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12:03 AM
REFRESH! There are 8114 unanswered questions (89.3027 answered)
12:18 AM
Q: Find the column number in a spreadsheet according to the letter that identifies it

Digital FarmerGoogle Sheets maintains an identity for each column that follows this pattern: col 1 = A col 26 = Z col 27 = AA col 52 = AZ To know the column number according to the id I do it like this: import itertools import string col_values = 'AA' def col_letter_to_num(col, col_abs=False) -> int: co...

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3:40 AM
Q: Stuggestions on my async java project and few questions

RWLKfjsfor (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { System.out.println("Code is on github"); } About FeeReport FeeReport is made using async java programming and JavaFX as GUI. It is a CRUD application. To store data derby database is used in embedded mode. Download FeeReport on github *Click on releases. Questi...

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9:08 AM
Q: Internet Protocol Version 4 Datagram - Checksum Calculator

SvekI could not find an implementation of the IPv4 header checksum calculation. So, I decided to made one as defined in RFC 791. I made use of the "newer" ReadOnlySpan<T> classes to optimize things a bit. Appreciate any feedback! Extension Methods public static ushort GetInternetChecksum(this ReadOnl...

9:50 AM
since when did the community bot start commenting?
Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer. — Community ♦ 23 hours ago
@Vogel612 Since the queues were modified a couple weeks ago.
interesting... 9 comments, the oldest one from september 2021
Are all of those the same canned comment, since it was possible for Community comments to exist much earlier.
Q: How to activate the Community bot to comment?

OokerIn the answer of Why does @StackStatus follow Ryan Seacrest?, miracle happens: How to activate the Community to comments? PS: wow, this bot is smarter than I thought

I'd have expected a few more comments... is that comment definable in the custom close-reasons or is it only available on the network-wide reasons?
I'm scouring MSE for the relevant question, I'm sure there was one.
This FR is probably what caused it.
August 26 is when the overhaul of the queues started.
Q: Review queue workflows - Final release

Lisa ParkAll good things must come to an end and so must the review queues project. This project would not have been successful without the community. Thank you all for the hours of reviewing, testing, and sharing your feedback along the way. With that said, this will be our final major release. In this p...

The exact process has undergone some changes since, but that's where most of the discussion took place.
Including 40+ bugs and a couple of FR, so forgive me if I don't know exactly which post lead to it.
9:55 AM
ahhh, yea I just saw the initial post and didn't follow it much
but there's multiple references to canned comments on that q&a, soo
If you feel the comments have done their work and/or are no longer required, feel free to flag them.
This seems to have been the earliest one.
Please edit the question to have enough details to allow an adequate answer. — Community ♦ Aug 28, 2021 at 14:48
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12:04 PM
@Mast What percentage of our visitors are from the USA? It might be a slow weekend.
@pacmaninbw I do not have that data. I could calculate it for users (abusing SEDE queries), but not for visits.
I can tell you the average number of visits is down for much longer than just this weekend.
I think some of those site-analytics are unlocked at 25k reputation.
But lately we're at 1/3rd of the traffic we had say, mid April.
Is SO also down?
I do not have the site analytics for SO.
This week I finally saw normal participation in the queues.
I was surprised this morning when I logged in, there was nothing waiting for me in the queues.
No first questions, no first answers, no close votes.
How is site health measured?
Code Reviewcodereview.stackexchange.com

Launched Q&A site for feedback on projects you're working on, by sharing your code with fellow programmers and getting extensive feedback/review of best practices, design pattern usage, application UI, security, etc.

Questions / day, % answered, avid users, total users, answer ratio and visits/day.
Those are the measurements that used to be key in determining whether a site was ready.
Until they weren't.
12:18 PM
If you want to see an extreme example of bad site health, go visit Windows Phone.SE.
4 questions with activity in the past month.
They average a question a week when they're having a good run.
The front page is riddled with questions bumped by Community.
I noticed that
12:32 PM
That site should probably be axed now that Windows Phone has been dead for several years.
I think still got one in the drawers, somewhere. A Lumia that won't die.
But that site no longer has the right to exist, no.
12:56 PM
I still have a Lumia too, still holds a battery even
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2:11 PM
Q: Is there a better way to traverse a list of tree nodes efficiently

Mr. PolywhirlI am wondering if there is a better way to traverse a list of trees. Here is my current algorithm: Collect the parent IDs in a Map Traverse all the groups and find ones where their ID is not in the map Calculate each of those groups overall status, based on their data Go through them again and f...

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3:23 PM
@DavidMakogon How would you phrase it? I want to make it clear that I wouldn't recommend anyone to copy this code. If the OP wants to learn how to clean up their code, I would suggest them codereview.stackexchange.com. — LMD 42 secs ago
@LMD - I wouldn't phrase it at all - the OP didn't ask for a code review. Plus, what the OP posted wasn't a question - it was just a bit of sharing (which really should be posted to something like a blog or other general sharing site). — David Makogon 30 secs ago
Q: How to speed up truncating text to specific word count in nim?

Philipp DoernerI have a web application, as part of it I regularly have to send out "overviews" of records in a database, which contain shortened excerpts of a description-text of that record. What the code is supposed to do: Take an HTML string Remove the HTML brackets so that only text remains cut it down to...

4:20 PM
Q: Maze generator in C

elonma1234Iterative dfs Maze generation program in C. Details about the algorithm: Example run of the program: In my implementation: Each cell has: 4 neighbors [left, right, top, bottom] 2 walls [right, top] and a visited field obviously Here is the code: cell.h #ifndef CELL #define CELL #define LEFT ...

5:02 PM
Your implementation of getJSON.php is obviously just a proof-of-concept but when implemented it should be updated to sanitize user input. — kmoser 31 secs ago
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6:37 PM
Questions related to improving code efficiency are more suited to be asked in the Code Review Forum. Code Review is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews. Please read the relevant guidance related to how to properly ask questions on this site before posting your question. — itprorh66 13 secs ago
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7:44 PM
If the code works as expected, this question might be better suited for CodeReview. — Turing85 6 secs ago
8:11 PM
Q: How to register and show 2nd sidebar only if the screen is wider than 1682px in wordpress?

M.K.DanI want to show a 336px width second sidebar (left side on all pages) for destop/tv screens wider than 1682px. If the second sidebar has its own class then I can hide it with the {display: none;} CSS tag inside the media query feature. Currently, my template only has 1 sidebar which can be shown o...

8:36 PM
Q: need help multiplying a value by one value before a point and another after it in c++

JayberI'm brand new to c++ so please bear with me here. I'm having a hard time describing my exact problem in the title, but hopefully I can explain it better here. My current project is a simple program that will ask the user for a starting and final float as well as a day of the week as an int(1 for ...

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11:10 PM
Q: Decrement from an array of integers equally for all elements > 0

LuckyThere are x distribution centers each with y number of products. Each day only an equal amount from all x distribution centers with remaining product can be shipped. Calculate how many days it would take to ship all product So, for an array [3, 2, 6] it would go: [3, 2, 6] [1, 0, 4] [0, 0, 3] [0...

Q: Fast way to compute a^d mod n

Goswin von BrederlowFor a Miller-Rabin primality test I need a fast way to compute a^d mod n. Where a is one of 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37 with decreasing probability and increasing n. E.g. for n < 2047 only a = 2 is used. And tests are run in order until one says n is not a prime. Most non-primes ar...


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