM
Q: Advent of Code 2023 day 1: Trebuchet

HarithPart 1: The task involves analyzing a calibration document containing lines of text. Each line represents a calibration value that needs to be recovered by extracting the first and last digits and combining them into a two-digit number. The goal is to find the sum of all these calibration values....

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Q: The code below copies large amount of data. It does so in 2 steps. I was wondering if both step1 and step2 can be done in parallel

Newborn<# The code below copies from a network fileshare to another share in the same location but to a different folder. Robocopy is used to do the file move of all the old files that are no longer required. This is done by a script block. After the files are moved then another script block moves the r...


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